BlackBerry Torch 2 leaks continue, this time on video!

By Bla1ze on 28 May 2011 09:29 pm EDT

No surprise here but, the BlackBerry Torch 2 leaks are continuing. First was some low lighted images then came the higher res ones and now -- a video. Although it's not the first time we've seen the BlackBerry Torch 2 on video, it does give us one of the better walkthroughs of the hardware and software from a pre-release perspective. Revisiting the specs on the BlackBerry Torch 2:

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
  • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE ; Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • Display: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 capacitive touchscreen display
  • Memory: 8GB storage + 768MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Connectivity: WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 1300MAh battery
  • Dimension: 14.6mm thick
  • Sensors: magnetometer

By now, this thing has leaked onto the web so many times we're really starting to wonder when RIM will actually put the official stamp on it and announce it. Previous Torch owners, after having watched the video will be upgrading to the BlackBerry Torch 2 or will you be holding out for something better? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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BlackBerry Torch 2 leaks continue, this time on video!


I'm on a Curve 8900 and I am MORE than ready for an upgrade. I'm holding out for the Torch 2, the more I see, the more I like it. If only they'd give us a release date! Thanks Crackberry for sharing every nugget of info you get!

Me too. I was going with the Bold Touch but now with the Touch and Torch 2 videos I can't make up my mind.

I am in the exact same boat as you are! I currently have a Torch and now that the Torch 2 will actually run smoothly, I am seriously considering getting the 2. The touch is nice, but I feel the look is dated as most people will look at it and think that it is a Bold 9000.

Also, I have a docking station for my Torch and that plus the cases I already have purchased will fit the Torch 2.

OMG - This thing looks sooooo cool, looks like you can control the world with it. This will be my next BB.
Now ... when is it coming?

RIM is exploding in a great way !!!!

These phones are sooooo cool.

For the first time in years, Coca-Cola has been ousted from its reigning position as the coolest overall brand among 8-22-year-olds in the Sunday Times Generation Next Youth Brand Survey.

Coca-Cola, which recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, has had to surrender to BlackBerry, which shot up the ranks from ninth-coolest brand last year.

In 2005, Forbes reported that Coca-Cola was the world's most valuable brand, but in 2011, it was ranked only sixth, while three of the top five spots were occupied by tech brands - Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Jessica Oosthuizen, analyst for HDI Youth Marketeers, the company that conducted the survey, said this is less about consumers moving away from traditional brands, but rather a testament to the importance of technology in our lives.

But the survey does not just reflect the onward march of technology. BlackBerry has come from nowhere to beat off its rivals who previously dominated.

It has overtaken cellphone giant Nokia as the coolest cellphone brand, an accolade Nokia has enjoyed for the past two years. Last year, BlackBerry was second and in 2009 was in fifth position in this category. It was also voted the coolest hi-tech brand. Apple's iPhone, widely believed to be coveted by all, was ranked only third in the cellphone category and it was ranked only seventh as the overall coolest brand.

In the Mobility 2011 research project conducted by Worldwide Worx, MD Arthur Goldstuck found that Nokia was expected to drop to below 50% market share for the first time in SA while BlackBerry is expected to grow more than 16% this year.

It is expected that Apple will grow 3% this year, from 1% the previous year. Goldstuck attributed this to the high cost of Apple smartphones and the high data usage associated with it.

Pretty cool!
I think the soft keyboard is slightly different than the Torch 1. I have Torch and I paused video and compared the two, the layout seems slightly different, functionalilty might be the same.
Phone itself looks very promising.

Too bad this wasn't sent to you guys to review. That guy doesn't know the minor differences that play a big factor to us CrackBerry fans, like the virtual's not exactly the same. It's actually very visibly different. How about checking all of the virtual keyboard options? Sure Type is extremely popular. Test it out. It's not that much to ask.

Talking about the hd about posting some instead of those poorly taken pics?

Sorry if I'm complaining so much, but there is a lot to be said about these new devices and the os improvements, and when they're not showing them off I have a problem with that.

I agree with you ... but if he made a video 20 minutes long, would people have the time to watch it?
I need all the availble to I can get to play with my PlayBook.

I'll be upgrading once it comes out, but only if it's $199 or cheaper. I bought my current red torch for $99.

I'm due for an upgrade this year (from an 8900). I'm so glad I waited! Can't wait for an official release date...

I currently have the 9800. Definately going for this one... Hopefully it will be able to act as a wifi hotspot...

os 7 looks very nice on the torch 2. it gives it a nice flavor. the device all around looks good except that bedazzled door.but i guess you can buy another battery door on crackberry anyway. i hope at&t releases the torch 2 and bold touch together. i want to play with both before making my decision. after watching this video, i am stuck in a hard spot. the torch 2 is also an exceptional buy along with the bold touch. this what happens when you can only buy one due to money constraints.there was so many negative comments towards the torch 2 in the beginning, but i guess people realize that its not bad at will sell too.

I'm going with the blackberry touch. bigger screen... it's time for me to man up and go with a full touchscreen phone.

Listen everybody. We ALL need to join together and upgrade. If RIM can pump an additionl 50 million BB in a one month period, it will make WORLD news.

We must stand strong to fight those other non BB phones.

The Torch 2 is very nice. I'm not too hot about the Bedazzled battery cover but I'll live. However, I'm still going 9900. RIM, please, why is there still no release date for any of these new devices let alone the 9900/9930?! RIM needs to start kicking these devices out to stores asap. What kind of marketing strategy is this? Why would anyone, especially in RIMs position, wait and or hold off for?? *SIGH!!!*

Not going to happen. If you look at the leaked official spec sheets it specifically omits any of the bands for T-Mobile. The Blackberry Monza and Bold specification sheets specifically had models to work on T-Mobile bands (AWS) listed.

The Torch is a good phone, I have it, I am happy that i can use both the touch screen and the keypad, nothing beats QWERTY hardware in typing long mails or even bbm-ing faster.

But whats with RIM coming out with phones with technology years behind? When everyone is coming out with dual-core phones, RIM comes out with its 1st 1.2Ghz phone! Compare it to Samsung Galaxy S 2 or HTC sensation - 1.2Ghz dual-dual core, thats twice the fire power.

Also the screen size is bumped to what? 640 x 480 ? When everyone else is coming out with qHD screens! Sigh!

I wont be upgrading to any of these phones, since just the new OS doesnt give me what I want, i wonder how much social integration is going to work. I need more apps, more graphic friendly phones, HD recording and everything an Android and Iphone 4 can do.

It could be a trick!
Maybe these phones are going overeseas.

It was sent to someone in the U.S. just for their opinion.

Sneaky idea, right!

Ahem .....

I'm A Torch 1 user, reasonably happy, particularly with the relatively large touchscreen/touchpad/keyboard configuration. The only drawback was a somewhat dark and muddly display, cranky OS and lack of speed. These deficits look to be addressed in Torch 2, and I don't see a comprable product with this triple-threat configuration so YES! Immediately upon release I will have it! I am hoping that the added pop, and hopefully some ATT 4G-ish whatever it is it will be called by the time or soon after the release will also be an upgrade. Big hope for me is that an enhanced Torch 2 will result in correspondingly enhanced Playbook Bridge Mode operation. "Holding out for something better"? With the logjam at RIM, who knows when the next great thing will come chugging down the pike! Fact is, with the Playbook rounding into impressive form over the summer, the fact that there are faster more powerful handsets out there won't move me much, because I am already relying on the Playbook for operations that require better graphics and power, so I will opt to keep it in-house. The new Bolds and even the new Storm (and I hope they re-name that line) are also looking good, but the Torch 2 form factor is the deal closer for me. The best thing I heard in the video above, although unverified, was that "early summer" which could mean weeks instead of the months that had been speculated about elsewhere as the projected release dates, like late August, the fall or even end of the year. Early summer I can wait for.

the guy in the video has never used a torch before. said the keyboard is the same as the torch 1 lol. what a knucklehead. the keyboard looks a hundred time better then os 6 and better then os 6.1 which had a different keyboard then os 6. unfortunately the vid also shows to me that os 7 is far from ready. not only was the pinch to zoom incredibly laggy and unacceptable on a 1.2 ghz deice, but buddy also mentioned that the browser is not ready to be show. and that's already build .100 of os 7. definitely a few months to go. *sigh* :(

I'm definitely getting the Torch 2. I'm not interested in using the Torch to play games with, or take videos.

I grew up - games aren't important!!

If I want to take a video - I only use a dedicated video camera.

I wish the Torch 2 was coming to Verizon. But at least I can still get a Bold Touch.

The back battery cover is a bit over the top, but I don't think it matters all that much to me seeing that I use cases (Otterbox Commuters) on my Bold & Playbook and would use one for either my next Bold Touch or Torch 2 (again if it were coming to Verizon).

RIM will keep but out the same stuff torch and torch 2
9700 then 9780 same F phones with minor changes
in them, and dumb ass people still buy the cause they dont know

Do you own a PlayBook?

Nobody understands their their name. RIM = Research In Motion. Meaning their Research is in motion. They are constantly working on it.

johnny did a second take on the buttons and forgot to edit the video lol...doesn't look like he knows how the 'mute' key works. hilarious. i would replace all that exterior flashiness for the original torch bezel and batt door. wth were they thinking with this faux silver?

I wouldn't buy it - I've had my Torch since December and it has so many creaks and squeaks that its probably time to send it in for a replacement. The build quality is garbage.

I don't get why the batteries are so weak on newer upcoming models.. Why does the bold 9700 (1500mah) have the best battery out all the models released.. All these dual core processors and small batteries 1300mah, 1230mah and such to me they should 1600mah and 1800mah batteries.. Just saying!

looks lame to me, nothing changed, just the hardware and the color, looks worst to me than the first one, its too heavy for the phone, will have upgrade to new bold. people will get torch 2 and after a year they will release torch 3? whats the point? is it to make more money? cant they just wait 2 years and release much better and improved torch or any other device. Just my opinion

Hey ..... open your eyes. They all do that ..... iPhone1, iPhone2, iPhone3, iPhone4, soon iPhone5.

NFS will be the big one that gets people tossing their old phones in the trash, and getting new ones. You should see how many fast food business in China are switching over.

Everything is becoming 'self serve' at the counter point. Walk up to the checkout.
Enter your 'meal combo' or ??? on the PlayBook.
You pay using your BB cell phone.
Your order is sent to the burger boy at the back.

Won t change my torch for that one, i ll wait for QNX models instead. My torch is only 6 months old !

this is the worst review jon4lakers has ever done! :s he's one of my fav reviewers but this was a complete disappointment. this phone is sick but i still rather have the bold touch cuz i miss having my bold 9700 which i replaced with the torch.

Am I supposed to be impressed with specs that should have been on my original Torch? The hardware still looks shotty too; when he uses the touch screen, you can see the bottom of the screen "wobbling."

Overall, not impressed with BB these days, no wonder their stock is tanking...

listen if you guy are serious about this torch2 you will make sure its 4G compatible. the silver body rocks was looking for this for the torch 1 but say what. 720p HD is a shame but its ok being its torch 2 apple never got it right till 4 years latter anyway. good to see a nice blackberry with some todays stuff on it, and the camera should have a better lens also i shoot with the torch 1 cam its not bad at all if this one is better then yeah why not cheers thanks for the video.

I have the Torch and it was not only my first smartphone but my first blackberry. I am reasonably happy with it but there are some definite problems that I have. First of all I HATE that that connectity screen does not have a prompt when you want to turn it off, I have,on more than one occasion accidently hit my connectivty and Wi-Fi off. I see no reason for them to come out with the Torch 2 unless it can utilize 4G. I would really like to see swype added to this phone and some better apps that are available on other OS, but not for blackberry. I do wish the volume was better on the torch I have now and I do find that the calling screen to be a little oversensitive to touch, I often put people on hold by accident.
On another point I have had 3, yes 3 torches since I recieved mine in August. First one the camera eye actually slid down in the phone, which could not have happened at a worse time, as I was taking still shots on a commercial shoot for my candidate. The day after I recieved my 2nd Torch I accidently dropped in the toilet, but worked fine until January, when it just stopped working on more than one function at a time, all keys were disabled. I had to pay to replace it, even though I wa told by a balckberry specialist that the water damage had nothing to do with it and that it was a software problem, and I did do a whole system reinstall. I have also encountered problmes with the ATT app store not always working, though the one agent at ATT told me that Blackberry users couldnt use the ATT app store, to which I replied then why on your website is the TORCH used in a promo for the app store, obviously she was wrong. I'm not saying that I wouldn't nessecarily not buy this phone, but I feel that it is still behind where the current market is, and where it is going.

I would like to see the MUTE button taken off the main screen, I have a problem something hitting it my mistake.

I have the Blackberry Torch and I personally hate it. It is always freezing up on me, I have to remove the battery to get it to unfreeze, half the time when I use the internet, if you google something it will have some works but mostly lines like this: _______ between the words. It's really irritating. I also have the problem where I will be typing something and the letters won't show up. I just have so many issues with it and I have been told there's nothing they can do about it. Maybe the torch 2 will be better.