BlackBerry theme roundup for October 11, 2010 - 50 copies of SLATE up for grabs!

Theme roundup
By Michelle Haag on 11 Oct 2010 02:20 pm EDT

Contest: 50 Copies of SLATE to be won. Leave a comment!

It's hard to believe we are almost at the mid-point of October already! Halloween is quickly approaching and to celebrate next week's Roundup will be full of themes dedicated to the holiday. Be sure if you have created a Halloween theme or you found one you love, send it in! In the meantime, here is this week's collection of themes. Don't forget to check the contest at the end of the post and enter for your chance to win a free copy of SLATE by bbt!


DanboBerry by curve1967
Danbo for Torch

Here we have a theme for the Torch featuring the ever popular Danbo. This theme is super cute, and has a lot of detail such as a Danbo focus icon, battery meter, animated hourglass, and BBM icon. Each screen has a different adorable wallpaper and I can say this theme is sure to please all you girls out there that love having Danbo on your BlackBerry. A lot of work went into this theme, and no detail has been overlooked. You'll definitely want to check this one out.


DCOM-ISH by immatt_D


This is a pretty nice looking theme for your Storm, and a first from forums member immatt_D. The BB6 icons and meters have been skinned red to match the red and yellow fonts, and a nice red and black gradient wallpaper completes this simple yet eye-catching theme.

Bold 9700/Curve 89xx/Tour 96xx

GreenMe by TheIgster


If you're looking for a slightly different layout for your homescreen, GreenMe may have just what you're looking for. Six small icons in a rectangular pattern form a hidden dock towards the top of your screen. A hidden today on the bottom of the screen will make sure you never miss your important appointments and messages. Green highlights through out the theme, a custom battery meter, and hotkeys for Facebook, SMS, and profiles are all included along with a weather slot on the homescreen. Grab this one today for just $1.99!

ColorCirclesBB by BB-Freaks


Sometimes it's fun to have a playful theme on your BlackBerry, and that is exactly what ColorCirclesBB is: playful. The colorful wallpaper is home to 20 customizable 3D icons plus a weather slot and profiles icon. The menu fonts are also fully customizable, so no worries that you won't be able to see a tiny font. This looks like a really fun theme, and for the low price of $1.99, why not give it a try?

Bold 9000

Breast Cancer Awareness - Peace, Love, & Hope Theme by coolblackberrythemes

BCA - Hope, Love and Peace

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of that the team at coolblackberrythemes put together this awesome theme. I love how simple and easy to use their themes always are, and this is no exception. Cute pink icons and a heart font that I am in love with make this theme extra girly. As always, they have rounded up an assortment of wallpapers that fit the theme perfectly. Why not download this one and show your support this month? It's free!!


Profile by Raypho


Profile is a nature inspired them with soothing colors and backgrounds. Custom icons in a U shape are actually separate docks that you can choose to show or hide, and there is a hidden today area in the middle. This one is actually available for a variety of devices, so if you like it be sure to check out the link to see if it is compatible with your device.


Candy Color by MMMOOO

Candy Color

Bright icons in a hidden dock make Candy Color a theme for those of you that like a lot of color on your BlackBerry, but still like the ability to use a variety of wallpapers. Neutral banners and fonts make this perfect for just that, and the multicolored icons ensure that your favorite bright backgrounds will blend nicely. Candy Color is also available for multiple devices, so no one is left out. And the best part, this theme is free!


SLATE by bbt
Kris over at bbt let me know about his new theme called SLATE. I checked it out, and it is really nicely put together and packed full of options.

A few of the features:

  • Preview up to 18 today items (swipe between calendar, messages and sms/mms) right on your homescreen, or hide them when you want an clean, uncluttered screen.
  • Access 9 icons (and 9 more applications including keyboard shortcuts) from the homescreen.
  • Hideable weather slot with icon text.
  • Unique, custom-coded options panel allows you to customize banner opacity and tint, or turn them off.
  • Available with OS6 icons or original custom icons
You are definitely going to want to go view all the screenshots for this theme. It's available right now to buy in the CrackBerry store for $3.99 (regularly $5.99) and I think this is a theme well worth the cost. But, if you're feeling lucky this week, leave a comment below to be entered to win one of 50 free copies of SLATE for your BlackBerry. One entry per person please. Winners will be chosen by random this Sunday at midnight PST.

Well that brings this week's BlackBerry Theme Roundup to a close. Remember to send your Halloween themes for next week in to!
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Reader comments

BlackBerry theme roundup for October 11, 2010 - 50 copies of SLATE up for grabs!



Just got the Torch about a week ago (Canadian release) and would LOVE to win this theme so I could use it on the best Berry made!

This is why i love Crackberry!! It's such an awesome place to come and learn how to REALLY use your blackberry!! I love these contests and everything!! i would love a copy! Thank-You!! :D

Been seeing everyone's screenies of this theme and it looks super cool! Would love to have it for my new baby Bold! :)
Thanks Crackberry!!

Wow...Slate looks sick! I'd love to check it out! Honestly, I had no idea that a theme could be that functional, but this one looks above and beyond what I'd expect...

I am SO in for this theme! Very nice features in this! Wish I was feeling rich enough to buy this theme outright :P well, good luck to all and thanks CB and BBT for this opportunity!

...though this theme looks a little complicated with all those rememberings of the functions(atleast for a theme changer guy,like me)... One will never know until 1has tried... So will see what the future hilds...

HANDS DOWN! I've had A LOT OF THEMES, i've paid for them, I've had some customly made for me, and i've even tried to make my own themes. But Slate is the best theme i've found from the first day I had a blackberry. IT WORKS GREAT! So if you were to ever spend money on a theme, this is the theme to purchase. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. You really can customize your BB and have a truly CLEAN SLATE....................... I'm looking forward to the newest theme they come out with.

Plus the customer service was great, I was doing something wrong and they responded same day and told me what the issue was and now I dont think i'll ever use another one. So if you dont win, pay for it. It's worth it. Plus you can changed to the color so if you want a more girl friendly color you can changed it.
CHECK IT OUT PEOPLE............. just one mans opinion.

I can't get enough of these things!!! I love to show off how sweet my bb is to all of my co-workers and their droids :-)

really nice theme, been look for a theme that will provide me with all today features for sms, mms, my 3 email accounts.
please let me win!

The "slate" is pretty cool, it looks a lot better than the Lamour theme i'm currently using. Wish there could be a free trial so ppl can try it out, or give it for FREE!

This is one of the best looking themes i have seen around! It would really make my 8520 slide! :)

That slate theme looks like the first clean and sophisticated theme (besides Zen) fitted for the hardware it's going to perform on!

MMMOOO have come close with Lamour and some of their others but little flaws let them down, let's hope this doesn't have any.

Here's my entry anyway.