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BlackBerry theme roundup for October 25th, 2010 - Enter to win a free copy of Elegance!

BlackBerry Theme Roundup
By Michelle Haag on 25 Oct 2010 10:52 am EDT

Contest: Win a free copy of Elegance by AJCDesigns!

We are back again with another new week and another Theme Roundup here at CrackBerry. Last week we stuck with all Halloween themes, so you would get a chance to see what was available for the holiday. This week we are back to our standard ways, showcasing some of the new themes available out there for your BlackBerry. Please note, quite a few of the themes I include in the categories are actually available for other devices as well. So if you see one you like in a category other than the one for your device, it's often worth clicking through to see if it's available for you as well. And as always, make sure you read through to the end for the contest. Have a great week everyone!



Titanium by akbarmecha
Here is a smooth new theme called Titanium from akbarmecha. The brushed metal background is the perfect backdrop for the bright blue BB6 icons, making them really stand out. The animated home screen has a four icon user-defined dock as well as a today area for Messages, BBM, and SMS. The landscape orientation of the home screen is different, and displays browser, social feeds, and media applications and folders. Complete with a Zombie Nation ringtone, you'll definitely want to pick up Titanium for your Torch. Did I mention it's completely free?


Pinnacle by Z Man Designs
Pinnacle is provides a slick interface to get you where you want to go... fast! Pinnacle is a fully customized, highly functional premium theme that is attractive and entertaining to use. It's great for showing off your favorite background and seeing your upcoming today items. It's perfect for professionals and casual users alike. Five user defined home screen icons, hidden today, and hotspots for clock, options, profiles, and manage connections are all included.  You can grab Pinnacle today for $1.99.



BingoU by Magic Moment Design
BingoU is one impressive theme. The layout of the home screen is well thought out and precise. The completely custom battery/signal meters, unread indicators, profiles icon, and alarm indicator are incredible and eye catching. Hidden today ensures that you won't miss a message or appointment, yet you can still see your wallpaper clearly. All of this combined with hideable docks, hotspots and keyboard shortcuts make this theme one you will really get use out of. Check out the rest of the screenshots at the link below, and grab BingoU on sale for $5.99 today. (Also available for other devices.)


Led Zepplin

Led Zepplin by arsenalsocal
Arsenalsocal is back with another great free theme for your 480x360 devices. You may recall The Beatles theme we included in the roundup a few weeks back. This time around they have chosen Led Zepplin as the topic, and as usual, the theme came out great. Nine tiny icons on the home screen ensure that this theme remains wallpaper friendly, should you choose to change the background. If you're a Zepplin fan, you will definitely want to check this one out. And it's free!


Sense Wannabe
Sense Wannabe for BlackBerry by Catalyst Multimedia

As you can guess by the name, Sense Wannabe is a theme inspired by the Sense UI on Android devices. Nice bright icons and wallpaper on the homescreen make this theme not only functional, but fun. And for those of you that love to have a large clock on the homescreen, you will be very pleased with Sense Wannabe. Available for a variety of devices, you can pick this one up for $3.99.



Sketcher by BerryGoodThemes
BerryGoodThemes is back again with a theme that is fun and functional. Sketcher features hand-drawn, user defineable icons that are both unique and easily recognizable. The nuetral grey, blue and beige color scheme for wallpaper and menus ensures that your wallpapers will match with ease. Sketcher is a fixed calendar theme, so if you don't like to have your appointments shown, this may not be a good fit for you. This theme is available for most devices and can be purchased for $4.99 in the CrackBerry store.


    This week's contest is brought to you by AJCDesigns. They have been hard at work and have put together Elegance, a sophisticated theme for your BlackBerry. A 10 mini-icon orbital dock that is set by your device order gives you plenty of room to plant your favorites. A 4 icon standard size dock allows you multiple places to house your most used apps without being locked in to the same four. Android style meters mix it up a bit while the 3D glossy orb icons complete this theme. The name says it all, put your BlackBerry in a place of Elegance.

    Check out Elegance in the CrackBerry store, and be sure to watch the video because it really gives you a feel for how cool this theme is. Currently available for 97xx/96xx/89xx/95xx devices.

    CONTEST: To enter to win one of 50 free copies of Elegance, just leave a comment below. Winners are chosen at random and contest ends at Midnight PST this Sunday, so get your entries in! One entry per person please. That's it for this week folks. Don't forget to send in your tips and suggestions to themeroundup [@ ]crackberry.com. 

    Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


    I'd love to use the Elegance theme on my BB!


    I can add that to my collection


    Would love this theme!


    Would be nice to have on my 8900.. Pick me!


    IT's monday and it's time to round up! Thanks CB!


    May the luck be with me!!!


    I would like to have a copy, thanks! :D


    Would love this theme!


    Looks like an interesting theme.


    to win a copy of elegance for my BlackBerry!


    Count me in for it too !


    Would love to give this theme a try. Count me in.


    BlackBerry is indeed in need of some Elegance!


    A new theme for my bb torch count me in


    This theme looks great it was in my list of themes to get..


    the themes look great, just got my BB, hoping to win a theme.


    Count me please !

    I like it :)

    So wish to win α copy for my bold 9700


    Well he ya go it's a kewl theme might as well go w/a kewl owner like me lmao =P


    Love the theme. Would be nice in the Torch but the wifey would love it on her Bold.


    i'd love to win a copy :)


    count me in...dint mean to post this twice! had trouble with my browser and internet connection.


    Nice! Enter me please!


    Would be a nice addition to my 8900.


    the streak ends here....cmon elegant


    is REALLY calling out my name. please crackberry, let me have it!


    This theme for the torch is awesome, guys you can look at the back the brushed metal, that is so elegance, i like this kind of themes not theme that you look like a kid of sponge bob and that kinds of things.

    Nice app!

    Hope to win this for my torch!


    This theme for the torch is awesome, guys you can look at the back the brushed metal, that is so elegance, i like this kind of themes not theme that you look like a kid of sponge bob and that kinds of things.

    Nice app!

    Hope to win this for my torch!


    thanks CB and AJCDesigns


    I want it! PLEASE.....I want it!


    Still looking for a good long term theme...I find I keep defaulting to the blackberry zen themes as overall I find these the cleanest.

    But I do like the idea of an orbital dock...cant have enough dock buttons :)


    I would like to win this free theme! :)


    Send a copy my way pleaseee:)


    Another theme .. Love it


    Nice themes! I like the titanium a lot


    Would love another theme, and nice round up!


    An elegant theme for an elegant 9700! Please!


    Anyone else have the problem with the Titanium theme that when you switch back to AT&T's theme the icons from Titanium stay? Would love to win Elegance for my Bold 9700!


    beautiful theme!!! I hope to get a copy!!


    this is really cool and will compliement my BB very well


    hook an addict up with some new digs!!!


    Would like a copy. :)


    I think I am addicted to these things- I just need one more :-)


    I would love to sport this on my phone! Very elegant theme.


    It would look great on my Bold 9700!!


    this will make my berry even cooler


    hoping to get this one


    I like that team!!! Give me it


    My BB is in dire need of a new theme!