BlackBerry Torch 9810 landing on AT&T on August 21

By Jared DiPane on 15 Aug 2011 01:14 pm EDT

ATT 9810 

If you are on AT&T and have been dying to get your hands on one of the new BlackBerry 7 devices that just launched, your time is approacing. We have seen the coming soon page go live, and Bla1ze has been hard at work on a full review of the BlackBerry Torch 9810, but has teased us with a nice hands on, along with everything you need to know in under 10 minutes.  AT&T has posted on their Facebook page that the BlackBerry Torch 9810 is set to release on AT&T on August 21, and they are still touting it to be the first 4G BlackBerry Smartphone. Will you be picking one up, or are you waiting for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to make its way to AT&T?

Update - AT&T has listed a price of $49.99 on a 2 year contract, which is quite a great price for this device. Does that sway your decision at all? 

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 landing on AT&T on August 21


I personally could care less about the 9810! When is AT&T going to get with the game & release the 9860 & 9900 like other US carriers are???

it is faster than the iPhone.
it has a full screen that does not get cut in half when typing. Unlike the iPhone.
it has a real keyboard, unlike the iPhone.
it does not drop your calls if you don't have a bumper on it. Unlike the iPhone.
it has better e-mail and messaging that the iPhone or any other phone.
it has the best security of any other phone.

if that is too little too late I guess you should get an iPhone4.

I'd rather get my calls and e-mail promptly. The new browser rocks so I don't know what else there is. Wait, I know... you can download 1000 fart apps. O.K. I'm getting an iPhone, just like Steve Jobs said I should. Yeah fart apps!
Oh, wait a minute, I had an iPhone and decided I wanted a real phone. never mind.

Ill check the 9810 out since I have the 9800 but I'm really considering the bold 9900 pls At&t September sounds much better than November even though it should of came out this month :(

Ahh ATT why would you not release the other two. Makes no sense.invest on the other and hurry the eff up before some us head over to another carrier. I have a torch now. Why would I buy the same phone again ...

I'm happy for RIM that they finally have a BB7 device releasing on AT&T.. however, I have to say "woopa dee doo" as AT&T screwed the pooch and isn't releasing the 9900 along with the 9810. I agree with other posters... different target market for the 9810 vs the 9900.. and those people waiting for a 9900 more than likely won't buy a 9810. My only hope is that they start seeing groups of people jump ship to Sprint and Verizon (or use unlocked 9900s on their network), and they move the release date up to sometime in September/early October.

AT&T can suck it. Delaying the 9900, and the crap they pulled with the Bridge Browser ... ?

They obviously don't care for BBs or their user base.

Screw 'em.

Oh, hey VZW has the 9930!

Hmm ...

Once again....AT&T wasn't at fault for the BB Bridge fiasco. That one was on RIM for trying to sneak one past them.

AT&T is not going to let you tether for free. Everyone knew that going in and people still tried to convince themselves that they were going to let it slide this time simply because RIM called it something else and preloaded it as a feature on the phone.

Further ... AT&T didn't release the bridge software until recently. That's the crap upon which I'm throwing more crap against AT&T.

As for tethering ..., I realize that I can't get other internet dependent apps to run without tethering, and that's understandable.

But, to charge (considerably more!) for what is essentially the same service for which I already pay, yet only on a bigger screen is ... well, it's crap.

I've been with AT&T for YEARS and was hoping not to have to go through the annoyance of switching carriers, but if AT&T wants to treat their BB customers like crap, I'm happy to let them do so ... without me.

Thats like saying If you get a call on your phone & instead of answering on your phone, you answer using a bluetooth headset & they want to charge you extra for using that bluetooth headset.....

It's nothing like that. You aren't using network resources when connecting your phone to a bluetooth headset.

If there was a way to get internet access through a bluetooth connection...then that would be a different story.

Because RIM thought they were going to be able to slip one by the carriers without them noticing what was going on.

The fact of the matter is that you are using your phone to get data on a separate device. That, in and of itself, is tethering.

Spoken like an AT&T lawyer.

Fact remains that whether I use my BB or PB, the same amount of data is being used. It's not like I'm streaming movies, I just want a bigger screen.

If AT&T wants me to pay for that, fine. Charge a nominal fee - there's no massive load on the network when I'm bridged and the fees they're charging are downright ridiculous and abhorrently insulting.

It's just a money grab, pure and simple.

I agree that it is a money grab, but their policy is what it is. It's nothing new and you know what you're getting into when you sign up with AT&T.

They let you use your data on your phone and nowhere else (without a fee). The level to which that policy is complete BS is an entirely different issue.

After ATT totally skipped over the 9780 its been far to long with a traditional form factory offering. Shocking they are so behind on the 9900 release.

I'm really still undecided on this... I switched over from iOS (bought a 3GS in November 2009 and then the iPhone 4 on launch) back in February of this year after trial-ing the BB platform with a BB Curve 8520 (while still carrying around my iPhone 4 as well).... after I determined that I was happy enough with BlackBerry as a platform, I sold my iPhone 4 and bought a used Torch and have been fairly happy with it since -- the only major complaint being the occasional spinning clock.

However, while I have become accustomed fairly enough with the slider, I do miss the Curve's simple form factor. Of course, the Curve is not on my radar now, but I've been lusting after the Bold 9900 since it was rumored and then announced in May, and while I would still welcome a faster Torch 2 with better screen resolution (thank goodness!), I am really still considering getting that sexy Bold 9900.... so it will come down to this: on August 21, I am going to visit Sprint to see the 9930 and just get a feel for the device; then I am going to head over to AT&T and see if I want to get my new BB OS7 *now* with improved speed and screen resolution, but stuck with the compromise form factor, or whether I'll want to wait until, well, *whenever*, AT&T decides to launch the 9900. It scares me that the rumors seem to indicate AT&T isn't launching the 9900 until November. :O

Am I the only one that is happy to hear this? LOL. I appreciate all BB's for different reasons. I'm stoked to see. This!

At&t is a joke im switching to tmobile on august 31st when they release the 9900, like what is the point of not releasing the hottest blackberry out there, i just visited canada and even virgin mobile has them in stock, att is terrible

I am going to swtich to big red if they dont release the Gretzsky this month. I can just sit here with a dumb phone (currently using iphone thats an old phone) for any longer.

I am past the pleading stage.

att, get the Gretzsky this month or my small business is going to Verizon (we're only half BB, but the VZ has iphones, so no problem).

aside: I am a little mad that THE phone i have been waiting for for so long is finally coming, only to be one-upped by the QNX (insert savior identity here).

There may be something not to like about the Torch 9810, but so far I haven't found it. This looks like the phone for me. I really wanted the original Torch, but the awful display and the slow processor made me decide to wait. I'm glad that I did; the 9810 is definitely what the 9800 should have been.

AT&T's a different story - their customer service in general, and their support for RIM and the Blackberry ecosystem in particular, stink. Unfortunately, due to coverage issues, I'll probably have to stick with them through at least one more two year contract. Hopefully another carrier (or two) will build out their networks in the areas where I need coverage within the next couple of years, and I can switch to a carrier that doesn't shaft customers at every opportunity.

I don't hate my Torch 9800 -- hell, I switched to it from an iPhone 4 -- but I really do think I'd prefer the slider-less Bold 9900, as I find I only very occasionally use the touch-screen anyway, and I find holding the Torch is a bit akward for me, particularly when I'm trying to push that little convenience key on the right which I use many, many times in the day for Vlingo.

The Bold form factor fits my usage better than the Torch, and now that the 9900 adds touch screen capability for that occasional time when I find using it is intuitive and desirable, I'm willing to forego the larger physical screen on the Torch for the "always there with no slider" Bold 9900.

That being said, I've been due for a fully subsidized upgrade since early summer of this year, since I bought an iPhone 4 just after launch laster year and have 3 phones of my Family Plan, and I'm thinking I may just go ahead and buy the Torch 9810 now just to get that snappy 1.2 GHz processor, OS 7, and a sharper, higher-resolution screen.... then sell it when the 9900 launches on AT&T and pay the unsubsidized price for it.

AT&T really missed the boat on this one. I have been wanting the 9900 for a while. If it was released soon I would still purchase one. But if the November timeline is correct that will be to late for me to get one. With QNX reported release Q1 of next year I will just wait for them. Not sure what AT&T was thinking on this one.

Agreed - why would you not have the flagship of the new Blackberry 7 devices and release it first - especially since the Torch is no longer an exclusive phone. Just dumb.

They are waiting to release it in November with a cheaper price tag so it will be a good Christmas gift.

For those of you switching from a Torch to the 9900, I think that you will find you do miss the screen size and some of the features it affords. But the 9900 is pretty sweet...

I don't think I will miss it *too* much. For one thing, as much improved as the OS 6 browser is over the OS 5 browser that I had on my Curve 8520, I rarely use my BB for browsing much because I literally *always* carry my iPad in a very small case (custom-fit for iPad with Apple case) that goes with me everywhere, and so I prefer the much larger screen on the iPad for browsing.

There are a few apps in which the larger real estate of the Torch will be missed, but having used a Curve 8520 for a short while prior to the Torch while I evaluated the BB platform (coming from iOS), I don't think the smaller real estate on a Bold 9900 will be a dealbreaker for me. :) The trade off to the smaller screen is the ALWAYS THERE KEYBOARD that doesn't require me to slide it out like the Torch. Also, the keys on the Torch, while quite good, are still a bit flatter and not as good as the Bold's keys.

9810 for me, got the 9800 day of launch las year. Never been a bold fan so no 9900 for me and deff never liked ALL touch screen so no latest gen "storm" either. I like the torch format and will stick with it :)

I agree! I like the form factor of the Torch... I believe at&t is releasing the Torch first because the Torch is the only BB phone that has had (recent) decent sells at at&t. Customers gave the Torch (white, charcoal, and red) and overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 on at&t's website. The Torch is a decent phone, which I am planning to stick with because of its functionality and form factor. Its siblings (9860 and 9850) will probably have very strong sells because they will appeal to the folks who like touch screen only phones. However, I do not like a touch screen only phone, which is one of the reasons I dumped the iPhone....

Everyone seems to forget. AT&T has paid RIM something to keep the 9800 and the 9810 exclusive in the USA. So of course they are going to push the 9810 because they hope more will just get the 9810 in hopes to recoupe money. Now i hate just hate the new color. I have not heard one person say the same but really that grey is aweful. I see they are going to offer white thank god.

I'm not too fond of the new color but since my phones have cases before I even get them it won't bother me. My 9320 had 12 diff color skins and my torch is in an otterbox so the bare color could be green for all I care lol. Going to order me a case now I recon :)

Already made my mind up, I'm heading to Sprint to get the 9930/9850. There is no way I'm waiting till November to pick up the 9900. But i will pick it up once its released on ATT, just not gonna wait for it. ATT you need to release this phone ASAP or I'm sure there will be more people jumping ship.

My guess:

The Torch 9810 is exclusive for AT&T. If they launch it alongside the Bold 9900 and Torch 9860, they will hurt the sales of the 9810. So they release the 9810 earlier hoping for good sales...

My prediction:

AT&T disappointed by poor sales due to:
1. Current Torch 9800 owners not wanting to upgrade to practically the same device
2. Us crazy BlackBerry fans waiting for the 9900 and 9860

1. Lower price of 9810 to boost sales
2. Release the 9900 & 9860 earlier than November...

God I hope I'm an AT&T customer, I don't wanna wait till November for my 9860

I hope you're right too. I love my 9800 but we shouldn't have to wait an extra 2 months to buy a 9900/9860. That just seems unfair.

I want a 9860 so badly too so I guess it's worth somewhat of a wait

If that $49.99 price is true, I'm going to upgrade my Torch 9800 to the 9810. The other BB's sound great, and I might consider them one day, but I've loved my Torch. Portrait sliders are a great form factor for me.

What a disappointment AT&T!! If you want to roll out the 9810 fine, but the 9900 is what the majority of everyone is talking about. All the other major carriers are onboard and my Bold 9000 is on its last limb. If the rumors are true about a November release...your losing a 10 year customer.....hello Verizon..or Sprint..or whoever else has there head removed from sphincter.

I feel that AT&T may be leaning towards more new contracts versus long term customers.
Consumers are like playing chips, they come, the go and sometimes the come back.
Its business as usual, at least with AT&T.

Finally, news about the Torch 9810 for a change. I know lots of people have been salivating over the release of the BOLD model, but I personally love the Torch more. :-) I'm planning a proper memorial for my outgoing Curve 8330.

The 9810 could be free with a 2 year contract and I still wouldn't get it over the 9900. Looks like the roadmap that was leaked has been on point so far, which means if all of the dates hold true, we will not see the 9900 until November 20th. That's ridiculous if you ask me. They better have some other Ace up their sleeve when it finally comes out for making people wait so much longer than other carriers.

Although AT&T is announcing the release of the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and not the BlackBerry Bold 9900, is possible they are not putting any marketing effort towards the BlackBerry 9900 is not an exclusive AT&T device in North America at launch.

The Bold 9000 had okay marketing, and the Torch 9800 had even better marketing (although it may not have made a difference.

AT&T may just be a little hurt that they are not getting the exclusiveness of the 9900.

I must say the 9810 is getting a little tempting, but the bottom chin along with the form factor all together does not fit my comfort level.

The $49.99 makes a difference. I have played with a couple of 9800s and the slider form-factor doesn't bother me. The combination of the large screen and hardware keyboard is attractive. When my upgrade eligibility arrives in October, I will probably upgrade to the 9810, depending on battery life reports, bug reports, or RIM being bought out by HP. ;-)

I can wait...who wants the 9810 POS(not exactly that but still lol)....we want the BOLD 9900....I'll jump ship to vzw if the wait is too long

so far as i could see the 9810 has the same specs as the 9900 other than the screen size and the better camera, why all the hate?

I like my 9800, just wish it was a lot faster. Even though I won't want to spend the off contract money, I will probably get the 9810 and then the 9860. The one I like the least will go to the wife.

Unless someone has proof that the phone is $49, I highly doubt it. Just went to the AT&T site and it shows the "Coming Soon" w/o price; you CAN still get the Torch 9800 for $49 w/a 2 yr contract.

The 9800 debut last year at $199; when I bought it over Thanksgiving it had already dropped to $99, and several months later the price dropped to the current $49. That's in response to AT&T/RIM acknowledging that the phone was not competitive at the high price. I would hope that the new specs make the phone in the competitive ballpark of the mid-to-high range offerings out there, but RIM's mindshare has taking a fair beating. The top HTC and MOTO phones on AT&T are $99 w/contract; the Samsung Infuse is $199. As a RIMM shareholder I am realistic but I also wouldn't mind if the price debut between $99-$149 with contract ($199 today would be unrealistic). To start this much improved 9810 at $49 would further exacerbate what's left of RIM's premium image in customer's minds (not to mention would make any future price cuts more difficult) and would not be good for the BlackBerry brand. Not sure how much leverage RIM has over AT&T, but the fact that AT&T has once again secured exclusivity in the U.S. gives me hope.

I got my Bold 9700 on the day it was released by AT&T for $50. Lots of folks did. RIM's image did not suffer as a result. In fact, I thought it was a rare gesture to us loyal customers and early adopters.

If the Torch 9810 is, in fact, sold at $50 on the date of release, I will consider it in the same light. To my mind, if you like the form of the Torch 9800/9810 then, at that price, it is a no brainer as the internals, with the exception of NFC are identical to the 9850 and 9900.

I am going to move from ATT as I want the Bold Touch. A few things I need to consider and am wondering if anyone can help. 1) I travel internationally and ATT has been solid in that respect. I understand the 9900/9930 is a world phone but am wondering if I will suffer from less robust coverage oversees than I am currently receiving from ATT if I move to Verizon, TMobile or Sprint? Also I live in Northern NJ so can anyone comment on which company has solid voice and data coverage in tristate area? I know Verizon is great in this respect but am worried about possibly suffering with the global coverage with them?

You're a tool. BTW when QNX rolls out WITH the android app player - that coupled with RIM's superior devices (yes the newer devices are superior) Their super apps that they build, better email, bbm, fully capable browsing (flash enabled) - RIM will dominate again. Also did I mention that you're a tool?

As a current Torch owner swaying between the Bold 9900 or the Torch 9810 - I have to say that the $49.99 price tag for the minimal but nice updates to the phone I already like pretty well made my decision easy. I'll be getting the Torch 9810.

I am grandfathered into unlimited data - for $50 I get the 4G upgrade, HD video upgrade, Better camera than the Bold (autofocus - I take a lot of pics with my phone for work) Brushed aluminum finish - I drop my phone from time to time my plastic 9800 took a beating metal will hold up better - I have the BB pocket case for the Torch (awesome product buy one if you don't have it) I have the bedside dock already for the Torch.

So for me - this is a heck of a deal at this price. Plus I can upgrade in a year when QNX rolls out (hopefully) and barely have spent any more money. I'd say my decision is simple.

I totally agree. As a current 9800 user, at this price I would have to come up with a compelling reason not to get the 9810.

I did want to point out that the 9810 does not have metal casing, it is plastic just like the 9800, just a different color plastic.