BlackBerry Torch 2 (9810) looks to be arriving on AT&T next month

BlackBerry Torch 2
By Bla1ze on 5 Jul 2011 01:32 pm EDT

For a while now we've been hearing that the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 would likely arrive to carriers before the BlackBerry Bold 9900. While that remains to be seen, the evidence supporting that suggestion does keep adding up and the above image showing an August release does make sense.

That said; one thing that doesn't make sense in the grand scheme of things is the fact that the device is listed as being the BlackBerry Torch 4G. The BlackBerry Torch 2 has a max of HSPA 14.4Mbps as we've seen in many reviews and even the previously leaked spec sheet. If we had to take a wild guess here, and assuming it does arrive as the BlackBerry Torch 4G -- it's just more smoke being blown in our eyes by AT&T, just like every other carrier the labels HSPA+ as 4G.

Source: Android Central

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BlackBerry Torch 2 (9810) looks to be arriving on AT&T next month


I think the point might have been "within a month" as one month from now would be August. Either way, the idea of the T2 hitting before the 9900 seems odd to me as we've seen much of the 99xx and little of the 9810.

I'm not surprised. When all your doing is updating hardware it doesn't take much to re-release a phone. Even the OS can be ported over very quickly. When you're talking about releasing a brand new phone, it takes awhile longer to get out.

That being said, they should be focusing on getting it out since they've already announced it.

The torch 2 from what I remember was supposed to be 4G, they basically started working on it right after the Torch was released and then upped the processor late last year/beginning of this year.

It would be easier and quicker to launch the torch r2 since aesthetically it still looks the same. But I agree with an earlier post that AT&T HSPA+ is probably branding it as 4g. I will speak to some of my friends to see what the max speed is.

All devices are being labelled 4G these days.. T-Mobile does it, AT&T does it.. everyone does it, ever since they changed how 4G can be defined. It's just as noted, smoke in consumers eyes and a bunch of BS that they have been allowed to get away with.

at&ts fastest phone is the samsung infuse at 21mbps. damn shame the bbs will only be 14 but ive seen realworld speeds of over 1mbps(at night with 5 bars) off of the infuse. i would def settle for 500-800kbps real world on my bb. its enough for me and my pb:)at least until i get some lte in my neck of the woods

How credible are these sources?

I'm pretty sure I could pull up MS word and type a list of every BB device, throw in a QNX phone, tag a month next to each phone and take a pic of it. Then send it in as if I got it from the Verizon wireless main hub computer.

I guess it's that simple.

Can't the article at least mention where the picture came from? Or say something like, this is from a trusted source at " " Wireless.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the reason for the 9900/9930 hold-up is the carrier testing on the device/OS? If that is the case, shouldn't the new Bold be released at the same time (or sooner) than the Torch 2, considering they have the same specs and OS?

ATT will call any phone it can 4G, from what i have heard they have listed as a way to get people grandfathered into unlimited data plans to give up said data plan in order to buy a "4G" phone, even though ATT does not really have 4G speeds
i might switch to Sprint if they keep up the unlimited plans, ive been with ATT since 2002 and they just keep becoming more and more shady

If you have an unlimited 3G plan, you are grandfathered in and can keep unlimited data with a 4G device. A buddy of mine just upgraded from the Iphone 3G to the Atrix 4G and he was able to keep his unlimted data.

if memory serves, the same thing happened at the dawn of 3G. All of the carriers were promoting boosted/enhanced 2G as 3G. In fact, wasn't the phrase 2.5G coined to refer to this? Perhaps, as a nod to tradition, we should call it the Torch 3.5G? Beats having to wait for the fabled "Truth in advertising".

Aurgh, I also broke down and upgraded to the Torch 1 a week ago. AT&T gives 30 days satisfaction guarantee to return phone... Now I need to decide if I should take it back and unbox the 9000 for another month (or so)... crap...

Why is a device with a CDMA unit number (odd 3rd digit aka XX10 XX30 XX50 XX70 XX90) being touted as coming to a GSM carrier? The only recent phone that didn't fit that model i can think of was the VZW 8900 Curve. Everything on AT&T is a 00/20/40/60/80 phone no?

Its already $0.97 @ retailers and only $49.99@ att...I paid $187.77 or some ish @ walmart first day of release. I don't think I will jump on the $200 price tag will probably wait a couple months and cop it when the price drops.