BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Bold 9930 now available from Sprint

By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2011 10:23 am EDT

Sprint BlackBerry Torch 9850 Bold 9930

Just as previously announced, Sprint has made both the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9850 available for purchase today. You can pick up either device in stores or online as either a new contract or upgrade. The Torch 9850 will run you $149.99 on contract while the Bold 9930 is $199.99. Both new devices are sporting a 5MP camera, 1.2Ghz processor, BlackBerry 7 and much more. So if you're a Sprint customer then get to getting!! If you pick one of these up be sure to drop a comment letting us know!

Check out the BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Bold 9930 at Sprint

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 and BlackBerry Bold 9930 now available from Sprint


Just bought mine online (9930)! Says shipping will be 2-5 business days. I had to resort to online since both Sprint stores closest to me don't have it in stock (one said it is stuck on backorder, other had tags out but still didn't know when they would show up).

I hate to mention this, but for every AT&T member that is not interested in the 9810 and the are thinking "budget" when the start to consider purchasing an unlock one from somewhere in Canada, we all need to complain together and say, "Damn, when is AT&T going to come out of the closet and release that damn 9900".

Just had to throw salt in the wounds huh lol but nah I'll never pay 500+ for a Rogers unlocked phone. The upside is I'm finding out I have phenomenal patience lmao -Road to 9900

For a 2yr renewal, I'd save $200 getting it at Walmart. Even if I wait out the last 3 months before upgrading, it's still $150 less than getting it direct from Sprint.

My 9850 is also on order, should arrive Tuesday and I can't wait! I could get it from the corporate store but since I worked for a dealer for many years I am supporting the local business. I will report back when active.....

I can't wait for my local Sprint store to open in 35 minutes! I just hope they honor the $50 web discount. If not I'll be pissed. Either sell it for $250 everywhere or $200 everywhere. This is the type of BS that hurts companies like Sprint.
Either way, I'll be buying it for $200 whether they honor it at the local store or online. Great deal!

My price was $424! $499.00 - $75 savings as I had my Bold 9650 for less than a year! Ridculous! Any thoughts on how to get them to lower this?

speak to there customer retention department, just be nice when talking to customer care. when I upgraded to the tour I had a tech rep at sprint give me a 75$ credit so I ended up only paying 15$ for my tour. cant wait to go pick up the 9930

Enjoy the lousy fixed focus camera. Apparently, they are trying to keep this one thing quiet. Pics are terrible in comparison to the other BB's.

Pics are far better than the ones I took with my 8330. I'm very satisfied. Of course I shoot a Nikon DSLR for the pics that really matter, so my opinion is quite biased.

Congratulations to all the Crackberry Sprint customers on their purchases. I'm with T-Mobile I have 10 days to go lol. Enjoy your new BlackBerry 7 phones.

I called the sprint stores here and they wouldnt match the online price so I ordered mine! The girl on the phone told me to just have it billed to the account so if I didnt like it, I could return it with no money out of pocket! but whats not to like and I dont have to pay for it till next month! woohoo!!!

I'm at the Sprint store now and the 9930 is still listed at $249, but the bigger deal I think is that they're waiving the $10 premium data fee on both models.

Wow…that is big. Was this a special for the store or did you see it as being for these phone as a promo? I ordered mine online.

Just called my local sprint stores in Cleveland. None are carrying right now. @Willeonabe There shouldn't be any $10 premium data fee on either model because both models are only 3G. No 4G blackberries on Sprint yet. I am excited about this new hardware, however, is it really that awesome? I have a 9650 from last year, eligible now for full upgrade (and yearly, Premier Gold Member, 10 years+ with Sprint). I am very tempted to buy this, however, if QNX is right around the corner...I'm so torn!

I have a sprint corp. plan and It offers one year contract for both new bold and Tourch for $140 and $199. So if you have a corp plan seems like you get a better deal. oh........and you are not subject to the $10 premium charge for data.

Same here - corporate & Premier Gold. Got one for me & one for the wife at $199 each, and that's after only getting our 9650's last May...

To any Bold 9930 Sprint Customer, How much app memory is available? I know other versions have almost 50%+ used up from the start. I hoping I'll have more than 300 of the 768. I've seen other videos showing less than 250.

Sorry about that, you're absolutely right. I must have been one of those grandfathered in before the price hike.

Premium Data Fee – For us non-corporate folks, this $10/month fee seems to apply to any smart phone. Several months ago I upgraded my sons phone to the EVO and realized the fee existed, chalked it up to 4G.

A couple of months ago my daughter broke her Palm Pixi so, I swapped her to my old BB 8330 until I could find a Pixi on ebay. Long story short, the BB 8330 got it with the $10 fee and so do the used Pixi.

I called Sprint customer care. They are charging the $10 on any new or swap…basically you are grandfathered in without the fee, until you touch the phone (new phone or swap).

Congrats on the new 9930 owners. Wikitude works just like the reviews said. I say we play wiki tag and see how many people you can find. It will literally find people any where near you. Furthest person I found was 32.4 miles away. Adam, this would be a great game to try and maybe even add to the stress test. Just an idea.

Finally!!!!! Good bye EVO, Hello Bold!!! All the sprint stores around me are carrying them. I bought mine outright but have not opened it yet. I was going to order it last night at midnight but the 2-5 day shipping turned me off. I'm glad I waited until today. Here we go, time to try out my first Blackberry ever.

I would be interested in seeing what your opinion is now that you came over to blackberry from the evo. My sister has an evo and I keep telling her that she would love the 9930 that I have but she is hard core android. Let me know what you think and I'll pass that info on. Thanks and enjoy the awesome phone, I know I am.

So far I'm loving the 9930. I can tell you right off the bat that I have not noticed any lagging or slowness compared to my EVO. As a matter of fact I booted both of them up at the same time and my Bold won by far. I should mention that I have about 25 apps downloaded from the market on my EVO and only 3 so far on my Bold. It is much lighter and thinner and I don't miss the large screen at all like I imagined I would. So, as far as the hardwear goes I like the bold much better. Of course the physical keyboard is a huge benefit. I'm not big on having a ton of apps or games as I have an ipad and a playbook for wasting time. I need a good communication device and so far the bold is much better than the EVO in that regard. Plus far better battery life. So far that's been my experience.

I relayed what you wrote and, this is not a stretch of the truth by any means, she started a voice changing app on her evo and said "whatever" in a high pitched voice. I'm a middle aged professional and my sister is older than me. If that doesn't say anything about her and her evo, then I give up. Also if your looking for a good case for your 9930, I got the commuter case from otter box and it works better than I ever thought it would. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the response.

Payed a total of 280$ for my 9930 but its worth every penny. My parents saw my phone and they are on there way to get it.

Got my new 9930 from sprint, was first one in line this morning! After a few hiccups from the in store rep I finally walked out of the store with it. Cost $266 after taxes but they gave me a $50 mail in rebate so I guess I got it for $199 and I get to play with it 2 days before those who got it online!

Found one store in Cleveland that was carrying. It is an amazing piece of hardware. The only thing I couldn't tell is if the keypad is backlit. In the store it is kind of bright, but the working model on the shelf did not reveal any hints of lighting up when the keys were pressed. The send, bb menu, trackpad, back, and end buttons above the keypad did not seem to light up either. The trackpad appears to have a chrome border (again compared to the bold 9650 i have). Anyone new owners out there notice their keypads not lighting up? I adjusted the floor model's brightness to 100%, but still no glow. My bold 9650 keypad light up just fine in the same lighting with only 50% brightness.

Hey I've had mine since Tuesday for Verizon & my tracpad is chrome & lights up perfectly fine! So does my keypad :)

Maybe because of the light sensor on it. I mean you don't need a backlight in sunlight since you can see all the letters and buttons

Finally have the new Bold in my hands. Man, that Torch sure is an ugly phone. I thought that I would be torn between the Bold and the Torch, but it sure was an easy decision. Wish they'd kept the Storm form factor. Wish they'd kept the leather back of the original Bold 9000.

yeah how guys getting it so cheap? $424.99 my price on im about 4 months before my contract is up. i just tried, doesnt look like its there yet. im undecided if i should just wait for QNX or get os7 in December

Got it for $250, which is apparently the price if you don't go online and get it for $199. In both instances, you must be due for an upgrade; in other words, I had to renew my contract.

Since you have 4 months before you are due for an upgrade, you will pay full price if you try to do so now. I would wait if I were you.

I was going to try Blackberry again and then found out no 4g, no WiFi Hotspot, no Flash, no Apps, no Auto Focus on camera and video (9939), slow web browsing (after seeing some reviews). the quality and form factors look great, but this is 5 year old technology. These are certainly a step up from current blackberries, but far behind other smartphones. Good luck to all that decide to support RIM to keep them afloat until they really get their act together.

5 year old technology? I almost thought you were giving us a valid opinion until I read that. None of this stuff was possible 5 years ago except the part where you can make phone calls, which if you remember, certain other manufacturers still haven't mastered sans bumper case...

I kind of agree. Was great watching Netflix on the Photon 4g that I just returned. Browsing was a dream. Battery would rival or beat most Blackberrys, at about 14 hours of moderate use. Voice command was practical and futuristic; I could command the phone to "Text Erica" and then dictate my text on the interactive screen. The Youtube experience was better than one can hope for on a laptop. I have to have a World Phone, and the Photon 4g was the only Sprint Droid that had that feature.

Cons: Battery could be better, phone was big and cumbersome, was afraid to use that beautiful browser to connect with my financial institutions because there appears to be little security and most of all, the phone would sporadically choose not to connect, even when it says on the screen that it has connected. Touchscreen was not very clear outdoors. No BBM.

It seems that any phone you choose involves a compromise. I was shocked that RIM decided to omit Autofocus, and reduce battery power; it seemed that although Blackberrys always had inferior software, you could at least count on superior hardware. Not the case anymore, when most phones are sporting two cameras; front-facing and conventional. Although I am still torn, I guess I have decided that I am more willing to live with the faults of a Blackberry for right now. But it was a close choice; if not for the phone sporadically choosing not to connect, I wouldn't be sporting the new Blackberry.

We have a small company and we let our employees chose their phone. We could stand around and look at an IPhone4, a BB Torch and a couple of droids.

1.The iPhone really did drop calls as we watched the bars go down. That and the fact that it is not a world phone on Verizon or Sprint killed it. The device is very nice for other reasons but we kinda like to use it as a phone.

2.The Droids were even more awesome with Google driven software, awesome voice navigation and great search. Still, the battery live was so horrible it felt like a land line with an extension. The front facing camera is more of a gimmick than a usable tool and frankly we were not impressed at all. The video quality was so poor, even in a wifi area that it is pointless in our view.

3.My BB Torch, was a device I love but people were reluctant even though I got my e-mail before our PC's and way ahead of the other phones, meaning 15 minutes at times. Also, the processor was unimpressive. However they loved the keyboard and the powerful BB shortcuts, e-mail and messaging and were shocked to see how great the live TV worked. Better than the droids but that could be carrier related.

In any case, if you write down the things that matter and pick your phone based on that I find it hard to believe you would say BB is 5 years behind. For one they have a 20% faster processor than the iPhone. They don't have the multi-media experience of either droids or iPhone but it is still very nice.
In exchange for that they have far superior communication capabilities and are built like tanks. They are far more secure and are still the gold standard for e-mail and messaging. NFC, world phone, best keyboard, fast processor (finally) are just a few advantages.
Now that BB finally decided to up their game everyone in the office is choosing to upgrade to BB's. The 9930's.
If you don't like them, as your e-mail suggests, then don't get one but we have reviewed the devices closely and we love the new BB's because they are ahead in all the things that matter and close on the nice to haves.

Picked mine up at the Sprint Store. I too thought I would be torn between the Torch and the Bold, but it's obvious the software for the Torch has a long way to go. When I picked it up and it took way longer than I expect it should to switch from portrait to landscape, I knew the Bold was the business!

The software on both phones is the same. Are you referring to the virtual keyboard on the Torch? It does need work!

Really? Because when I was playing with one in the store this afternoon it didn't seem to have any problem following me between landscape and portrait. No lag, no delay.

I was thoroughly disappointed when I went online today to use my contract upgrade. It shows a price of $424.99 for a two-year contract renewal. Since when is it $75 off of retail price? Previously when I've upgraded with Sprint (example last year) I upgraded from the Curve to the Tour for $99.99 and that was after rebates and the contract renewal upgrade.

This has me so incredibly frustrated as I was looking forward to using the upgrade to buy the new 9930 today. If anyone has any info or help, please let me know. Sprint is quickly on track to lose a customer with this ridiculous pricing.

Are you Sprint Premier Gold? Sounds like you have used up one year of a two year contract. That's why you only get $75 off retail. You get the new customer pricing after you finish the second year.

No I'm Sprint Premier Silver. I was under the assumption that you could renew every year despite the two year contract ? Because that's what I've done previously (again going from curve to tour)

I'm Premier Silver, also.

Before Sprint made two Premier tiers, earlier this year, you could get new customer pricing each year. After 1 year, you get $75 off retail. After two years, you get new customer pricing. I went to Best Buy to get mine. If you have the "early upgrade", you can get the phone for new pricing + $200. I got my Torch for $349.

I just placed my order online, I was debating if I should purchase it from a Sprint Store. But I'm picky and don't like others touching my device, plus I'm on a Sprint SERO account so there is no way I would be able to get any kind of discount at the store like others have gotten. $199.99 is perfect for me! I just hope my order gets processed soon so I can "patiently" wait for my phone to arrive.

What a great way to burn a Sunday. Was the first person in the store to get a 9930. Have been playing with it all day. It is truly an amazing device. Downloading the new leaks now to get her "up to date". Loving my 9930 so far!!

It would be great if you posted how the 9930 handles a leaked OS. I'm always cautious when it comes to leaked software but am always eager to hear how it plays out for others. Might be willing to try it on the 9930, since the hard way is so much more reliable. Only thing is that I like the phone so much that it would be a major let down if the leaked OS made the phone harder to use. So please let us know how it went.

Bought mine Friday evening from Sprint store. Paid the $249 price. This is my 3rd blackberry phone. Upgraded from my Tour to the bold touch 9930. Its a great phone!

I want the 9650 so bad...... but my sprint contract isnt up for a year and im stuck with a crappy samsung transform with android

Went to Sprint store and played with the Bold and the Torch. (Torch on display already had a scratch on the screen!) I still wasn't sure which one I wanted till I saw both phones. Bold 9930 was awesome. Touchscreen was great. Could not type well on Torch and overall the phone was just not as impressive. Took some pictures with both. Pictures on the Bold seemed fine, even without the auto focus. Guess we'll have to see how that plays out in real life.

Store could not match the $199 online price for the Bold. In fact, they were surprised, and a little mad, to hear about it. So I came home and just ordered it online. I can wait a few more days now that I've had a chance to play with one in person. Just hope we don't get hit with Tropical Storm Irene before the phone gets here!

Ordered mine around midnight. Got it for 199, 150 off for upgrade, 100 off for internet special, then 50 dollar off instant coupon.

I went in at noon to play with both phones. Thank you Sprint for not disabling NFC. (just the principle of not disabling it.) I really noticed the picture quality between both phones. The Torch is much much better.

Bad things -
The Torch's keyboard needs some work. Is it me or does the Torch not have haptic feedback when typing on the keyboard or menus? Give me some good auto-correct, please. I looked in the keyboard and accessibility settings but didn't find anyway to change the key feedback. The browser is definitely better, but it still needs work. I was a little upset that I couldn't comment on sites that use Disqus. I must say, that the buttons, on the side of the Torch, are just TOO small. I couldn't find some familiar apps in the App World.

Now some good things -
The Bold's keyboard is great like all the reviews said. The screens are so nice, and I didn't have issue with the build quality on either. The speed of both phones is fantastic.

I spent an hour playing with both phones at the Sprint store. I was hogging both phones!
I left the Sprint Store without getting one, but I'm REALLY thinking about going back and snatching one up just because I want one.

Surprised me too the there is no haptic on the v-keyboard of the Torch. Apparently there is key tone. :(
Still undecided about the side buttons. I had no problem changing the volume in the media player. Don't normally use mute that often (wife would have problems on conference calls though), and wouldn't use it for play/pause since the virtual keys are so much larger.
My right side conv key was set as a lock, which is now on top, which I liked very much. And my left I left as the camera, since it is in relatively the same spot shouldn't be a problem. Time will tell.

How silly is a "key tone"? You only need that for dialing a phone number. I ended up getting the 9850 from Best Buy. I'm liking it so far. Like you said, Time will tell.

I ordered the 9930 and it will arrive on Tuesday. Gonna love bridging it with my new Playbook. Bold is the truth!!!!

Walked into the Muskegon, MI Sprint store and was told the new phones wouldn't be released until the 24th. Radio Shack told me the same thing.

Did you guys know you can order your device online and in the check out you can choose to pick up your device in a corporate store and still get the online price. All you need is the conformation number.

I just hope all those 9930 customers purchasing this phone, understand the camera on the 9900 series, is a FIXED FOCUS camera, not auto focus like the rest of their line. Pics are terrible with this phone.

Could not wait until Tuesday for telesales so I went to one of two local Sprint Stores. They had a huge supply of Torches as of Sunday morning at the first store in a large mall and every single on was sold out when I called at 3pm to make sure before I drove over. I found just a few left at another store and bought it for $199.00. There is a rebate form to send in for an additional $50.00 off. Although getting accustomed to typing on a virtual keyboard will obviously take some practice, so far the phone is great. Slightly smaller than I thought but the graphics are breathtaking. I have had keyboarded Blackberries for years but I decided to go total touch screen this time because I am tired of hanging out with my friends and them laughing at the same old rectangular Blackberry screen with a keyboard that I am sporting. Well guess what? They'll be no laughing anymore. This phone so far is awesome and the dedicated traditional Blackberry menu buttons soften the learning curve of the touch screen. Obviously for major typing, a touchscreen may not work for many of you but I am going to give this Blackberry my all and I manage six email accounts as well as send about 25+ texts/bbms a day. So far I love it. Also, the 3G icon now displays next to the signal strength rather that 1XEV. I am sure many corporate users will prefer the new Bold but this phone will score high with those like me who run businesses but still want to play around and this most definitely will sell to the teenagers and will probably be big too with college students who need to manage email more as efficiently as possible. On to some more tweaking. Anyone figure out how we can do a reboot without removing the battery...holler!

Per the online user guide @ "Remove and reinsert the battery."
Masters of the obvious.
This might be the only way, without an app, since there is no physical keyboard.

Ordered my 9930 online right before midnight last night, with upgrade. Can't wait to get it in the mail! Looking forward to putting my 9650 away even though it's been a great phone.

I'm so glad Sprint has the 9850 I'm getting great feedback :) wondering if anyone know when its released for Verizon?.. Currently rocking the 9930 & not liking the fixed camera :(

I just ordered my Bold 9930 via Sprint telephone customer service. Overnight delivery scheduled for Tuesday for a total of $149.99 plus tax. No other fees. And it will come with a $50 rebate form. I am very pleased with my $99.99 total. Excited to receive it on Tuesday!

Got my Bold 9930 today. Light, fast, nice keyboard. Everything much faster, clearly noticeable.

Best part.......if you have a speeds up all bridge functions. Its like a playbook on drugs now. Love 9930, now love playbook even more.

Radio Shack has the 95.50 for 99.99 and the 9930 for 199.99 online. My local sprint store was closed I want to play with the both of them before I decide on one. Best buy didn't receive them today :(

I ordered mine around midnight as well so I'm one of those people waiting as well. I can't wait either. Looking forward to having that dream in my hands.

I bought my 9930 today at the Sprint store. I'm quite happy with it, I owned an 8830 before. I am one of those poor exiled Palm owners, fortunately RIM has incorporated many of the things I found to be quite useful in WebOS combined with the reliability I appreciate in a Blackberry.

I went to the sprint store today. I was a bit scared because I only saw the 9850 on display. But I asked someone and they had them in stock. Started a new contract (left tmobile) and paid 249.99 plus tax but I got a mail in rebate for 50 dollars

i did find it highly entertaining to see that they parachute away when you nose dive the coaster. Took me a minute to realize that the game was motion controlled but, when it hit me, the game was that much more fun. Let's see what comes next, hopefully not too much cause i do have work to do :)

I'm sooo pizzed! My sprint store had me 1st on the pre order list from a week ago and told me i "have to show up!" to get it on 21st. Well..... They DON'T HAVE IT, and gave me the 3-5 day routine! What a bunch of garbage!

Sprint stores suck!!

OK, about 6 hours with this Torch and still can't go to sleep. I have to get up in 4.5 hours. I am all but sold. Screen is large and vibrant. Reading web pages, Facebook and Twitter is a pleasure. I also have movies also and they are breath taking. I am getting more accustomed to the virtual keyboard. A friend told me don't stare at the keys and that seem to really work. Its going to be hard to loose the screen size for a QWERTY keyboard again. The screen flipping from Portrait to Landscape seems a bit buggy as it didn't always work consistently but overall so far I am very impressed. Battery life seems good also. Jury is still out though. There are also some apps that I like that was not available at this time that were available on 6.0. I have to put this down for a little sleep now but its still hard to.

went to a Sprint store yesterday and got my Bold 9930. Very happy with it so far, just a little disappointed I paid $249 for it instead of getting it online for $199...oh well, c'est la vie! I guess since I was 2 weeks short of upgrade I couldn't have gotten it online anyway since the Sprint CSR refused twice to bump me so I can upgrade early...the store did it

I just left the Sprint store and after having "played" with the new Bold for nearly 45 minutes, I must say it is a very nice device. Surprisingly nice for anyone who has used an old blackberry before or currently uses an iPhone. It is light, but feels solid. The keyboard is HUGE, especially if you are used to the virtual keyboard on an iPhone or the keyboard on a curve series. The touch screen is very responsive, works absolutely fine for surfing the internet if you use it for occasionally looks things up. If you spend all day on the net, then you will obviously want a bigger screen and you are probably already in it deep with Android.

IN essence, if you spend the majority of your time typing, messaging ect and occasionally use the internet to look up stuff, weather or maps; then the Bold will be perfect. Fast easy to navigate and touch screen brings the best of both worlds.

If you hardly text and spend most of your time surfing, gaming or music then go iPhone because you'll miss the larger screen. But this device is def on par with anything else on the market now and comparing it to "what may be released soon" is pointless: there is always something new from someone else around the corner.

Lol just wanted to write about it, I will be buying it as soon as it comes to my local verizon store. But this was my first hand-on with the device. My gf is anti-blackberry because of using the older (8300) devices for work, she now has an iPhone. She debated my decision about going back to BB on the phone and it brought up several key points that I figured many were still on the fence about. But this def seems like the phone for me!

Since I am a social network junkie I ordered the 9850, can't wait to get it tomorrow morning. I ordered from a dealer to ship direct, I don't like any of those Sprintstore reps touching my device. I also prefer to synch and copy all my current data myself, don't trust any of them. More to follow once active tomorrow and I have the day off so you know what I will be doing all day :)))))))

I'm really liking my new Torch 9850. The $19.99 gel case, from Sprint, fits great on this phone!!!
I don't really think of it as a gel case. It feels more like thin plastic, but it's really nice.

Just checked my tracking number and 9850 is in town as of 7:39 this morning. I am going to work for a couple of hours then when I return it better be on my doorstep.

Well, just got the new 9930!! I am a huge fan of Blackberry and could not wait to go back. I recently had to switch to an Android for work. I will say the Android is "fun" and do a lot of neat things, but nothing that made my job easier. The new Bold 9930 is pretty awesome. I typically use a phone to communicate and just a couple of fun things. My guess is MOST BB users are "communicators" also. This phone feels great in my hands and the keyboard is best I have ever used. The display is very nice too look at too. I found myself not even using the touch screen at first and that is just and added bonus. As for the camera, well, I don't think it is all that bad. it does what I expect a camera in a phone to do. This really is the best BlackBerry on the market, in my opinion.