BlackBerry Torch 9800 Hands-On Video First Look!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Aug 2010 03:45 pm EDT

Following up on all of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 mania of the big AT&T / BlackBerry Press Event, we had a chance to go hands with the vertical slider and experience BlackBerry 6. In the video above we take a quick (well, not so quick) tour of the device. We go through the new homescreen experience, revamped media apps, new social app and of course crack open the new WebKit browser. It's an unedited, one-take no excuses video so don't mind the roughness and background noise. I know all you CrackBerry readers will like this one. And if you want a little more of a written take on the Torch 9800 and BB6, be sure to check out our BlackBerry Torch 9800 first impressions article. Enjoy the show!

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Hands-On Video First Look!


Sure all the Canadian carriers will carry it but I won't be holding my breath. Looks slow in swiping and awkward to type on. Reminds me of a Palm Pre. The OS looks too busy now and the menu windows/buttons look too ugly.

I have to agree, I few hours back I was saying in the forums that the 9800 wouldn't need a 1 GHz processor but after seeing this video, it looks like it could have used it.

Browsing throughout the text menus was super fast, while dealing with any media or the browser lagged at a rate thats unacceptable, imo. Kev went too easy on the browser run through, lets see the full Crackberry website and other websites, not just the mobile one. Pinch to zoom seemed to struggle on the fully rendered mobile site which was shocking and the camera app lagged as well, disappointing.

My personal gripes are that contact photos are STILL extremely small and with that I'm sure that there isn't full screen caller-photo-ID.

Did you not notice the dozen apps running in the background when Kevin showed the multitasking screen? Maybe that had something to do with it. Kevin should have shut down all those apps running in the background so we could really see how fast this phone really is.

The processor it has will be great. Sure, 1ghz couldn't hurt, but they are saving that for the 2nd gen? maybe even faster?

This looks like a great phone. I will surely be getting it first day.

RIM = ( ( No innovation )              +
            ( obsolete hardware )      +
            ( same old email song ) )  *
          ( lack of market sense )

good lord how many times have people on this site slammed the ios for just getting multitasking.. yet here on this phone the multitasking is blamed for the slow down and the apps should have been closed.. lol.

what should have happened is MORE PROCESSING POWER. this OS absolutely looks like a step in the right direction but RIM went weak on the processing!! why??

I've read comments below these of people saying things like "to meet their price point" .. lol. it's gonna be 199 on contract with att. a 1ghz evo or incredible or captivate or droid x are all 199 on contract as well. don't give me that price point nonsense.

I left RIM for the EVO when it launched but I never would have even been looking if my blackberry hadn't been so slow and had provided a browsing and app experience I get now.

This is an underpowered phone with an OS that doesn't manage apps well enough to prevent the lag we just witnessed in that video. It's a disappointment.

They are so close to being right there in the conversation for any new smart phone buyer but just refuse to give the horsepower needed to close the deal.

Cant speak for IOS but in Android.. I dont care what apps are left open.. they never slow down the phone cause the OS puts them to a type of sleep state till re-accessed. Not saying OS6 needed this per say.. but without it.. the hardware needed to be big enough to handle the load.

Stop making excuses! Be objective and admit.. this device is underpowered.

Next device must step up the hardware.. the OS is ready to contend for the consumer dollar! It looks every bit a good alternative for IOS or Android. Just give it the damned power to run!! In the 9800.. they missed!

You realise iOS can only multitask around 5-10ish apps at once, right? I'm pretty sure if you had about 20 running on an iPhone 3G it'd start lagging like hell too. In comparison I'd say the 9800 held up pretty well, even though the lag was still nasty.

Conspiracy Theory! The 9800 runs so slow that they're leaving all those Apps running on purpose as an excuse to hide just how underpowered it is,LOL.C'mon,tell me Kevin didn't notice all those Apps running and that normally he wouldn't have shut most of them down.......

...and there was no slow down whatsoever as I swiped and tapped my way through the new interface.

I have an iPod Touch, so I know my way around iOS, and I gotta say that Blackberry 6 is more powerful in terms of UI. More powerful, i.e. more abilities, able to do more in terms of UI, tightly integrated.

(Think of iOS's horrible notification system, the sheer number of clicks it takes to change any settings, and the cluttered disastrous metaphor of the "multitasking" tray.)

Folks get so used dealing with the shortcomings of iOS that they become invisible. Don't get me wrong, people are happy w/ iOS, and good for them. It's all about acclimatization.

Probably also worth noting that the iPhone 4 has same RAM as Torch and is also not 1 ghz.

Trying to woo Android or iPhone fanboys would be a fools errand for RIM. They need to satisfy their own fanboys and expand into first time smartphone users.

For one it's only been available in the US for about a year. And secondly most people only upgrade after 2 years. So for him it is an upgrade.

How was that relevant when his only reason for comparing the two in the first place was to justify the fact that the 9800 is slow and laggy? Want to Compare the 9800 then compare it to another CURRENT flagship device.

9550/9520 to be exact. And it's not the same situation considering The only time they were compared was during the time the Storm 2 was the Flagship device of the CDMA land. Ever since the Tour 2 *cough* i mean Bold 9650 was released Storm 2 has been non existent to anyone outside the Crackberry world. Now that the 9800 (New Flagship touch screen) device has popped up you will begin to see new comparisons with the Incredible vs 9800. 9800 vs iPhone, 9800 vs evo, 9800 vs Nexus. pretty much 9800 vs all current touch screens Because as a Flagship vs Flagship that would be relevant.

I was thinking the same, but when I saw the amount of apps that were running in the app switcher I really wouldn't expect my home pc to run nice with about 20 apps open. Wanna see more vids or try for myself.

With a 624 MHz processor I expect the Torch to be sluggish. RIM needs to step up its game in the hardware department if they wish to compete.

haha look at how slow is the UI when he's trying to swipe to change to the next page. RIM fails for having this phone at a low res, only 512MB and a crappy processor.

This is gonna be better than sex..................umm wait a minute maybe not that good, but cant wait to get it, but might wait a month for those bugs to get worked out.

I hope this comes to sprint! I would so get it!!! It would be a real upgrade for me since I'm using a curve 8530... (Crossing my fingers) and praying this goes on the sprint network

You're right, it will go no farther than AT&T. This was BB last dance, I love BB as much as any other addict but, you have to know when to jump ship in order not to be dragged down with the loyalists.

CPU= too damn slow
RAM = seriously lacking
OS = taken too long to bring mediocre to the party
Design = completely unoriginal
Apps = What apps? There's an app store? Really?

I used to think, email is where BB really had an advantage over other platforms. But, after using android with a gmail account, I now know im losing nothing. I'm not trying to gloat. Just trying to convey my POV.

Don't hold your breath....

RIM said it would be carrier dependent... VZW was not impressed with OS6 on the STORM2 (showed OS6 used 247MB in this video) , they (and other carriers) may not be impressed with it on the Pearl or the Curve either.

And to be honest, I'm not sure OS6 was very impressive on the 9800, seemed a little slow in this video in comparison with others we have seen. Even seemed to freeze up twice.

I'm pretty sure we all now how to load beta/leaked OS's on our devices, so I could give two craps whether or not T-Mobile decides to release an official build for the 9700.

All I can do is pray they do build a version for the 9700 with UMA support...

The topic of this post is wrong...hands on first look? I think this is far from the 1st video i've seen on the slider lol

Even though its a big improvement for Blackberry, it's still behind the competition. 624 MHZ processor is a mega fail in the world of 1GHZ super phones available today. Slider keyboard makes it look clumsy and bulky. The notification slide down bar looks too much like Android. RIM looks like it's going to fall even further back in terms of design, software, hardware and functionality.

OS6 looks awesome, but I'm really a huge Surepress fan so I'm waiting form the Storm3.
For someone that wants a traditional touch screen, I think the 9800 rocks.

I think RIM did a good job on this phone but i still see some people coming with being skeptical with this device! I think its gonna be a nice addition BUT if they wanted to hit the market and come back with a Bang, here is what I think is missing: 1) Higher resolution screen (This screen is great but if you want to pass competitors, you need something as good or better but im not complaining about this one) 2) More RAM (Seems like RIM hasnt learned yet that the bare minimum to run OS6 is gonna byte them in the A**! when I have 10 apps and 4 themes and my phone is laggy and freezing, thats a good indication that we need more RAM! We can clearly see why in the video! URGENT) 3) HD camera for video 4)Some kind of ichat but for bbm!! therefore we would need a front camera! 5)Some top of the line microprocessor even though RIM has been able to do pretty good for awhile with bare minimum but we need them to improve more then just 1 lousy step!! 6) Give me back my right convenience key!! (I put my BBM shortcut on that one!! its actually great and i recommend to anybody to do that) 7)RIM is a Canadian company from Ontario Waterloo!! Why dont they make this kind of exclusivity with Rogers!??? WTF RIM?? It should come out at the same time or before in my opinion!!
Anyways I love my BB and wont switch for nothing else since this 9800 is coming soon! if I can get an unlock one from AT&T I will buy it cause I cant wait any longer! I love my 9700 but I have specific friend who pisses me off with its iPhone4 and I need to shown what RIM can do! In my opinion, BB is the S**t! I will stay with them but I need them to jump by 3 or 4 steps in the next 2 years!

You're pretty much just listing off features that other smartphones have, so you didn't really put any thought into this post.

PS, the right convenience key is still there, they took the left one off.

man you're such a fanboy haha which is fine! you love something you love it. but you listed everything ppl want that all other phones have now that rim left off or slacked on...

To even come close to apple or android....the hype does not match the product, they should have hada line up of phones ready to show off.

I can not get one until November when I can upgrade so by then all the bugs should be worked out and I will be getting this phone.

From the video it sounded like OS6 was big & would take up most of the memory that the 9700 has; where was this announced? I'd love to check it out.'s sad I want to watch a youtube on the new blackberry ON my blackberry and can't even watch it. error playing video. about to jump ship unless os6 fixes this kinda cr@p

Same here on my Bold 9000, I believe there are sometimes problems with YouTube streaming and certain routers, set your Berry's IP as a DMZ and you should be good to go.

I never had a problem viewing youtube on my 8310 & I actually watched this video from my 9700 so I don't know what's going on with your Berry.

I to thought it was a bit laggy at first but when Kevin went into the app switcher there were a ton of apps working in the background and that one app "Sonic" something...was sucking a lot of memory so that could be reason for the slight lag.

This device and OS looks like the step in the right direction for RIM...hopefully it won't disappoint.

I've been playing around with an iPhone the last month (long time BB user)but I miss the physical keyboard and this device may just lore me back! :)

+1 for this, that was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, a game. The kind of thing that's bound to be memory-hungry. I'm goanna download the simulator later and see how it runs. Maybe (hopefully) RIM'll get it's act together and impliment OpenGL into the UI calls for this device eventually, that's the only way they'll have a real iPhone competitor in terms of super-smoothness imo.

New OS looks very nice!
I probably won't be getting myself a Torch, because I'm still on contract with my 9700, but hopefully I can upgrade to that new OS.

How long does it take to boot up!!???? Come on wtf!! I know dam well a lot of people are wondering!!! Please let us know!! Thanks.

This is the most minor gripe ever but for some reason it annoys the hell out of me. When you swipe in any context in OS6 the icon you first put your finger on lights up. My brain is so programmed to think that when an icon lights up that's where we're going that this behaviour is quite upsetting. Is it just me?

I thought the same thing! Very annoying. So far, I'm not that impressed with the hardware or software.

People were molesting this phone in the video for an hour there's probable 20 apps running at the same time sure its going to run a little slow ways wrong with you guys

"In the end, is BlackBerry OS 6 a game changer for RIM? Not really. Instead, they've finally been able to slightly meet the level of acceptance for most consumers, but it's still not quite as compelling as it should be. If they were able to release this two years ago, beating everyone to the punch, it would've been highly touted as one of the supreme mobile platforms out there. Alas, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is more of the same out of RIM's camp – but now it sports a new flavor with its portrait slider form factor. When we look back at it, the original BlackBerry Storm managed to captivate consumers more with it's completely non-traditional form, but the Torch 9800 sorely lacks that same appeal – we'll find out come August 12th if this handset can win over the hearts and minds of consumers."

And I agree...

Just another re-tread/fail from RIM... September is my upgrade date.. BYE BYE RIM!! Android here I come!

Ohh man I can't really wait for that phone come to T-mobile !!!!! The Torch makes my Storm 2 looks like a flip phone !

Looks like they're moving in the right direction based on the review. Something's still fishy with the screen switch speed. I would've expected that this feature work like AppWorld 2.0 screen switching while in "Top25" view, but smoother (i.e. Screen flows with the finger swipe). Other than that, it looks like the OS has much more potential for innovation than OS5, which one could argue is RIM's Vista. I love the more integrated experience of the OS. When the start pushing more powerful hardware into the phones without sacrificing battery performance, they may be good to go.

As a content Storm2 user mostly because I have 1yr left on my contract (ha), I'm encouraged to see what they come out with on this rumored Storm3 specific OS.

I would love to get my hands on this. I had the Pre for a week and it was top heavy and past experiences with the 9800 said that this was not an issue. I think this is a great device, but would have to be able to play with it for a while to give it a shot.

If RIM would use a first rate processor I see the groundwork for a great Storm 3.(Assuming they put a steak though that god-awful SurePress)

SurePress is what make the storm model so unique. However, I understand some of us may have struggled with the technology. It would be awesome if RIM can SOMEHOW make the storm 3 have 2 typing modes (surepress n standard touch). I know it's a silly request but erhh... just my opinion. :)

The S3 and any future touchscreen phones from RIM will NOT have surepress... surepress is dead... get used to it :)

BB6 is centered around having a traditional touchscreen like the Torch... I'm glad for it too... it will help RIM succeed in the Touchscreen business... ;)

You'll see.

RIM is already getting "torched" by investors. On a day that RIM should have seen some increases, they were down 2.5%.

... I don't see why it would be so difficult to disintegrate the browser from the OS and release it on a final version of OS5. That is unless someone can tell me why this isn't possible.

Because everyone is handling this thing in one room they are leaving apps and browser tabs open which is slowing the devices down. They need to remember to close these things because they take up memory. Because of people first reactions and early reviews RIM's stock has dropped 4% today.

Note that I'm not a fanboy, I own a 3GS and I dont have any stock in RIM

It's really a nice handset...last year. I wish RIM would pull their heads out of their collective you know whats and bring the hardware to 2010. This phone is screaming for more power, more memory, and a better display.

Well, I for one think this thing looks great, as noted by others..I know this Torch was getting raped and raped for hours I'm sure...I saw how much crap is left running and in limbo there so the bit of lag that happened here and there was not surprising in the least to me. Gonna happen to any device that is ram dependent.

The only cons I have but not going to sway me too much is...that I wish the Torch had a top camera for visual calls like the iPhone 4 did...I really love that feature! Too bad :(
And the other is that no HD video yet....I'm sure the hardware can support it so here is hoping future os builds address that.

Other than that, I love the damn thing. Gonna be nice for GPS and with BB known for it's unreal battery...well enough said.

Or my Droid INC for that matter...Why make excuses for crap.

When the video was shot weeks ago it was

"its an unfinished model or the OS"


"Its still in testing stages"

When crackberry does its Offical reivew then it will be

"Its waiting for a OTA update" stop trolling the boards go get your Toy phone that works and does everything and wheres your charger...anything but the truth huh guys????

What the hell? even a PC with a million time the ram size and CPU power lags with too many apps running etc......ahh why bother....I've played with enough Droids to know what is what.
I like them....don't need em.

If you're a Droid owner and happy with it, why bother being a negative ass here??

Until they start a rant and rave sections for this laggy, clunky, akward piece of junk. Someone needs to get a real torch and set all of these things on fire.

Torch? BB Bic is more like it. As others have said the 9800 looks underpowered. Just wait until more Apps are loaded on, it'll lag even more. Hardly innovative and looks like it was cobbled together with whatever RIM had in it's warehouse,just like the Tour was.

I can only say : WTF should it be with the ATT exclusivity selling this phone? I am so angry about RIM. I am with T-Mobile and I will sure not wait months or years till I can get the phone. I will switch to Android, I have no no limitation there.

So last year, not impressed, if that's the best they can do...goodbye.
Kevin love you man, but ease up on the coffee, you're getting way too excited over this POC. Of course considering we are all using 5-6 year old technology today, I guess we should be excited for only 2 years old. What a joke, RIM is washed up and gasping for something.

I cannot agree more, i am one of the most hardcore BB fans you will meet but your statement pretty much sums up my feeling/thoughts at the current point in time. Although i like the look of OS6 the hardware is just not there and as i will be the first to admit BB's are more efficient across the board compared to others in the overall functionality category. The current offering and what has been the offering for the last 4 years isn't there and if we haven't learned by now its not going to be there after this amount of time. It pains me to say this but i guess i am going to have to go android after all.........

P.S. Can someone tell me what has made RIM hold back on the advancement of there hardware? For a company with such (in my opinion) dialed in software how can they lag so bad in the hardware department???

Ok, all of this "stuff" that RIM is touting as new and Innovative, both Android and Apple have had for the past year. The 06 is cool granted for a BB. Personally I ditched Rim after my craptacular experience with the Storm. That phone sucked, then instead of fixing it. What did they do, they released a new phone year later and stopped support of the old phone. Now I hate apple as much as anyone on here, but atlas when they build a device, and release updates, you can still update your device. This phone is neither innovative, nor current. The Developing platform sucks, No one is going to want to program for an outdated processor. Developers like a challenge and creating works that break ground. Can't do that with 512 and 500ghz

Look at that we have a physical keyboard... Having a physical keyboard are becoming outdated. Now with Android and Iphones text to speech and capicitve touch feedback. Its a lot easier for me to type without one And big whoop, they finally got a browser that does more than display the bare minimum. My only question is did they fix the HTML email capabilities, that are sorely lacking in all of the other builds. What about the media player? I remember on my storm, I would try to raise the volume and it change the song.

And lets not even get started on the AT&T exclusivity, seriously AT&T. Really RIM, o not only can they not handle the data loads of the Iphone, now you want to add the demands of the BES and BIS to the network. lol...

And for all of you guys who like to say this is a "business phone" not a toy. I just have one question. How much business do you think you'll be able to do, with that nifty lil tiered data package that AT&T has? You know, some of those powerpoint presentations, come at about 5 to 10 megabytes.

BB Torch: OK
BB06: Fail
AT&T Fail... wait Double fail.

Well guys the Torch looks great (with the slider closed it looks like my Storm 2)and I love the BB6 possibilities,. I am really disappointed that RIM did not include the Storm 2 into the BB6 plan. Now I hear, the memory on the Storm 2 @ 256 will not be enough for BB6. Damm, I was really looking forward to pumping up my Storm 2 with BB6. Maybe just maybe a 256-512 memory upgrade is possible and BB6 can be loaded. If not I will feel very betrayed by RIM. I really love my Storm 2.

Like to hear other Storm 2 users respond.......!

Louis in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I know everyone is really down on this phone, RIM is listening!! I'm sure the 9850 Torch 2 will be out in six months and it will run smoother with its slightly upgraded hardware. Sit tight!!!

If I still used my Blackberry, I would be very excited for this. OS 6 looks like what the Storm should have been. And I sincerely think once they beef up the internals just a little bit more, or even just the screen resolution this will be a very awesome and competitive phone. But that may not be till it is offered on other carriers maybe?

But really, I'm glad RIM is at least being a bit more competitive, when thinking about all the unnecessary flashy stuff consumers want. And to be honest, I would've chosen this over my 3GS, but not over my Droid X.

I was really excited when I first heard about this phone, even more excited when I found out how soon it was coming out, but after watching this video and hearing more about the specs I'm a little disappointed.

When he was first swiping through those menus at the beginning of the video, it looked like they were lagging sooo much. It doesn't look smooth or quick at all. Compared to my iPhone it looks downright awful in terms of the speed its moving at. I also wish they could have made the screen with a higher resolution because its pretty much already outdated. I love blackberrys but I feel as though they are constantly playing catch up. I'm not asking for a giant screen or a super multimedia phone like the iphone 4 or droid x. I'm just looking for something that is snappy and quick while offering good battery life and capacity to sends lots of messages very quickly. Now with the smaller battery and apparent lag it seems as though I might have to wait for yet another iteration of blackberry devices.

I think it looked so slow was because of the amount of apps running at the same time, rember when he was looking throught the tunning applications, there looked to be atleast 35% of memory running.

Although I recently left the Blackberry fold to try the evil fruit, my heart still resides with RIM. I am excited by this offering, and it looks like RIM has finally quit sitting on its hands and is becoming innovative again.

That being said, I fully expect them to produce a newer and better 9800 in a year, so I am going to pass on this one, but its successor in all likelihood will bring me back.

So for everyone wanting change, this is it. And I think it is an big-time move in the right direction, even if many think it may not be all the way there yet.

By the way, my iP4 drops calls just like my 9000 and my 9700. No more, no less. It ain't the phones, it's the network, the common denominator. As long as AT&T keeps buying all of these data hogs, their system is going to struggle.

Having a physical keyboard is becoming outdated? You f'in serious? LOL wow, thats about as good as the last jackass saying RIM should put Android on their devices! There will always be a place for "physical keyboards". And another note, I will be in line for this to try it out, underpowered or not...

OMG i just got a friggin eyegasism watching this. I want one soooo bad. Alltel really need to step it up or im out.

how in the hell can you say keyboards are becomming out dated seriously are you crazy? did you forget to take a pill

people dont relize that this phone was running all kinds of apps at the same time . each person that picked it up opened somthing no one probably closed a thing thats why it may have looked a little slow to some and by the way can the iphone rtun all those apps at once ?

Most of the things that have been said i would more than likely agree with but some of you are so far off base that it makes no sense. First the IPhone 4 has a 1gig processor that has been under clocked because it does not need it. RIM has always used the right amount of power for what the wanted to achieve, why does this phone need to have more power? If you look at the video there were over ten apps running in the back ground so it is going to be slow. I have used all types of phone and when you open lots of app they all slow down.

This is a great step for RIM and yes maybe they needed to do this sooner but it is better it happened now instead of way later. If the Iphone or any Android phone tickles your fancy than move along, this will help me get this device just that much quicker. While you that are bitching about this phone continue to have no clue about half the shit that you type, you may want to understand that where RIM may have just caught up to what has just shown up in the last year for some smartphone they are still playing catch up to RIM in other specs. The Iphone just got a damn flash for the cam, still having to use mobile me to get push email (you have to pay for this), multi tasking (done better my ass), and did you get your bumper to fix your antenna issue (fucking unacceptable). Android well how many different device does it take to make one platform work. Oh and BTW the only device that has used the standard android OS was the nexus one and we see that was a great device. You have to cover it up with sense or motoblur to make it work and then call it dumb shit to make it sound like it is a major upgrade. Oh most of the android devices can not even be upgraded to the next OS either. And most of the new devices that are out under the android banner has yet to receive the froyo upgrade.

So with all this crap I have read in here about how RIM is not making the right upgrades, maybe, but they are headed in the right direction. The OS is what it is functional, familiar, forward moving, and fantastic.

Has anyone seen charging contacts for cradle/holster? I have not noticed them yet.

PS I would like to see a video with a different theme or least background photo.

do you think kevin could of been swiping wrong reason being when he swipes frpm page to page he hits the icons it lights up and he swipes his fingerts when we saw all the other leaked videos they were swiping through the pasges by swiping the banner watch the videos and you know what i mean could the delay be besides having all the apps running that the icon lights up then the swipe. when he pulls the banner up its instantley it follows his finger prety much. even when we saw the video with the little ball it was swiping the banner

I was kind of thinking the same thing. I think the excitement of the event & the new Berry was getting to him plus making the video. I think that maybe actually hitting the icon might have been messing things up a bit.

20% less battery capacity than the 9700, and now has to power a bigger screen, and touch based? just 3.2 inches? heavy? same 624 mhz processor as the 9700? Just 512 mb?
Why can't RIM release a decent spec'd phone?

I just wanted a faster phone that can hold itself though advances (who knows how will the 9700 run with only 256mb), good keyboard, nice camera and apple-quality touchscreen that can last more than 1 day before charging on moderate use

Although OS6 isn't a revolutionary OS its a 'OK I can live with it" OS, it wont be the OS that will make it a failure it will be the hardware. A 624 MHz processor and a 360 x 480 resolution screen, not good enough RIM. Unfortunately i'm contracted until next summer, hopefully RIM will upgrade their hardware by then. If not, it was nice while it lasted.

Too little too late.....this thing is so outdated its not even funny a year ago this would have been cool,,blackberrys are garbage now compared to Andriod phones. Any1 want my storm2 real cheap.

very nice looking heard about it today on radio and thought i would see what it looks like i love the look and would to get my hands on one!!!! hope they come out soon for rogers!

I am so glad finally you can CLICK on the notifications so you dont have to run all through your blacberry trying to find where the notification is coming from!

This is NO better than the Samsung Captivate on ATT. RIM ain't taking the steps necessary to keep consumers and to beat the competition. Hence the study that was covered on the Android & pre central forums (and not on here coincidently) that over half of current Blackberry users are ready to go to Android or IPhone.

far too mant droid and iphoney ppl coming on here and bashing RIM. if you dont like something dont buy it., no one has to buy the torch, you're not forced. stick with google so they can keep selling your personal info..ummm kevin, whens the next podcast please sir....

I have the iphone 3gs and I can tell you I need like 10 jailbreaks to get a third of the features ! What makes apple OS "better" and revoultionary is the apps and NOTHING more !!! This OS is better than apples but they need better third party apps. When people say WOW look at what my iphone can do 9 times out of 10 it's an app that impresses them and not the OS or any apple app for that matter. in fact apple apps are usually epic fails ! This OS is Awesome , Hardware design looks Awesome , specs...well let's be honest, they're 2009 specs. If RIM can build up their app base then they will truly dominate the market.

Isn't this great news for ATT, ATT has the RIM Torch, I use TMobile, end of story. Some day I will get a large touch screen, by the time Rim decides to let Tmo sell one, I'll be using an Android phone.

I always wanted a touch screen phone without having to touchscreen txtxt. I will gladly switch to a 9800. I think it is AWESOME

I read all of the comments to this video first and then watched the video. Based on the negative feedback, I expected to be disappointed with lag; it didn't bother me at all. I think others' observations about apps running in the background is valid. I still didn't find the lag too bothersome. Great video, Kevin. I'll be at the head of the line to get this giant leap forward for RIM.

I need this phone in my life....I am craving this phone....This phone's going to take my addiction to dangerous levels lol

Already looks laggy and buggy, just like the Storm when it was first released.

Why are they making the (unofficial) memory requirement of 512 MB? Whats the point in making a new OS if its just going to be bulkier and slower *cough* vista *cough*.

They should have optimized BB6 for speed and made it run on older devices. By requiring more RAM they're just telling themselves that it's bulkier.

And seriously put a 1 Ghz processor in there. The nexus one has been out for over a half year and there are already a plethora of 1 Ghz devices. Why not at least match the competition?

The only reason why I liked the Storm was SurePress. I guess you don't need SurePress on a device with a hard keyboard like the Torch, but it still would have been nice. Please oh please do not take SurePress away from the Storm3.

OK, a little dissapointed with the phone as far a RAM and screen resolution...still wanted to get one though until I talked to att.

The $ 199 is for NEW customers only. No you can't add a line and get it on the family plan,,,

Could have lived with less than state of the art phone but att sure put the damper on that..

Very nice rwview of the new BB Torch 9800. BB OS6 looks awesome..some of you said just 512MB RAM, I checked the Blackberry web site, and checked the specs. It says like this
512mm flash memory/512mb SDRAM and 4GB eMMC and comes with 4GB media card. What can eMCC memory do? Save applications? I wonder..

Rim is getting really beat up for this release by a lot of media that I read today. Half of the tech news feeds I get were predicting doom for rim, the others politely listed features like "app world comes pre-installed" and "has a universal search bar"...
This is the phone that the majority of comments on THIS SITE rejected as ugly when the first leaks came out. I have to say, for a flagship smartphone, this thing is woefully underpowered. I actually thought this form factor might be the best step for RIM, but it doesn't seem like it was designed with the thought of seriously competing with the other super smartphones out there. This is part of why their sales plummeted this year, and may continue to fall.
I migrated my curve to my employer's account and made it my work phone, took all the apps off of it and now it works great as a simple cell phone. I switched to verizon for a droid x, and I definitely can't believe what I was missing. I don't say this to stir up a fight with anyone, what I am saying is that I LOVED bb for a long time, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I wonder what RIM will have going on in two years, when my upgrade comes from bigred? The torch doesn't inspire a lot of confidence...

like the torch ... but like my storm2 better im just so mad 'cos no OS6 for my storm2 coming..... thats BS ..... instead freaking verizon is coming with a refresh.... thats BS

As most of you know the other blogs are full of hate mail regarding this new bb; don't really understand it as they all seem to use ios or android. personally, i agree that it needs to have more processor power and a nicer screen would be great but hey, it's rim. i think they figure anyone who wants to surf the web and do social sites is on the other platforms already so screw 'um. bb's are mostly for emails and texting (it's called communicating) so we don't really need the high end stuff that wouldn't enable them to hit their price point. As for me i just wish it was coming to vz but rumors are spring and vz will get something by the holidays, just when my ne2 runs out. all i can say is this better not be a repeat of the S1, i suffered along with everyone else on that pos.

i disagree with all the negative comments ! this phone is going to be very successful and fun to use im switching from sprint to att big time ! :D

It looks like the default is what I've been using themes to do. Cool. Think there's anything CDMA for around Christmas?

This was the one phone that could have gotten me to dump my amazing Palm Pre and go back to Blackberry. RIM and Palm have always made better phones/devices than anything Android or Apple, but why AT&T? I will not go to this horrid cell phone company. I love Sprint and see no reason to move especially with the ridiculous data plans now out on AT&T and Verizon. This exclusive was a very bad idea.

this was like watching someone take a computer from 2001 when xp was introduced and installing vista on it. looks aight, but performs terribly. if it takes 512mb to run this os, why was RIM not smart enough to go ahead and include 1GB of memory on this device instead? again, RIM applying "just enough" to make it work. Barely. also, the low res screen is a joke. even Kyocera will have an android device with 800x480 touchscreen. Kyocera!!! Also, to those complaining that the device was running a gazillion apps already, I ask you this, do you run one app a a time on your device all the time? the whole point of this device and the so-called super apps is that you shoulb be able to multitask without having to shut down apps to keep the phone from lagging!!! seriously. this device and the network it was released on was a letdown. perhaps Storm 3 will be better a device.

I think you haven’t still understood why Blackberry’s are used.
It’s not a god of all multimedia devices which will need high powered CPU.
BB’s are sort of text mode devices.
If you don’t like it
Change to iPhone or Android/Droid or something else.
It will serve your purpose. Why to complicate.

I think you haven’t still understood why Blackberry’s are used.
It’s not a god of all multimedia devices which will need high powered CPU.
BB’s are sort of text mode devices.
If you don’t like it
Change to iPhone or Android/Droid or something else.
It will serve your purpose. Why to complicate.

I wouldent pay a bent dime for this p.o.s. Yeah when my javelin 8900 came out a year and a half ago it was considered top notch but that just confirms my opinion, I'm going to sprint to get a real phone the evo, at least that one actually lives up to the hype screw you rim I loved everything about you till today bye bye!

and what if new OS comes for it’s counterparts and your line of devices doesn’t qualify it.
Will you buy another phone
This is how business works.
I know people with 8700G and their kids with iphones and androids and all sort of fancy foams.

Sucks for us in the U.S. that this is only available on AT&T. They need to put an end to the exclusive deals between the manufacturers and the carriers and just give people more device options regardless of what carrier your with. As for the 9800 its a good device for those that want both a virtual and hard keyboard on one device. The OS is a nice upgrade from OS 5 too. I did notice some lag though. Still don't understand why RIM won't add at least a 1GHz processor to the touchscreen devices to give them more speed and fluidity.

For those of you leaving to buy an EVO just remember to get a second battery. Good luck! I gladly gave my EVO and second battery to my son. BB is the only way to go.

Blackberry doesnt need to much battery, because of you cannot seriously do nothing else on it then messaging. Less functions, longlasting battery.

There is only one thing, where you can immediately see how the Torch can be succesful - the stock market. Yesterday during the RIM and ATT event the price of RIM on the stock market goes up, but after it and today it drops and drops... no more comments necessary.

I can imagine how an IT company can pursue profit. But RIM is just trashing out outdated LCD and processor (two most expensive components + battery for all other cell phone fabricants). I'm definitely in for OS6. But the hardware isn't there!

Now I know for sure. RIM is hopeless. I am going Android.

Thanks to Kevin & CrackBerry for posting an amazing video of the new, much anticipated BB 9800. I'm a complete BB addict and couldn't wait for this to be released. Since it won't be until next week, Aug. 12th, to be exact, this video was the perfect fix for the inteRIM. :)

the lack of comments on this device speaks wonders about how many people have bailed to other platforms, this place used to go CRAZY for stories about new blackberry devices...oh RIM..i give you 2 years.

I love that some people love to kill RIM off. So, from a video, some of you have already ascertained that this BlackBerry is weak. Meh, I suppose that is the world we live in now. Complain about things, to the point of ad nauseam, for no other reason than the sake of complaining. Also, I will never understand why the "I'm leaving you, RIM" comment comes up often. If you want another device, get it, enjoy. Why is it so important to inform others of this decision? When, many moons ago, I left Sony Ericsson, there was no "Dear John" letter from me to Sony. It was over. Clean break. Oh well. I guess this is why I do not visit tech sites very often. Perhaps I should go to all the tech sites I used to visit and type "Goodbye, I am leaving you. Sniffle. Sniffle." Since, so it seems, that is the way things are done now.

Very well said. I never understood that either. I am tired of people saying RIM is dead...I am swtiching to droid!!

OK...thats fine...shut up and go switch!!! Why do you guys find it necessary to keep posting it on here.

I'll wait until RIM give me a phone with 1ghz process, OpenGL support and lots more RAM. In the mean time i'll stick to the 9550...or until my contract expires and I can upgrade :)

Agreed. It would have been pretty awesome if those specs were present. At some point, I think there will be a few devices from RIM with those very specifications. Although, I am not sure that will stop the RIM complain train.

I'll wait until RIM give me a phone with 1ghz process, OpenGL support and lots more RAM. In the mean time i'll stick to the 9550...or until my contract expires and I can upgrade :)

Sure you will get it lad,
But by that time 1Ghz and OpenGL will be available with feature phones.
512 MB is lot of memory for RIM.
Stop complaining and use it as it’s given.

I will admit that I am NOT some techy that swears by all this IOS or RAM or OS6 talk because I truly have no clue what all that language stuff means. I speak in plain simple english so thats me.

What I do know is that most of the comments I have read make me want to ask the question. Why spend the time to bash a phone if you dont plan on buying it? Is it that you were looking for something that you saw in another device and was hoping and wishing that the Blackberry would carry? Lets be honest about it. The Blackberry was here before the itoy or the droid and its PURPOSE was to serve on the business front. Make business connectivity easier. Unless you are manager or a CEO, none of us use to carry the device. Now RIM sees the market has expanded and YES they are trying to catch up to what these other SOCIAL devices are catered to. The iphone was NEVER introduced for business. It was Social First. Many of you are wanting the BB to act and function as an Iphone, evo or whatever. Then get that phone. Ive had the curve, bold, and pearl and I know I will get the Torch, but I am not gonna blast other devices. Get what works for you. If you want fast internet service to download games and sit at your desk downloading apps that suppose to make you more productive, then get a phone that does that. ( many of you wont even see the irony in that statement.) If you want a phone that allows you to download or OPEN 100 apps at one time, but you can only truly do no more than one thing at a time, then get a phone that allows that. Or you want a phone that has a "sweet screen" ( which I STILL dont understand because most of you are comparing numbers you see on a specifications list instead of looking at the device in your hand and realizing that the dayum screen is crystal clear anyway!) then get a social networking first phone. If you want something that does make it easier for keeping in contact for business purposes, is allowing you to connected socially and it sleek to look at and still gives you the comfort and quality you trust with the Blackberry then wait patiently until 8/12 and get your new device. Busters...

Very well said. The only problem is that the majority of the high schoolers that come here to bash other phones will never get past the second sentence.

I have read all of the negative and positive comments and yes I was discouraged...but you put my thoughts into words....this should be the last comment for this post...sadly it is not...but a STANDING OVATION is definitely needed.

It's weird I hear all these negative comments about bb's OS 6.0. This OS might not run as badly as everyone is making it out to. Yes, at the time it claimed to used a fair bit of Ram but that may of been in that last 40 mins of up time that every possible feature on that phone was opened. I am so far giving props to bb. I think that this OS will run very smoothly on the new Torch. And for all you haters out there that have a bole 9700 (like me), or a storm 2 common get with the times. This is the smartphone market (like computers) they outdate by the month. Props to bb.

Sure,alot of us here still love our experiences with BB.However we're not going to be RIM enablers.It's called Tough Love.But you just have to ask the people who are trying to sound positive about the 9800: Do you really believe this was the best RIM could do in creating a new flagship device?

Seriously, I still cannot find an answer why Rim still uses a 624Mhz processor in this thing while competition all use 1Ghz processors.
I seriously might like it (though I am still very pissed that my 7month old Storm2 won't get Os6).
Also, why is the screen not higher rez? Beyond me...
A step in the right direction, but competition will blow this away...
Too bad...

Love my 9650 Bold. Even when my NE2 comes up in about 7 months, if this were on VZW/CDMA by then, I see no need to jump. Bold works better for me than the 9800 form factor. And, on top of that, I will not jump to OS6 right away either, if at all. Bold 9650 works just right for me now. I'll let everyone else in the world Beta test OS6 for me and get the kinks out.

And even when that happens, I like my OS5.

Oh, and like others have said.....the webkit browser did seem slow. And for me to notice that...yikes.

Cant wait for this new 9800 to reach our shores... The only thing i can say is.. "To test it out for your selves" then compare or whatever.

Looks like a great phone. Props to RIM for stepping it up a bit. Is it a Droid X? an iPhone? No and NO! Thank you RIM for freshening things up but staying true to the spirit of your long time and world class products. Really, does every phone have to be like a Droid or iPhone for it to be well liked and received? I'll take the ease of use and multi-tasking capabilities and reliability of a BB any day. Can't beat BB for what they are good at. Then again, I don't plan of playing modern warfare or need a fart counter on my phone

Look, I was actually rather pissed that OS6 wasn't going to be on the Storm 2....until I saw the video posted here on the Torch. Now, I'm actually GLAD it's not coming to my phone.

I really wanted to be excited about this launch, but I'm just not impressed with the 9800. It's underpowered, laggy and unimpressive. I know the argument that in the video the 9800 was running a bunch of apps in the background, but don't we expect a Blackberry to be able to multi-task? If nothing else, it shows how under-powered the hardware actually is for the OS.

Judging strictly from what I've been able to see on video and read in hands-on reviews, I'm far from impressed. In fact, it confirms my suspicion that RIM can't decide if they want to be a business or consumer handset company. The Torch isn't going to appeal to the corporate world as OS6 is clearly targeting the consumer market. Which would be fine, except that all the things that consumers look for (large hi-def screens, fast performance, third party apps) are not present on the Torch. So....what the hell is it? It's like they are trying to force the square peg into the round hole, and that doesn't work.

With the exception of the Social Network apps (slicker than dog snot) and WiFi music sync (very, very, very cool), there's nothing new here. RIM is still trying to play catch up and in the process, falling further behind. They needed something that took the whole world by the nose and kicked it in the ass. What RIM gave us a handset and OS that unfortunately shows a lack in forward thinking and shot itself in the foot.

Just my opinion, and while some will jump onboard...I think I’ll wait for another ship to leave port.

You want to step in the world of the galaxy S, I phone, Droid...but you half ass it with low res screens and little memory. You put ads out saying this is the fun side of BB but there is no fun to be in itself is a refresh.

No it doesnt have to be a Iphone to be liked but it hs to be a game changer, esspecially if you call it one, and it clearly isnt...other blogs and sites are saying the same and they have a lot more to do with there day than to hate, its truth... sorry guys :)

I jumped ship to an HTC HD2 and ported Android to it. I would NEVER think of coming back to a BlackBerry until they have some SERIOUS revamping. I was IN LOVE with BlackBerry, but I can honestly say everyone should jump from the sinking ship...FAST. You WON'T regret it. Adios, RIM.

I have been waiting on this phone ever since the phone photo's leaked back in early spring. So excited for the next BlackBerry. Been addicted to BB since the Bold 9000 came out and now I have a 9700! RIM is all about quality and I expect nothing but the best from this. A Touch Screen with a Key Board...FINALLY! Thanks RIM.

This is probably the most impressive BB since the 8100.

Touch screen with a KB. I can use my KB shortcuts and the trackpad along with a touch screen is something I can't wait to try.

Also folks are pissing and moaning about the CPU but forget about battery life. I'll take a BB any day over an EVO/iPhone/Droid for battery life.

And if the screen is the same as my 9000 I will be happy since It looks great even compared to my Droid X.

This is the biggest news the company has had all year yet apart from a short-lived upward spike a few hours after the news was announced, the shares aren't exactly rallying. Right now, the NASDAQ stock market is trading +0.6%, yet RIM shares which are listed on that index are trading -3.3%, underperforming the market pretty badly. It's fairly obvious why. Whilst there's no doubt this handset is a step forward for RIM in its attempt to halt the decline in its economic, reputational and technological fortunes, it is too little, rather too late. This phone is not powerful enough, not snazzy enough and not advanced enough to really re-take the upper ground away from Apple and Google. Personally, I'm still down on RIM and will be handing in my handset when my contract is up in a few more months. And I will continue to sell the shares too. Additionally, I think this handset represents the beginning of the end for co-CEOs Lazaridis and Balsillie. It's clear that this was the best last chance that they had to demonstrate that they had the insight, chutzpah and brilliance needed to head a top-class technology company in the 21st century. Does anyone now want to argue that they haven't blown that chance? Expect politico-corporate jockeying of positions by vice-presidents and unattributable undermining leaks from the board from here ....

Well it looks like RIM always keeps us wanting more, because it is still a long ways before catching android and Apple even though Apple is having issues. Seems like even though they release 1000 models a year , they are always behind.

They have to decide whether to keep going after the general population or stick with the business crowd. from the looks of it they need to stick with the business people becuase this phone is way too busy and laggy for the average person.

How does the screen look compared to the 9700? Is the lower dpi noticable? Guess I'm spoiled by the screen on my iPhone 4.

It's interesting to see the comments from everyone but I'd like to say why I'm happy with BlackBerry and why I think I'll move to the 9800 (not just for BlackBerry reasons):

1. I have very good 3G coverage in my area and on almost every trip I've had decent AT&T coverage. I admit Verizon is better for coverage but it has seldom been a dealbreaker for me. I have had dropped calls but not too often.

2. I've received good service from AT&T. I switched from Verizon 4 years ago when I started traveling overseas. AT&T's overall customer service has drastically gotten better. Whenever I've called them with issues they've worked with me to get a quick resolution.

3. I have the unlimited data plan and even though they went to tiered data pricing they let me keep the unlimited plan. If I wait to move to Verizon with LTE I expect the tiered data plans they'd put in place would cost more. I could switch to Verizon now with a BlackBerry but they don't have this phone.

4. I use the ability to call and use data at the same time quite frequently and I'd lose that going to Verizon. Maybe LTE will allow data and voice simultaneously but I expect LTE coverage won't be complete for quite some time so that doesn't apply now and maybe for a while where I live. For example my wife calls me and wants to meet somewhere. I can use Google Maps to get directions while we are talking. I never want to lose that ability. Also if I want to setup a meeting while I have a conference call I can look up people's availability and send out an invite in real time.

5. I use a BlackBerry Bold 9000 and I'm happy with the performance. If the 9800 has similar performance that would be fine with me. Emails are delivered quickly. I can go through screens quickly and most of my time is spent in emails not watching videos though I welcome the new abilities. If web browsing is much better as it appears it will be that is fine with me.

6. My new phone has to have good battery life which the 9800 appears to have. It sounds like Android phone go through batteries rather quickly. Maybe Froyo (Android 2.2) will help but when I travel overseas I have times when plugging in isn't an option so that is a problem for me.

7. The phone part of my handheld needs to work well. I'd consider a Droid X or Droid 2 since Motorola's phone capabilties are very good but for the other reason above I'd be reluctant to switch.

8. BlackBerry is tied into my company intranet so I can get internal pages and documents easily. If I went to an Android phone unless there is a VPN capability which would be another set of steps they can't access that internal data which is of great benefit to me.

9. As far as I know Android phones don't have the lookup feature for Exchange. BlackBerry has as a feature that allows me to type the first or last name and get the email address and contact data instantly to my phone from the Exchange server. If I went to Verizon with a BlackBerry to retain the lookup feature I'd have the disadvantage of no simultaneous voice and data.

10. I almost never encounter sites using Flash. I have a laptop with me 99% of the time and if I have to go to a website that has flash I can use my laptop. I can't remember the last time I went to a flash based website. Usually I read news. I don't care if my BlackBerry has flash though I understand why others do.

11. I am very impressed with the integration of OS 6. Understandably there are features Android phones provide but my focus for a phone is to add features that help me to be more organized, more accessible and get my job done more quickly. I have little interest in playing games on my phone but I understand why others want those features but it just isn't important to me.

12. I don't really care what processor the 9800 has as long as the performance is decent when I have a reasonable amount of programs opened. I just checked my BB 9000 and I have 10 programs opened as an example. I like the fact the 9800 show more information about memory usage for programs so I can shut down a program to save battery and increase performance. I don't want a 1Ghz processor if my battery takes a bit hit as most of the time performance isn't a problem and I'm not a gamer.

13. Many people are complaining about screen resolution. The bottom line for me is if the phone is portable and can help me get my job done more quickly. A big screen is nice but if I don't take the phone with me because of size (which may not be an issue) or the battery suffers (probably a bigger issue) I don't want it. Saying that I am looking forward to comparisons of the 9800 against the Droid series from a business perspective (i.e. not playing games but getting work done).

14. I have plenty of memory on my phone with the apps I use. Typically I have 20MB of memory free. That doesn't sound like much but BlackBerry apps are tiny and unless you are storing music on your BlackBerry 4GB of space is huge. I use an iPod now and if I decide to store music on my phone I can buy a 16GB card which is more space than the 8GB I have on my iPod now. Problem solved for a problem that doesn't really exist for me at this time.

15. Many people look at the BlackBerry OS and don't see the many small features they have which make the usage ideal for emails, communication and getting work done. It's difficult to describe these UI features until you use the phone for a while but I am not aware of Android or other phone operating systems providing that level of functionality. I think looking at CPU speed, screen resolution and memory isn't a very fair or useful comparison. I suspect when the full reviews come out it may be more obvious why many existing BlackBerry users will want this phone and why new users would favor it as well.



The reason that I keep my BlackBerry over an iPhone or Droid is the msging/communication aspect. BBM and EMAIL is a big thing for me. I'm not a phone gamer(only game i have is GT LinkFour, awesome game btw), but it would be nice to have the option and variety. Also, I'm in love with the torch because it combined touchscreen + full qwerty keyboard + slider. I love the new form factor. OS6 looks to be laggy on the video but who is to say that it's not just for that particular phone that has been used all day? Furthermore, my reason for getting the torch is because it has a big screen like my 9000 and it has a better browser. Plain and Simple... Love it or hate it! I'll choose to love it because i'm a die hard bb user! But i'm objective! BB is playing catch up in the Apps/tech specs department for sure but they've always been the leader in security and communication. Have a good day!

u r so true my friend :) BB got some small small features which make life and work easier which no other phone does. BB has made my work life fore easy. I swear that i will not move to any other phone, next phone will b another Berry.

P.S: I am a Android app developer [wont name the company ;) ]

i have a htc desire with froyo collecting dust on my side in favour of my bold 9000. i thought id give android a go to see what all the fuss was about and after a few months was bored of widgets bored of the ui and found myself going back to my bold im so glad rim hasnt gone down the widget route. o.s6 looks amazing, gives a proffesional feel to a phone and makes other phones look a tad childish..

I have been following the BB chatter for a few weeks now and I must say that I am surprised at the amount of slings and arrows being sent at BB. I have noticed that there are a few fanboys and anti BB people commenting on the forums. It seems like there is an actual campaign out there to say every and anything out there true or not to make BB seems like they are losing at the smartphone race.

From the numbers I read, BB is IN the lead..not chasing. I agree that the other phones are flashier and seem to have cool apps and fancy touchscreens and better web browsers. The BB story has always been utility,always. The BB user needs a fast, quick keyboard to respond to the FAST email a smartphone user needs. I own an iphone, my 5 yr old kid love it, and loves the pics and music and even surfs to the website. But it was not very useful to open pdf's, change docs, get email, quickly ping someone and make phone calls from 2 different #'s.

If you want faster processors, flashier screens, 1000's of apps you may never ever use, there are great option...I tried it out, but went to the BB to get actual work done, why trash BB?

I'm interested in the answer to that question. I like the back and forth, it's fun....but the groups are truly different and should not have much to discuss.

Kevin you'r a saint for saying that!! I had to stop the review for the sole fact that I was in tears... Good sport for putting that out there and great review!

y do people always have shit to say about other phones oh i have an iphone and bb doesnt come close like wht th fck keep ur shit like wht u have and dont talk shit bbs are bad ass droids are phones r to but dont fckn hate thts y u have ur phone so take ur meds and go to sleep

Like it, but if Verizon doesn't get it, it don't mean much to me. However, the OS is intriguing. I have a Storm 4 in my sites when I upgrade my Storm 2.

Anyone knows how many times do we need to do a battery pull for this device....have to do more than once on my Curve :P