BlackBerry Torch 2 outed via UAProf?!

BlackBerry 9810 UAProf
By Michelle Haag on 20 Feb 2011 06:34 pm EST
In Kevin's BlackBerry Roadmap, he talked about the devices we can expect to see in 2011. One of these devices is the next generation BlackBerry Torch, and it looks like we just got some more confirmation on that. According to UAProf documents found online, the BlackBerry 9810 has the same 480x640 screen resolution that the Torch 2 is rumored to have. Add it up, and it looks like the Torch 9800 has a new family member.

Current specs for the Torch 2 are said to be:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
  • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE ; Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • Display: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 capacitive touchscreen display
  • Memory: 8GB storage + 512MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Connectivity: WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 1300MAh battery
  • Dimension: 14.6mm thick 
  • Sensors: magnetometer

Of course these are speculated, and could change before the device is actually released. With all these great devices coming out this year... which are you going to pick?


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BlackBerry Torch 2 outed via UAProf?!


Yeah! forgot that blackberry does nothing but BBM and emails.

Sorry.. using my Android for web browsing all the day :) friend has an android phone and carries 2 spare batteries with him at all times...and I often see him changing them. I don't have to change my battery once, and just charge it for a little each day on my Torch!

Um try again NightSniper use my torch to browse web all day listen to Tune in Radio andswer email and do BBM, baterry lasts all day.

Your just another Droid nerd that doesn't know what he's talking about.

This comment made me LOL especially since I use my BlackBerry all day long to browse the Internet, BBM, e-mail, text message, talk, take/view pictures, take/view videos, listen to music, play games, etc. If anything I use it most for web browsing and I still only have to charge it while sleeping.

What are you smoking so the rest of us can avoid it??

Blackberry devices have a good reputation for good battery life but the high end processor and low end battery make me wonder whether they're sacrificing battery life this time for eye candy like the android devices always do.

The 8GBs is internal flash memory and cannot be used for app storage. That will always be done via device memory, which in this case is still 512mb.

512 has been called the 'RAM' in the new run of BBs, not the application memory. There has already been speculation that the internal flash memory will be secured in later OS versions and will therefore be used as app memory... it doesn't really make sense to support a 32g memory card and 8g of internal unless its for apps.

I've always wanted a torch... But couldn't get one, at that time... Now I'm surely going for the Torch 2 !!
No matter how it is...
I want a *big* touch scree, keyboard and trackpad !! :P

I used the Torch of the same reason, the BIG SCREEN.
And I HATED the whole concept of touch screens after the torch.

Aside from that xx10 always indicated GPS. RIM has long since abandoned their numbering strategy to those paying attention to it previously.

battery is actually not that bad, after the latest leak for the torch it improved a lot, and even watching videos/listen to music besides mail bbm msn fb and so on brings me trough the day

I've come from the 9000 then 9700 (the latter being an exceptional phone) but being that I like to change my phone once a year I wasn't sold by the 9780 because there just wasn't enough difference between that & the 9700 so I opted for the Torch. I love this phone (even though I don't think that in it current state it can cut it with the best phones out there) I like my BBs & it was a big step forward in that terms. Even though it's not without it's problems ( I lose count if the amount if battery pulls I've done in 3 months & why the screen rotation can't be locked is beyond me) but I like the idea of the nice touch screen & very nice slide out keypad & this is why I think I'll stick with the Torch over the Bold Touch. I just hope for a big step up in spec & performance of the new phone & it has to be at least on par with the iPhone 4 bearing in Mind the iPhone 5 will be out by then so if it's not it's not progressing very well & probably falling further behind. Internet browsing, processor & screen resolution amongst the main things.

I think you should take your phone back or should have. I use the hell out of my Torch, in addition to the usual, I do browsing, listen to streaming radio, Slacker, podcasts, games etc. and I've never done a battery pull. Seriously.

there's nothing worth getting excited about the iphone 4 or the upcoming 5 whatever it will be.

This on the other hand :)

I'm already struggling between Torch 2 and Bold Touch! It is such a torture for waiting them to be outed

I think the Monaco (Storm 3) will be my choice. I had the Storm 2 for a while and I like the idea of full touch phones and with SureType I could type just as fast as on by Bolds. But the Storm 2 Was a bit underpowered and the Os5 was IMO not suitable for touchscreen phones. So a decent powered full touch running 6.1..... Yes, Please!

My G2 on T-Mobile last 12 hours with no problem. That is konger than my Tour and Storm. Keep in mind BB have older slower processors that help some models. I will continue to go with Android until BB can get a decent OS and harrdware. It is painful when I have to help my with her 9700

I have tried android and the google maps just doesn't make an android phone worth it. I missed my Torch immediately. With the improved screen and processor I can't wait.

I just got a bold 9780, would love either the storm 3 or bold touch. Although I renewed my 3 year contract to get this awesome phone I better start saving up for something new in the summer :)

I'm more surprised that RIM forgot to mention GPS when the last few devices that came out (sans playbook?) have GPS onboard...

As much as I like my Torch, I will probably get the Torch 2 if its offered in white. I can go 2-3 days without charging and I've only done one battery pull since I've gotten it.

Remember the bold Touch has 2.8 screen so not far behind the size of torch 2. I'd recommend trying both because I believe it will be very impressive and those keys will dominate all prior. Especially w capacative touchscreen. I think it will be bring some torch owners back cause it's the best of both worlds. Sure it's not as big of a screen but remember, it's not for typing, more for selecting where to type, etc. We all need to see who gets what and test drive them all. Love the options we are getting and I believe we will all get great or at least better games with openGL and such. Happy for us all.

That supposed 2.8 is misleading. Its actually 2.8 diagonal, which would put the real size (that most care about) to around 2.5, or about the same as the 9700. That screen is half the physical size of the torch, albeit with the same resolution.

Still, probably need to check both out to make a decision. Just hope this whole exclusivity thing is in the past now.

I think I'll go for the Torch 2. The Bold Touch is tempting for sure, but the larger screen on the Torch 2 will probably win me over.