BlackBerry Torch 2 hits the FCC

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2011 01:22 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 2 hits the FCC

With the BlackBerry Bold 9900 having already passed through the hands of the FCC, we now are seeing the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 get put through its paces. No suprises within its filing though, unless of course you were looking for T-Mobile 3G which -- it doesn't have. The Torch 2 will support GSM 850 and 1900 bands, as well as WCDMA bands II and V making it ready for release on AT&T as expected.

Have we mentioned lately that this device hasn't even been officially announced by RIM? Because, it hasn't yet but we've probably seen as much of this device as we have the officially announced BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Source: FCC; via: Wireless Goodness

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BlackBerry Torch 2 hits the FCC


I hope AT&T blasts this out early with RIM doing the announcement and launch the same week.

2 weeks would be ideal since I'm in the US, and if this comes out first, I might just pick this up over the 9900

Personally, I was hoping that the 9810 would get delayed by the FCC because rumors are floating around that AT&T will be releasing the Torch 2 in September and won't be releasing the Bold 9900 until November (which pi$$es me off MAJORLY).

I saw this one not too long ago in shop.
Man o man .... this is a real winner. It is totally AWESOME.
Actually, the 9900 is amazing as well.

Check it out when it comes to the carrier. Guaranteed that you will get one. They are chick magnets!

Read the terms and conditions from the above. There's a time frame for the new device purchase.

"The new device must be purchased after May 28, 2011 and before August 27, 2011"

Remember when the iphone 4 came out att pretty much wiped out any contracts that were signed in 09? Well although I'm not an optimist I'm banking on att doing that again with the new iphone. Just a thought/ hope. Then I can sell my 9800 and get a new device cuz that's what I do. In the last 7 years I've had 10 phones. Man my life is sad :(

Assuming that the following are correct, I personally appreciate that the form factor is the same of the Torch 1 & 2.
* I can use the same Seidio case I have for my Torch right now
* I can use my iGrip car count I have
* Battery is the same? F-S1?

Although I am still debating if I would fork over the cash to pick up the Torch 2, but the savings above makes it cheaper if I were to switch from one BlackBerry to another in the past.

The FCC ID on this listing 'L6ARDM70UW' matches one of the 2 FCC IDs listed on the leaked spec sheet from back in April. Here's a link.

You'll notice that the other FCC ID 'L6ARDN70UW' (one character difference), only supports bands 1,2 and 8. Band 4 is the AWS band used by T-Mobile for 3G/4G so since the other model doesn't support band 4 then it won't be for T-Mobile either. Unless RIM has developed another version of the Torch 2 that supports band 4, we won't be seeing this for T-Mobile anytime soon.

Maybe they'Re holding on the announcement while they decide whether or not they want to call this bad boy th "Torch" 2 since the new Torch is a slate phone... again.. I have no idea why they decided on this...

I apologize for what could be a dumb question but does the WCDMA spec mean it might appear on CDMA carriers?

Torch 2 dreamers, rejoice!!! At least this is confirmation that the device is going into production, even if RIM hasn't announced it officially.

Still no confirmation or announcement on the 9860/9850. I grovel -- shame out the door! Sniff!!!

I've using my new 9810 for 3 days and I have to say it's a big improvement compared my former 9800. Works faster, specially when browsing and the new OS7 icons are beatiful.

My version is, stable enough so far except 2 resets (no more than 9800).

And finally all applications tried from Appl world works perfectly.

Nice device in summary. Still a big heavy but the best option in BB so far in my opinion.

i ENVY you!!! Thanks for the update on the 9810 as it is nice to get a feel for where it's at. Because of the size & weight of the Torch, I'd rather just have a touch screen device like the 9860/9850 (Storm!).

UMMMMM...Please battery pull and tell us how long it took to re-boot. It BETTER be less than 30 seconds.

Will not be less than 30 seconds for the foreseeable future

RIM does a security check on every reboot thus taking longer than any other device for sure, in addition that it is just an upgrade over OS6 so it is a slow loading OS.

WHAT ABOUT VZW????? Will I live long enough to see a new touch screen BB? Will I live long enough to see the Storm replaced?


I'm with you zz28! I feel your pain and frustration! I have a Storm 1, waiting on a Storm 3 for almost 2 years!!!

Please check out They have a commercial on YouTube on "Learning to Wait" :) It's hilarious!

They are going to make BILLIONS of phones.
Everyone will have 6 or 7 strapped around their waist.
The one with the most phones gets the Princess.

The guys with the iPhones, gets the guy!

grrrrrr.. this is really taking a very long time already. maybe, ill stick with my torch 1 for the mean time, it still offers what i need. ahahaha...