BlackBerry Torch 9850 and Curve 9350 releasing Q3/Q4 on US Cellular according to webinar slides

Q3/Q4 device lineup for US Cellular
By Michelle Haag on 13 Jul 2011 07:51 pm EDT

The crew over at Android Central let us know they got their hands on some webinar slides from US Cellular, and lo and behold we have some BlackBerry smartphones listed on there! The slides indicate that the BlackBerry Torch 9850 is due to release on this carrier in August, and BlackBerry Curve 9350 in October. This isn't entirely a surprise, as we did see that rebate form a few days ago that listed these devices, but this does narrow down the date for us.

Just one thing is left aside from the actual date of release, and that's the official announcement from RIM regarding the existance of these devices. Check out a couple more slides after the break! Thanks Phil! 

BlackBerry Torch 9850
BlackBerry Curve 9350
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BlackBerry Torch 9850 and Curve 9350 releasing Q3/Q4 on US Cellular according to webinar slides


Good question. While I'd like to believe that it's something leading up to a QNX hybrid sugue, I think it's really just an edit that was missed from 6.1 to 7.

No no no.. The 9850/9860 are the cdma/gsm versions of the full touch only Torch. The 9810 is the Torch2.

But both are 1.2 snapdragon processors. This confirms my believe that the curve os 7.1 statement was just a typo.

It's probably end of August.

I don't think the carrier certified it yet, otherwise, we would have seen fireworks go off.


RIM should just skip official announcements, let the leaks and whatnot happen, get all the new qnx kick a$$ android capable devices and just drop the bomb and have the nay sayers pick it up and hush up cuz the rumours sound great if all goes well. But I think people are just getting really impatient and some have jumped ship. Honestly, the excitement level of these upcoming devices aren't as high as they could be. Sorry, I'm just venting. With all the negative press bb has been getting, I say stop speaking, deliver and then address.

I agree with you.

RIM can say something like, "These new phones are going to be AMAZING", and the press will say, "Why didn't RIM say SUPER AMAZING. Are they trying to tell us that their phones are not that good?"

The BB community must all join together. We need to spread the good word of RIM.

Kevin, please help!

Does anybody know if I can upgrade to QNX in 2012 if I buy a New BB with OS7 on it?


According to all the latest However, I think there's far more to it than RIM is letting out of the bag. The alliance with YOU I Labs is far bigger than what people realize. They specialize in making lower end phones run with the smooth capability of a high end phone. Crazy UI animations and very fluid type of features on any kind of phone. Their mission basically makes it a point to do what Apple does with out needing all that tech. HOWEVER, WITH higher end tech, they can work wonders.

They helped create the UI for the PlayBook, and with their extensive knowledge in creating high end UI on low end phones, I think it will be very possible to have the QNX type of feel running on the OS7 devices.

I tried explaining this to some of the CrackBerry team, but they basically dusted it off as if it was nothing. I'm gonna keep diggin into this info.

No Bold! My heart might break. Would be a tough choice between waiting to see if/when Bold is coming, getting Torch (not touchscreen fan), getting Curve (pretty much same specs as 9650 I have), or switching to...gulp...Verizon (which I'd have to wait a year for my wifes two year contract to be up).

Wooooow, i'm just as suprised as the rest of you. But, I guess they looking to make as much money as they can off the new BB lineup, so it would make sense for them to come out with the lower end lines first...... bold and storm are the top of the line for BB right if you want quality - you got to wait for that!!!!!