BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 leaked online!

BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0
By Michelle Haag on 27 Jan 2011 09:57 pm EST

*UPDATE* As expected RIM did officially release Theme Studio v6.0 today. If for some reason you were waiting for the official release and didn't already grab the leak, you can download it from the link below.

This is going to make so many people happy. The long awaited and recently announced update to RIM's BlackBerry Theme Studio has just leaked! What does this mean for you? Well, if you are a theme developer it means themes can now be made for devices running BB6 besides the Torch. If you are a theme junky that recently upgraded either your BlackBerry or the OS to 6.0, it means you can get ready to start buying/downloading themes again because they will soon be available! Hopefully it also means that Torch themes will be less buggy. Keep in mind this isn't an official release, it's a leak, so expect to see an official announcement from RIM sometime in the near future.

So theme developers, go get it and start making us some spectacular themes!! I wonder who will be first to release a theme made from Theme Studio v6.0 for a device other than the Torch? 

For more information and to download the BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 official release
Direct download for Theme Studio v6.0 leaked version

Source: @triax0 and @AnthonyScags via Driphter

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BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 leaked online!


This is great news now we will have os 6 themes..
i also just upgrade my 9700 to leaked 448..
Now thats very great news!!

All OS 6 Models now available with updated top banner removed theme too
just goto the main site OTA links are there

About time! Now I can add shortcuts to my favorite 3rd party apps using the remaining keys that are not used to open BlackBerry default applications.
I missed that from the theme I created when I had OS 5

So does this support making themes for OS 4.5 for my poor little 8330m? Seems like nothing else works on it anymore.

Oh ya... I am going to see all the great improvements that OS6 theme developers make and then upgrade my 9700 to OS6... I can't wait for the NEXT OS6 leak for 9700 because I hope that it will be much much better than current .448 leak.... I hope there will be lots of free themes....

Free themes are something that seems to lack lately. Though there are a few good theme developers out there most seem to be making premium themes and none have been that great i completely wasted 7 bucks on a theme that i thought looked really nice tonight. All premium themes should have a trial version or something. its becoming quite a pain to find a good theme when u have to pay for them all

I'm a bit of an amateur theme builder and i'm happy about this because stopped making themes when i got OS6 and a 9700. Anyway, free themes are a coming! (they might not be as beautiful as some of the premium themes though...)

Yesssss!!!! Our prayers have been answered!!! Now lets just hope some of the themes are free and not all Premium....

Great Now I just need a leak for the 9700 that will allow me to change my theme.. .448 doesn't seem to have it.

Can it get rid of sliding views? If by that you mean the stupid "All", "Favorites"..trays then yes you can. You can definitely do it on a custom layout (from what I saw taking a look through TB last night) that has the theme looking as if your still running OS5
I didn't much go through the default OS6 theme build because (like you) I don't like all of the "trays"

where can i find the original blackberry theme on my phone? i just find/found the one i added myself

I'm having a problem...whenever I make a theme & load it I can't do any universal search what's up with that? Anybody else having the same prob?

I can't download this because it says "This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader." :O Whats up CrackBerry????????

Fantastic - does this mean we OS 6-ers can "upgrade" our home screen back to OS 5 and get rid of the superfluous trays and tedious double-click to open the app tray? It's a pity RIM decided to ship OS 6 with such useless UI gimmicks. I'll buy the first theme that removes them.