BlackBerry theme roundup for Dec 28, 2010 - 50 copies of Core by jmerhi up for grabs!

CrackBerry theme roundup
By Michelle Haag on 28 Dec 2010 03:37 pm EST
Well Christmas has come and gone and the new year is literally just days away. In 2010 the CrackBerry theme roundup brought you over 250 themes, and we intend to keep it up in 2011! We can't do it without you guys though, so keep sending in tips for themes you would like to see showcased. Developers, keep developing! Hopefully the new year will see some exciting releases from RIM, and with those releases, themes for devices that as of yet have none. I know my fingers are crossed! Have a safe and happy New Year's everyone!

CarbonX by BB-Freaks

CarbonX by BB-Freaks

CarbonX is a FREE Theme designed by BB-Freaks! The theme features a smooth design with contrasting red and black throughout. The home screen includes a hidden dock that can be shown by pressing spacebar; pressing escape hides it. The hidden dock contains 8 customizable icons and a today area, and there is one customizable slot especially made for Weather apps. CarbonX uses BB6 icons, menu fonts are fully customizable and the theme is wallpaper friendly.
CarbonX is compatible with BlackBerry 8900/96xx/9700 and 9000 (OS 4.6/5.0).
For more information/screenshots and to download CarbonX

Gingerbread by ALH Designs

Gingerbread by ALH Designs

Android-like themes are quite popular these days among theme users. The latest from ALH Designs is called Gingerbread, and it's designed after the latest OS from Android. There are three different colors of this particular theme (Original, Blueberry, and Cherry) and it normally sells for $2.99. Right now they're on sale for just $.99 each, so you can pick up all 3 colors for the normal cost of one. Gingerbread is compatible with the BlackBerry 95xx series as well as 89xx/9630/9700 (OS 5.0).


  • Custom Wallpapers
  • Screen Transitions
  • Gingerbread style launcher
  • QuickLaunch Hotspot (95xx series only)
  • Hiding Icons
  • User Definable Icons

For more info/screenshots and to purchase Gingerbread for just $.99


OS6TransBlu by molson0

OS6TransBlu by forums member molson0 is a hot theme for your BlackBerry Torch that is completely free! The feel of BlackBerry 6 is still there, but everything is customized, from the font to the battery, signal, and wifi meters. The icons are well suited to the theme, and the silver and blue colors throughout really give it a polished feel.
To check out OS6TransBlu in the forums
OTA to download OS6TransBlu for your BlackBerry Torch

Core by jmerhi

Core by jmerhi

Core is an awesome theme with a circular style home screen and brushed metallic silver backgrounds and icons. Available in two styles, you can get Core with silver icons or color icons. The battery and signal meters are unique and really stand out, while remaining easy to read. This theme is very pleasing to look at, and is one you will want to show off to your friends.
Core is on sale now for $4.99 (regularly $5.99) and is compatible with BlackBerry 85xx, 89xx/96xx/9700, 95xx, and 9800 (all for OS 5.0 except for Torch).
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Core

Contest: This week our contest is brought to you by jmerhi. He has generously given us 50 copies of his new theme Core to pass on to our readers. To enter leave your comment below. As usual, only one comment per person, and winners are chosen this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry theme roundup for Dec 28, 2010 - 50 copies of Core by jmerhi up for grabs!



Loving the Core theme, I do like the themes with the circular interfaces with all the buttons around them they make everything so much easier to access the hint of green on the battery, signal meter the calendar are a nice touch im currently using the Wave theme and love it im sure Core would make a great addition to my Torch.

I been searching for a new theme for my phone and i love this one. It looks really cool and you guys did an awesome job on it. Hope i win it!!

What about the guys with the 8520's was real excited about this article and found it very disappointing when I saw there was absolutely nothing 8520 related

I would do anything for a copy of this theme on my very dull 8520 because it would brighten it up and give it a whole new look.

Dear Crackberry, have I told you how much I adore and appreciate you this week?! A new theme would be greatly appreciated- as always ;). Thanks!,

This right here is total sickness for the Torch. Would totally replace my HTC Incredible theme for this one. Looks amazing, I want it!!!!!

You guys always showcase some of the greatest themes!

Core is a theme I've yet to really check out but maybe, just maybe I'll win a free copy and have that void filled :)

Looks like this might manage to pull me away from the incredible HTC Incredible theme! Would love a copy for my torch!

Wow, that's a VERY COOL theme!! I'd love to have that on my 8530. It's very modernistic and yet simple enough to understand at a glance. :-)

l love the new android theme, the Droid X theme was really nice but this one is just amazing!! Good job guys keep it up :)

this theme is awesome man! hopefully i can win cuz i want it! hope you had a great xmas,and have a good new year too

This is a pretty sweet theme donation by jmerhi. Please Crackberry award me this awesome theme to spruce up my curve for 2011

I am really having a hard time to decide which is best! I love them all! Le me be one of the lucky 50 readers please!

Give me a copy of them and it will be the best present for me for new year!

It's hard to find cool themes that are made for beginner blackberry users! GOOD work guys! Love the way the theme looks!

OS6TransBlu is pretty nice, but found it to be super laggy/slow. I'm gonna keep it on for a day or 2 to see if it gets better...but thanks to molson for a beautiful effort!

Well let's see if I can win a theme that is actually designed for my phone this time lol an I still haven't gotten the email for the contest I did win a few weeks

i haven't been lucky when it comes to entering a theme contest but imma check out blue steel or transblu or what's it called...for my torchie. since the developer is likely canadian (molson0), i'm expecting this to be high calibre stuff. thanks for including a freebie (that's canadian for free one, eh)

Very original and very unique. Excellent concept in my opinion. Good luck to all the contestants and Happy New Year to everyone. Many thanks to jermehi for the contribution and to Crackberry for hosting the contest.

This is a really cool new theme...and very different from the usual ones offered! I would LOVE to win a copy of it and give my credit card a small break! Thanks for the chance to win!

I NEED a new theme for my Torch. I am under serious withdrawls. Only you can help. Don't make me quit.

I currently use and love HTC Incredible by Ethemes but i think I might switch it up for the core theme. VERY nice looking.

Tell ya what.

Yall can give away 300 copies of my OS6TransBlu aswell. !!!!!

Oh, right...Its already free.

\ Thanx crackberry for the mention.


As the name implies, Core theme really puts Blackberry back to core function of phone: "rotating dial pad". But as now it is Blackberry, the Core would be "rotating menu pad".
Excellent job indeed.

wow all themes looks amazing. We are in! We you say? No, it's the not the voices in my's me and my Storm!