BlackBerry theme roundup for December 13, 2010 - Win your choice of Polka or Empathy for your Torch!

Theme Roundup December 13, 2010
By Michelle Haag on 13 Dec 2010 05:22 pm EST

Welcome back to this week's edition of the CrackBerry Theme Roundup! We have some awesome picks this week and a great contest so make sure you read through to the end. Our contest this week is brought to you by BBin, and features two different Torch themes to choose from. If you're not a Torch user, don't be sad, check out the blogs the rest of the week and I'm sure you'll find something for you as well. Don't forget to send your suggestions in to themeroundup[at]! See you all next week!

Bubbles by jmerhi

Bubbles by jmerhi

Bubbles is a theme project by jmerhi that brings function and design together to make your Blackberry more than RIM intended! Yes, it is a lot like Windows 7 Mobile as it is simple, functional and looks amazing! If you find yourself in an ever evolving lifestyle where you are constantly using different apps and spending different amounts of time in each one, then we've got the theme for you.
Bubbles is on sale now for $3.99 (regularly $5.99) and is available for BlackBerry 89xx/96xx,9700, 85xx, 95xx, and 9800.
For more information and to purchase Bubbles

TINT by bbt Designs

TINT by bbt Designs

TINT is a very functional, flexible theme available in blue, coral or purple, containing a robust options panel and two docks that total 14 icons accessible from the home screen! The first dock has 6 icons of icon text, the second dock has 8 icons, picking up where the first dock left off. There is also a hidable slot in the bottom left corner if you want to show another icon. The icon text for this icon shows in the first 6 icon text dock. The unique, custom-coded options panel allows you to customize banner opacity and tint, or turn them off.
TINT is available for $4.99 in the CrackBerry store, and is compatible with BlackBerry 89xx/96xx,9700, and 9000 (OS 4.6 - 5.0).
For more information and to purchase TINT

BlogBerry by Walker Themes

BlogBerry (sharing is sexy) by Walker Themes

It seems like nowadays everyone has a blog for some reason or other, sharing news and daily events with the world. Walker Themes decided to make a theme inspired by blogging and created BlogBerry.
Home screen features include:
  • Google search, Facebook and Twitter
  • Weather and profile slots
  • Today (Message and Calendar)
  • Author name (owner name) and Description (owner info)
  • Click photo to change
  • Custom Battery and signal
  • 6 user defined homescreen icons and 5 skins to select

You can pick up BlogBerry for $5.99 in the CrackBerry store.  This theme is available for BlackBerry 89xx/96xx,9700, 85xx, 9100, 9300, 9500 (OS 5.0) and 9800.
For more information and to purchase BlogBerry

Frequency Slide by Eclipse WC

Frequency Slide by Eclipse WC

Frequency slide features a custom wallpaper and 4 slide up menus with apps right on the home screen. With the addition of 6 user-defined icons, you'll have access to a total of 20+ icons right on your home screen while maintaining a clean, professional look.

Features include:
  • Custom wallpaper
  • OS 6 icons
  • Slide up menus with access to 18 different apps
  • Messages menu: messages, sms, inbox, BBM
  • Personal menu: calendar, contacts, tasks, memo)
  • Media menu: music, browser, videos, camera, (pictures and video recorder on Bold/Tour)
  • Settings menu: options, profiles, power, connections
Frequency Slide is on sale for $1.99 right now, regularly $2.99. This theme is available for BlackBerry 89xx/96xx,9700, 83xx, 85xx, and 9300.
For more information and to purchase Frequency Slide

Digiton by Music's BlackBerry

Digiton by Music's BlackBerry

A digital theme has never looked better. Digiton features a large clock on the home screen, similar to some HTC themes, but with digitized numbers. On the bottom of the home screen there are nine icons (user selectable) as well as a static icon for a phone calls. This theme also has an icon positioned right below the clock (not on Torch version), which represents first icon from the Application screen. You are free to make it whatever you like (weather app for example).
  • Storm users: Clicking on the Faves icon pulls out the hidden dock with additional icons and clicking on the Home button brings you back to a homescreen.
  • Tour, Bold2, and 8900: Users have a few options to pull out hidden dock; scroll to the right (or down) till the dock is visible; press the space bar or a dollar sign reveals the dock as well. To hide it, either scroll to the left (or up) or simply hit the escape button on your BlackBerry.

Digiton is available in the CrackBerry store for $6.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 89xx/96xx,9700, 95xx, and 9800.
For more information and to purchase Digiton

Polka and Empathy for Torch by BBin
Contest:  We have a couple of great new Torch themes from BBin to give away this week, Polka and Empathy! Each theme is unique and available only for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. To enter for your chance at a free copy of one of these great themes, just leave a comment below telling us which of these two themes you want! The rules as always: one entry per person, contest ends with a random drawing at Midnight this Sunday PST. We have 25 copies of each of these two, so get your entries in! Good luck!
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Reader comments

BlackBerry theme roundup for December 13, 2010 - Win your choice of Polka or Empathy for your Torch!


Why are Cami's themes never featured here? There IS a reason you must never feature any of her themes. That's a shame, too...

It would be nice to have a theme that AT&T didn't have there hands on, maybe they will take your lead and contract you to make their future themes!

Don't have a Torch so neither interests me.Thanks anyway. Sure do wish, though, that when people say 97XX compatible they really mean it as none are compatible with the 9780.

this old dog is learning new tricks that can be done on a smart phone. The new thing for my first ever smart phone blackberry torch ~ download themes! Love change. empathy please!

Thanks, we're glad to hear that. Not sure of your device, but Torch, Storm, and Pearl versions are coming soon.

As a former i-product user part of my reason for going to the torch was being able to customize my screens. Empathy looks great and new user friendly.

I would love the Empathy Theme for my Torch. It would dress it up, and allow me to take it to some really great places when it's all dolled up.

Right now I'm feelin' the Empathy theme. So hopefully you guys will toss one of those my way soon.


I am rocking the BB Blue Let it Snow theme at the moment which is awesome! However going to need something to replace it with!

Merry Christmas!

I would love to get the emphaty theme.
Because it's different from all the themes, this theme is not like a OS6 or like a OS5 to Blackberry, It's different, it's like the first telephones on the world :P!
And also the awesome of this it's the background, nice and perfect for a Black BB Torch.

Good luck to all!

That's cool that there's a Torch giveaway. Kind of feel like the non-Torch folks are getting left out a bit. Speaking for Eclipse WC, if CrackBerry will allow us, we'd like to offer a giveaway of Frequency Slide for the non-Torch folks if we can. Help spread the holiday joy.

Iwould be thrilled to upgrade from what i have now. I love my black berry but would be estactic to get the new empathy. Wow