BlackBerry Torch 9810 arrives once again in T-Mobile's internal systems

BlackBerry Torch 9810
By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2011 01:27 pm EDT

We've seen plenty of information about the BlackBerry Torch 9810 arriving on T-Mobile soon. But just in case that previous information wasn't enough to have you believing, the device has once again shown up in some internal documentation. No pricing or release dates is detailed in the image but maybe the November 9th date will stick. Can't lie though, I was really hoping the "BlackBerry Dumoine" -- was something not-yet-released.

Source: T-MoNews



Very Cool.

I wanted the 9800 when it first came out.

If only it was on Sprint. lol


This isn't a 4g berry right?

KeNNethX is 4G/ 14.4 HSPA+


My rep says November 2nd. Maybe he means business channels. I will be ordering one for me and one for my wife.


I really liked the idea of the Torch 9800 & it even tempted me away from the Bold for a little while (at the time I didn't think the 9780 was a big enough upgrade from my 9700) & I did enjoy using it even though I didn't think RIM had stepped up with anything groundbreaking it was something new for us BlackBerry users. The interesting thing for me was I used the phone 90+% Touch screen & only used the keyboard for numbers & symbols. Once you find what spelling your suited to (Predictive, corrective etc) & you've built up your own library of Substitute word (I feel Word Substitution is a VERY underrated feature) then typing on the touch screen becomes a breeze & its only the numbers & symbols & shortcut cut,copy,paste that slowed me down. The Battery was my biggest issue (as with the Bold 9900) & that's why I always find myself back with the Bold 9700/9780 as I am right now, my 9900 didn't even last as long as my 9800. I might give the 9810 a little run when its availkable in the uk if I can snap it up for a decent price but I won't be ditching my 9700/9780 because I know I won't be happy with the battery life but I just like to give new BlackBerrys a chance to see what's new with them.


Good stuff! Can't wait to see one @ my local Tmo store :)


Wish this would of came out the same time as the 9900... :(


I wish the BlackBerry 9860 came out with the 9900. I checked one out at Sprint (9850) and it is pretty nice! Please T-Mobile, get it soon!!!!!!!