BlackBerry Torch 9810 Hands-On and First Impressions

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2011 06:54 pm EDT

After having RIM's Andrew Bocking walk us through the BlackBerry Torch 9850 / 9860 at BlackBerry 7 Fan Night, I fired up the CrackBerry camera again to get a better hands-on look at the BlackBerry Torch 9810. The Torch 9810 is the straight-up successor to the original BlackBerry Torch 9800. Untrained eyes might not even notice the difference between the Torch 9800 and Torch 9810, as from a hardware design perspective the overall form factor is basically the same. The 9810 gets a re-freshed silver look with matching silver battery door which I'm not a huge fan of (though I'm sure we'll see a white version too which I'll no doubt love) and features a higher resolution display, but otherwise the enhancements are under the hood. 

BlackBerry Torch 9810 First Impressions

  • FINALLY! - The 9810 really addresses all of the gripes I had with the original Torch 9800. The 1.2GHz processor is snappy and gets rid of the Torch 9800's lag, it has HD video recording and Open GL support for 3D gaming and more internal memory for apps. Oh, and BlackBerry 7 allows me to customize the homescreen views so you if you don't want to be doing any accidental scrolling, you won't be. Add those up and it's the device I really wished the Torch 9800 would have been.
  • LIQUIDY SMOOTH - As with all the new BlackBerry 7 devices, having a dedicated GPU to power the RIM-branded "liquid graphics" really makes the whole BlackBerry experience feel more updated and modern. If you're a long time BlackBerry user, you'll notice the difference.
All in all, the Torch 9810 is the original Torch, but way better. If you like the sliding form factor of the 9800, you're simply going to love the 9810. I'm a little sad it doesn't get the same light-up Trackpad that is on the 9850/9860 and Bold 9900/9930, but it's something we'll have to cope with (I've got a theory on why it's not there - will save that for the full review). In the meantime, check out the video above!

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 Hands-On and First Impressions



Umm good to know these are coming soon. Sorry but this is the same (physically) as the 9800 right? I am impatiently waiting for the Bold 9900, but glad to see RIM finally being able to release some of the new products. RIMpire Episode 1 is about to begin.

Um, I noticed that he said the display is a higher resolution then the first Torch (9800), But I have yet to hear the display resolution (or I misses it). Can someone inform me of this versus the OG Torch's display?

He said "VGA" which is somewhere around 640 x 480. The Blackberry web-site has the pixel count of the original Torch (9800) at 480 x 360.

Hey late post of the video ! i saw this video around 9:30Am when i got to work, it was on Google news at Technologies.

Hmm strange...but hey good to now this device is a real deal ;)

It seems lazy to not include some of the actual physical changes that the other devices are going to have. No light up trackpad and the charging port is still going to be in the worst place imaginable. All they did was take the same model, made it grey and improved the specs.... Oh and added that fugly battery. #lazy

Anyway, I'm waiting for the 9900!!! Don't want to feel like I'm just getting the same phone all over again. But the other "Torches" look killer! Just imagine if they would have made the Torch 2 look more similar to the 9850/60.... that would have been nice.

I really couldn't care about the faster processor. The Torch 1 is just fine.

I think what really pisses users off is the buggy desktop manager software that never works properly, finicky setups of Blackberry ID's, finicky media synching that may or may not work, etc...

Are they going to fix all that stuff too or not?

Ummm... my S2 replacement. Come on Verizon, let's dance. First thing: give it a whippier name. How about TESLA? I do think that the res is like 800x 480, n'cest pas ? Dat is what we wants, a bigger screen. 4g, right ? I will probably take a real bath with my third party S2 apps. Oh Well! Software folks gotta eat too. Howarmat: Can it later get QNX ? RIM: tell us you are gonna really boost Bridge support to PB. That way, I'll break down and buy a PB for Christmas. Doctor Neutron

I personally would be buying the Torch2 (9810) when it comes out!

However, it would be brilliant if BlackBerry would experiment with something like this form factor:
4" LCD Screen
*Landscape* mode keyboard with number keys (like Motorola Droid3)
Thinner and lighter profile.

Just my 2 cents...

Why no light around the trackpad on the new torch? Im starting to think that, loving my torch 9800 as much as i do, the new bold is such a winner over this one.

Man that video was painful, shooting the guy's chest instead of the face while he was talking and not really focusing on the Torch 2 while he was demoing it.

Completely useless.

Looks great, but my Torch isn't even a year old yet and I'm not sure I need the extra speed until AT&T moves to 5G (Or whatever they decide to call it).

I'll hold out for the Torch 3.

Anyword on if Netflix or Hulu will be available on BB7?

in my opinion the new torch is just an updated version of the good old one.
no reason for me to spend money on updating from my old (and loved) torch1....

Can the 9810 function as a WiFi hotspot? I've heard mixed information as to whether or not it (and the 9900 and 9850/9860) can. That's a feature I sorely miss from the iPhone.

That said, I can't say I agree with calling both this and the 9850/60 the "Torch". The latter is really a Storm successor---is the Storm really that damaged a brand?

Why have they not transitioned to QNX yet??? BlackBerry OS is so stale, while QNX looks extremely nice and responsive (though it is a blatant rip off of webOS). RIM needs to step it up. All of these phones look disappointing with these small 3 inch screens with VGA resolution while Android manufacturers are pumping out phones with DUAL-CORE processors, FULL HD video recording, FRONT-FACING CAMERAS, and 4+ inch QHD SCREENS. Also if they do transition to QNX next year, I bet everyone who purchased the new Bold or one of these Torches will be severely butt-hurt over it and that is not a way to do business.