BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta leaked

By Bla1ze on 15 Jan 2013 04:41 pm EST
BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta leaked

If you're a BlackBerry Theme developer this is probably a little bitter sweet but alas, BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta has now leaked and is available for download. If you recall, RIM was working on this release for a while before deciding that it wasn't really up to par and ultimately not worth the time and effort given BlackBerry 10 was around the corner.

That said, if you're still building themes this would certainly be worth a look given you don't mind dealing with whatever massive bugs are sure to be remaining in this release. Hit the source link below to grab the download, you will need an account.

Source: BlackBerryOS

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BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta leaked


With this leak will come many themes that have even more bugs than the ones already out. For people that purchase themes, if you don't trust the developer or have purchased themes from them before, be careful! Be a responsible buyer and support the theme devs that have been making themes for OS7 for a while now.

This leak wont fix any bugs for custom layout themes either. (hidden icons in folders)

I get my themes from walker. No icon issues with Walker themes. Plus the attention to detail is awesome.

lol walker themes do not use custom layouts(IE: do away with the tabs), they are still the RIM theme with only custom wallpaper(s) and/or icons. The problem with hidden icons in folders, is only when you do a custom layout. This is a problem with the way TB6 has to be used to make themes for OS7. It has nothing to do with quality themes. There are many quality themers out there that do more then just change icons and wallpapers.

Some people really are clueless.