BlackBerry Thunder Appears In Verizon System. Huh?

BlackBerry Thunder
By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2009 09:31 am EDT

Not this again. On the heels of the first live video of the BlackBerry Storm 9550 yesterday, this image popped up in the forums early this morning. Apparently the "BlackBerry Thunder" is listed in Verizon's computers right now, right after the Storm (I thought it was the calm after the storm?). We're not even going to make a call on what's going on here.  Unless they've decided the Storm name doesn't possess enough goodwill, it would be weird for the 9550 to be anything other than a Storm when it launches. Could be Thunder is just a placeholder for now. Ahh Big Red... why do you have to mess with our minds like this?

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BlackBerry Thunder Appears In Verizon System. Huh?


Although the sku still remains, the "Thunder" was the original name for the "Storm". The application being used here is an old application that had previous models loaded into it. There will not be a BB Thunder.

After the (decidedly?) botched storm launch and subsequent issues I wouldn't blame RIM if they changed the name to get away from the Stigma. I liked my Storm when it wasn't having one of its "Bad Days" however my Tour kicks its rear ;)

I don't care if it's the Odin, thunder, or jumping jack flash I'm still not getting the same phone with small differences.

I hope this is just a place holder and not the real name. I love my Storm and can not wait for the StormII. The benefit of having wifi is the only reason I will get a new one.

just because it's under the storm doesn't mean anything. it's not a sign, folks, it's just the alphabet =].

I just DL 5.0 on my storm and the description for Blackberry 5.0.0 Core Application it reads "Core Applications for the BlackBerry Thunder series. Looks like Storm 2 is going to be "Thunder"

Ugh I'm using my 3rd replacement Storm and its worst than the first 2!
I want to either leave Verizon and go to Sprint or see if there's any way Verizon can give me the Tour

Any suggestions??

Or if you look at the screen since there is already a Storm listing up there, they decided to call it "thunder" etc...

Personally, I think they(Verizon) should offer current Storm users a discount to trade in their Storm for a Storm 2 (Thunder or Odin). It would at least help them from a marketing perspective to move more units. I have another 17 months before my contract is up, and as far as I know, if I wanted to upgrade my equipment while still in my current contract, I would have to pay the full price for the new one, then pay an activation fee. I will NOT pay full price for one. I'm sure that in 17 months from now the Storm 3 (Hurricane or will be available. I guess I'll do like I did with my old XV6700 and just use it until my contract expires. Now if CB ends up giving some away, and I happened to win one, I would pay the activation fee to use it!

due to the fact that it might be released so close to the first storm's release, yes, they should offer some sort of discount for the storm 2. but for people complaining about not getting a discounted or free tour, i don't think they deserve it. it is a totally different phone and they shold have been more informed before jumping out and commiting to the storm.

See my note below about selling it on ebay.

But, do you have multiple lines on your account (family plan of some sort)? If so, are one of those lines eligible for a 2-year equipment upgrade? What you can do is buy the phone on one of the other lines (locking that line up for two more years) and then just call VZW and switch the handset to your line. I've done that before as well. I have three lines on my account, and if I really have a hard-on for a new phone, I have just done it on another line and switched it to mine.

But doesn't that mean that those additional lines have to have data packages? Don't you get a discount on a new blackberry when you sign up for a new 2 year data plan or is it just voice?

if you are the primary line on your account, you may also be eligible for an annual upgrade to a new phone after 12 months with your current phone.

Dancadman why do you thi nk you should get an early upgrade? We could all say we should get an early upgrade because a new blackberry come out at least once a year.

I believe if you go into a store when you have less than a year left on your contract, you can get a new phone at the 2-year contract pricing as long as you re-up for another two years. You'd lose you NE2 seniority, though. You can also sell the handset on eBay, got a few hundred for it, and then buy a new one at retail price. The gap probably wouldn't be much more than what you'd pay for one on a 2-year deal, and you wouldn't affect your contract status or NE2.

"Thunder" is simply the internal project name at RIM.. It could as easily have been called "Banana", "Clown" or "Fog"

At CB we need to make a CLEAR distinction between Projects (phones in development) and Devices (phones in, & soon to be in, production)..

And in this particular case, the order fullfilment, & production systems structures need to be put in place for new devices and populated with part numbers.. long before these are actually available.. Simply editing one field to change the name is a trivial thing,

so quit with the panic & confusion

I am personally frustrated because I thought the Storm was going to be something to solidly compete with the iPhone (not destroy it, just offer a different take on a good idea). I waited one year past my upgrade to get this GD Storm and now I am stuck with it for another year. Now RIM is releasing what should have been the Storm and what would have been a good competitor.


Judging by the video you posted, Kevin, this is going to be another disaster. Instead of calling it "storm 2" or "thunder", they should call it the "Piddle"

Verizon to customers: Thanks to all you suckers who ran out and stood on line and bought the first storm and tested for us. Then we dropped the Tour and had most of you switch. Now we're gonna drop the StormII and make you all switch back for the same device with one or two enhancements. We love you suckers!


the storm 2 hit almost a full year AFTER the storm 1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my 9530 and wouldnt trade it for any other blackberry ( except maybe the tour...nahhhh no touchscreen :P )

its just technology. would you call a computer enthusiast a sucker for buying a graphics card then upgrading a year later or a few months later to a better model? i wouldnt. :P

i cant wait for the storm 2!

Although the sku still remains, the "Thunder" was the original name for the "Storm". The application being used here is an old application that had previous models loaded into it. There will not be a BB Thunder.


excuse my language, but i wouldnt carry around a phone called "the thunder". thats just f*ing gay.

i was just thinking now that when the storm 2 hits, ill definitely be picking it up, i cant stand the stick screen on my storm 1 anymore! i love the phone to death, but the screen sticks where the enter button on the keyboard is, making it endlessly annoying to type in portrait orientation.

wasn't this the early codename for the Blackberry 9500 (Vodafone) Storm?

if i spelled that carrier wrong, whoops!

I saw a commercial today from Verizon, advertising their deals for blackberry, and heard them say "including the new Blackberry Tour." Maybe they put thunder for whatever reason as a placeholder on the website, and have since updated that spot with the Blackberry Tour. I heard NOTHING about a new BB coming out, so it totally caught me off guard...

Just sayin...

As a registered and trained WEATHER SPOTTER, I have called in many weather conditions. When Verizon hopes to MAKE A BIG NOISE with its new "STORM 2" ... think of it this way, WHAT MAKES PEOPLE SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE MORE: a "2" OR "THUNDER". I'm thinking that with WIFI, we're talking HUGE NOISE ... I don't have any inside info, but if I were calling in advice, I'd tell Verizon's marketing people they'll be able to GRAB attention of NON-BLACKBERRY phone users better with the re-appellation "THUNDER" than with "2". They'll simply sell more Blackberrys [and more contracts]. I haven't had a Blackberry in the past, so although I know STORMS, I'm looking forward to "knowing THUNDER".