BlackBerry Torch 9810 now available from AT&T for $49.99

BlackBerry Torch 9810 ATT
By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2011 10:28 am EDT

If you've been waiting for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 to make its way to AT&T today is your lucky day. As we found out a few days back, the Torch 9810 hit AT&T today and is available in both Zinc Grey and Pure White for just $49.99 on contract. The Torch 9810 is an upgraded version of the original Torch 9800 and features a 1.2Ghz processor, 5MP camera, BlackBerry 7 and much more. If you're an AT&T customer or looking to switch over, you can grab the Torch 9810 online or in stores today. If you pick one up be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Check out the BlackBerry Torch 9810 at AT&T

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 now available from AT&T for $49.99


Atleast sprint is trying to give the RIMpire some steam. I'll be interested to see how this helps RIM's quarterly earnings.

i wonder why the 9810 is over hundred dollars cheaper than than the bold. i thought the specs are the same just one is a slider.

Good for ATT for having a cheaper no contract pricing and only 50 dollars more than the original. That's how I got my 9800.

It is odd that the 9800 hasn't dropped with release of the 9810. Maybe they don't have many left. Can't imagine anyone buying the 9800 to save $50.

Perception has a lot to do with it. If the phone looks nearly identical to its predecessor, it's very difficult to effectively sell the product. However, they know the 9900 and the 9860 are highly anticipated phones. Those ones you can expect to go up for the normal $200 contract range. The 9800 is likely going to be EOL very soon, as the store rep told me they don't even carry them in their store anymore. All have been replaced with the 9810.

Yet you find it interesting enough to read and comment on. It seems this may be less boring to you than spending your time on something else.

hey guy. i was commenting on the 9810 release and the implied frustration that AT&T hasn't released the 9900.

Thank you for your concern.

My local AT&T store opens in 1/2 hour! I'm going to be there for sure. What a great price for a smartphone!

My sister will get one today. I'm with Tmobile. My contract is up and I'm ready. If they keep the Bold Touch at $299, they will lose more subscribers to either ATT or Sprint.

Not to butt in, but I'm sure he meant the 9810. I won't be able to get my hands on the 9810 until about March. Or sooner if I win it here on CrackBerry. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Dayum, AT&T is making it almost impossible for me to pass up the 9810. I'm on a 9800 right now and didn't really want the 9810 because it looks just like what I have now, just with an ugly battery door cover and in silver. But since they letting it go for that price and in WHITE, it makes for a hard descison. Always wanted the Torch in WHITE!

Well it doesn't necessarily have an ugly battery door, I'm pretty sure you can replace it with the battery door from your 9800. That's what I'll do if I get one.

with Bold 9900 they are mainly aiming for enterprise business customers whereas 9810 and 9850/60 has more consumer appeal.

Nice try, Einstein, but I'm an enterprise customer and if you think I was going back to the old style BB -- as much as I liked the 9000 keyboard and would like the 9900 keyboard -- you're wrong. The 9900 is for the stodgy enterprise types. Those of us enterprise types who use their BB for more than messaging -- music! video! games! etc. -- rock a 9810.

Most likely because AT&T overordered the 9810 and now it is yesterday's phone.

That said, this is still an incredible deal.

I'll be headin to the store with the old lady in about an hour or so. I've got the 9800 right now and she loves it, so she's gonna upgrade from her 9700. She loves the touchscreen, but still wants the physical keyboard.

Hella price for the new slider Torch!! I'm with ATT on the 9800 Torch & was thinking about waiting for either the Bold 9900 or til the 1Q 2012 for the new QNX, but....with this price it's tempting to pull the trigger now...... Can say a lot of bad stuff about ATT (like all US carriers), but at least this price is excellent!!!

By waiting to be one of the last to price the 9900 they might just pull a great move....but I doubt it. At&t seems to make life hard on it true they are even going to block NFC? So high prices no UMA no NFC no WHAT THE HELL ELSE!!!!! This 9810 for $49 bucks is a hell of a deal though!!

I'm caught in the ATT death trap. I got the torch a year ago, but I want the 9900 not the 9810. I am thinking of switching to Sprint or Verizon, but I am guessing ATT will charge me for the whole cost of the 9800 if I do. I could just get a new phone number but that pretty annoying.

Any word on the 9900 on ATT?

Wow - sweet price. It would almost be worth breaking my current torch contract for!

I think BB is going hard for the back to school crowd.

Man I don't really want this device cuz I got the torch already and I don't want the same fone cuz it would jus be the same but hardware and software changes and prolly same battery problems but very tempting maybe I might go to att for awhile and play with it ;) haha Canu900

I just got home from picking mine up. I went to the AT&T store as opposed to going to Best Buy here in Atlanta, GA. There were about 10 or 15 people there all buying the 9810.

The hardware, while looking similar to the 9800, is much more solid feeling. The slide mechanism is tight, the top half does not twist or pop up-and-down like the original 9800 was known for.

The screen is gorgeous, the processor is a HUGE improvement over the 9800, and the keyboard isn't as cramped as a lot of people say it was. I'm coming over from a Bold 9700, so the keyboard is pretty similar. The Torch 9810 keyboard is definitely a bit "clicky", but it feels good overall.

The net result is that, so far I'm pleased with the device. We'll see how that goes this week. Regardless of how good a phone appears to be on the first day, you really need to spend a week or so before you can formulate a more accurate opinion.

I hope you guys get a chance to pick one up if you're on AT&T. The price is right!


My baby momma has gotten all my old blackberries when I upgrade to a new one. But this time she might beat me to gettin the 9900 before me cuz she's gettin it for t-mobile at the end of the month.

The price is sexy as hell I'm not going to lie, but I'm holding out for the world famous keyboard on the 9900. I'd rather drop 200 for quality. -Road to 9900

Hey can any of you guys let me know if this comes with international warranty? If i pick one up from AT&T (no commitment pricing) and bring it back to India will it be covered by RIM? Would appreciate any response on this

Anybody know if the battery door for the white option i see on the pic looks the same as the white battery door on the 9800?

I'm posting this from a 9810 @ my Att store. The $49 price is w/2 year contract, the off contract price is $449.

Also, the mobile view of CB is a little goofy. The login button was on top of other text, and the screen cuts off on the right.

Overall this phone is blazing fast, but it took a while to load the full non-mobile CB page on wi-fi...

Might come back later and get this phone...

Posting this from my new white 9810. The virtual keyboard is awesome!! It was my main concern but really works great. Love it!!

Was going to wait for the qnx phones but for $49 its tempting. I have the 9800 now and like it but more speed is always good. Anyone know if os 6 apps will work on os 7?
Not sure I want to upgrade if my apps won't work. (And I don't feel like searching for all of them

I suspect the first QNX phones will be touch only - it may be a bit of a wait for a Torch with QNX.

The back battery door is hideous on this thing (and too dang slippery), I think ill put my 9800 battery cover on it. Also, the white version has shiny chrome bezel trim, while the black one has the aluminum looking matte finish. Whoevers making theose kinds of decisions at RIM needs to be sent on a permanent vacation.

Overall I think the white one looks like a cheap kids toy, but that's just MY opinion.

I'm trying to decide if I should use my upgrade to get this phone or wait on the 9900. I've been on a Torch for 2 months since my 9700 got busted up, and now I'm not so sure if I can give up the screen real estate with the 9900.

Decisions decisions...

I just got back from my hunt of the new OS7 devices from various carriers. I already own the original white Torch. The new Torch runs great. Not good, but great. Everything about it is so smooth and the resolution on it looks a lot better too. The video playback is flawless in either landscape or portrait mode.

I won't say it looks like a cheap kids toy, because it looks better than the one I have. The subtraction of the colored buttons actually makes it look more modern and mature.

As for the bold...Yeah... "Typing on clouds" was the perfect analogy. The buttons provide you a lot of room and making mistakes is going to be very difficult for anyone. The screen on the bold is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I still wouldn't advice it for those who lean toward using media a lot. But it is super light, sleek and a joy to text with.

Sadly, I have been unable to find one of the 9850/60 models anywhere. I really want the 9860 and it's really tough with the Torch 9810 being only $49.99. I might pull an Adam and just add another line.

Just got mine and can't put it down. Picked up the Seidio Innocase + Holster for it as well, great combo and takes care of the ugly battery door :)

Congrats to the people who actually want this phone. But come on, release RIM's flagship device already. People mainly want the Bold 9900. Give them what they want already. Heck, even Sprint is released it before you.

Just got mine...replacing my touch only 9800 that I dropped in the toilet and the keyboard no longer functions. I have been waiting for this day for so long...

Just got back from the AT&T store to check it out. Not impressed at all. Just because it's priced $50 doesn't change my mind at all. I'm waiting for the Bold 9900. I would much rather pay for a $300 phone that's worth it. AT&T must either have a master marketing plan or are just plain DUMB for not releasing the Bold 9900. EVERYONE ELSE HAS ! WHY MUST THEY DO THIS!?!?! I would really like to see how their sales turn out with this "new" phone.

Do you guys think it's worth it upgrading from my current torch 9800 to the 9810?
Because I really like my 9800, and I read in the 9810's review that I won't get that 'new device feeling' ?
But it's really tempting...

I think so. I have a 9800 and just played with a 9810, and to me it felt like a new device, even though most of the changes are under the hood.

Id definitely go check one out in person for yourself before making your decision.

One thing to consider is the speed of the browser. Leaps and bounds above the 9800 experience. That, for me, is a HUGE option to weigh in my decision. I havent bought the 9810 yet, because Im going to Sprint to play with a 9900 since Ive never seen one in person. Once I do that, Ill decide whether or not to wait on AT&T to release it, or grab the 9810.

Got mine this morning hooked up to my PC it took a major update . But all went smooth , the very first thing I noticed was how crisp the screen looked . The high def icons are very attractive , the screen scrolled so smooth and quick I was afraid I was going to hard on it . I love the fact you can sign in once and not every time to download an app speaking of which I downloaded and searched for 4 apps at once all went smooth the multi function really works well .
NEED FOR SPEED was amazing so quick and beautifully presented I was immersed in the game as soon as it started . The syncing of my g mail and fb contacts was quick easy and almost immediate I was shocked even after making changes they showed up relatively fast no problems at all . customizing was a breeze and very fun . Everything I have done since 11:30 am till this post has worked the first time every-time including setting up my music and video AVATAR played bright crisp and didn't bog my phone down at all .
Web browsing is going smooth loading quickly . Phone is charging now I got the phone with less than half a battery charge did all this all day long and that less than half a battery lasted till 6:25 pm and it wasn't drained just yellow so I think the battery power is going to be very very well .

NOW having said all of that the phone feels super light in my hand almost so light that I feel like I'm going to break it . It feels very very plasticy (not sure if that's even a word lol) to me it doesn't have that solid thick feel that the 9800 did this is just a preference for me I happen to like a little weight on the device . Again that's my own personal opinion .

I love this new BB works fantastic I'm glad I have it . BOTTOM line is its a 4G device with HD video and FAST very responsive and how can you go wrong for only $49.99 !!!

***Didn't get a memory card was disappointed

Hope this helps

Can't be mad at those prices. I wish the Bold on Verizon was the same......well not really, I can't upgrade until April ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I bought one in Alpharetta, Ga (just outside Atl) this morn when the store opened. Cant believe I got a phone this powerful for $53 after tax. I had been holding out for the 9900, but couldnt resist pulling the trigger on the 9810 at this price with all the ambiguity surrounding the release date/price on the 9900. Plus I wanted a bigger screen for media. I'm coming from a Bold 9700 and can't believe the speed/power/storage difference in this upgrade. This is a VERY fast phone and has 8 gb of on board storage (had bout 2.5 gb on my Bold w card + onboard). All my apps seem to work except Amazon mp3 downloader. I'm guessing amazon will get this fixed pronto. The functionality feels very similar to my playbook and might be even faster. Overall very happy with the device after a few hours. Also, I seem to be in a "4g" territory and am very impressed w the internet speeds. Just tested the bridge w my playbook and the browser speeds are more than acceptable.

Got one yesterday at my att :) Gave it to me earlier because I switched from another company! I am loving the phone!

I plan on picking one up tomorrow - I currently have a 9700 which is my first BB. I'm running 5.0 on it - just wondering if anyone can comment on how easy it is to switch devices - I've never done it before and am also concerned about migrating from BB 5 to 7.

Make sure you have the most recent version of BB Desktop software.
I am using Version

There is an operation called switch devices. It's a piece of cake, copying all your unique preferences, then giving you the option of wiping clean the old unit.

I got one today for my wife. She needed a new phone anyway and the price of the 9810 was too good to pass up. The speed of the network is impressive, and on wifi the browser is amazingly fast. The keyboard is a bit different than my 9700, but I think she'll do fine. I'll probably get one when my eligibility date comes up.

Wellllllll I switched from my iphone to the Torch far ..good..lovin it.. i was prepared to switch to I got 30 days to far no complaints..had the 9800..Hated it

I pulled the trigger also. I have/had 3 AT&T lines and the one that was due for an upgrade had an iPhone 4. So I switched it to the line that had my Torch 9800 and got the upgrade for $49.00. So I am down to 2 phones on AT&T.

I also have a Sprint line and was going to get the 9850 but really wanted the 9930. Went there and played with both, 9850 is nice but the Bold 9930 keyboard is sweet. My wife was with me and was playing with the Bold while I played with the Torch 9850. We switched and she actually started playing with the Bold 9930. I said to you like it? She said yes, I said what about your iPhone 4, she said she really like the keyboard and said she wanted it.

So I got 2 Bold 9930's at Sprint. Now the best part, I traded in my BB Style 9670 $86 value, she traded iPhone 4 in $250 and with the line new line transfer number we walked with tax $182-ish and we have an additional $100 mail in rebate. All told after rebates $150-ish one new Torch 9810 (AT&T) 2 new Bolds 9930 and I still have to get the trade in value for my Torch 9800 which was a refurb for a cent (.01). And if that is not enough, I'll be paying less for more (hence had 3 AT&T line 1 Sprint, now 2 AT&T and 2 Sprint) not a bad day and I am in BlackBerry heaven.

The 9810 is awesome. Enough people talked about the performance and I agree with them. Its freaking awesome!

1. I snapped my Seidio case from my 9800 right on my 9810. Fits like a glove! Just Saved $20
2. The AT&T rep tried to sell me the charging dock. I said, No Thanks, Got one already! Just Saved another $20!
3. I put it in my iGrip cradle when I got in the car. Just Saved another $30!
4. I still have my extra screen protector that I got from since they always make you buy two of them. Just Saved another $10!!
5. Although, I need to verify, but I got a quote with BlackBerry Trade Up Program for my 9800 and it said I will be getting $170 back!
6 For whatever reason, they AT&T rep charged me tax not on the retail price but just on the $49.99. (Not sure if that is only a CA thing. I am in NYC right now). So we won't count this one.

This has to be the cheapest upgrade that I have ever experienced. I don't need to invest additional funds and my Torch 2 is GREEEEEEEEEEAT!

You can't do anything about the past, but can only control the present and future.
Good job, RIM.

Was at the AT7T Store today toying with the new Torch 9810,...and all i can say is this is what the "9800" should have been from the git-go! That said, AT&T is making up ground by releasing it for a mere $49.99,....this also causes Best Buy to drop their price to a mere $0.00,etc.

Now, about the performance! The improvement of the browser is wayyyy more than 40% imho. Plus,...the 9810 also loads sites (cashe cleared) faster than my Atrix did,...and literally blew away my 9800. I want is phone and want it bad,...however, the fact that it doesn't do "Flash" is a reason fro me to not pull the trigger. Had it the ability to do Flash,...I'd dump the Atrix and the 9800 in a heartbeat for the 9810.

Props to RIM for giving us a mo-better blackberry!


Hey guys! does anyone have any information on when AT&T is planning to launch the blackberry bold touch?? thanks

All this talk is kinda tempting for me to check out the 9810. I'm upgrade eligible in a week and a half. Really want the Bold 9900. I went to the AT&T Device Support Center yesterday to get my 9700 replaced (since I was relegated to using my unlocked 8900 for the last month. Missed you trackpad!) Back rockin the 9700 trackpad (and now I'll have an even better backup phone when I upgrade).

Anyway, the guys at the Device Support Center (which is diff than the sales reps at the stores for those who don't know) said they didn't know when the 9900 would be out but history had said that RIM likes to release the new BB's 2 weeks before the new iPhones (don't know how true that is) but the iPhone 5 is slated for early Oct according to them and so they suspected late Sept or early Oct for the 9900 release. They did also mention the 9810 was available yesterday as well.

I may have to swing by the AT&T store and check out the 9810. $50 and many good reviews are enticing enough to at least check it out. Hope it's better than the 9800. That was a huge let down.


Nice deal , but not exactly a fan of AT&T's service, especially since I was with them until earlier this year.

However, if carriers price the new, upcoming Blackberries at prices similar to this, mobs of people will grab them instantly - guaranteed!

Please be aware that, according to several users who have posted in the Forums, AT&T is trying to force their subscribers with grandfathered unlimited data plans to forfeit their plans as a condition for upgrading to the Torch 9810.

I confirmed with the rep at AT&T that nothing is changing on my plan. Everything stayed the same. Just a contract extension.

Please be aware that, according to some users who have posted in the Forums, AT&T is trying to force subscribers into forfeiting their grandfathered unlimited data plans as a condition to upgrading to the Torch 9810.