BlackBerry Torch 9800 OS v6.0.0.526 officially released by AT&T

By Michelle Haag on 16 Apr 2011 02:21 pm EDT

OS Torch 9800

Two weeks ago we saw the leak for OS v6.0.0.526 for the BlackBerry Torch, and today we see that AT&T has released it officially. If you have been waiting for the official release to upgrade your OS, then today is your day! You can snag it from the AT&T software download site via the links below, or open up Desktop Manager and it should popup for you ATT&T customers. As always, use caution when installing any OS on your device - official or not. Head to the forums with your findings! Thanks rroyy!

Download the official OS v6.0.0.526 for your BlackBerry Torch from AT&T
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BlackBerry Torch 9800 OS v6.0.0.526 officially released by AT&T


i have 9800 torch,when i boot i see t-mobile but i dont use t-mobile i have mtn from ghana can i use this release to update my device and it wont be locked,my device accept any sim at the moment so when i use this will i still be able to use my mtn sim please help

You only need to delete the vendor file in the shared folder and upgrade your OS. Check out the forums there are loads of guidlines about OS upgrade...
Happy new OS lol

I was on .448 before upgrading to the leaked version of .526, I wasn't satisfied with the leaked version, because I encountered lots of the annoying small freezing clock in the middle of almost all apps I was on, so I had to downgrade back to .448.
To answer your question...there is no difference between this version and .448; unless they've made some significant changes to fix the bugs in this official release, but I think it's still the same, and it also depends on what OS you are currently running.

It's too bad you're not a fan. I've noticed that all the text is much clearer (I notice cause I read up on a lot of stuff on my phone via social feeds, etc). Scrolling works a bit better for me too.

I will admit though, I have noticed that, at least, my loud profile (cause that's all I've tried) doesn't seem to be working right. I think it's reverted to the original default sounds. And when I try to change a the tone it shows the one it's supposed to be, so I save it, but it still gives me the wrong tone. Anyone know anything about that?

What I've noticed so far.

+Pro: Improved web browser. On mobile sites like videos now play. Everything site I've tried loads/scrolls/zooms a ton faster than ever before. Also an option for thumbnail view of the pre-bookmark screen.

-Con: I can't paste the code into BlackBerry beta software no matter what I try. I even tried typing the dang thing in by hand and went cross eyed thinking "Is that a lower case five"... I entered the code wrong and won't be trying again anytime soon.

More stuff I've found.

- Apps load instantly instead of the half to whole second delay.
- YouTube app uploads no longer error out for me.
- Browser is hella faster. Loads as quickly as my X's Samsung Galexy now and she's on TMO's 4G (when loading mobile sites) and very close for full sites.

- The browser starts to not load all the text or loads it white occasionaly. So far only a reboot has fixed it.

Use the touch screen method for the paste....that worked for me. I am thinking of downgrading though. Already getting frustrated with Apps that worked before that aren't working now.

Installed it via desktop software, it worked. Then rebooted my phone and now no radio signal, just an SOS. Looks like I am SOL, on phone with AT&T now. Frustrating!!

Radio is on, I even shut off and on. Trying my SIM card in my girl's 9000 now to see if the update f'ed my radio up or what w/AT&T tech support. PITA!

Edit: SIM in my girl's phone does the same thing, looks like network outage in my area, tech is now reporting it. Wonder how long this will take to fix. Guess I'll wifi now for my data services.

Edit #2: Only took about 18hrs but AT&T fixed the cell tower issue. Phone works and the new software seems stable so far.


The AT&T site lists as the latest OS

Package Version:
Consisting of:
Software Platform:

Keep scrolling down and you'll eventually see it, Stupid AT&T for not putting it first.

But I'm not sure I want to update since I haven't heard good stuff yet.

BTW if you check on your device now you can do an OTA install as well it seems.

I recently bought an unlocked BB Torch 9800 from RIM so of course its not branded with AT&T but I do have AT&T as my carrier and I do have BIS. Will OTA work for me because it still says my OS is up to date and I even tried checking the update through my desktop software, still nothing.

Hello everyone. I am downloading the update via BBDesktop Manager. I am glad the release was made available by AT&T. Not that I would download a leajed version, I prefer to have an official release by the carrier.

Now I am going through and restoring my data. I will be using my phone and will post more later....

I don't understand... why are you afraid to use Desktop Manager?? It does the same thing as OTA... confused.

Just updated to the new .526 (from the older .246 - this is the first upgrade since I purchased the Torch in Nov. 2010) via the BB Desktop Manager with the "popup" update icon. Took about 30 minutes...pretty straight forward & simple. Does a backup just in case. After the Torch re-booted, was just asked a couple "permission" approvals for previously installed apps & everything worked perfect. I did have to manually do a re-boot to get the BB Facebook app to open...showed a message the "I did not have a data plan to support this feature" (???). Was going to delete & re-install, but a re-boot did the trick. A friend did the delete & re-install & that worked as well. Differences??? well, scrolling seems a bit smoother, also the text seems more "clear" in e-mails, texts, etc. I may be imagining that, but the font does seem sharper - that was one of the first things I noticed. All apps are running smooth - no freezes, no delays. That's all for now......just my .02......

About this build. I've had the leaked version, and it's been working great for me. No issues to discuss yet.

As for something I never noticed in any of the previous builds, it seems as though you can clearly see effort or steps toward flash or at least video feed fresh from it's location. Meaning, not having to go to youtube for the video. It allows you to click and get feedback from clicking the respective control buttons on a player. Sadly, the video doesn't play. Sometimes, the audio comes through only with no video feed.

I'm curious as to the possibilities of actually seeing flash on my Torch 1. Not sure it'll happen unless they've managed to reduce the required 800 or so mhz for mobile devices which they state on their site.

Anyone with some insight, please reply. Thanks in advance.

hey the browser improvements on this release have allowed me to again take screen caps with apps like "Capture It" and "ZonaSnap" in case anyone cares! i love it. i have since upgraded to .534 FYI...

I was using .448 from 3 UK and was happy to finally see this official update, since I'm on AT&T. The updated OS seems a little more snappy, haven't noticed any big changes. But here are a few small ones I've noticed so far...

-the icons and font seem smaller, yet easier to see/read
-setting the alarm, the font is smaller
-under the Frequent screen, there are now 16 icons
-YouTube videos appear to run more smoothly

Does an update delete all your third party apps you have installed? this is my first update i will be making so need to make sure i am good to go before i make myself look stupid lol

As promised, I am posting an update since downloading. I was unable to download via OTA. When I plugged my phone into my computer and turned on my Desktop Manager, it detected the update. Update took about 30 to 40 minutes and since the update, seems to be running smoothly. Other than web browser, I really haven't noticed anything. With the web browser, when I click onto the "go to" in the menu, I noticed the web pages with the bookmarks which I think ir pretty cool.

this update made me pissed. not only did it freeze on me halfway through the damn thing, when it finally came to nothing works and its incredibly slow. trying my hardest not to fling this thing into a crib

I was surprised to read that you lost your contacts! Hopefully you did a backup first. Also if you use the Blackberry Protect, you can wirelessly back up your major stuff before a new OS download! I was happy to finally see the AT&T official release!

All you have to do is make sure 'Back up device data' is checked off... All I had to do was click update, it backs it all up and I have the updated OS. Oh, and I'm with Rogers and it's official for us too as well.

My Torch is running .246, with BIS. My carrier is Digicel Jamaica. Whenever I attempt an OTA upgrade I get a message, "unable to send request for available updates". I also tried via desktop manager but I get "your device does not require an update", or "there are no updates for your device. My brother did the OTA without any issues. He also has BIS. This is so frustrating. How do I fix this?

I try to do an update from the phone and it tells me my device is up to date, On the desktop software it keeps telling me that my internet connection is dead(always halfway through the download) I have a good connection I'm posting from my computer now, Is there anyway to fix this problem?

Since loading the update I have had severe battery drain. Has anyone else noticed battery issues?

Since downloading the upgrade (bundle 695) I lost all the original ringtones that came with the phone and am burning through the battery life. I charged and was on full power when I went to sleep. When I woke 5 hours later, battery life was at 55%.

Any fixes for any of these issues?

I really want the original alarm clock ringtone back more than anything but don't know what it was called. It started off as a gentle zen kind of thing but if that didn't wake me it went to a pulsing buzzer type of alarm. What is the name and how do I get it back?

I'm also seeing the massive battery drain with .526. I installed Bell's .536 and the battery drain isn't as bad, but it's still draining the battery by about 3pm. The battery seemed to be pretty solid on .526 before I restored all my data from the backup prior to the upgrade. Wondering if there's something in that data that's causing the issue. Going to wipe the device and then install everything fresh to see what happens. Anyone else having this problem too?