BlackBerry Torch 9810 now available from Vodafone UK, O2 UK and Three UK

By DJ Reyes on 30 Sep 2011 09:05 am EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9810 

Another BlackBerry 7 has been made available by three UK networks. This time it is the BlackBerry Torch 9810. If you're waiting to get your mitts on this BlackBerry smartphone then Vodafone, O2 and Three all have it available on contract.

On Vodafone, you can get the Torch 9810 for free from £31 a month, O2 offers it free from £37 per month and Three only offers one price plan for £37 a month. O2 and Three also offer the Torch 9810 on pay as you go for £429.99 and £449.99 respectively. The BlackBerry Buyer's Guide UK Edition has been updated to reflect these updates. 

So far we've only been seeing three UK networks releasing BlackBerry 7 devices. We've yet to see T-Mobile and Orange release any. Let's hope they do soon for the sake of our CrackBerry readers on those networks. 

Check out the BlackBerry Buyer's Guide UK Edition
For more information/purchase Torch 9810 from Vodafone
For more information/purchase Torch 9810 from O2
For more information/purchase Torch 9810 from Three 


the brother

To all Brits of the United Kingdom of Will & Kate: I highly recommend this os7 device. Been using it since August on Rogers network in Canada, eh? Just wanted to acknowledge that it is my favourite BB7 device and ask that you acknowledge that I am FIRST.



It's free from £30 on Three. Click on 'Text' plans.


I was among the first buyers of the 9900 in the U.K, and I don't regret getting it, especially; after seeing the other models...9860 & 9810 @ O2


Hope its here on t moblie next year, my mums gonna get it.


I am getting the Torch 9810 on Three UK on The One Plan in about a week. Cannot wait!!!