BlackBerry Torch 2 gets another hands-on look in latest video

By Bla1ze on 13 Apr 2011 03:48 pm EDT

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Just in case the BlackBerry Touch wasn't enough or you prefer the BlackBerry Torch style a little more, the same folks who posted up the BlackBerry Touch video have also gone hands-on with the BlackBerry Torch 2. Another device we expect to hear more about come time for BlackBerry World but for now we've got videos to hold us over.

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BlackBerry Torch 2 gets another hands-on look in latest video


I totally agree "flyhigh365" I could have done a waaaaaaaaaay better job! And was he comparing the size to a Nokia??? WTF??

Why did RIM send a torch 2 to this guy? He didnt even know how to use the camera! Send it to me next time RIM!!

They seem to have taken away the animation when opening apps. Same on the video of the Touch. Maybe it's just an early build.

Zzzzz.... enough of these boring pics and video's, can you roll out the device already??

This guy does boring video's. He could of showed more? It whatks on the inside that counts and he couldn't even show that!

This is a "hands-on" video only in the very loosest sense of the word. I don't think the guy had any idea what he was doing.

no light-up track pad like touch and montana? wth! that's pretty much the only thing i got out of this vid because this guy sux!

Is it a real torch? it showed "Favourites" instead of Favorites
Maybe its a china made Torch.
Go through the video and see

Dude. RIM is a Canadian company, Canadian's spell it with a "u"...same with colour, neighbour etc.

How is it spelled out in yours, FAVOURITES OR FAVORITES. In mine its FAVORITES
SO pls dont laugh like i dont know what iam saying

I hate how they got rid of the charcoal color and went with a boring silver color. Looks less apealing now :/...also I hope the final version doesn't say blackberry at the top on the bezel. Would make RIM look stupid...

Wow. Its like he is using it in slow motion. Also, how is it that no one is looking at the browser? By far, the browser was the most significant element that could have been great, but suffered hugely under lack of power...

Why is there no focus square for the camera? I find that to be very useful. (I don't know what it's actually called, but you know what I mean if you've seen it)

-BBOS 6.1 is very long in the tooth.... QNX will likely require dual core for compatibility so this phone is likely an orphan from an upgrade perspective. Steer clear....
-talking of dual core, BB should be the first ones in line with dual-core phones. their existing phones all have 500mhz-600mhz dating from the original Bold, so leap=frogging the competition has to be expected. Its clearly not happening, so steer clear...
-no front facing camera? steer clear
-im still not sure this bad boy has an open GL chip...

RIM has given up on the high end part of the market....

steer clear boys, unless you only want a messaging phone likely incapable of running QNX

No front facing camera is a valid reason? Because I use front-facing cameras on my other devices SO often. Oh wait, no, twice a year.

The point was not specific to the front-facing camera feature. It was making note of the fact that RIM is not keeping up with competition in the consumer market driven by iOS & Android devices.

Four years ago, before the iPhone, RIM could afford to ignore the consumer market and only worry about their own line. They were the kings of business. People used to bring their Blackberry devices home with them. Today, the opposite is true. People are bringing their iPhones to work. The consumer sector has invaded businesses. When the CEO gets an iPhone or Android device, the long standing BES architecture means nothing.

RIM was slow out of the gate in realizing this change in the market. Their first two attempts at consumer devices failed (Storm & Storm2). The third attempt (Torch) was marginally successfull but it was still lagging behind the iOS & Android handsets of its day.

Many saw the Torch 2 as a chance to catch up or leap frog the competition in terms of hardware superiority. Instead, it appears to be more of a refresh, with marginally better hardware to make the OS snappier (like the Storm 2).

It's not like it'll stop working with future QNX os devices like the Playbook. It's never been said that it won't get any future upgrades but to be honest we shouldn't expect any other than firmware improvements if one was to upgrade to this device.

the high end market. what do you mean? from what I've seen from the specs it will have an open gl chip, it will have a new processor. If you're confusing high end with cutting edge, it can be relatively expensive for little gain esp when balancing out battery issues and software that takes advantage of it.
I hardly think having a lesser processor means they've discarded the high end.

if you complement this phone with QNX playbook you're not going to miss out on much and for the most part any apps you buy for the playbook will probably need to be re-purchased if it was made for a qnx smartphone (which none exist) or if they designed one specifically for OS 6x devices though thats all assumption at this point.

I liked at least seeing the physical aspects of the phone. He almost looked like he was filming it trying not to get noticed. I also saw he was using a MacBook!

Why should it matter that he IS using a MacBook?! Ppl choose their smartphones differently from their personal computer OS of choice - Linux the exception due to a few limitations on desktop smartphone local sync options yet with cloud services - this hardly matters.

I'm on a MacBook - currently using an iPhone 4 but missing my years of BB juts 2mths ago … I want the powerful apps I have in iPhone 4 (especially trading app choices) yet the most secure platform used by financial institutions CANNOT support powerful trading applications. very sad but hopefully QNX will change this on BB's before too long.

Although this does look like a nice phone and yeah I always thought the torch is a really good phone big touch screen with a slider keyboard but still not really impressed because it seems like its no different from the 1st torch and if its gonna sell more I am looking to get the torch 1st generation until I can see a great improvement with this blackberry

it's no different because its in the torch branding...

the differences lie in the internals, the resolution and the newer operating system and thats where you'll see the overall improvement.

6.1 will probably come to the 1st torch anyways but you're getting a lot more inside than you did in the first torch but that's not to say the first torch was severely lackin

the look of the original i think was a lot better but here's hoping they've improved upon the keyboard and the lock controls at the top of the device.

This guys nose whistles like a muthafucka. So annoying. Boring vid too but its nice to see some mad speed in these bad boys. :))

Seems nice but doesn't seem like a major upgrade from Torch 1. Will probably still buy one no contract, howeverrr

Torch 2 or bb touch big decision for my next BB.
I love my T1 so little touch screen is not an option so the bold touch is out the game.