BlackBerry Thunder Media Player Images!!!

BlackBerry Thunder Music Player
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jul 2008 12:06 pm EDT

BlackBerry Thunder Music Player

Finally we get to see some screenshots from RIM's up and coming touchscreen device, currently codenamed the BlackBerry Thunder. Big props to BlackBerrySync for going public with these screenshots of the Thunder's media player application. Running OS 4.7, the BlackBerry Thunder will feature a carrier music store similar to the iPhone's iTunes store and will allow users to purchase songs directly from their device. BBsync also says the Thunder's 360X480 touchscreen display is likely to be made of glass and will make for excellent widescreen viewing of movies and videos taken on the Thunder's built-in camera.

I have a feeling we will soon be seeing a lot more shots of the BlackBerry Thunder. Rumor has it production work on the Thunder begins next week!

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BlackBerry Thunder Media Player Images!!!


i don't have any shots at the moment but i can tell you that it has the half keyboard (pearl style) when straight and if you tilt it it has a full qwerty keyboard

ah, that's too bad they couldn't fit in the full keyboard upright. i've never been too keen on the pearl's board

the media player looks pretty sweet, and the glass screen is definately a nice touch... would it be safe to say this is the final design of the Thunder?

there seems to be a frame issue... Im unable to see the right side of the text... I also cant see the phone in landscape! (i see the edge :p)... I want to see it!!!

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I will definitely be getting this! Can't wait for more information and pics to drop.

Also, I wonder how many mega pixels the camera will be?

WOW !!..Looking Cool...that HAS to be out this year !!
Please RIM dont faff about like you're doing with the Bold...get this thing out there !!

As a current Verizon customer, I have no desire for a "carrier music store similar to iTunes." The VCast store and media management are both downright lousy in terms of performance and usability (the desktop part of the media manager uses Windows Media Player -- blecch).

So, while this looks like a pretty sweet piece of hardware, I'm withholding judgment until we know whether it has a crippled GPS, whether it has wifi at all, and whether the carriers force business through their proprietary services. I'd pay extra to have an actual open device that does what I want without Verizon screwing it up.

so THATS why telus has come out with their own little "iTunes like" application!!! it all makes sense now!

I think the reason why Telus came up with its' own version is because Bell has had one for a while now. Ever since the release of Bell's Curve, Bell's music store has been pushed more than before.

Man.. I cant take it.. so many good looking BB to lust over.. This phone looks Sexy..I dont really like touch screen phones.. but man.. I am begining to reconsider. The rest of this year is looking good for smart phone users. I have a feeling after this phone launches.. IPhone? what? so last year... hahaha.. loving it

I have to admit the phone is downright gorgeous.. but im afraid of what the touch QWERTY experience is going to be like. As of right now I'm an iphone user(unlocked on the rogers network) impatiently awaiting the arrival of the BB Bold. One of the main reasons for my switch, apart from the shear sexiness that is BOLD, is the qwerty. I'm a big guy, and therefore have big hand. The QWERTY on the iphone is too small and leaves too much room for error. The only time I can "stand" the keyboard is in landscape mode, and that only happens when surfing in safari. That being said, I hope for RIM's sake, they have at least a landscape capable sms and email interface, otherwise it'll have the same response from business men as the iPhone.

very nice!!!
hopefully the interactivity of the OS will be better than the iPhone... im still expecting a physical slide out expecting sooo much from this phone... i have no doubt though!! ;D

All this talk of upcoming devices with OS 4.6 and 4.7 while we all have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for an official (well, official in the case of AT&T) OS 4.5!

good job usual... personally, I don't like touch-screens..but this looks alright.. as I've said before, nice to see RIM covering all the bases...

Hey is this still suppose to be exclusive to friggin Verizon?? and will we get screen shots of a keyboard please?? music/video and all that looks great..but us BB users do business. Not look @ movies and download music on my phone. If its limited to one carrier..and has that stupid "iphone like keyboard" since it has a "itunes like music store" its just eye candy or a quick BB answer to the iphone...i want to be wrong...HELP if not ill patiently wait on the Bold


Would like to know why would anyone want a Blackberry touch screen only phone that would be locked to proprietory Verizon vcast services? That's the dealbreaker. Why the disdain for Apple? Is it only hot when Blackberry does it?

I dont even use any of the vcast services. I'm perfectly happy now with my 8830 and would be perfectly happy with the Thunder and still not using any vcast services. Thats what 3rd party apps are for.

I dont need to be told when to turn. I can read a map and see where to turn so google maps is perfect for me. Just to cover the whole "VERIZON SUX BECAUSE THEY CRIPPLED THE GPS" argument.

That's excellent news. That should mean that the touch screen is not pressure sensitive right? Instead it will be capacitive and much more responsive than a pressure sensitive design (I think but don't quote me on it).

Yes its hot when BB does it because you know they will give it ALL the basic services every other phone on the market has plus its going to have the BB quality (not that Apple doesn't have quality). Yes I owned an iPhone, yes I liked it, yes I sold it. It was lacking too many common services.

boomba -
you seem to have more info than others are willing to share. care to answer any more questions?

does the ui theme look like what the bold is running? just slighty altered for touch? or is it something all new?

what is the device size like? no bigger than 8800 series i hope?

is there a way to pull up the keypad at any time to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts?

i take it brickbreaker is gone because it would be hard to make it touch controlled? unless it makes use of the accelerometer and you tilt the phone?

does this make use of the multitouch ui RIM patented?

i dont mean to brag but i do have more info than othrs are sharing,

the softwear on the phone is very early, but so far the theme is exactly like the bold only altered for the touch screen. the only difference is that there is two bars of apps at the bottom of the zen style rather than one.

the device is about the seze of the curve, and about the same thickness.

like i said the softwear is still very early bust thus far you can pull up the menu and enable the keyboard to be showen at any point.

not to sure about the games, being as the softwear is still very early in devlopment.

i dont know about the multi-touch interface yet. . .

anymore questions?

so far havent seen the facebook app, but if i find anything out i will be sure to let you know :)

you misread. i was asking if the phone gives a light vibration when you push the on screen buttons.

sorry, umm, i havent really had much time with the phone (actually i have only seen it being used, not too much hands on) so i dont know, i dont think there will be feed back, but when you do push the screen in it makes a clicking soud as if a key on a keyboard, that and and you can feel when the screen is being pushed.

no there isnt a slider on this phone, instead the screen is like a giant button, you have to actually press the screen in to make buttons do things, like clicking on the mouse, i find its much better for typing than on an iPhone!

Could you please explain in more detail? Is it your basic touchscreen, as a light touch of the screen will do? Thank you!

no, its not your basic touchscreen, think of it when you are typing, when on your basic touch screen you just lightly touch the screen and the letter you are on is used, where as with this device you actually push on the screen as if it were a actual tactile keyboard! it makes for much better typing in my opinion.

Interesting, definitely worth a try. Why do you think RIM went in this direction with the touchscreen? It is so different from anything they have done before. Are they trying to ride the "touchscreen wave" trend of phones that are currently being offered by others companies? Thanks.

i dont work at rim so i am just taking a shot in the dark here but i think that they are doing this because they wanna conquor the cell phone world, since they are coming out with the kickstart flip phone, and now a touch screen, all thats left is a slider and there will be a bb of every style of phone.

another reason could be to compete with apple. iphon vs thinder, both touch screens, just a thought

I am still a little confused how the typing is going to work. You say that you actually push on the screen like you would if typing on a true keyboard, but it says above that this phone is going to have a glass touchscreen which would make this impossible (unless I am just thinking about this the wrong way). Can you offer any clarification?

i am not too sure who posted about the glass touchscreen because it wasn't me. now i have seen the device being used and had a small amount of hands on time so i can tell you FOR SURE that you actually push on the screen to type, choose applications etc . .

So it is a touch-sensitive screen and not a heat sensitive screen? I guess... is it more like the iPhone in terms of glass or say the LG Voyager with a more pushable screen that actually moves when you touch it? I have the Voyager right now and I was thinking of waiting for the Bold and ditching the touch-screen all together but I am starting to seriously consider the Thunder as well.

i commented earlier on how a touch QWERTY would be the death of the device.. one can only hope that they dont make that mistake.

i have read your earlier post and i am pleased to inform you that as of right now you CAN text in landscape with a full keyboard, that goes for emil and any other time you are typing, you choose landscape or portrait typing!

Are you refering to BB or the iphone?.. either way, I believe its too little too late for the iphone. after 10 months of use, I've seen no improvement. The only interesting in the firmware updates were icons that shake and were to move. As far as sms and email go, its a no go for me.. I look forward to a tactile response from the keys of the bold

It looks great! As boomba said regarding size, camera, etc its good i guess. My only concern, i don´t know yet about typing in a touchscreen, but i´ll have to wait to have it in my hands and play with it.

this thread really blew up.

boomba: thanks for the clarification that it might not be a glass screen... though I think it would be cool, I'm sure RIM designed it better this way. You wouldn't happen to be one of the lucky few who's in the vicinity of RIM's buildings are you?

Damn! that is nice. I hope it all comes out all smooth, and working right. No rush, just take your time with this one ,and make it happen. Let the THUNDER do some damage!well, Looking good so far. CIAO!!!!

is verizon going to be the only carrier? Are we expecting this thing to be out this year or next year.. if next year then the bold will be my next purchase and then the thunder.... blackberry fanatic

I hope that this CDMA phone makes it to Sprint, does anybody know if there's a chance that Sprint will eventually get this phone?

i'm not trying to hate, as i'm as hopeful as any BB-enthusiast/user/lover that this is the real mccoy, but the expert answering everyone's questions has inside knowledge on the phone but doesn't know if it's a multi-touch?

or is it because i'm too much of a nerd and so "regular people" who, presumably, are better beta testers [say that three times!] aren't on the same vocabulary level as other BlackBerristas?

Don't flame, thanks; just intrigued AND wanna believe, but am confused.

Kevin, when are you going to design a Crackberry Logo for the iPhone and iPod Touch homescreens. Pretty icons only get on my iPod touch.

I think it looks awesome. I do think I'll miss a qwerty keyboard - looks like they could be hiding a slide out keyboard, I hope. We use glass face PDAs at work and it's only a matter of time before the faces get scratched and scored.

WOW. . .what a beautiful, . . . .can you call this a phone? It looks like it belongs on batman's utility belt. I mean really. This is just the media player, can you imagine what the rest of OS 4.7 looks like. . .you see this is for the grown-folk. The i-whatever is for the children.

Yessss iam all over it looks like the screen is a little tiny but ill get over it ill have it first day it come out thanks rim love it Firrrrst

Does anybody know if you will be able to call a contact from the touchscreen like the Iphone? or you have to hit the send button??

noooo!!! I am so dissapointed!!! I am a loyal at&t customer and I hadn't ever planned on switching. ahhh but I have a feeling this phone is going to be amazing!

hey has anyone hear about what type of screen the thunder will be using? Capacitive like the iphone and glyde or resistive like dare and others? capacitive really works for the iphone but the glyde's screen is horrible so hopefully its screen will be just right?

Blackberry can do nothing but copy Apple? COME ON - this is the market leader... how about an original idea?

If I want an iPhone, I will buy an iPhone. If I want a Blackberry, I will buy a blackberry... not just a second rate, junked up, ripped off, touch screen iPhone wannabe.