BlackBerry Torch 2 gets previewed yet again, still not official

BlackBerry Torch 2 gets previewed yet again, still not official
By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2011 04:53 pm EDT

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone out there but the still unofficial, unannounced BlackBerry Torch 2 has one again received some hands-on love. At this point, there is very little information remaining to be said about the BlackBerry Torch 2.

Aside from a release date and official announcement of carriers we're baffled as to why RIM isn't just shipping this device already -- they've had plenty of time to be working on it and they're well aware they need a new in-market device so, what exactly is the hold up? Specs call for AT&T on this one, we're wondering if it's carrier approval or if BlackBerry 7 is still being optimized for the new hardware we're seeing here.

  • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
  • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE ; Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
  • Display: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 capacitive touchscreen display
  • Memory: 8GB storage + 768MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Connectivity: WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 1300MAh battery
  • Dimension: 14.6mm thick
  • Sensors: magnetometer

If you're looking for more photos, you can jump on past the break or hit up the source link for the full details.

BlackBerry Torch 2
BlackBerry Torch 2

Source: Engadget

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BlackBerry Torch 2 gets previewed yet again, still not official


atleast im not impressed by any of the other brands. i hope rim takes there time and gets it perfect.

I agree and add a dual-coe processor so we can have some kind of guarantee we will be able to upgrade to QNX, HDMI out and 1gb RAM.

I can't believe people still buy Blackberries...this is garbage and RIM will be out of business in no time, there devices are such a joke. I feel bad for those browsing the internet on a BB, good luck!

And I can't believe how much free time you have. I am very jealous. I wish I could have such an exciting life as you so I could go tell others what I don't like.

This phone won't suck and BlackBerry phones will continue to roll out.

You seem to have a lot of free time to reply to him and tell all of us how you feel about what he does.. That takes up just as much time as what he did.. lol, pathetic.

I'm just curious in regards to the purpose of your post. If BBs are so awful and RIM so garbage, why are you taking time to even respond to this post?!?! I'm confused. I've had no issues with nmy bb annd I'm sporting the 9780.....and. I'm loving it. All my previous BBs have been great too. I'm sure your smartphone lacks on some things that you wish it could do. It's all about perfection--everyone is trying to conceive and develop the perfect smartphone.

lol, It's funny how you think someone is out there trying to develope the "perfect phone". You don't know a damn thing about business do you? There is no money in making a perfect phone... the money is in continuing to "attempt" to make the perfect phone by correcting your prior "mistakes" so that people will want to upgrade in hopes to getting a better working phone. If RIM or anyone made a perfect phone, there would be only one purchase, and only a need for just that.. no updates, no nothing. The sooner you come to peace about there not ever going to be a perfect phone, the better off you will be. Don't waste your time.

I understand the whole thing about getting customers coming back for more, but someone can develope the "perfect" phone using the most current technology and when the technology advances in 5-6 months someone then develops a new "perfect" phone using the advanced technology. If someone was to follow this they could gain such a huge loyal customer base that they wouldn't need to release under developed phones.

But......this will never happen because to make the perfect phone you would need to meet the desires of the masses which would be a huge task because no one is alike.

Presumably you also can't believe why people still buy Mercedes, while you are so happy with your Kia.

I am sure, there are many things in this strange and miraculous world, which simply you will remain not to understand. Do not worry, you are not alone. The forests behind the hills are full of creatures like you, ROFL.

Lol @ people getting mad at this guy's opinion. He is right, Blackberry is lacking compared to Android and iOS. They are putting out mediocre phones, and that is why they are losing their fan base. No front facing camera, no dual core, no HDMI, the list goes on...

Blackberry will always be the best. They have been in circulation since 1984, and they keep getting better! What's funny is, you are complaining about Blackberries but yet, you're on "Crackberry"

Typically, there will be carrier specific chosen colors to go with. Tour/Bold for example.. Vzw was more tinted color of chrome, Sprint was more brighter chrome, etc etc. Vzw had a Carbon Fiber/rubber combo on the back, Sprint had all polished.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 delayed until September, IT admins everywhere weep
By Jacob Schulman posted Jun 3rd 2011 12:52PM
BlackBerry fans itching to get your touch on: don't reach for your wallets just yet. BGR is reporting that RIM's upcoming Bold 9900 has been delayed until September, which is a bit later than the expected "Summer" release quoted back at BlackBerry World. We know you're heartbroken, but it looks like you'll have to live vicariously through our video hands-on until you can pocket one of your own.

can someone tell me y apple can come out with a phone every 6 month n blackberry now needs to delayed there phone from end of july to september. good bye blackberry maybe i need to switch. :(~

iphone 5 will come out in jan2012. That's 1.5 years since iphone 4. so tell me again how often apple releases iphones?

2/3 of September is Summer. I'd like it sooner but i'll take it later if it will work better then. Looks loke Sprint is planning for August 21st for their 9930s so the 9900 shouldn't be far behind?

Torch 2 internals sound brilliant, however the torch 1 exterior is far nicer than torch 2 exterior. That matt silver on 2? I no like.

I actually like the way it looks. I wasn't as keen to it but it looks pretty good in these pics. If it comes to Verizon (doubt it) I'd seriously consider it along with the 9850 and 9900. I'm sick of waiting either way.

I like what RIM is doing with the new devices and the trims they are putting on the, Aluminum right?. Now if you drop your device you don't have to worry about your Chrome get'n chipped off lol. Ohh, and the Torch 2's screen seems to be brighter then the OG Torch, that might suggest higher screen red. (Maybe, don't go crazy on me because I suggested that) lol, :)

Or maybe RIM is tired like many of us of the poor coverage that ATT provides.

It has really gotten worse here in the houston area, rather than better.

i got to say vastly improved from the torch 1.and hopefully its an august release for this one too.i want to play with it as well at the store.

I currently rock a 9800. The phone is simply too slow to be effective. This new Torch should be close to perfect. If only the screen were a wee bit larger.......

I personally like the silver look I would have liked it a lot more than the rubber black and silver edging. I can't see why people don't like the new silver look. I also would have liked a pure black one as well.

Torch 2 should have video calling capabilities like the Iphone 2 this would be a great advantage for business also it is the new wave of the future, oh yeah you should be able to sync the video calling with your playbook as well just a suggestion.

i agree with me it looked like they didn't know what to do with the torch from day one. It seemed to me like a transitional device ie from no touch berry to a touch berry and a big screen in a big hurry, lol. But people would have lost their minds if rim would have launched an all touch device with not physical keyboard. especially with a virtual keyboard as bad as on the torch. even the physical keyboard is a disaster and i own a torch only because of the large screen. So what i think they should've done with the T2, is given it an image, a place in the BB line up by giving shmIphone users an alternative amongst the BBs. WITH a physical keyboard, and WITH everything you mentioned and then some ie front facing cam, ect. I think that would be a hell of a phone. Make it competitive PLUS a physical keyboard. I could see a lot of people going for it, fo sho. just an idea. :)

Does anyone know if the Torch 2 will have that nifty lighted trackpad? I haven't found any info regarding this, and cant find any proof of this on any screens or vids. Also, I really wasn't digging the look of it until I saw these pics. The brushed aluminum look or gunmetal w/e you want to call it, paired with the black of the bezel and keyboard is pretty nice. It just looks a little more sophisticated compared to the Torch 1. The battery cover is a cosmetic disappointment IMO, but nothing a new one cant fix.

I'm really thinking day 1, if I can make up my mind of this, the new Bold, or even the new all-touch Torch!

the all touch torch baby, now ur talkin! haha
to answer your question, it will not have the lighted trackpad. at least from all the hands-on love (sounds so dirty) we've seen of the T2, the track pad was not lit up in them. But September is a looong time from now so you never know :)

Thanks Max, I was assuming it didnt but was kind of holding on to some hope that someone caught it in all of its backlighted glory!

Either way, its looking like the Torch will be a stunner for sure.

carrier approval? God I hope not. Do they really think RIM can't build phones? And anyway carrier approval is a joke as far as I can tell carriers seem to be tech morons.

Playbook and Torch...C'mon RIM, get your act together and release some new devices already! I'm getting very tired of this waiting....and waiting....and waiting..............

The real question is who's leg do I have to hump to bring this device to Verizon? I've wanted the torch since the first version was released.

I would like to see these things on the next torch:

1) A front facing camera (3MP would be fine)
2) Video Chat app included for chatting with the PlayBook and other phones
3) A slimmer form factor

And I would really like to see these additions added to the AT&T version

Of course, we want the other updates to stay included...LOL

Yea cmon RIM when are you going to announce the phone!? Its all over the net! Just don't be ashamed...........

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i really like my torch and an upgrade in specs will be awesome at times it does run slow. Also i hope the make an all white again except i hope the fix the paint chipping my white bb has chips of silver showing.

I tell ya it gets kinda of tiring they keep advertising the Torch 2 and others and keep talking and talking They really need to just get on with it and ship the darn things...

BB better get with the times and maybe include hotspot capability for one like well every other smartphone has had for over a year now. If it had a dual core processor, LTE and hotspot I might have upgraded but when the Droid Bionic drops I'm gone and I've been with RIM for MANY years.

If that thing cost a penny over 150 dollars... It's a disgrace. It's a 3g device without a front facing camera for crying out loud!! If this phone doesn't scream rush job I don't know what does!!! They don't care. That's why they rushed to change 6.1 to 7. "That's a huge jump!" just to fall short of qnx. I'm sick of Research In Motion! Skum bags don't care if your phone will be forgotten in a year. This is upgrade bait. Just like they want os6 users to upgrade to the next line of mediocre phones to get os7. You better believe this is the same thing!!! os7 to qnx. That's not good business. You're trying to rip me off. ANDROID is where it's at. I'm on an HTC evo 4g with gingerbread browsing The FULL site.. without a trace of checker boarding, or lag. if that matters.

For me looks like there paid People from other smartphones company and write bullshit in this blog. Please think before you write and don't Be only tecnicals...Ass............
Remeber without blackberry, qtek (HTC) , motorola and Nokia no knowhow for The missing bite apple...or others.. So let this Blog Be a good and helpfull Blog ... For bullshit go to face......bbbbbboooo.....amen