BlackBerry Torch 9800 available in the UK today

Torch in UK
By DJ Reyes on 1 Oct 2010 10:35 am EDT

For those of us in the UK waiting eagerly for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, the wait is finally over. Phones 4U confirmed yesterday through Twitter that the BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be available to UK customers online and in store from today, October 1st.

You'll be able to get it on the Orange and Vodafone networks for free on a 2 year contract. Orange tariffs start from £35. This will give you 600 mins, 3000 texts and unlimited BlackBerry data every month. Vodafone tariffs start from £37.50, giving you 800 mins, 3000 texts and 1GB BlackBerry data every month.

Are you a Vodafone or Orange customer? Are you planning to get yourself a BlackBerry Torch 9800?

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 available in the UK today


vodafone customers have been receiving theres since tuesday

us in the uk had it before those in canada

what a great phone the torch is!

I got an early upgrade and here's how the convo with them went:

Rogers Wireless: So if we don't give you the Torch will you go to another wireless provider?
Me: DUH!

So yeah my torch will be here on Monday. :D

Yeah i still got around 18months left till the new contract... although I might make my better half upgrade next year & take it for myself... but I'm itching for it!!

I'm still waiting to get mine. Waiting for Orange to release the phone on their own network.

I won't touch Vodafone as their customer service is poor and when I looked into upgrading on Orange with Phones4U they just confirmed what I'd heard about them being awful.

Firstly, the bloke lies to me about the specification despite what I've read on here and on Blackberry's website. Then refuses to show me one working with an Orange SIM card in it.

Then tells me he can match the deal I have right now where I pay £38 including insurance and comes back and tells me it works out at £57 per month (£12 of which is his insurance)

I got up and left the store at this point and frustrating as it is I'll have to wait for Orange to actually release it themselves.

I've got a 9700 so I don't need to upgrade by any stretch. I'd like to upgrade but it's on my terms. If I don't get to keep my current tarrif deal and if I don't get the phone for free then I'm just sticking the first BB6 leak that comes out on my 9700 and that's an upgrade they've lost.

o2 are due to release on 4th october. in my opinion there the best uk network. so will happily wait the weekend

Anyone who does business with these high st cowboys...i feel very sorry for ...i had the misfortune of dealing with them many yrs ago and i can say categorically i will never ever deal with them again.

What about us poor bastards in Spain. Any news? I dashed out to my local Vodafone and the girl looked at me as if I were crazy, claims she has never even seen an 8900!! Ayyy dios mio!

Having just got a 3G I Pad my use of my Bold 9700 as an internet device is virtually zero. Still prefer the Berry for email but this may change once the new I Pad email with common inboxv hits in November.

My next phone may well be whatever the Curve incarnation happens to be next year when I am ready to upgrade. Just got my wife a cheap Curve and something similar is all I now need.

I got the Torch on Orange through Phones4u 2days ago - £37.50, 1200mins, unltd txts, 750mb internet - 24months, phone = free

tis good :D

what the hell, nobody else has noticed that this phone is FREE on a 2 YEAR contract
wtf i just paid almost 300 bucks after all was said and done on a 3 damn year

i love canada but man my a$$ hurts from our wireless providers
gotta love the good old CRTC

Went into an Orange shop today to see if they had one - nothing on the Orange website at all, not even under coming soon.

Chap said nothing happening yet as Orange are putting their bloat, oops sorry, software on it.

I said phones4u are selling under your banner already - he said ah, but they wont have the Orange bloat, oops sorry, software on it.

Off to phones4u I went - lol.

Come on Orange - please give up this practise of killing good phones with your bloatware - you know full well the first thing we all do is download an non branded version of the software.