BlackBerry Torch 9800 goes live on BlackBerry site!

BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2010 11:26 am EDT

If you're looking for all the official goodness you can now check out the BlackBerry Torch 9800 via the web site. The full break down of the device has been posted up for everyone to look at, including a full 360 degree view of the device itself.  What do you guys think, with the $199.99 price point on AT&T grabbing one?

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 goes live on BlackBerry site!


I don't wanna use anything which has a touch screen attached to it. I have had very bad experiences with them. Call me CLUMSY !

then get the 9780. the next iteration of the 9700

btw, the only thing im disappointed with this is no HD video recording :( (luckily i have my vado HD pocket camcorder)

they aren't in the same position as microsoft who can and have overhauled windows mobile. Rim needed changed but nothing as drastic imo

what were you expecting? they aren't going to alienate their customers.. this 'refresh' was sorely needed esp in key areas like browsing, touch-enabled devices and customisation in certain areas and settings.

this will hopefully bring speed and stability (no more battery pulls i hope)

i dunno why your disappointed. keeping it similar yet different will help current developers and gain new ones or else they might as well drop it all and go android and lack the security that RIM is known for... (which would have pleased some)

I'm definintely gettin this phone!!!! I'm w/t-mo now but if they don't get it soon after att I will be switching carriers or gettin one unlocked...yea its that serious lol

How is this different / better than, say the Palm Pre which came out a year ago? I'm speaking specifically from a hardware perspective. Don't get me wrong...I've got a Bold 9700 and, with the exception of the poor voice recognition, quite like the brand. But I am quite honestly having trouble seeing how this is a big deal.

The design is similar to the Pre but that's about it. From what I have heard the BB Torch is a very sturdy feeling device. That right there is a pretty big difference from the Pre. If your just talking about hardware design I guess it isn't much different. Sside from the keyboard being a lot better in that it is more usable and has less of a cheap plastic feel to it.
Also, being that this is Crackberry any anouncemnt be it a new OS or device it is a big deal here at least a semi big deal anyway. This is both so it's pretty huge...not that we didn't know it was coming for a while now. It's just exciting to us Crack heads when everything we have been reading/talking about for the last couple months comes to fruition.

August 12th, $199 with a two year data plan.

for AT&T hopefully not long for everyone else (internationally)

what is auto zoom feature (never been done before apparently)

This phone is HOT!!!!!
Wish it was on Verizon. Since I knew it wasn't going to ATT&T, I went ahead and upgraded to the Bold 9650. Now I'm just waiting on OS 6.0 to come to the Bold.

Anyone on here seen/heard when this 9800 is available on Rogers?? My 9700 is days from it's death - any news would help :)

Pfft...since its on AT&T, I wouldn't bother with it (not that I would if it was verizon anyways)...Having it on AT&T just confirms my stance on not getting involved in it.

Everything looks great to me EXCEPT:

- 3.2” HVGA+ touch screen (480x360)

That's less then an inch (diagonal) improvement over the Bold 9700, and the resolution is the same! WTF?! Oh, and it's still less than the new Android devices sporting AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Super LCD, etc hi-res screens. RIM failed on this part, unfortunately.

I'm totally looking fwd to this, but I agree. Why such a small resolution? Does it affect battery performace or processor performance? I'm curious as to their reasoning.