BlackBerry Torch 9810 Unboxing Video!

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2011 07:28 pm EDT

I know I don't have Kevin's flair for unboxing videos but I managed to get my hands on a BlackBerry Torch 9810 before him so I did my due diligence in standard CrackBerry fashion and unboxed the sexy upgrade to the Torch 9800 for you all.

The above version was picked up from a Bell retail location as the devices went on sale today in addition to their version of the BlackBerry Bold 9900. If you're an already existing BlackBerry Torch fan, then no doubt about it -- this is the device for you.

The updated specs for the Torch 9810 really do make you feel as though you have a whole new device in your hands, only when it comes to looks do you realize that the only thing has changed is the internals and higher resolution display. I'm working up a full review for you all so, stay tuned!

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 Unboxing Video!


Great review Bla1ze!

As much as it might look like the 9800, it seems to run a LOT better as if it's a whole new device. This is how the 9800 should have launched. I'm sure a lot of Torch slider owners will love upgrading to this.

woohoo! Pretty sure I'll be getting the 9810 over the 9900, but I'll reserve that decision for some "hands on" time. Just gonna hold out a little bit longer to see if either one develops any issues or bugs. (not saying they will, but I'd rather let someone else deal with the bugs rather then me!)

Good one Blaze!

How come both this and the Bold 9900 have ~190MB Application memory on a fresh install whereas my Torch 9800 has 227MB with apps installed? Is it just that BlackBerry 7 takes up more space?

Compare how choppy previous touch screens have been from RIM, I prefer to have less app space (188-190mb is plenty) and have a well rounded OS. A cow has to forfeit extra energy in order to give us more milk :o).

im rushing right now to buy it !

EDIT: 9:30pm 10.08.2011
I just got my new BB Torch 2 from bell ! this device is amazingly fast and i could say a better felling in the hands.

that paper is used for the round seal sticker for the sells rep i have on to ;) i might think the device is so new in their stores they didn't had time to seal the box. (is hot like a bread from the oven)

Man, that silver back is FUGLY!! Will definitely exchange the back for my existing black Torch back..... As for the video, it sure is fast - love it!! Application storage is small relative to my existing Torch...191MB on the new one vs. approx. 270MB on my 9800 - must be due to the new OS operating system taking up more space. C'mon ATT - get this baby in!!!

While I'll wait until I get one of these devices before I judge whether it's actually good or bad, so far I don't like all the buttons (end call particularly) being silver instead of green and red on either side...

At least they upped the resolution from the 9800, which was pretty pathetic, TBH. It had the same resolution as the 8900, but with a screen twice the size (i.e. half the definition).

Nice device, though. Only the 9900s keyboard keeps me from considering the 9810.

Let's not go blaming Bell, I opened the box to ensure everything was in there however, I didn't turn the device on -- which is interesting cause the set up wizard never poped up. Didn't on my 9900 either.

(Also, shout to Chris at Bell -- he rocked, and hooked me up no questions asked)

holy funalicious thats one helluva thick and massive watch band! As for the review - you could avoid the whole physical aspect since its the exact SAME as the Torch...just focus on the new 7OS.

Good job on a decent review otherwise Mr Blaze...

I don't see how much difference their is between that phone and the 9800. Lost interest in it. Or maybe it's the review. Not at all interesting. There should have been a sim car in so we could see the other features. I would love to see the icons, the GUI, anything else about BB7. #TeamBlackberry

Thanks Bla1ze for the Unboxing :)
I just did mine 30 min ago, and i have a feeling this device will ROCK when all that updates come out !

Anybody notice in the sim card tutorial video that the phone had a black back instead of the silver back. Must have been an afterthought.

Is it just me or is the 9800 sexier? still excited to get this. i wonder if there is an option for an os6 theme? these BB7 icons are CHEESE. and no mirco SD mem cards in the boxes anymore? shame, RIM! #cheapbastards

The Micro SD card thing is likely an issue with the carriers and not RIM. I know for other brands it is left to the discretion of carriers what they want to include.

Has anybody handled the 9810 yet? I am curious if the bezel near the keyboard still creaks (as it did on all 3 of my 9800's) which was real disappointed and quite the hardware issue. I hope this one has a more solid feel. I will likely not take my chances and get a 9900, the steel frame looks solid to me.

Well, this was a great way to start my day!!! Loved the video......loved the fact that I can use my old battery door. Not too keen on the new silvery battery door.
Only question is whether I'll have the willpower to wait for the white one or whether I'll just jump on this one. Has anyone heard about the white one being released at the same time? Prob not......sadness.....

Please I need help! I'm in Ghana, on the Airtel cellular service and I recently lost my week-old blackberry bold 9780. I still have its pin though, is there a way i can use it to find my phone? :(

@ NicForson: Kinda off topic but sorry to hear that nonetheless. Unless you had some sort of mobile security software installed, then there really isn't anything you can do with just your pin

Did you have BlackBerry Protect set up on it? It allows you to find the location of your phone (permitting its connected to a network), back-up your phone, wipe, and lock it. If you didn't have it set-up prior to losing it than your out of luck.

The keyboard is supposed to have been improved and before I decide between a 9900 and a 9810, I'd like to know if it's equivalent to what is found on a 9780 (which is not great, but usable).

Nice review, device looks promising, i'm torn between this and the 9900. (currently on a 9780)

random question, what kind of watch do you have on in the video?

Random piece of paper lol, its actually the round clear sticker that is supposed to seal the box....looks like someone fell asleep and didnt seal any of the boxes...just got my new 9810 friday night and it wasn't sealed with the clear sticker seal either