BlackBerry Torch 2 poses for the camera yet again

BlackBerry Torch 2
By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2011 03:32 pm EDT

We haven't seen much of the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 in the last few weeks, but the guys at TechnoBuffalo tossed up a few images in case you're in withdrawal. Nothing really new here from these shots, but we do get to see more of my least favorite battery door to date (I think it looks Bedazzled!). Also we can tell from the icons that this guy is running OS 7 as expected. A quick recap of the BlackBerry Torch 2 specs:

BlackBerry Torch 2 Key Specs:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
  • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE ; Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • Display: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 capacitive touchscreen display
  • Memory: 8GB storage + 768MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Connectivity: WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 1300MAh battery
  • Dimension: 14.6mm thick
  • Sensors: magnetometer

If all goes according to plan, the Torch 2 should be launching sometime after the Bold 9900/9930 (which we still have no official launch date for). It may be the next in line or mixed in with one of the other rumored 2011 devices we should see before the end of the year. One more image after the break.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

BlackBerry Torch 2

BlackBerry Torch 2

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BlackBerry Torch 2 poses for the camera yet again


Looking forward to this new Torch. And who knows, maybe by actual launch date the "bedazzled" battery door will be replaced by one with the one on the Charcoal Torch.

Very pointless for me to get the same device; all over again...I'll pass!
Had it been there were noticeable changes, such as a bigger screen, bigger physical keyboard, then that would have been enough for me to get this.
I'll rather buy a Monza than waste my money on this.

The Torch is pretty huge as it is! making it bigger!! no way!

I own a 9800, and IF the 9900 didn't look so damn nice, I'd be all over this Torch 2,

The internal hardware upgrade and OS7 would be enough of an upgrade from the Torch 1 to the 2, it is a very significant increase in the RIM world

That's not necessarily true. The current torch has so much extra wasted space that can be used for a bigger screen and keyboard

I would buy it for retail pricing if it supported CDMA, I really want to give Blackberry a try and this is the only one that I really like and none of the GSM carriers work in my area.

??? no real changes?? this is probably one of the most significant changes from a First Gen to a second gen RIM has done! the internals alone are a huge improvement, Plus a new OS,
MAYBE you could call the 9900 a successor to the 9000 being a bigger first to second, but technically the 9700 was the successor to the 9000

I think RIM made a concious decision here to make the 9900 the top phone for now. Upgrading the Torch 2 would be nice but also confusing as to which phone to price at the premium level. My guess is the Torch 2 will come out at only $99 while the 9900 sill be the premo $199. If you are only charging $99 that means you sell it to carriers cheap and so you don't do a whole redesign of the product.

I think it would be REALLY hard to make the Torch much thinner. if you take your Torch apart you can see it is pretty crazy thin now for being a 2 piece unit.

The fact the internals are considerably faster will make up for a nicer device, and really the Torch does feel very good in the hand, be hard to balance it out better than it already is.

Are you actually smoking crack?

It's a 3.2" touchscreen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Exactly how much light and thinner - given the properties of plastic - do you expect it to be?

Use your brain before spouting of in future etc.

haha tell me an evolutionary way of changing a slider phone with todays tech thats available that will physically make it different. thinner, lighter? do you want your phone to overheat or barely able to be held

and those who want a bigger screen. might as well hold a tablet to your face.

This should have been the original torch and it wouldn't have had such a bad rep. I'm sorry to say but they seem a year late on everything they do. The last torch had so many glitches and slow, I ended up going back to my 9700. My next phone will be the Samsung Galaxy S2. I am still hoping for RIM to make a comeback. Hopefully 2012 is it. Motorola did it, HTC did it so can RIM.

What are these "glitches" of which you speak? My Torch has not given me any problems at all. Though it could use more processing power.

I think you'll find the S2 more disappointing than you realize. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

I do agree the hardware in this would have been the perfect Torch 1, then putting the same Internals into the 9780 would have made for a Killer start to 2011, but alas I do like my Torch, and don't have any Major issues with it, it is far from being "glitchy"

I really would let the Samsung Galaxy S2 be out in the wild for a little while before picking it up, get some reviewers feel for it. you might find yourself longing for a blackberry again.

if its the same size as the Torch One then why can't I simply swap out battery doors? Cause THIS one stinks up the place.

You probably can... I have a tour and my mom and dad got the bold 9650s so i switched my batter door with my dad's cause it looks cooler ;)

Come on RIM... We're in 2011... 5 megapixels is soooo old...
Nokia got 5mp back in 2006... Phone are now rocking the 12mp
Upgrade a bit... Don't be greedy... We really don't care how much the Blackberry weight... Just a 10mp camera already!!... :(

WHY! do you need a 10MP Cellphone camera?

The lack of an optical zoom lens, the massive size of the files, what good could a 10MP camera bring?

5MP = 1.5MB Jpeg files!
10MP = 2.2MB Jpeg files
5MP = 2580x2048 approx
10MP = 3648x2736 approx
5MP = Print @ 300dpi is 8.6" x 6.8"
10MP = Print @ 300dpi is 12.2"X 9.1"

the advantages for a Mobile phone user are Zero with a 10MP over a 5MP, 5MP gives a big enough image for 99% of the computer monitors background images.
2.1MP is all that is "needed" to achieve "HD video"

RIM would be better to invest in a higher quality lens, and better flashes and a better camera sensor,
sticking 10mil pixels on a the same sensor as 5mil pixels would bring a poorer quality image, less light sensitivity meaning poorer image quality in poor light, and we all know you never have optimal light with your cellphone.

Let's 'HUBBLE' this devise. Put a telescopic lense on this baby so that we can take pictures of mars.

Better yet, what if a spoon pops out from the side just like an army knife so that we can eat our soup with it?

Love the PlayBook, Love the BB Phone.

Don't forget to add a a "compass in the stock and a thing which tells time". Oh wait, the the Torch 2 will have that too.

haha mate, totally agree with your comments. nothing against those who ask those questions about mp on a camera but the fact that this is why apple and other competitors have done well.played on people naivety.

10mp is not going to be special unless its packing a sensor that as reliable as those found on panasonic compact cameras. but then that will be increasing sizes.

nokia have so far been the only company thats done any better in this regard with the lenses they use etc.

NTOAUHRA - sorry but you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

There are 2megapixal DSLRs that will crush any smartphone / tablet device regarding image quality, regardless of how many pixels are involved.

It's all about the size of the sensor and lens. Having 12mp is not much use if 9 of those 12mp are just recording darkness because the lens is too feckin small to let the light in.

Another one who has clearly been smoking crack and needs to engage their brain before speaking.

Many people are led to believe that its the mp that make a camera. They see a higher amount of mp and assume that its better. I hate that this has become the case. Most people are putting their pictures either as their phone background or onto facebook, they don't need an 8/10/12 mega pixel camera. If they could keep it at 5 or so but make it an amazing camera I would be happy. Although I have a camera for taking most of my pictures and only use my phone for quick little shots.

so right about not needing a lot of mp. i had a sony ericsson phone a few yrs ago that only had a 2mp camera but it was a "cybershot" camera and its picture quality beat any phone i or any of my friends/family have used to date.

I have the Torch 1, i like it but i am not going to buy the Torch 2. this is stupid, same design as torch 1 and nothing attractive about it beside the processor.
1. No Front camera
2. •Display: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 is below those of ( Iphone 4 or Nexus2)
3. pretty heavy and boring look.
By the time , they release it..... other phones will be out with better hardware and display...RiM doens't get it.... time to get a new CEO

His EPS are increasing yoy.
Once this stops, then off with his head !

But until this happens, MIKE and JIM need to be treated with the respect that they deserve. And I will not expect anything less from any of you.

Now apologize!

I'm waiting for the all touch monza, but what is just ridiculous at this point is the extreme snail's pace. They are making the exact same torch (physically), so all they're doing is upping specs in an existing phone, and it's still taking an eternity to actually launch. I stll can't believe only one phone was announced at BB world, which won't even be available until august at the earliest. I also can't believe we're over 5 months into 2011 and there's nothing new available from BB other than the Playbook that I'm so sick of hearing about. Where are the phones!!? Their stock is crashing and every analyst knows why - NO NEW PHONES. And it really seems like RIM doesn't care. There doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency. Just super slow business as usual for RIM.

Why would they release the Torch 2 8 months after the first one? So people like you can yell at them for making their previous purchase "worthless"? i.e. the Tour.

Fine, whatever...where's the monza!? How long has it been since the Storm 2? When's the new Bold releasing!? Where are the new curves!? Where is anything from RIM!!!?

Wait till RIM launches the 'Tornado' ... it will be launched in the United States first ond fore most. It will wipe those other phones straight out of town!!!

doesnt look like much of an upgrade....

gotta wonder why RIM even put this phone out on the market.?

they could have fixed the form factor and made it sexy like the bold-touch.... or given it a bigger screen. etc.

seems like a waste of an upgrade.

You read like a waste of gametes but we'll allow you to live :)

Nah, but seriously, what are you really asking for?

1. Fix the form factor: It's a slider phone. Either this form factor is for you or it isn't. If not, buy the 9900. It doesn't need fixing, there are other BB options out there.

2. Sexy like the Bold Touch: See above.

3. Give it a bigger screen: Kinda see point 1 again, but really, a bigger screen? That's gonna feck the form factor up no end. Think before you speak! Anyway, if you want a bigger screen, buy a PlayBook.

Tara for now!

Just a question that i'm not sure has been answered or even brought forward. Will this also boast the same "liquid graphics" that are on the Bold 9900? I love my Torch, and I will likely be upgrading to either the Torch2 or the Bold 9900. The way I see it, if the Torch2 has liquid graphics, then I get a bigger screen and the keyboard (albeit not as good as the 9900 keyboard, but that's the price for a bigger screen I guess). Any thoughts on Liquid Graphics on torch2 would be appreciated. thanks

it looks really good for liquid graphics to be included seeing as it will have OS7 and has similar internals to the 9900

The outside looks boring, might get it if they also offer it in different colors like white and black. I don't know why they went from charcoal to plain silver which is a step backwards, and charcoal was part of the reason why I got the first one...

Charcoal to silver - a step backwards? Who made you the supreme governor of aesthetics?

Personally I think charcoal is a load of old crap and that silver knocks it out tha box.

So while you won't buy it RIM won't care because they'll have my custom. :)

Otherwise is not worth it, just the speed is not worth to change my Torch. If they do this com on , you will need to put an exchange program for the torch to this upgrade ($100 tops), for a nominal fee outside carriers channels especially outside ATT. Remember we have a 2 year contract, to buy full price for this, NO way.

I can't really make sense of what you're trying to say as your sentence structure is so awful, and your opening sentence reads like it begins half way through.

If it helps, the original Torch was released about a year ago. There will no doubt be another Torch in a year's time, if you are on a two year contract, I suggest you let this incarnation pass you by and plump for next year's Torch.

How's that sound?

Ok, let start again. I got my torch on Feb this year, for what I can see RIM will launch the torch2 and touch this year, the only diffeerence is touch with 800 x 480 res and torch with same 640 x 480 res, I love my torch as is, but for people with torch already it does not make sense to get the new torch2 with this specs. Looking forward the touch with higher res is just make sense to have the torch2 with same res, as you could choose touch only or with keyboard, as happened with storm versus torch kind of, that time the limiting factor was carriers and screen technology not screen resolution.

If specs are as is here, I just wait and see what comes for 2013 but if resolution is 800 x 480 I definetly change my torch for the new one.

meh if att gets any decent droid phones the next time im up for it ill go droid. unless our QNX phones get droid player and better stuff thats promised to our tablet. first time im feeling lackluster about blackberry.

In my opinion, this is just dumb. Its almost as if they're trying the apple move of going look, this is the best phone we've made, then when everyone buys it, they go, look, we've made it better!.

I am very shitted off.

I thought i saw in a video of the Torch2 that it was thinner than the first? No? Maybe i'm wrong.

I think they should focus on 2 or 3 phones/forms. Bold as the flagship but make it cheaper (to buy), slider for people who want a larger screen with keys, and a full touch. Get rid of the rest. It's good enough for Apple and HTC to release the same single design over again so i don't know why RIM tries to make flips, sliders, touches, bolds, curves etc... Simplify it a little.

Also, i bought my first BB - a 9780 and so far it's not bad. I wish it had a touch screen sometimes so the new Bold should kick arse. My 2 cents worth from a lurker and BB noob.

At a guess the problem is RIM has too much inventory at carriers.

Older devices have higher margins and they make more money selling those devices.

Only when the inventory has cleared can they launch new devices without massively impacting margins. (Older devices must be reduced in price when new products hit the market).

They're in a catch 22 situation. Can't launch new products because the lower margins and old device inventory will destroy margins and devalue their stock price further. Can't not launch product because the lack of up to date product is damaging their status.

In the end, they'll sell the old stuff and launch products slowly and tolerate the disdain of the tech media.

After trying several Android phones I just bought a used Torch. I had a Torch before but thought that Android was all the rage and the Adobe Flash support was important. But Android calendar, messaging and most device's signal reception could not match the Torch. Noe if RIM would just release one of the new phones it would be great. And if they can get Adobe Flash support included it would be awesome.

the trackpad don't light up like all the other devices. #fail
this devise is completely useless now that the storm 3's coming out. #epicfail

It's easy for us on here to distinguish between the Torch 1 and Torch 2, because we are Tech savy, but ask yourself this do you explain the difference to the lay man out there, who only believes in physical changes that have been made to the phone, rather than hardware changes.
We seem to forget that it's not just about the Western World...these devices sell very well in third World Countries as well, and I can guarantee you that most of them don't know the differences in specs of the phones they are using.

As long as the phone works, has a camera, Internet and performs other basic functions like other Smartphones, then they are good to go....but as for Specs, that is a different story.
Based on that, if you present to the lay man this Torch 2, he would be wondering why it is actually called a Torch 2, because there isn't any physical changes that have been made to the's still the same old Torch.
This is also applicable to most people in the Western World, it's not everyone that can be bothered about Phone Specs, all they want is physical changes, which would be a good reason for them to upgrade.

A poster used the iphone analogy, but the poster also forgot that the iphone 3GS had no front facing camera, while the iphone 4 has it...that alone is a good physical difference, and can make someone who had the 3GS to upgrade to the iphone4, just because of the new front facing Camera.
In summary...this upgrade is very useless and pointless!
I'll stick with my original Torch till a better Touch screen phone is released by RIM.

I just got my first torch this last month, and I love it. It took some getting used to at first, having to flip up the keyboard to type, but I naturally started using the touch screen for most typing and passwords etc, but when I get into the emails I pull down the qwerty keyboard. It hasn't been sluggish, I wonder what it will be like with even more RAM and a faster processor. Speaking of RAM, coming from the Bold having 512 mb to store apps on is amazing. I don't think I need more. The Bold Touch looks like it will be a nice phone, the convenience of having the keyboard is nice, but this big screen on the Torch is pretty nice too. Either way I don't want something without the physical keyboard. I love my blackberry. My colleagues who use iPhones don't get it. "If you don't have an iPhone... blah blah blah."

Hi, here am I ,the blackberry torch 2 aka the phone that should have came last year, bu then only with these specs......

I actually read a lot of the various comments for this article.
Seems like some people didn't really think before submitting a comment.
Some could say the Torch 1st Gen should have been designed and released what the Torch2 is supposed to be...
But in either case, I look forward to checking this device out when its finally released to market!

Gee there are a lot of other brand trolls commenting.

Where you all from trolls - employees of which of the companies?

Your troll attitudes stand out a country mile .....

Maybe some people are trolling, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I, for one, thinks this device is pointless!
It's a good thing that they have bumped up the specs, but that is not enough for an upgrade, without some physical changes.
The people that would benefit from this upgrade are non-Torch users, so to them, it's a totally new device, but for some of us Torch is not enough to warrant spending money to purchase the same old device again.
I really used to defend RIM in the past, but as new devices keep coming out, I keep asking...why can't RIM do something to catch up, or even set the pace.

This whole idea about BlackBerries being for business use is getting redundant, or becoming a Cliche.
What's wrong with a lil bit of fun by the side?
Like they say...all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
That's exactly what's happening to Blackberries...they are becoming too dull for my liking.

I agree this Phone is probably not a good upgrade for the Majority of Torch owners,
That Said this product should NOT BE targeting Current Torch owners anyway! the average smartphone buyer buys a new phone every 20-30 months, this phone is being released in the 12 month range from the first torch, so it will be skipped.

The Torch 3, should target existing torch users, so in the fall of 2012, EVEN with the same form factor there will be major changes to the device to warrant an upgrade, as Fall 2012 should bring a QNX based Torch, and if my hopes are fulfilled gesture support on the torch "bezel"

They should of increased the screen size to 3.5 inches with 480x800. Metal battery door, like the storm 2. Lastly capacitive bottom buttons, with the red and green for hang up and call. Nice internal boost though!

I see your point Halasteve about needing a few Physical differences for the person who is not techy minded. But have a look where a lot of Tech support for companies and many workers in IT in the west come from and its not the "first world" west..
Im from the west and have many friends and family in the "Third World" and i would say knowledge on Technical specs on phones is the same sort of ratio it is here in the UK :)

Hopefully not changing the outward appearance although the back cover has been (which I guess is about showing there is a change to non techy people) it appears should mean accessories like covers and car holders etc can be used by the user on there new device in theory. Plus saves Rim paying out to design and create new coverings i presume which hopefully means money goes on internal components, software/patent licenses plus development.

One thing that worries me is what will the battery life be like all good increasing processing speed and memory but they generally eat power!

they have increased the power of the phone but yet the battery is staying th same as the Torch 1. Not good.

They will be moving from a 60nm to a 45nm processor, when Intel Moved from 65nm to 45nm they were able to increase transistors from 291 to 410 million while maintaining the same maximum wattage,

Under normal use the 45nm processor uses less power doing the same things as the 60nm processor.
This is a theoretical reason for equal battery life with a faster processor, we'll see how it plays out

I think it would be "nice" if RIM offered a deal to original customers who bought the original underpowered Torch. Maybe a trade in program at AT&T?
I know it'll never happen, but by releasing the Torch 2, RIM is basically admitting it released an underperforming device the 1st time around.

I am very confused by your logic?

should I get a new Nissan Altima next year if they release a more powerful one than the one I have this year because them releasing a new one means that they admit my current one is underpowered ( which it grossly is!!)

The Torch 2 is the evolution of the Torch 1, like Apple released the iPhone, iPhone 3G, then the iPhone 3GS, did they discount the basically unchanging phone because they admitted the previous was somehow of lower quality?

get real

This isn't an "evolution". It is RIM's do-over. It is an acknowledgement by RIM that they screwed up the 1st time around by releasing a new model with out of date internals. It is no coincidence that RIM, a few months later, updates the device with EXACTLY what the critics said was flawed about the 1st device. It needed a better screen, and a faster processor. Which is all the Torch 2 represents.
I repeat my statement that RIM should have a program where you can turn in your old Torch for credit towards a new Torch 2. As I said in my previous post, it probably ain't gonna happen.
Lastly, your analogy wasn't very appropriate. Car companies, even Nissan, do it all the time. They call them "loyalry offers". I.E. Trade in a Chevy on a new Chevy, get additional $$$ back.

Here is your Trade in Program

AND it has been far more than a few months later, the Torch 1 was released 6-7 months ago, this IS the evolution to the next Torch,
The Torch 1 DOES NOT have the same internals as the other devices, it has a different processor than ANY other blackberry, it is just clocked the same. but you are welcome to keep believing your entitlement.

Yeah I just got my torch and I love it but having this one come out and there is really no physical change to the phone just more powerful and memory.. Ill stick to the torch till something I feel is worth better gettin.. If their was a change in the style of the torch 2 I would love it and want it but looks just like the torch 1 just with different color new software and more memory.. This one is already good for me

You know what i don't get, the Torch came out around 8 or 9 months ago.... now we have all these people bitching about oh the torch 1 should have come out with the torch 2 specs... but last i checked, and i may be mistaken so correct me if im wrong.... but what phone that came out a year ago had a 1.2ghz proc? almost all of the high end phones this year have been 1ghz, so it seems to me that the 1.2 would have been used on a lot more phones if it was out for consumer a year ago... just my 2 cents

I really don't understand why people complain that RIM doesn't improve their specs, then complain when they improve them before they're eligible for an upgrade. Just because you buy a phone that has been out a few quarters already does not mean a new customer next quarter should have to buy a phone that's a year old just so you don't feel ripped off or whatever it is you're all complaining about. If the phone wasn't good enough for you when you bought it, then maybe you should rethink your purchase habits...

i have a nokia n8 and a bb 9800 and i have to admit the nokia is great for pics but i still prefer my 9800 though not perfect i am quite happy with it and does everything i need from a phone and the os 6 ui is great and with a faster processor and os 7 it will be even better .looking forward to the torch 2 .