BlackBerry theme roundup for November 8, 2010 - Win 1 of 25 free copies of win7Ultimate!

Theme Roundup
By Michelle Haag on 8 Nov 2010 08:59 am EST

CONTEST: Win of of 25 free copies of Win7Ultimate!

Well it's Monday, and you all know what that means!  Time for this week's installment of the CrackBerry Weekly Theme Roundup. We have all types this week, so you'll want to be sure to check them all out. Don't forget to read all the way to the end for the contest. This week it's all about you Torch owners, so make sure if you enter the contest you are aware it's just for Torch users. Enjoy, and see you all next week! 

Dangerous by Adorno


Dangerous is a high definition theme recently released from developer Adorno. I really like this theme as the icons are subtle, and the yellow accents really make each screen pop. Unique battery and signal meters and message indicators are a nice touch. Dangerous is available for a variety of devices, not just the Torch, so if you like it as much as I do, click on over and get it!  Storm
Bad Kitty by StaticFX Designs
Bad Kitty

This adorable theme is really not like any other... It has a weather slot that appears outside the window, custom meters, a picture frame that holds the apps, and a user customizable background color! You can choose from 20 different colors as well as be able to use your OWN wallpaper image! The flowers in the window are the signal meter, the battery is the cheese, and even has a wifi tower outside.

  • 9 icon picture frame dock (tap the picture to show/hide the icons)
  • 20 background colors to choose from (built in - tap the pipe in the wall) -or use your own wallpaper!
  • Custom made icons
  • Mouse holds a sign showing selected icon name

Poppy by threedeckstew


Remembrance Day is this week, Thursday, November 11. We call it Veteran's Day here in the US, but regardless of what its name is it is still a day to remember those in the armed forces and all they have done for us. So wear your poppy every day and show your respect for all those that gave their lives so we can be free today. 

Fade by BB Design Worx


This theme is understated in it's looks but completely stylish in it's form and function. Each of the 15 user defined home screen icons change from a pale blue to blue and white but also as you move across the icons you'll notice a suble fade change. When you scroll up with the trackpad there is another 3 key icons, one of clock, another for calendar and then options. The menus in this theme are pale grey with a blue edge and the fonts are BB Alpha Sans and very east to read. The battery and signal meters are all customs as are the call screens - nothing is left unskinned! This is definitely a theme for the person who wants all the functions but want something wallpaper friendly, something that is easy on the eye but still shouts style!
TWITTERON by Walker Themes

Twitteron is a different take on themes designed for Twitter lovers. All the elements were designed to accomplish a

Twitter for Blackberry Application look alike. From homescreen, application screen, and incoming call screen to the hourglass, it's all been skinned to match the app for Twitter.
Echelon - By BerryGoodThemes

A stylish and functional theme which will breathe a whole new lease of life into your BlackBerry

  • User definable home screen icons - 6 on most - 8 on Storm, Pearl, Torch
  • Full landscape home screen on Storm and Torch
  • Fixed calendar display on home screen
  • Bright home screen wallpaper
  • Home screen is also wallpaper friendly
  • Dark, moody colour scheme for menus and icon highlighting
  • OS 6 official buttons, menus and call screen wallpapers used
  • New styled banners

win7Ultimate by BBin

Experience win7 OS on your Blackberry Torch with this theme from BBin. Quick main screen buttons, animated social feeds and new notificaion icons will completely change your device. Original fonts used from win7 OS.


  • new notification icons
  • win7 fonts used
  • black mail & message box with white fonts
  • Tab-background friendly
  • Animated social feeds button
Contest: BBin has given us 25 copies of win7Ultimate to pass on to our Torch owning readers. To enter to win, please leave a comment below. One entry per person, winners will be chosen randomly at Midnight PST this Sunday. Good luck!
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Reader comments

BlackBerry theme roundup for November 8, 2010 - Win 1 of 25 free copies of win7Ultimate!


Anyone know of any themes for Bold 9650 running .333?? I love the native theme it comes with but I like to switch it up from time to time.... Thanks

The themes that are shown every week are awesome!
Blackberry Torch is as well very awesome!!

Hope whoever does win, enjoys that theme as much as I would :P

I hope new themes never stop comming out!

Pretty impressed with the theme roundup this week. How awesome is Twitteron - props to Walker Themes for being so creative!
(ps. Don't have a Torch so would not like to enter the contest)

I'm always down to try new themes, and at least this is something new!
(How many iPhone & HTC themes do we need?!?)

Thanks for the donation BBin and thanks to CrackBeerry for hosting the contest and Theme Roundup each week.

I want a new theme! And I wanna try win 7 on a phone without paying big bucks, so this is it lol!

I would rather have the theme than the phone - waiting for the Win7 phones to suffer the same fate as all their products except for Windows and Xbox.

I would like to get this app so much to my new BB Torch, all is awesome on that Blackberry just that there are moments that you know guys that you wanna be different of other people, and this a windows 7 theme all people are gonna be like WTF HOW CAN HE HAVE WIN7 IN HIS BLACKBERRY IF THAT IS A BLACKBERRY NOT A WINDOWS PHONES!, Yep, thats the awesome of havings this kind of themes, you can have this and be different, and the nice of this is that you can be different with this Theme thanks to Crackberry, if crackberry dosent exist, trust me guys, this world would be so BORED.

Thanks you guys,


Everyone I hang with is a techy Geek, and if I had this theme I could impress them all. Please pick me!