BlackBerry theme roundup - June 4, 2012

BlackBerry theme roundup 06-05-12
By Alicia Erlich on 4 Jun 2012 11:18 pm EDT

Welcome to another edition of our theme roundup my fellow theme addicts. I hope you all had a great weekend! Now it's time to get back to work and I have some great themes to show you in the roundup this week. Be sure to click on the jump and check them out.

If you developed a theme you want to share or see featured in the contest or discovered a really great one out there by all means shoot it on over to us! Submit your tips and suggestions to themeroundup[at] for consideration. I hope you enjoy this week's picks so be sure to click on the jump to check them out. 

Kiddies Carbon

Kiddies Carbon - OS 7 Compatible by MNG Theme

If you're looking for a unique theme to change things up a bit on your device then be sure to check out Kiddies Carbon by MNG Theme. This stylish and customizable theme features a customized dock with 4-6 user definable applications depending on your device, a cute kiddie custom icon set, a custom signal meter that is weather style, and a big block with a 24-hour format that remains on the screen for a nice look. With its cool layout and design, be sure to head on over to BlackBerry App World and grab it for $2.99. Kiddies Carbon is available for BlackBerry 8520/30, 8900, 9220, 9300/30/50/60/70/80, 9500/20/30/50, 9630/50, 9700/8090, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 5 and higher.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Kiddies Carbon

BlueFlower Theme

BlueFlower Theme OS7 by Rainbow

What do you get when you cross the color blue and a bunch of white flowers? You get the lovely BlueFlower Theme OS7 by Rainbow. With its ice blue custom icons, bright wallpapers, and matching colors throughout it's a cute little theme for your OS7 compatible device. You can pick this up for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. BlueFlower Theme is compatible with BlackBerry 9350/60/80, 9810/50/60, and 9900/30/81.

More information/screenshots and to purchase BlueFlower Theme

Radiate Flowers in Pink

Radiate Flowers in Pink by Eternal Creations

Radiate Flowers in Pink is another great design by Eternal Creations. Featuring beautiful floral backgrounds, a cute and colorful icon set, custom font and batter and signal meter you're sure to be satisfied with this theme. So for those who love the color pink and are in the mood for a cool looking theme with their favorite color throughout, be sure to head on over to BlackBerry App World. Available for $1.99 it's compatible with BlackBerry 8520/30, 9100/05, 9300/50/60/70, 9630/50/70, 9700, 9800/10, and 9900/30/81.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Radiate Flowers in Pink

Pretty Vintage Dress

Pretty Vintage Dress Theme by Tiffany Lahope

Another cute design for all the ladies out there is brought to you by forums member a5enk, aka Tiffany Lahope. I think she's outdone herself on this one. This adorable theme offers soup to nuts customization and pretty pastel colors to give your device a nice vintage look. What's more to say than just about everything from the fonts and wallpapers to the icons and colors are just super cute! You can pick up Pretty Vintage Dress for FREE in BlackBerry App World. It's available for BlackBerry 8530, 8900, 9000, 9100/05, 9300/30, 9500/20/30/50, 9650, 9700/80/88, and 9800 running OS 5 and higher. (This theme is not OS7 compatible).

More information/screenshots and to download Pretty Vintage Dress Theme


Nitrous by themeArt

Now that we have the girls out of the way it's time for a theme for just the guys. If you have the need for speed and want to set the road on fire then check out Nitrous by themeArt. This sleek and smooth theme has it all from its speedometer backgrounds and hot icons to get your device into gear. Nitrous is available in a free and premium version for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. It's compatible with BlackBerry 8520/30, 8900/10/580, 9100/05, 9300/30. 9630/50/70, 9700/80/88, and 9800 running OS 4.6 and higher, and 9380 running OS 7.0/7.1.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Nitrous
More information/screenshots and to download Nitrous - Free

That's it for this week folks. Hungry for more themes? Be sure to browse the themes in our forums and those available in BlackBerry App World.  See you all next week.


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