BlackBerry Thunder Rolls with OS4.7; Desktop Manager 4.7 Gets Ready in Anticipation

Desktop Manager 4.7
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2008 11:48 am EDT

I wasn't the only one up late last night writing up some blog posts... it seems our bud Jibi posted a couple of new BlackBerry Thunder and 4.7 tid bits...

  • the BlackBerry Thunder is definitely the BlackBerry 9500, features a 360 by 480 resolution screen (bigger than iPhone or iPhone 3G) and will be rolling with OS version 4.7
  • in likely preparation for the Thunder, Desktop Manager 4.7 has shown its face. The images don't depict anything too earth shattering (it does include Media Sync which is cool), but it's always nice to see this kind of stuff surface!

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BlackBerry Thunder Rolls with OS4.7; Desktop Manager 4.7 Gets Ready in Anticipation


I'm looking forward to it. I have a 8130 and I have only had it for a few months so I will try to go with the 9500 next.

Does Jibi or the rest of the BB Crew out there have a speculated date of arrival? With the 11th vastly approaching (cough cough) I would imagine RIM should at least give us a bone. As well, Kevins recent post on the DevBerry Blog closing it's doors, I think I am like a large demographic out there, getting ready to purchase my 1st smart phone. But more than a great phone, I am also looking for a great interface to help me and my wife organize our crazy life, IE BB Unite, or MobileMe and a stable OS. Nokias OVI doesn't seem to be on the cutting edge. So the wait continues, but with the 11th hour upon us....tick tock

I can't wait for the 9500 to come out. I may even pay the ridiculous contract cancellation fee to VZW to get it. I wonder if the 9500 could eventually use that new mobile platform, Android, that Google is creating? That would be awesome!

was hoping for a bigger screen (resolution). 360x480 is bigger than the iPhone's 320x480 by not by much. 640x480 would have been awesome...

Yes Stonewall, I realize this is a Verizon/Vodaphone exclusive, but the last time I tried to trade my phone in, for the new 8830we, before my contract was up, they were going to charge a cancellation fee. It may just be my VZW store, but I thought that was a bit silly since I was staying with VZW and extended my contract another 2 years. Not to mention adding the data plan to get my email and such.