BlackBerry Torch 9810 Images and Photo Gallery

By Adam Zeis on 3 Aug 2011 10:12 am EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9810

The BlackBerry Torch 9810 is one good looking device. Here we have a collection of BlackBerry Torch 9810 images and photos so you can check out the device from all sides. When we get our hands on one we'll update with some more "real" BlackBerry Torch 9810 photos, but for now keep reading to check this bad boy out.

Research In Motion Introduces New BlackBerry 7 Smartphones 

BlackBerry Torch 9810 Images and Photos


BlackBerry Torch 9810


BlackBerry Torch 9810


BlackBerry Torch 9810

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 Images and Photo Gallery


with a simple case on it, no one could tell the diff!

check out my review for the casemate 'barely there' case for the torch 9800 on youtube....


I agree - if I got the new torch (which I don't think I will I'm going Bold this time around I think) I would just take my old battery cover off of it and put it on the back of this.

I also prefer the original 9800 look... I'm disappointed not to see the Torch branding by the camera lens and insted the "5 MP AutoFocus". Also prefer the battery door on the 9800.

I do not really care what color the battery door is but I would like to see it be stronger plastic. And I hope it has a bigger batter to power the new screen and processor.

hmmm... Torch 2 or the new Bold :-/... Guess i wont really know until I hold and try them both and compare.

Used to the torch, afraid i will miss the screen real estate if i switch to the Bold, but definitely Bold looks sexier.

Proud Torch 9800 and Playbook 64GB owner.

agree 100%. have same gear, although i prefer the dark grey trim of the 9800 over the silver. the silver colours remind me of the old grey curves. will definitely try to swap the door to keep it dark. will be going with 9810 due to screen space, and i find the reduced virtual keyboard very useful for one hand typing.

Let us know if the battery door swap works..... Thanks!! That's the only way I'm getting this new Torch - will go 9900 as the alternative.

Hi @ianbordas,

Douglas from RIM here. Having to decide between the new Torch and Bold is a good problem to have! On one hand, the Bold delivers NFC technology, which enables many new and exciting capabilities including pairing accessories and reading SmartPoster tags with a simple tap of the smartphone. The Torch, however, has a larger screen for an enhanced multimedia experience.

It comes down to preference, but you come out on top either way as they both rock the new BlackBerry 7 OS for a faster and smoother user experience. There’s a lot to consider, so drop by our Inside BlackBerry Blog to learn more about what our new smartphones have to offer:

Douglas, RIM Social Media Team

I am waiting until there is one in red... I regreted not waiting for the red in torch 9800 so this time i am going to wait.

I hope they don't wait until November to release white and red like they did for the 9800...

It looks from the video that the optical trackpad doesn't light up on the Torch 9810. Maybe I missed something. That would be a bummer, I liked that it lights up on the other two devices.

Ugly plastic-design... Nothing noble on it... in comparison with the bold9900 a "cheap-chinese-fake-fone"... Very, very disappointing design. I will prefer my Torch9800 with its noble surface...

Lets hope the picture does not do the phone justice, because looking at the picture, the finish on the phone does not look very attractive.

I would descripe the look and feel in memoriam of a german campaign for recycling sheet metal and piffle.... In this campaign a new average product was shown in an advertisment and this product speeks "Ich war eine Dose" ("I was a tin/can") I really hope, that this tin-design will not accepted by telekom germany and a change (alike the 9800) will take place...

I believe I would be an early adopter of one of these phones... still torn btw d torch 2, torch touch, & bold touch (i'm currently a torch user, and I love d convenience of d relatively large screen & slide-out physical keypad). I hope I won't be disappointed cos these phones look like they absolutely rock. However, I keep wondering why RIM has not introduced front facing cameras yet... This is a really important and one of the very essential features they keep missing out on... Others such as 4G, even faster (dual core processors), mobile hot-spot capabilities, etc are also important, but the exclusion of front-facing cameras is absolutely irritating. Maybe they're saving these features for the QNX enabled super phones... I hope they'd drop in the near future.