BlackBerry Torch 2 jennings spec sheet leaked

By Bla1ze on 8 Apr 2011 07:19 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 2 spec sheet leaked

While the other two specs sheets leaked today were a little more important than this one as they came from new designs rather then a revamped one that doesn't mean they don't contain some nice info as well. We've seen plenty of the Torch 2 already to get a feel for it but now, we also know the codename associated to it. Jennings it is, with the numerical association as mentiond being 9810. Read on for the full specs plus, some new pictures are coming up as well shortly.

Source: N4_BB

BlackBerry Torch 2 spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Torch 2 spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Torch 2 spec sheet leaked
BlackBerry Torch 2 spec sheet leaked

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BlackBerry Torch 2 jennings spec sheet leaked


These don't match the earlier mention specs. The RAM is higher. Also I don't see it mentioning a 98xx product number anywhere. Something is strange about this info considering the other product sheet said torch, while this one doesn't.

I don't know which phone to get anymore!! They're all pretty much the same inside... I guess it's what's on the outside that counts...

Torch 2 will rock on not much for a upgrave but the cpu looks very worth while as for the other stuff ill have to wait. Why not a 8MP cam with 720p video I don't see this anywhere and its 480hd this isn't so cool awe well will just have to wait and see the final specks.

Picture quality isn't always about the highest number of megapixel, why add a 8mp camera if the 5mp one offers good image quality? I've seen some phones with 8mp cameras and the image quality is horrible and grainy! Its says this phone records 720p video though, guess you missed that...

What is 480hd I want to be a smart a** but not in the mood. Why not isn't hd 720 and 1080 I see 720 on spec sheet but I could be mistaken.

Yea, I tried hard to not be a smarta$$ too, I don't know what 480hd is....and I'm assuming they missed the part of the spec sheet that says 720p hd video recording

This is the first I'm seeing that the Torch 2 will have a mobile hotspot. If it didn't, it's a deal breaker for me. With it, i'm probably going Torch 2 when they come out with new phones.

I like how 640x480 is called "high resolution". What a bunch of idiots. Like the screens with higher res don't exist. C'mon Rim Wake up!!!!!

What is high res? Its more about a combo of screen size and number of pixels across the screen....or pixel density, pixels per inch! When you look at it in ppi, the torch 2 screen res is pretty competitive with most of the other "high res" phone screens....

Iphone 3gs - 165ppi
Torch - 188ppi
Htc EVO - 217 ppi
Thunderbolt - 217ppi
Droid X - 228ppi
Torch 2 - 251 ppi
Droid incredible - 252ppi
Motorola bionic - 256ppi
Atrix 4g - 275ppi
Iphone 4 - 326ppi

How bout the battery life? It still undisclosed... It's very important as it still using the same 1300 mah battery...