BlackBerry Theme Roundup for January 25th 2010

By Michael Hepples on 25 Jan 2010 02:12 pm EST

Contest: 50 Copies of Eden to be won. Leave a comment!

Theme Roundup

Well folks it's that time again and we have received some great tips this week for some awesome themes to present to you in our weekly roundup. We are always trying to bring you the best of the best, so click the jump, read it over, and be sure to leave your comments after the post! It always helps to send those suggestions on to us at The more tips and suggestions we get, the more content we can sift through to bring you what YOU want to see.

Free Themes of the Week



First of all thanks to forums member brook196 for sending in Win7 by mrtolles, a great Windows 7 inspired theme. This theme gives your BlackBerry that Windows 7 look, while still keeping things convenient from the homescreen. With 6 user defined icons arrayed in a bottom dock, the "Start" menu alos pops up a hidden dock containing 6 more icons and quick access to the Applications, Media, Downloads, Games, and setup folders. With everything arrayed along the bottom of the screen in a "taskbar" layout, you can rock your favorite wallpaper without anything getting in the way. This theme is free and available for the 8900, 9630, and 9700.

Last Week on the roundup we featured The Cube, another theme by robvb68. He sent us an email last week to let us know about another theme of his, Sophisticate, which I promptly installed to test drive for myself. The look is clean, its very wallpaper friendly, and the theme is geared towards functionality. The version I am currently running has 2 top slots for your choice of apps. 3 hidden bottom docks open the Today section, a 12 icon block, and a Menu dock. Designed with an "every user" perspective, the number of versions and colors available for this theme is astounding for a free theme. Overall the theme works well for both business and casual users, supports any wallpaper, and comes in 15 different versions ensuring there is something for everyone. 

Paid Themes of the Week



Eden by jmerhi provides an elegant, beautiful look for your BlackBerry screen that is simply a joy to look at all by itself. The homescreen features 5 static icons in a bottom dock, and 2 hidden side docks holding user customizable icons (3 to 4 each depending on your device). This theme also features one very cool addition, namely an animation of flying birds when a homescreen icon is selected. It is a tasteful, well placed addition, which rounds out the theme very nicely. It is available for a host of devices running OS 4.6 and highe. You can download it from the CrackBerry App Store for $5.99, on sale till January 31st.



HTC HD2 by Wootability is a wonderful theme for those who love the functionality of a BlackBerry but perhaps want to change up the look of their homescreen to resemble another device. This particular theme brings that look of the HTC HD2 to your 95xx series device. With the signature large HTC clock in the middle, 4 hidden docks, and a hidden today feature, this theme packs a lot into your Storm's homescreen. HTC HD2 is available for all 95xx devices from the CrackBerry App Store for $1.99 until February 14th.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Eden to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Theme Roundup for January 25th 2010



I have never been the first one to post a comment!
I am always on the lookout for a cool new theme and this one seems pretty damn awesome! hook it up crackberry!!!

The Eden Theme definitely looks legit!! Good job on that one!!

And yes, definitely count me in for the contest please!!

I just want to thank Crackberry for always providing us the best information and make it easy to make the right choices for ourselves. Thanks again!

That is the only one I have seen that is good. Really stinks, but I got lucky, buddy built a theme with white borders, and Football on Folder, which makes a great base for some stellar Colts walls in which are posted in the HUGE wallpaper thread.

Love to see a dedicated theme though.

The theme looks great... just upgraded from a 8330 to a 9630 through my employer and this would be a great 1st theme on my new device!!!

Win 7 is a really nice theme. I wish the icon size and font was larger. Even with reading glasses I have trouble reading the display. If this could be corrected I would use this theme daily.

I recently upgraded my BB from the 8330 Curve to the 9700 Bold and have been looking for a first rate theme to go on my new Berry. I am being selective because since I have finally aquired a top of the line device I want to make sure I get a top of the line theme and the Edn theme will definately fit!! Great job. CrackBerry ROCKS!!!

The Windows 7 is too cute! I just dl'd and customized it the way I like it and Im using it with the wallpaper changer. Looks good. There's a bit of a large font issue on some of the headers so I don't know if I'll keep it forever but it's fantastic for a free theme and I'll keep it for a while! Love the menu transitions!

Nice theme! I'm liking the win7 free theme as well although I don't know if I'd ever use any of those BeDROID or other look-alike themes. Just not for me. They look great, but I don't really want my blackberry screens to look much like other devices be it iphones, windows computers/mobile devices, the droid, etc.

This is my first time posting. I recently purchased my Storm 2 and love it. I visit Crackberry almost everyday and feel a strange connection to all these individuals who own Blackberry even though I'm here on the island of Barbados...

And the Eden theme is beautiful and awesome. Just the perfect Green theme.

I need some new themes to show off at work..... I love downloading themes and the crackberry website is the best

The only comment I would like to make is that there is a lack of themes for the 85xx series. I realize they are new devices, but hopefully we will see some new themes featured for these two great BB's.

I am also always looking for more themes...cant seem to get enough of them. eden looks hot too...

I recently won one of these contests on, so I'm ready for a double header, even though I have 6 themes DL on my Storm2. I need another one as much as I need ObamaCare!

like the looks of the windows theme but at the same time it's sort of like putting a vw grill on a rolls royce!

The eden theme is gorgeous. I hope I win. Scenery themes and wallpapers are the best for blackberry.

My son's birthday was the 24th, and I'd love to gift him with this wonderful theme.
He's a good kid.
We both have 8530's. Yeah, got one for me too!
Beautiful job with the Eden graphics.

YES!! This has become my favorite feature of Crackberry. Jmerhi has become one of my top favorite Theme designers to watch and wait impatiently to release each month.

Who builds themes and does not offer one weather slot version anymore?

And Berryweather is not for me. I need accuracy and more then just flair.

I wouldn't mind walking around Eden via my Storm. Feel the blades of grass under my feet, climbing my favorite tree (well, the ONLY tree), dodging the bird poop as the birds fly overhead. Yeah, I'd love doing that. Looks cool! Please, hook me up! Thanks......

The eden theme is breathtaking. When life gets too stressful just stare at your blackberry background! It seems rather counter-intuitive.
The windows theme is cool too, but I wouldn't want to commit to the big windows symbol on my homescreen.

Good theme. Well made. The only issue I have is my Bold 9700 seems to lag with this theme running when jumping between the main screen and the application screen.

I'd be pleased as punch if I won a free copy of the Eden theme. While I wait, I think I'll download the Windows 7 theme.