BlackBerry Torch 9800 review from the perspective of a Power Socializer

CrackBerry Idol - Brittany
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2010 09:47 pm EDT

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review - Power Socializer

Coming from a BlackBerry that I loved, I wasn't very excited to switch to a device I wasn't used too. The Torch is completely different from any BlackBerry that I have used and to be honest, it is the best. Being a full time student and working a part time job I need a phone that is reliable, has a million features, and can withstand the wear and tear of teenage girl.

As we all know, we wouldn't be on if we didn't, that BlackBerrys are perfect devices for any type of person. Whether you are a business man who needs to stay updated on the stock market or emails, or just a leisure user who loves being able to tether on the beach, BlackBerry is the way to go. I have loved having a reliable device no matter what I need done, whether to send an email, check the latest updates on the coolest social networking sites, and to call, text, and of course BBM all my peeps. Using the Torch makes every single one of these easier.

Like multiple users I was ready for the new OS. I didn't care what type of device that BB6 came out on, I had to get my hands on it. Now using the Torch, I love having a touch screen and having a hardware keyboard. It is the perfect mix. I came from using a 9530, so I figured I would be only using the touch screen, but I actually use the hardware keyboard and the track pad more then using the screen itself. Comparing it size wise to other devices, other then being a little thicker it is relatively the same size. I really have no problems with the way the device is set up. I think the vertical slider is unlike any smart phone out on the market, therefore giving it a new edge to the smart phone competition.

Now we get down to the OS. I love it! Although there are of course a couple times where the menu gets stuck on it's side or gets frozen half way through a quick slide to the next menu, the UI is pretty much awesome. One thing I always wished my 9530 had was when the icon for a new message showed up you could just click it and it would bring you to it, so when I found that was a new feature with BB6 I was pumped. It is definitely one of my favorite features! I also get frustrated scrolling through the menus. Because the touch screen is so responsive and fast, it sometimes decides to scroll when you are clicking on something.

Unboxing my new device I was so excited to get it up and running. I was pumped for the new webkit! I put my Sim card in and was about to get started when the error message came up on the screen. Because I am running the device on T-Mobile, there are no service books to get the browser working. There is a way to get it working which you can look in the forums for, but since I am still traveling I had no way of doing so. The browser does work if connected to wifi, which is helpful. I will be downloading those service books soon though!!

I was also extremely devastated to find that SocialScope is not yet running on BB6. I have depended on SocialScope for all my social networking needs since I downloaded it! Although on of my favorite things about the Torch is that it has it's own social feed built into the OS. So even though you can't use SocialScope, RIM did try and make it up to us.

BBM, of course, is amazing! I would not be able to live a day without being connected to all my people. Nothing has really changed within BBM on the Torch, but if there is no change that means there are no new flaws or bugs to complain about!

The Torch has definitely changed the way I use BlackBerry. It is still the same amazing BlackBerry with email and all that good stuff, now it's just in a new sexy device with a new and near flawless OS. This device is what all of us users and abusers and have been looking for from RIM for awhile. I can say that switching carriers for this device was totally worth it.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 review from the perspective of a Power Socializer


Kevin (aka Ryan Seacrest): Fourth up in our final round of CrackBerry Idol is Brittany, tackling the Torch from the perspective of a Power Socializer. Only one more review to go before the final vote... we're getting close folks! Let's see what the judges thought of Brittany's review.

CrackBerry Idol Judges

Dieter: I'd like to say this was a good review, but I have to be honest Brittany - I'm disappointed with your performance on this one. Instead of seizing the opportunity to try and win CrackBerry Idol with a Torch review masterpiece, I walked away feeling like you put in the minimum effort required to get it done. The written review lacked photos and was in need of another edit, and while the video was ok, it too felt rushed. Your review of the device itself was adequate, but you left a lot on the table in terms of the power socializer perspective. 

Georgia: Brittany, you gave a good overview of the Torch but I was hoping for more of your input on its social applications. You seemed a bit rushed when you were speaking in the video so it was difficult to follow you. Remember to edit your text for style and content and to have some pictures with the text. Good luck. It was nice having you in the competition.

Craig: Brittany, your review was good if your perspective was from a regular user, but the task was to write from the perspective of power socializer. To me this would mean that you concentrate on how the Torch works with social media apps, and of course OS6's new Social feeds. It could also mean discussing keyboard (physical and virtual) usability. Both your written and video review lacked this perspective. I have loved your work during this competition but here I think you failed to follow through.

Totally agree with the judges. A lot of the words used in the video were redundant. Looks can only get you so far sweetie. Next!!

I agree. This video and review were terrible. It's a shame they gave away the Torch's to all four of the finalists. They already feel as if they "won", and no reason to keep competing to win a "job" where you have to write all the time. They should have done another review on a smaller value item, and then give only the winner the Torch. I think we would have seen better reviews this last round.

I still give the girl props for making it this far and taking all the negative comments. I really liked her other reviews, but wasn't a fan of this one as much. But, I'm still a fan of Britt! Take care

none of the horndog nerd men care that this was terrible most will vote for her because of the "rackberry" picture.

This was the best opportunity you had to prove your writing and video capabilities. From a grammatical stand point, you need to brush up on your proof reading skills. The misuse of commas, and poor sentence struct really shows that you didn't take the time to do this. When i was in round 1, we were told we could use Bla1ze, and Adam as coaching staff. It would've been beneficial if you sought their consult. Great job on making it to the final, best of luck!

Both the written review and video were mediocre at best, and neither came anywhere close to being from the viewpoint of a social user.

Nothing against this review in particular, but I wish people would get their thesauruses out and use nouns other than device when writing up product reviews.

"Break away on the open net!!!"
Or so I thought when I started reading. So far the CB idol reviews have been kinda meh. Brittany started her review off strong (nevermind the grammar police) but fanned on the puck at the end.
Video was OK. Could have used a look through the power socializer features available in the new OS.

i feel stupider now by reading that review. i can not believe this teeny bopper made it to the final round. guess sex sells, even in Crackberry Idol. If she wins this, it shows how stupid people can be.

I guess they wanted every demographic to have a fair chance or something :S if I'd known the standards were set this low, I might have given CB Idol a try! But hey- look on the bright side, at least the finalists would make a good group of stereotypes to be in a horror movie of Left4Dead :P

All of you people need to realize this site is not only for news but entertainment as well. The blog entries that are posted by the regular staff aren't perfect but that's fine by me and most of the people on here. The podcast on here that I love sounds just like my friends and I do when hanging around talking about sports. It's casual and....entertaining! Do you really want a stiff on here that has perfect grammar, doesn't say "um" and complains constantly that Craig talks too much? I want to be entertained and any one of these contestants can do it. And if people want eye candy then why can't they have it? It's a user driven site. If you want plain news, go read USA today. Good luck to everyone.

What is this?? Is this the first round of Crackberry idol?? I really hope Brittney does not win. This is a garbage review even if it didnt have any guidelines.

This was entertaining and fun to read. I don't care about grammer either. I misspell stuff and don't always check it, but I don't care lol

When she was speaking about the blackberry browsers in general, it was with JAVASCRIPT disabled, all images loading.

Don't disable it and all images and it's slow.

individuals that roam the internet vouching their opinion as fact based on little knowledge, poor grammar and terrible writing skills. It takes away from the credibility of what a 'review' is and completely negates the intentions of the writer along with patience of the reader.

This was a very poor attempt at a review. How can one take this seriously when it is riddled with grammatical errors? We live in an apple world, where thinking is secondary to doing. This article, is an example of that world.

Seriously power socializer? Is that a sugarcoated term for a social outcast that requires technical appendages to create quasi emotional bonds amongst their peers? Or perhaps it is to maintain some connection to the many networks out there, that are deemed relevant and can only be pursued by a power socializer?

Ridiculous, it takes no skill, talent or effort to be a 'power socializer'; just a person with a lot of time on their hands and an undying passion for the lifestyle of a hermit. Education people, let's try and acquire it before we jump into a world that requires it.

Wow... Finally I see more haters then pervs in the comments this round... I guess some people wiped the dirt off their screens and actually see brit for a crap reviewer that she is... Gratz for making it this far tho......... ~Yawn~

Wow this isn't anything like her previous posts. I think her goal wasn't to win the competition, but to get the phone. The effort to prove herself just isn't there now.
This sucks because I think we needed someone from her age group to change things up a bit. I don't think we are going to see that now.

Lol...I remember on the last round saying I can't believe she made it this far. And it was admitted that many had voted on her based on just that she was cute and couldn't write a quality review.

I'm really not sure why her poor review is a surprise to anyone.

But, sadly, some will still be voting for her because she's cute.

Brittany you have jumped the shark with this review. It looks like your run has come to an end. Take a breath, hold your head up high and be proud you made it this far in the contest.

The review was ok. The video was out of focus so bad that I could hardly see what you were doing. Not a very impressive review.

As soon as I went to today and saw this review I just said, oh I can't wait to see all the haters comments...

I was someone who voted for Brittany because she was different and her enthusiasm and creativity is something the CB team has been lacking, while everyone of them is a plain BlackBerry addict... I thought the girl who ran out of the shower dressed in scuba gear was the kid of wildcard this blog needed for the value of entertainment. I did not think she would be the winner but it gave me higher hopes than just about everyone else, apparently, for her final entry. I feel really disappointed though... The video was bouncy and out of focus most of the time and the written review could have used more work. It is interesting to note that all of the angry people who bashed all the other contestants for not having a real comparison to other BlackBerrys said nothing about how Brittany actually gave you a review and included multiple references in the video and writing to other BlackBerry devices... However, I've owned 4 BlackBerrys and I would not have ever called the BlackBerry's web browser awesome, amazing, even acceptable until this Torch I have now... I really feel "left-hanging" hoping that Brittany's creativity would be the best asset for her to win CB Idol, but I feel like this entry was an after thought to something more important... Either way I do have to say good job on getting this far, I really enjoyed the other entries you had!

So as updated after every review, my personal vote standings:

1. Joesph
2. Kerri
3. Dave
4. Brittany
5. TBD

I’m not going to sit here and bash you like the rest, because It would have been so kewl to have someone like you, of your demographic to give your perspective on new BB devices and Apps, but I think your review might have did you in. It does seem as thou your video and written review was rushed.

Your review was pretty much a Torch review and not your perspective of a power social user as we all would have like to have heard about.

Good job non the less.

Right from the first sentence there is a spelling mistake. Wrong use of "too". I don't give a rats ass if a blogger uses "ya" instead of "you" in an article like some do on here but major things like this make you read the sentence twice to make sure it was understood.please no one try and be a smart ass and tell me I missed a comma or something in my comment either...I don't care that's why I am not applying to be a blogger...

Your run is over Brittany. The written review and the video SUCK. Did not mention so many things a socializer would like on the torch. I wish I would have entered the contest now. On the positive side: there will be a lot more entrants into CB idol 2011 because we now know the kind of shit that gets you a free phone. Brittany's garbage. And for 2011 photos should be standard with full clothing and no phones between tits etc

Before I get into my critiquing of the review, allow me to say I'm ashamed that I share the human race with half of those commenting on the review.

While I'll agree the review is rushed and not really all that professional, neither are those comments that choose to use phrases like "You suck". If people can't give constructive criticism, without resolving to ass-hattery, it truly shows the level of immaturity people on the internet exhibit. (Anonymity allows people to not take responsibility for their own actions here, so they're more likely to be snide and non-helpful)

But, back to the review at hand.

Brittany, I have to ask.. were the previous reviews written by you? (Or, conversely, was this one NOT?) The written sentence structure, and overall speech patterns are completely different. The previous videos, while always lacking the complete level of professionalism, seemed to have an air of excitement... and it seemed to be your strong point. However, after looking at this review and the previous ones, the video feels less scripted, and the written review is extremely short. The video as mentioned above is very jittery, and the written review feels the same way.

The only thing I can gather, is perhaps you either didn't fully understand the assignment, or with school having started back up, you're overly pressed for time and didn't give the quality level of review the finale deserves.

As some have mentioned, punctuation is pretty bad in some areas. Couple that with the fact your written review seems to lack a cohesive flow for discussing the device in general, almost makes me think you were TRYING to find reasons to like the device. In all honesty, if you DON'T like the device, or you find issues with it, I suspect the average reader would prefer to have read that, rather than a very short review that seems to jump all over, without really focusing on the one subject you were assigned to cover.

Overall, I would recommend resubmitting your review to the staff, even if it doesn't count for the competition. You really deserve to do yourself, and the staff, the courtesy of giving the review a better attempt.

*edited at 9:10am to fix the spelling of her name.

It just strikes me as funny that you criticise others for saying that the review sucked, and then, very politely, you say a) you're a fraud who didn't write your own material, b) you're either thick or lazy c) your review sucked, d) you should be so ashamed that you should do this again just to live with yourself. Ha ha, oh dear.

Btw, wtf is ass-hattery!

"Coming from a BlackBerry that I loved, I wasn't very excited to switch to a device I wasn't used too."

Really? We couldn't make it past the first sentence?

I think the review was rushed and not very well edited. I agree with the judges, as it appears that you just wanted to get this contest over with.

Can't say I blame the poor girl. I will admit that I haven't been a fan of her style of reviews, but I've never "attacked" her in the way that some people have been crucifying this poor girl.

She's in the competition, which is more than 98% of Crackberry users can say about themselves. It's tough to put yourself out there and I think she did an alright job. She won't win the competition, but she has made it this far.

Congrats on coming this far and even though I haven't been a fan of your work, I will congratulate you on dealing with the immature abuse and rhetoric babbling of many of these trolls.

Enjoy your Torch!

The review was ok, nothing special. BUT, it was definately not from a Power Socializer point of view, you liking the Social Feeds app doesn't make you a power socializer.

I consider myself a Power Socializer, and don't get me wrong its not like I have 5000 friends, its just the trend in my country. From my 145 BBM contacts I can sure say 120 are 20 or younger, sure I'd like at iPhone at my age (19) but I just type and type and type, so a virtual keyboard is not an option. Neither are android devices because the main thing about this is BBM.

I can leave my BB alone for half an hour and when I get it it has 10-15 BBM's and that is 24/7 (more like 18/7 haha).

Being stated this I would say this device is NOT that good for a real socializer, because sliding it up too much in such a little time its annoying, and can't be good for the device. I swear I'd slide it like 2 times per minute.

I agree with the majority of posters; I found Brittany's attempted use of the English language (from sentence structure, to paragraph design, to grammatical issues, to misspellings) to be EXTREMELY distracting.

All I got from that 'review' was evidence that Brittany needs to turn her Blackberry off during English class. Yowzers...

Her review wasn't the best I've read, but give her a break! The best part of it was that she could use the Torch on T-Mobile. Thanks!

After all of the repeated bashing and negative reviews she received for being herself, why would she try to do something different than a lame and boring review....snoooooze. Isnt that what all of you lame "techy" losers wanted? Brittany is a very ambitious and intelligent girl that has endured nothing but negative smack talk and down right mean reviews EVERY round. I would be gun shy to submit anything more than what she did. I think her reviews were fun and refreshing! Wake up!

ha! I'm far from a 'techy' person. Let's be honest though. A poor review is a poor review. It's great if she has energy or she's spunky or whatever. But energy does not replace a well thought out or well spoken review.

This is basically a job interview. The person that wins this will become part of the staff here. So if you vote for her, you're essentially saying she is better than the other contestants and should be given the job.

I'm sorry folks but you're being too harsh. The topic at hand was basically devoid of depth so expecting a review with substance is pointless.

The target audience here isn't by and large the technical expert but rather the casual fan crowd. This review blends in just fine at that level.

As for the poor editing... well... that's unimpressive but I've seen similar submissions from existing staff on occasion. So, bottom line is that I'm neither over nor under-whelmed. I see no reason to bash the submission as others have done. Shrug.

I have loved being a part of this competition. Having a full time job and being full time in nursing school, I am not a power socializer. My BB is used for email for work and school, internet (which coming from a phone with absolutely no browser at all, the browser on a BB is extremely helpful), calender, and using the notepad to keep track of assignments. I am not trying to defend writing a bad review. It is not one of my greatest, but I have a lot going on. I have endured the bashing and the mean comments all the way through this competition. No matter what kind of review I came up with there would have been something wrong with it. You all would still sit and bash every little thing I do. I have been told over and over again that the only reason I got through was because of my looks, so I don't even have my face in this video and because of that it sucked?? If you don't like my video, fine. Is it really necessary to get on here and say it over and over and over again?? I get it. You don't like it.But don't you find it interesting that no matter how much you hate me you have sat here and watched my entire video and read my entire review??

Give the young girl a break...

...and good for you Britt. Way to stand up for yourself. I don't think "some" of the viewership realizes what a CB review actually entails. Nor, are they aware of the problems WE ALL encountered for this particular assignment. As the "Idols" like to call it...the "curse of the Torch". Lol.

Just wanted to drop you these words of encouragement...No matter what people say (Good or Bad), it doesn't change the fact that you're in the Final 5. Congrats and Good Luck!

--- Read my comment posted above ---

I don't think it's fair you've taken on a mudslide of "attacks" for your misuse of grammatical skills and/or "review" skills. You never claimed to be a professional and an expert.

I think the "community" (normally reserved for a positive and supportive group of people) has cast some serious doubt on humanity for verbally abusing a young woman. I understand their outspoken ideas and their dislike of your reviews, but many have taken it too far. It's unfortunate it's perceived "appropriate" and does come with the territory.

However, I think you've got this far and deserve respect and credit for that. I didn't see many others upping for this challenge. It's very easy for people to attack and be confident behind a screen. I think it's important that you spoke your mind and let it be.

It's time everybody moves on. There's still another review and then voting.

Best of luck and enjoy your Torch!

Dont worry about what the guys said. They are a bunch of losers spending WAAAAY too much time and effort in reading into this. Get a life people, its a smartphone website.... Its a made up competition..... AND Its Friday...

"But don't you find it interesting that no matter how much you hate me you have sat here and watched my entire video and read my entire review??"

I can only imagine that people who sat through the video and read the entire review (like myself) were doing so to get to the power socializer section... which wasn't there. Sure, most comments have been rather harsh, but you can't really blame people for criticizing the important fact you did not do what was requested. It would be like writing a book report and only describing the cover and binding.

It was a nice little review of the phone itself, but save for a tiny mention of SocialScope you did nothing close to commenting on the Torch's ability to be a social power house. Personally, I was looking forward to this review and was disappointed it did not deliver, but for what it is, it's very crackberry.

Review: 7/10
Subject: 0/10

Were there spelling/grammar errors? Yes, but then who hasn't seen members of the CB crew do the same? Maybe you could have done a better proof read, but then why bother? It does sound like you had your fill of negativity, so why invest effort when you're going to be put on a pike anyway? If that was the case, I get that. It seems that you were doomed from the start, you're "the young girl with a pretty face". Writing skills could/would improve over time as you became more comfortable with the job as a member of the CB Crew, and so too would your knowledge of the BB, and competitor's family of devices.

That being said, I really think that this last task for the CB Idols was a lame duck. We've absorbed as much information about the Torch, and BB6 as we possibly can, anything else was just overkill. ANY error (out of focus, Mr Shaky-Cam, Um-um-ums) would be, and has been picked apart. You guys should have been given apps/tasks on the device/OS to review. "How improved is BBM on this device as opposed to your previous", "Review Twitter for BB", "How improved is camera/video taking/saving", etc. I think you get the idea. It might have been far better to see how well a CB Idol could get into one or two specific tasks/features of the device/OS, and how well that type of user (mom, socializer, newb, suit, Hawaiian) was able to handle that task/feature.

I kind of hope you do win now. It seems the deck was stacked against you. But damn, I think that Aloha Joe has got the lock. If it does go to someone else, maybe Kevin will give you another role with CB. He did mention something to that affect early on in the contest, didn't he?

All the best, you crazy teenager!

The problem with exposing yourself to the internet community (especially one as huge as this one) is that you are exposing yourself to the internet community. You'll have to take the good with the bad, unfortunately.

If you really want to learn from this experience all the advice you need, from this thread, are the comments from the judges; I think they said it best. Otherwise read the communities comments but learn to pick and choose which you take to heart; e.g. only pay attention to the ones that are actually trying to give you advice / constructive criticism.

The rest is general internet garbage... like those pop up ads that we all love to hate.

LMAO! You just spelled CALENDAR wrong!! Are you a cheerleader?

You got a FREE phone ONLY because you're hot!!

P.S. Wanna make out?

I'm going to give you my feedback strictly from the perspective of an outsider reviewing an anonymous poster. My social life is adequate enough and I've got a more than satisfying girl in my life that I couldn't give a crap less about your sex or your looks.

The review was mediocre in my opinion, which is shared by many. This opinion is based on two things: the grammar and structure is horrendous and the review did not cover what it was supposed to which is reviewing it from the perspective of a power social user. While yes, many people including full-time writers on this site have used improper grammar at times or written with slang, this review has taken it to a whole new level which makes it unbearable.

It's for those reasons that I didn't even bother to watch the video nor will you get my vote.

I fully understand that you have a very busy and demanding schedule with school and your job. But you simply cannot use that as an excuse. I'm sure those things didn't just suddenly pop up since you entered this competition. You knew what you were getting yourself into and if you did so without being able to properly balance your time, you threw yourself to the wolves. You're also not the only person in this world who works a full time job and/or goes to school full time. For all we know, other contestants might be in the same boat as you but they didn't let it negatively affect their performance.

Bottom line, congrats on making it this far. You had no help from me getting here but congratulations nonetheless. Enjoy your new device. But with all due respect, I am truly hoping that this is the last blog post we see with your name attached as the author.

Quote: "...other than that, the vertical slider is different than any other smartphone right now on the market..."

Not quite. This isn't even an issue of fact checking. How does one conduct a review, and not be aware of the devices on the market that are similar?

I cant stand this annoying brat who acts like a 12 year old.

Remember when she called us all perverts? That was lols

Never mind the grammatical and spelling errors, but some of the things you said show no knowledge of the device and it looks like you had help on this one. Sorry Brittany, it doesn't cut the mustard. :(

I agreed with the person here that said if Brittany gets 1 vote they are changing sites. This contest has NOT in IMO showed us the best of the best. The only one that comes close is KERRI. Very informative and fun video, and written with a pleasant sty.e KUDOS Kerri. I hope you win, as if not I'll do what that person says, find a new site. Lots of BlackBerry sites out there. :)

Well.. all of you are being extremely negative towards Brittany and saying that, she "sucks." Try being a college student, constantly on the go, having to do loads of homework, and write reviews. This review was good, I don't see anything wrong with it. A review is a person's own opinion on the device, what they see is good. Yes, it will miss a few things. Maybe personally you just LOVE the "Voice Recorder" feature of BB OS. Maybe you love the Password Keeper feature... She reviewed what SHE uses, which is what is meant to be done. There honestly, is a lot of features that even with my use of the BlackBerry, I will never use, or have never even looked at (Password Keeper), for example. Remember, she did this as a "Socializer" not as a Engineer dissecting the BlackBerry Torch. If this was a tear-down review then yes, I would expect more. But this is what a college student cares about, not oh, how's PUSH synchronization over Hotmail and is there full Exchange support? How does it work for Lotus Notes?

Therefore, I have hired Brittany as a reviewer for if she doesn't win at CrackBerry. Reason being, she's beautiful, honest, and she knows what she is talking about. A lot of reviewer sites, are a) Going way too technical into things, or b) Lying about their reviews.

Way to go Brittany and keep up the awesome work!

Remember, she did this from the perspective of a "socializer", not a full time student/full time worker/ full time astronaut. In her own words,"I have loved having a reliable device no matter what I need done, whether to send an email, check the latest updates on the coolest social networking sites, and to call, text, and of course BBM all my peeps." Notice the phrase, "I HAVE LOVED" indicating past tense and refering to a previous device and to me that says social use.
I actualy had high hopes after reading this and the following sentence n her written review. Great topic sentence there, but she left it behind.

the review touched on none of the points that she laid out. no email,phone quality, BBm or social apps (except to say that she couldn't get the one she wanted) How about a comparison of the OS's social app to SocialScope? Or if OS6 handles group chats better in BBM? or, how does the WiFi make the Torch easier/worse? Please, something of substance.
Personally,I don't use FaceBook much but my wife does and I would have liked to have seen in the review how it performs on the Torch as opposed the "So even though you can't use SocialScope, RIM did try and make it up to us. " That tells me nothing about the device, just what she couldn't do with it. C'mon now.
What i saw in the body of her work was someone who did the contest on a lark, made it to the final round more on charm than on ability and then became kinda bored with it when it became too much time and work. IMO.

For you to say that you have already hired her, only proves my point, but the troubleing thing is..............if this is the bar you set on your website.

You've offered Brittany a position because of her looks. That's the same reason that she's getting a hard time.

I agree the "You suck" comments are unnecessarily hurtful, and really don't contribute much, but I suspect they stem from the same place...her looks. There are a number of posters who, like me, are concerned that she has made it this far because of her looks alone. Her reviews aren't bad...but truth be told, they're not that great. They are no better (but perhaps no worse) than what I myself could likely do, and I have the good sense not to apply for the competition. A young, pretty girl, who's profile picture shows her with a phone stuffed in her cleavage, is asking for a) people to notice her looks, and inadvertently, b) people to judge her for her looks.

As for her being busy, that raises two points (the first of which should concern you if you are truly employing her:
1. if she's so busy that she has trouble turning in a complete review, why is she applying to take on more? It's no excuse to bite off more than you can chew, then blame it on the fact that you can't do it all;
2. EVERYBODY'S BUSY. In my line of work, I hear the busy excuse all the time...guess what...we're all busy. And if you're that busy, refer to number 1 above.

Finally...a review is NOT just an's supposed to be an INFORMED, OBJECTIVE opinion. That's what's lacking here (and what I suspect may be lacking on I don't care that somebody finds a particular feature "amazing"...I want to know how well it's implemented, particularly as compared to whatever else is on the market. As I posted earlier, Brittany actually stated that the vertical slider is unique to this device! If I want a casual opinion, with no certainty as to the quality of the opinion, I can ask any person on the street.

I agree she's been judged harshly, and many of her detractors have really only embarassed themselves in the quality of their critique. But I also only believe that while she likely has many qualities and talents, she has only made it to this round because she's a cute, young girl...and who doesn't like that?

Good going with getting the traffic to your site. Like me, I bet a lot of readers checked out your site. I particularly like your "About Us" section where you describe the your site's visitors as: "Demographics of the site, are 18-30, Males and females from the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK". That's close to what came to mind when I read Brittany's final review, that she is ideal for a much younger audience than what CrackBerry has. I think she acts and talks her age, and like you say, a review is just one person's take on how the product works or doesn't work. The problem here is that this is CrackBerry, arguably the top site on the internet for BlackBerry users. With nearly 2.5 million registered users and likely millions more who come here to visit, with an international audience, you need to be very good to write on this blog. Anybody who frequently reads RSS feeds, knows that there are dozens if not hundreds of blogs out there that do smartphone reviews and is just one of them. But TN may be better suited for Brittany's skill level. You are not a major player like CrackBerry, but you do have a stated demographic of age level that is more likely to appreciate Brittany's style. So, if she fails to win the Idol, which to be honest, that's no automatic - this girl has her voters - then I think she would make ideal fit at your site. It's great that you're willing to hire her.

It was also a very shameless attempt. Once I read that comment, I made sure to NOT check out the site and will make sure I don't if I ever come across a link to it.

While there were some relevant points important to a socializer like the feel of the virtual keyboard and the ability to one-hand text on what could have been a potential balance nightmare with the screen slid up, I think this kinda missed the mark. Personally, I think she did herself a disservice by activating on T-Mobile for this review, as it really limited the functionality of the device.

I would have loved to see Social Scope in action, as well as how the webkit browser handled websites like Facebook, seeing as everyone seems to hate the native FB app. Also missing, I feel, were examples of "message management" such as how easy is it to send and receive multiple SMS/MMS at the same time. Power socializers don't wanna waste time in a lengthy process to create or answer messages. Also, it would have been good to actually SEE some notifications when the bar was clicked, rather than a blank screen. There was no indication of what we would expect to see if we were bombarded by our contacts on a regular basis. As a general impressions review, I feel this would have been an okay attempt, but really didn't touch on much messaging at all. There was no mention of the IM apps that come pre-installed, and nothing was really demonstrated.

I partially agree with an earlier poster that she should redo this review independent of the contest, but not because of some need to redeem herself. I think that using suggestions from the comments about what people are really wanting to see, Brit would do a really good job. It just feels like she wasn't sure what to put in the review...

Bottom line: Is this a contest winner? No. Is it a FAIL? No, again. Keep trying Brit, you just need more practice :-)

The pressure got to you Brittany. Our malicious comments have paid off and the quality of your review is the lowest of all them because you knew all eyes were on you. Mission accomplished. Maybe go to another website and try reviewing push up bra's that hold smartphones. First grow up though

I think it is nice to see you stand up for yourself, but I do have to agree with others on some of this entry. My review isn't going to be based on age, sex, looks, grammer, or personal likes/dislikes. No personal attacks, or anything like that. This is just my perspective on the assignment given and how it was addressed.

First off, being that your assignment was to be the Torch from a Power Socializer perspective, it really should have addressed the subject more. Saying you're not a power socializer does not mean you should shirk off of the assignment - it just means you should try to concentrate on the socializing aspects of the device.

The video barely touched on the any social aspects at all. E-mail, twitter, facebook, BBM... None of that was touched on in the video. You did mention you liked being able to access new messages directly from the home screen during the write-up, but didn't show how to do that in the video. The constant moving of the video camera, and showing multiple times how the device slides open and closed doesn't really show much of how the device has helped with e-mail, or other social networking capabilities.

Although I think the write-up was a good general overview, there wasn't much that covered how the device can be used from the perspective assigned. The lack of screen images didn't help, either.

Lastly, this is not only an idol competition, it is a fancy job interview. It didn't feel like much effort went into this review. When compared to the other contestants, do you think this product review was up to par the others?

When it is all said and done, I wonder if we'll just sit back and realize that this Idol Competition was simply Crackberry's idea for a summer contest in 2010. Many of us more serious readers of the CrackBerry blog and even many of the community are thinking that this is a job interview. But, I wonder if it was just a fun idea for a summer contest. "Hey, let's make our summer contest theme for this year be like American Idol. Oooh, we'll have fun." When you think of it as just another summer contest, with a theme of American Idol, then the incidence of Brittany and Aloha Joe making it to the finale over perhaps better qualified competition, makes total sense. Because both Brittany and Aloha Joe presented themselves in a fashion that is popular during the summer. Brittany is the bikini girl flirt and Aloha Joe is the surfer, beach bum. Summer themes. Neither one is good enough to be here on talent alone. At least not for the CrackBerry audience.

To compare it to American Idol, which is about singing, and in particular, creating a Grammy award winning and multi-platinum artist out of the winner... I say, Brittany and Aloha Joe would make good singers on a cruise line, college circuit, or local fairs. They are decent, but they not good enough to win the Grammys, sell out the arenas, and top the charts. Perhaps, Brittany and Aloha Joe can write reviews for a lesser known blog, but I think neither has the talent to write for a major blog like CrackBerry.

Firstly a shot with a bb in ur bra gets u unwanted attention,secondly you don't have to be something to write a review all u need is imagination,thirdly proof read ,ur a student u speak english would u write an exam in bad prose?lastly don't pull the cos am a woman card,u rode on ur looks till this stage so no protests and excuses for a shoddy job! If u had other duties all u had to do was bow out gracefully not get booed out. In case ur asking am a woman too!

Looks can only get you so far and thats exactly what britney did she used her looks to get to the this round got the phone she wanted and slacked out on the review for good riddens she didnt even use a tripod..... Her written reviews is shit(pardon my english)

Honestly She should never have came this far ...

There was not one moment the video was focussed and it was constantly moving. There was more than one instance the Torch was in the corner of the screen. I feel now that you have a free phone you don't care anymore.

Good Morning my BERRY user….I am now a Blackberry Torch (9800) user. Can my fellow berry users give me some good apps to download to get me started up?