BlackBerry Theme Studio 7 could be coming soon

Theme Studio 7
By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2012 02:50 pm EDT

BlackBerry 7 has been out for what seems like forever now, but we still have no official theme builder. Fortunately there is a work-around that theme developers have been using to get the job done. All may not be lost however, as @BlackBerryDev stated on Twitter that Theme Studio 7 is "en route". 

@tw820 You're not alone. And Theme Studio 7 is en route and we are looking to release ASAP ^BZ 

Fingers crossed that we'll see something come of this sooner rather than later. Maybe a release at BlackBerry Jam later this month? Time will tell. If you're a theme dev and want Theme Studio 7, give a shout to RIM in the comments.

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BlackBerry Theme Studio 7 could be coming soon


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That would be nice, but with BB10 just around the corner, well I'll just stop there.

Still a lot of money to be made by theme developers on OS 7. It's gonna be a popular OS for a long while yet, especially in developing countries.

Late again... When will this company ever learn? And they wonder why the stock price is in the slump? Don't expect it to jump up anytime soon.

You know what? GET THE FUCK OFF HERE!!! We don't need your doom and gloom. You're spouting nonsense out. Get your dam self off of here and troll on 4chan.

Why even bother at this point in time. Drkapprentice has made some awesome themes WITHOUT Theme Builder 7.

After seeing what amazon brought to the table today its been a little depressing with the whole PlayBook update or lack there of.....I hope RIM does something soon....erm...Quickly!!!

Hope is everywhere......but belief when seen would be better. With the Football Season upon us and the desire for Team Themes pro and college alike.....would this be in time to enjoy? Also with the news from Amazon and others over the next two weeks, something from RIM would be nice......Not taking away from what the Theme Developers have do so far but for those of us who have the 9850.... ;-)

Thanks for the reality check. With all the buzz over BB 10 I was beginning to consider the possibility of returning to the OS. However I now see the mindset of RIM hasn't changed.

WTF are you talking about? Are you surprised that RIM is focused on delivering BlackBerry 10 and aren't putting all their resources into a theme builder for a legacy operating system? Gimme a break.

What are you smoking or drinking? Get off that shit and think using a brain and common sense. READ shit, if you don't, that brain won't be healthy.

I for one will be very excited when finally Theme Builder 7 is released. Then SLGTA can make my favorite theme for my 9810, Super Tilt, available. I have really missed it.

Alazing how you will never come close to appreciating anything that RIM has to offer. #fail #shameonyou #GTFOfailtroll

Soon compadre, soon.

I think it's about time RIM (and CrackBerry too, or even more) stop using the 's'-word.

Oh, and by the way, stop giving us reviews ('news') about battery doors, games, themes, yet another case/cover etc...

Really, please...

How can you say that! Hangman just came out! Please read the review and act like u actually care. One of rims top downloads!


Don't get me wrong, I am supremely pleased that it is coming out at all! I really miss having a Today+ theme. There are a few out there, by the way, but they run kinda slow, and I hate not being about to put my apps in folders.

Well, RIM's "coming soon" is extremely and completely different from a normal person or responsible company "coming soon". First one uses year as a time unit, the other uses months not exceeding 4.

1 year after the consumer release of BB OS 7, with a coming soon that is not even soon. They should just stop with the coming soons.

No, not really. Do you know how much time is put into developing software? Have you ever even tried to do it yourself? Thought so.

Okay yes,we are all tired of waiting,but hell guys give RIM a break and stop being so negative.Imagine what a glorious day it's going to be when we see Theme Studio 7 on the download page!It's worth the wait and I for one is going to get drunk,drink on that!Lots of money to be made people!