BlackBerry Torch 9810 now available in white from Rogers and Telus

White Torch 9810
By Michelle Haag on 17 Aug 2011 11:40 pm EDT

There have been whispered rumors of the BlackBerry Torch 9810 being available in white sometime in the future, but now it's actually official. Rogers and TELUS have this device up on their websites, and you can go purchase one now! Pricing is of course the same as the original silver Torch 9810 at $549 outright or $199 on a 3 year contract from Rogers or $599 off contract or just $129 on a 3 year contract with TELUS.

Which do you think is better looking, the silver or the white? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks shivam24!

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Source: Rogers and TELUS

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 now available in white from Rogers and Telus


Very nice. I bought a white 9800 for my son and was surprised at how much better it looked than it did in pictures. This one should be even better with the faster speeds and new OS

The silver looks nice as well... the Torch is not really my style... i'm more a BOLD guy, but the problem with the 9810 is not the front of the phone... its the HIDEOUS battery cover! How does that look in this white build? The gun metal silver 9810 looks great until you turn it around and look at the back! lol

Think about it. If the 9810 was the FIRST TORCH and it was released along-side the 9900. I bet most people would go for the 9810 "hands down".

Umm... If someone wins in the BB7 Phone contest. Can we pick our colours white if we picked the Torch 9810?

I like the white better. The silver looks terrible. But I'm a classic BlackBerry form factor guy anyway!

Dear Rogers, What makes you so special to charge a premium on every device? Bell and Telus have the same penetration in all Major cities. GFY!

Nice!!! it would be cool to see some new colors for the 9810 maybe a blue or all black with a matte black bezel

I LOVE my 9930 BUT DANG...will ya take a look at her...all the WHITE wrong; SO RIGHT

Does anyone know if you can answer a call without sliding the keyboard open on the torch 9810?? I don't own one.

I love the white!!! But that could be a deciding factor between the 9900 and the 9810.


Yes you can , in fact on my 9800 , I almost never slide open my berry , I treat it as a full touch screen phone , I'm betting this also similar with the 9810

I could give a crap if others think it's too "femmy" for a guy -- if it's available in white on AT&T, that's the one I'm getting this Sunday when it's released. :D

When they discontinued the white 9800 I was like really wow.. Good thing I got one but I guess they just gonna replace it out with the white 9810.. seen a friend have one battery door different everything else exactly the same just with better software but still like my white 9800 for having the classic green call/red end keys

Ok, I KNOW my boss (Kevin) and many people love them, BUT I never understood the fascination with the white BlackBerry!

The paradox of a "white" "black"berry makes it cool. And the fact that it looks awesome. WhiteBerry for the win!

I confess I don't see what the big deal is about the color of the device. 90% of you are going to put a case on it.

Not me, it's going absolutely naked in a BlackBerry holster unless I can find a "barely there" type clear case for it. :D

Make a white 9860!! That would be ridiculously amazing, soo many people would buy it because they would think its an iberry, lol.

This phone looks really good; are there any leather pouches or holsters for this phone that are also in white?

i am in love with this one! i have a white curve 8520 so if i win the contest can i get the 9810 in white please? :)