BlackBerry Torch 9800 soon to be available in India

By Bla1ze on 14 Oct 2010 01:11 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9800

Research In Motion has been spreading the BlackBerry Torch love around these days. Most recently, they held a launch event in India at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Pricing for the device has been set at Rs. 33,990 when it becomes available. The information at the time was short on the exact details such as in store dates and carriers but, I'm sure just hearing that the device is indeed set to arrive in India makes quite a few people happy. We'll follow up on the information further as soon as the press release becomes available.

Source: BBIn

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 soon to be available in India


That's $738 USD!!!!! I doubt anyone will be able to afford it, when you can get a bold 9700 white over there for about $545 and you hardly see them. People don't have that kind of money

If they didn't think they could sell them, why would the carriers offer them? With a population of over a billion, I'm sure there are a few that have the money.

Hi Mate,

Main reason behind a bit high price is that BB don't have much market share in India.
Corporate world use this phone but as in western world normally people use smart phones to get connected with family friends, here people are more leaned towards personal contacts. More than matter of preference its a matter of taste. People here are introvert and believe in physical interaction more.

Now a days a family of 4 keep 6-7 mobiles in home but BB is still very much unknown or i should say unused here.

And yeah don't know about others but i am gonna buy it for sure lol.


In India when 9000 was released it was - $730+
9700 when released - $720+

Torch was available in India since over a month but from AT&T branded phone for $700 - $720 and sold many pieces.
Indians do spend money on phones

Tag Heuer doesn't just make watches. They make cell phones too, something us normal folks can't even comprehend. They are not even smart phones (I think). Google "TAG HEUER MERIDIIST" and turns out one of their biggest market is India.

That said, yes the price is high for the Torch but that's how it is there. Hey, they are at least non contract phones :).

There is definitely a market in India at that price range especially for a smart phone of this caliber. I saw people buy the (dumb) phones in the range of Rs. 25K – Rs. 30K when I was in India 5 years back. And the purchasing power has increased several folds in India since then.

Why don't they make it available to more people by offering it on more than ONE carrier in the US? This frustrates me to no end...I can not get an Iphone or a torch in my area because AT&T doesn't cover my area. This looks like a great product and only a few get the chance to buy it. I just do not understand exclusives to a carrier.

They can buy in India what I can't buy in the USA on T-mobile!
That's how they reward all the headaches about RIM security over there?

I had a chance to play with a live torch last week and it looks like a great device, bigger screen than the bold, option of using touch screen or trackpad, and not having to turn the phone portrait when you do want to use the querty like a side slider. Rogers does not allow upgrades for the first two years on smart phone contracts so I'll be using my 9700 for another year min.

I think it's messed up that pretty much every carrier in the world is going to have the Torch but here in the US only ATT has it. I really wish they would let TMO have the Torch! Does anyone know if any of the carriers that have the torch use the same 3G bands as TMO? Then I would get it and unlock it. Dont want it without the 3G

Order it from Canada on Telus or Bell through ebay or something, they use the same 3G bands as TMO and now use sim cards.

i thought today it will launched for retail.
pay full payment and get one.
i called my operator and he says in may be future they will get torch.

This "exclusive to a single mobile carrier" non sense has to end. If they want record number sales why hold back? Unless these providers bought rights for one hell of a lump price...

I couldn't agree with you more. Is BS that only ONE carrier gets these phones within the US. Guess I'll just have to wait for something new if anything to come to Verizon...

I don't think we will be getting anything like the torch anytime soon my friend, at least with tmobile we are getting the bold 9780 which is blackberry language for "pay more for the same phone that runs os 6 faster"

When will it be released, i think its lame the last phone germany got from rim was the bold 9700....................

SURE, they got the Blackberry Torch over there in India but god forbit anyone here in the USA with Verizon is able to get one.
Go Figure.

No Torch! No Iphone! Gawd I love Verizon...NOT!!!

this is a really great app!!! i never lock my phone and i wanted to figure a way to lock pics and emails!!