BlackBerry Thunder Pics start to show!!

By Click on 8 Jun 2008 01:11 pm EDT


Boy Genius has done it again!! Take a look at this! More pictures are starting to show of the Verizon Wireless exclusive BlackBerry Thunder!! I don't know about you but if this doesn't get you excited then nothing will!! Convenience keys are still going to be there just like all the other Berrys along with the Send, Menu, Escape, and End/Power Keys! Keep it locked here at to see more updates of the Thunder!! 

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BlackBerry Thunder Pics start to show!!


If this phone is unlocked, can it work with AT&T? I want to get the bold but if this will work with AT&T, i might as well wait and get it unlocked.

VZ is CDMA so its not compatible with anything except MAYBE Sprint but thats a big if. The phone isn't unlocked.

no there is no sim card slot like at&t. verizon doesnt use any sim cards its service programmed to the phone by verizon so it isnt interchangable as it would be with at&t and t mobile w/ for instance, the i phone. essentially, this phone is exclusively for verizon customers! HOLLA

That what they say about the storm 9530 but I have one unlocked and everything except 3g works on att fine. If you look at the rim site and rea about the 9530 it will work on any GSM network. I am sure the new 9630 will also.

I love it!!! I've never heard it called that...that's great! But, on the real, why would you need the "clit" if the phone is a touchscreen? Seriously, unless you just like playing with the "clit", there's really no need for it with a touchscreen device.

i yearn for this to have a slide out keyboard with real buttons...

handling an interface by touch is decent, but i just can't enjoy typing on a virtual keyboard.

i agree. the slidout keyboard would have been enuff to make me possibly switch to verizon. but not just a touchscreen

it looks like an iphone to me. but all touchscreens look like iphones to me.

not likely. verizon & vodafone supposedly have worldwide lifetime exclusivity as long as they meet sales quotas.

Holy Sh%#!!!! OMG...glad I never switched to Sprint for the Instink or to AT&T for the YPhone. PLUS VZW is making MAJOR MOVES...TAKING OVER.

yea good thing you did stay with verizon now you can get the blunder, hey look i changed the name to something cool and funny and that automatically makes it a valid post, idiot, have fun with your over priced verizon plans

This has to be one of the corniest posts on here.
YPhone??? Must be smoking something. Enjoy paying high price for mediocre equipment and a slow web browser. Is it me or does everyone on here some age 40 or over. i.e. Awww man i hate technology.

if that's the case, that would be a big blow to bell or telus... Rogers is slated to get the Bold, as well as the iphone, so that should bring both enthusiast..

If bell or telus could bring the thunder over, then it would certainly help them in the upcoming months to compete with rogers new lineup

VZW only has exclusive US rights, similar to how AT&T will have exclusive rights on the Bold in the US (Rogers has exclusive Canada,Vodafone has exclusive European), these exclusives don't apply outside of the US, so Bell or Telus has all the options available to them to pick up the device as a CDMA carrier in Canada.

But this does NOT excite me.

A touch screen BB defeats the purpose of a BB.

Regardless, its for Verizon.

How much will they Cripple a Phone This time around?

I suppose we'll NEVER know since it won't be out for other Providers.

Suppose a Business Exec. Needs to hammer out an email during a conference- will they be able to do so under the table in a subtle manner?


You'd be surprised at how many of them are put in these situations day to day.

They have come to rely on this factor.

RIM is losing its Focus.

Big time.

For the most part I agree with you, all except the whole RIM loosing focus thing, their NOT loosing focus their expanding their horizons to meet the needs of all users, if you dont want a touch screen device, look at the other RIM options their becoming more and more..

Want a flip...Kickstart it is...

Want a candybar...Get a Pearl...

Want a executive device..get and 88,83,Bold..

Want a touchscreen...Get the thunder...

How is creating MORE options for users, loosing focus?

I have to agree with Bla1ze.

"Losing focus" would be creating something out of the product line. If Blackberry started making regular cellphones, or BB branded SD cards, that would be losing focus. Otherwise they're just appealing to a wider market and gaining market share.

One touch screen model doesn't mean they'll all become touch screen!

In my mind, Blackberry is one of the most companies out there. Consider the product lines of Energizer and Pepsi Co. many, I wish it shared more info (like the obvious, release date, price point, etc.). But as tomorrow brings us the El Steve-O and the Apple show tomorrow with WWDC at 1pm eastern. One would have to think that RIM will have to be fast on their heels with more media coverage ***Shout out to BGR for being 1st to release info on a RIM device*** as well as an actual release to not loose any market share. If iPhone rumors are true with subsidized iPhones at a $200 price point I have to ask I stay (with Verizon) or do I go....

...hey Prada (and all you touch screen haters) please keep in mind that RIM has catured #1 in US market share because they have produced devices that have appealed to the masses in the consumer market. Hence the Centro has allowed Palm to regain some respect. I feel I am like many consumers and this time around will be stepping into my 1st smartphone. I am looking at 3 devices, the BOLD (now to replaced with the Thunder), the iPhone2, as well as the Nokia N95-4. I am not loyal to any, but what I am looking for is a stable OS and a company that backs up their product with great customer service and updates with a community following that pushes the companies to continue to raise the bar...

It's hot but I'm still not feeling the whole touchscreen BB thing that's for sure, unless they found a way to have some sort of haptic feedback on screen they can keep it, HTC has been making touchscreen devices forever now and they still can't get touchscreen to work correctly and the iPhone suffers from the same problems, screen will work for so long then all of a sudden p00f! no longer alligns, no longer responsive etc..etc...not to mention the whole fingerprint issue if your really anal about that crap, I think it opens doors for RIM to reach those who enjoy and want a touchscreen devices, it shows their working towards reaching more and more people, but I won't be among the people who will rush out and grab this one, the bold is still more appealing to me.

While it certainly is a cool looking device, as a Blackberry, it needs a keyboard with tactile feedback.

One of the biggest problems I see (and have had happen to me on a friend's iPhone) is the touchscreen sensitivity. If you have drier skin like myself, you find yourself having a hard time navigating. I sometimes have to wet (lick) my finger so the screen recognizes it is being manipulated. It even happens on occasion with my laptop mouse pad. Imagine what that screen will look like!

Slide out keyboards? NO WAY! Blackberry has built itself as the workhorse of telecommunication devices. All that jazzy, trinkety crap has no place on a Blackberry in my opinion. What that junk does do is create nothing but a warranty/service nightmare for RIM. I'll bet most devices currently returned for service are for moisture damage, not structural failure.

While I am only on my third Blackberry (7100i, Pearl and now Curve) I do know this much.......The Blackberry is a GREAT phone and business device, while the iPhone is just a big iPod with mediocre phone capabilities at best.

RIM.....There's no need to chase it. You already won.



You gotta give RIM the benefit of the doubt here. Since when have they actually created a bad product. I bet they put alot of thought into this design and fashioned alot of its useability by focusing on the iPhones short comings.

This is a shameless name-whoring and market share motivated non-sense. people will buy it. and thay will say... "owww" and "aaahhh." then they will say "it's not an iphone." enter the bell curve.

rapid expansion is never a good thing. i understand the need to compete. but this PHONE-TOY should be called anything but blackberry. Maybe rim 1000 or something.

there is a very different market as far as iphones and BBs go.

Hitler tried fighting on too many fronts too. Hopeful this stupid pandering phone works out.

i dont see a place for a blinking LED... i like the blinkingness. it catches my attn lol. but anyways.. it does look nice. cant wait for some screen shots of the OS.

Will this be international? I know the 8830 is international capable, anyone got ideas on whether this will?

Verizon's website and my friend who works for RIM said that it will be a global phone. The 8830 requires you to insert a sim card provided by verizon for it to work, but on the Storm it will have a built in sim card. all you need to do is have a plan that allows you to use the phone globally.

The picture of this Blackberry is NOT real! There's many realistic effects missing from the image, its a complete fake, if you visit the website of origin, boygenius's website, it has a larger picture. Inspect it.. Its 100% fake! Dont get excited until you see REAL images from RIM themselves!

This looks like a picture from a user manual or one of BBs tricks & tips guides. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this. Good chance there will be some "controlled leaks" to build hype and take some hype away from the 3G iphone launch

Since when has BGR been known to post FAKE pics anyways, he has previously posted mock ups of devices,and plainly pointed out they were mock ups, and then people mistook them for legit pics but other then that BGR's reputation is enough to go on at this point on top of that BG has always had the inside track on RIM anyways, their's no viable reason to question his postings this time around.

Apple does a great job when it comes to portable gadgets and although the iPhone isn't perfect, it's damn good design and engineering. However, even with all that brain power their touch screen keyboard is pathetic and I don't think RIM is going to get anywhere close.

Besides, this thing looks like an iPhone. C'mon RIM, be a little more original.

"Besides, this thing looks like an iPhone. C'mon RIM, be a little more original."

It's a touchscreen. When you have one or two buttons and a giant screen, how variant can you get? Most touch-fullscreens look alike. Did you want RIM to do? Put rims on it or something?


If I wanted an iPhone, I would have bought an iPhone. Touch screens do not interest me in the least.

I need a full QWERTY,excited about the bold coming out.

This is a wannabe iphone piece of crap. i don't own an iphone because I do not like them and I will not own this for the same reason.

So if vrz have the rights.. how lond will that last in the us. I thought if they have the rights to it. It should be only 6 mounths or so.. If they have the rights to it for life that would be very stuped on bb. I would hope they would make a gsm for eather tmobile or att. That would be a very bad mistake on their part if they did not.

Guys this is a phone that some will like and some not (more like it than not)

RIMM is transforming froma strictly business user device seller to the MUCH bigger consumer space.

This will sell big time and now that Verizon is BIGGER than ATT that will help too.

reminds me of my "brick" xv 6700 or whatever it was. Hated the touch screen. A touch screen to dial the phone? No!!!! Love my QWERTY Curve and will think about the Bold but not this one.

If I didn't HATE Verizon so much, I would be excited about this.

But then again, all wireless companies are out to screw us, so there is nothing we can do.

Some people will love it, some will hate it but have faith people. There are plenty of smartphones that have the full qwerty and screen: M-Q, Treo, Dash, etc. But why did you settle with RIM's blackberry? Was is the physical qwerty keyboard's design and feel? Was it the phone's design? Was it the OS? Was it the display?

There are plenty of qwerty smartphones but here we all are with our blackberries! M-Q, Treo, Dash, etc all have a qwerty in common but it's safe to say that these phones are all very different. From the tactile feel of the keyboard to the OS, RIM seems to have nailed it or else we wouldn't all be here blogging and have crackberry addictions.

Just because this phone has a touchscreen doesn't make it a iPhone copycat. If you want to say that all touchscreens are the same, then you might as well say that the iPhone, the LG Voyager, and Nokia 5800 are the same. Although I am not an iPhone fan, it would be a great insult to put the iPhone in the same category as the Voyager (and that phone is horrid).

Give RIM credit people! Apple was able to take a touchscreen smartphone and give it an interface that set it above everything else. Who is to say that RIM isnt able to create something that will surpass everyone's expectations? Apple did do a great job with the iPhone but they're aren't the only ones who have created a really kick ass phone! *cough* blackberry *cough*

There are plenty of qwerty smartphones and RIM did a damn good job creating one that was better than the rest (to us bb-crackheads at least). Maybe RIM can take a touchscreen and again make it better than the rest. And I'm going to give credit to the iphone and say no that's not going to be easy. I'm not looking for RIM's version of the iPhone. I'm excited because I WANT TO SEE WHAT RIM CAN DO with a touchscreen! So don't knock it til you've tried it.

(And just because you don't like touchscreens doesnt make this a bad business move. If touchscreens were so horrible and disliked, iPhones would not be as popular as they are.)

My Verizon Wireless rep has confirmed that the device is in carrier testing and he speculates an August/September release.

As someone who is "stuck" with Verizon (I'm not paying a boat load of money to get out of contract plus most of the people I talk/text with are in Verizon, so its cheaper).

Anyway, I am SUPER pumped for this! I have been waiting to get my first smart phone and this looks to be the one that will do it for me.

So, here is another person who thinks Blackberry is doing the right thing.

This thread is so interesting. I am amazed at how ridicious so many people can be. If you like it great! If you don't like, ditto! Who cares...I will reserve judgment on the Bold and Thunder (or whatever they decide to call it) when they are actually on the market.

Am I excited about a new RIM product? Of course! Who doesn't like new devices, new toys. RIM is working very hard to keep its product at that top of the market, and it seems they are doing a good job of it. Keep up the good work folks.

Variety is the spice of life!

I just wish they would move the USB port to the bottom so you could slot it into a cradle in one move.

Too bad it's exclusive to the price gougers and poor service of Verizon. Turns it from interesting to a yawn since I'll never be looking for one.

Considering I get reception where the other carriers don't or get very little, I have no complaints with Verizon or my bill. You get what you pay for and I'm happy with Verizon. ESPECIALLY when it comes to service. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will argue your statement.

Ok I have to admit I was a little spacey when I clicked over here. I was honestly comparing the attributes of diving watches on a number of sites. So I was a little, well let's just say I was running in low gear? ok!

But I click over here and I am looking at this and I swear I thought it was an iphone? Using terms like "Boy Genius has done it again!" & "if this doesn't get you excited then nothing will!!". As I said I was reviewing Dive watches and was kind of in an odd zone where math wasn't working for a minute or two and as I am looking at this I was thinking WTF?

However, after reviewing it again I was like, Whew! I think what kind of threw me a curve, (no pun intended) was the blank screen and nothing to really note that it was a BB. Hey, it was a very long day, and after comparing the "uber geeks" concepts and ideas of the pro's and con's of a "Real Man's Dive Watch" . My brain was a little mushy, I'll admit it, but C'mon, take a quick look at it and tell me it doesn't look like an iphone?

Or maybe it's just bed time for me? I can just start over tomorrow and no one will think twice? I can just finish all of that paper work around 5:30am or so and maybe take another look at this page, and I am guessing that it won't look like an iphone to me then......ya think??

Ok, here it is the next day, and it still looks like an iphone to me? Maybe I didn't need the extra sleep?

I am not so sure I like the idea of a BB that looks like a IPhone. It'll just make those little apple heads bobble around and they won't be able to eat their Ben and Jerry's anymore..

Keep the BB looking and acting like a BB, that is what brought most of us here, so let's keep it that way.

Jeeeeez, another iPhone wannabe.... I love my berry, but come on, lets keep berries as berries... not iPhone wannananabess, lame in my opinion....

It DOES look like an iPHONE and the Appleheads are having a field day with it. I dont know if it was such a good idea but I hope the features of the phone surpass the Apple offering. It is doubtful that the OS will be as elegant as the iPhone however.

In any event, Verizon will disable any feature that they could make a dime with such as Obex and OPP in order to "encourage" users to avail themselves of their proprietary services.

Verizon is releasing this phone is early July. My friend just came back from a verizon training meeting and they announced the release to be at the beginning of July.

I love the idea.... but dont take away that physical QUERTY keypad... as a matter of fact i really hope and expect a side slide out key board with its lil awesome trackball that we so much love!!! ;) This would be de PERFECT BB for me...

1. Touch Screen

2. Axis Responsive

3. Optional Physical Key board... w. TRACKBALL!!

4. Should be available for multiple carriers....ehh... ATT!! among others.

Listen guys.. i had a touch screen phone since 2003.. when the Nokia launch the first touch screen phone, its a big phone, you guys can search for it.. its nokia 7710.. anywayz its really hard to text and send email to those touch screen phone..Sony ericson came out with the touch screen and and folding keyboard for the screen it make it more easy to type or text but the keypads are really small..
Iphone.. it just makes me laugh when this people make such a big deal about it...
so this will be 6 out of 10...

My contract with verizon is up at the end of the month.
I am waiting for the bold or the thunder. When will at&t get the bold, and do you feel their service is comparable to verizon

RIM does not do Life time exclusives the most they would do is 6 months. Else it would break their contract with other carriers and they would loose business

i lovvvvvvve the idea of a touch screen blackberry... but i think it would be a lot better if it had a slideout keyboard. Touch screens always seem to have issues with software, and I'm wondering will Blackberry get that worked out before releasing it.

Come on already. Give it a chance. Not too sure if it needs a touch-screen to compete as much as it does a real, robust browser. I LIKE typing as a lot of you have said. What I don't like is the flakey wanna-be browser. I know there's Opera Mini 4.1 and others BUT.... I'm a BES provisioned user and these don't run internally so.... Come on RIM, get us a full fledged, authenticated browser out of the box and you'll keep the Mac-weanies at bay. Which came first, the Blackberry or the Apple? Jobs is a nice toy maker, ya gotta give him that. Here the Thunder.....

I need a little advise. I'm a newer BB user and I love it. However, I have been having memory issues since the start. I came from Palm, which afforded me much more memory. My question is- I have the Pearl and the Curve has more flash memory for my applications - should I switch to the curve? Or should I wait and see what Verizon is going to come out with? Who thinks it could be worth the wait? I am anxious and impatient, but if it looks like I will only have to wait a few more months (3 or less), I can do it! What do you all think?

I've been waiting and waiting for a Verizon exclusive to be even worth looking at! I'm so exciting about this. I just got my first Smartphone, Blackberry Pearl, now I have the bug..
Once you go BB, there's no way to go back!

I can't wait!

Can some1 just tell me if this touchscreen is going to be like the iphone's in sensitivity and stuff..or is it going to be like the voyager and Dare which are really dummb...i have the option to switch to At&t to get the this worth sticking w/ everything going to be paid for seperately (internet, GPs..etc.)

This is what it is. Blackberry is an EXCELLENT smartphone maufacturer and I have no dought that this phone will be as big, if not bigger than the iPhone when it hits during the Q3. Don't just be another one of those bitter haters out there that's going to CLAIM that you aren't intriqued by the hype of a touchscreen blackberry because you are with some other carrier besides Verizon. Point being.....this will revolutionize smartphones to an even higher degree and you have to give BB credit for coming out with a device that I am more than positive will be the first real blow the iPhone will take. All these other "competitors" are a mere Joke. Payback is a mother*#&$^@!

I would not buy an iphone for mainly three reasons: the fact that the battery is not user replaceable; AT&T poor reception in the country as a whole; and the fact it cannot connect with Bluetooth to my car. I have not wanted any of the current BlackBerrys because I hate the keys and also the trackball. So I have been making do with my Palm TX and the Motorola RAZR phone. Now I am really excited about the Thunder and hope it will be as great as it looks it might be.