BlackBerry Theme Studio for the BlackBerry Torch?!?

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2010 03:30 am EDT
Theme Studio

The above pic was posted to Twitter last night of what is claimed to be BlackBerry Theme Studio which shows off support for the BlackBerry Torch, Now, I'm sure a lot of theme builders are dying to get their hands on this and, I'm just as sure a lot of BlackBerry Torch owners are dying to see what theme devs can do with it.

The pic is cool and all but, unless this either leaks or Research In Motion starts distributing it through BlackBerry Beta Zone I'm not so certain we will see it before the BlackBerry Developers Conference. BlackBerry Theme Studio 5 was released there last year so logical analysis dictates Research In Motion sees Theme Studio as a developer tool. As such, it's not likely to release it on it's own but rather as part of a series of developer related announcements at DevCon 2010

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BlackBerry Theme Studio for the BlackBerry Torch?!?


And hurrry I can't deal with tHe plainess of the os 6!!!!! This shouldve been ready to be released as soon as the TORCH was ready to launch! Aswell as products for the TORCH!