BlackBerry theme roundup for Aug 23rd, 2010 - 25 copies of Metro up for grabs

By Michael Hepples on 23 Aug 2010 11:01 am EDT

Contest: 25 Copies of Metro to be won. Leave a comment!

Theme Roundup Aug 23

The first thing I'm going to do this week is adress a couple questions I am getting asked constantly. "How do I get my themes in the roundup?", "Where do you find the themes you include?". Simple. The answer to the first question, hit me up at and I'll take a look. The answer to the second? Our theme forums here are a huge resource for theme junkies, and I cruise through them daily looking for the best. That said, hit the jump and I'll show what I've dug up this week.


Metro V2.0 by bbt designs


I have to confess I have never heard of this developer before, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on him from now on. Two hidden docks hold user defined icons on the bottom and right hand side of the screen. The backgrounds of the docks and banner are clean and semi-transparent, lending the homescreen a very professional look. A weather slot is included, top left, and is also fully hideable. One very neat thing about this theme is that two different versions are available, in either white or black. While a lot of themes keep the sizzle on the homescreen, this one takes it right into the menus. My personal favorite is the Black edition, with blacked out message lists (white font) that are very easy on the eyes. Fully skinned and including a great set of custom icons, it's available in the CB store for multiple devices for $4.99.

Abtruse by rgarling
If you happen to be a fan of blank themes like my friend amazinglygraceless from the forums (he's already waiting impatiently for one for his new 9800) you'll need to check out this free theme.  Featuring all custom work, from the icon set to the meters, it's premium polish is evident immediately. Even the alarm icon is custom, the two dots next to the time go blue when the alarm is set, and grey when it's disabled. A mini icon version is also available for those that want the look without sacrificing the access. Available in two colors, blue and purple, you can grab the OTA download from the forums thread below.


BerryRecon by drkapprenticedesigns


This one is a little different, the aim of it being to bring the "look and feel of night vision" to your device. The homescreen is full of hotspots, and the bottom dock is fully user-defined, scrolling to give access to ten different applications. The "night-scope" look even extends to the icon set, and the battery and signal meters are a full custom work that emulates the "dialling-in"of a sniper scope. the "OCD" version also includes slots for meterberry and weather, the regular version has only one slot on the left. A very cool concept, well executed, it's sure to be a hit with fans of Modern Warfare and other game of that genre. Available for $3.99 in the CB store.


Purple Candy by miz_pimp

purple candy

One for the females out there, this theme is fully skinned for those who love purple. A hidden bottom dock holds 11 user-defined mini icons, and includes a hidden today for the apps placed in slots 8 and 9. A weather slot sits in the top left corner, and hot keys round out the homescreen function. I love the menus in this theme, they have a great look that really appeals to me, and the purple flows throughout , without being overpowering. Pick it up as a free download from the forums thread below.


Citric Cyanide by Cocky Culture

citric cyanide
Cocky Culture has had this spot in the roundup before with Tribal, and have followed that theme up very well with this. Maximizing the screen real estate on the Pearl series isn't easy, but dual hidden docks left and right hold a total of 8 user-defined icons, accomplishing it well. The total custom jonb we have come to expect from Cocky Culture is present, with custom meters and menus matching the elements that run through the rest of the theme. Also including a hidden today and a full set of custom icons, it's available in the CB store for $3.99.
Contest: I have 25 copies of Metro to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

That's it for the theme roundup this week, keep those tips and suggestions coming to the roundup email at

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BlackBerry theme roundup for Aug 23rd, 2010 - 25 copies of Metro up for grabs



Looks like a very nice theme... with this I'd be the big man on the block with the best theme! Thanks in advance :)

Being a blackberry user is like being one those over optimistic parents whose fat kid is taking part in a school sports day..... LOL can I one please?

I hope I get to use this theme on my seems to tweaked to that's something I definitely wouldn't mind finding pick me and it would a good dream coming true!!

A new cool theme for my Curve?! Wahoo! Still have yet to win a contest....maybe this will be the one to spruce up my 8330. :)

Please enter me, I would love this for my 9700! Thanks Crackberry for ANOTHER great contest!

Good Luck Everyone..

been checking it out for a long time now. really like it. pls send me 1! metro black! or the bundle, whichever you like :)

I have a 9000 Bold and i am always looking for that perfect tgheme for it. Metro comes close, ever so close. I really like the clean and professional look of it. Send one my way please.

I like abtruse!
A bit confusing with just the blue/purple dot highlighting the selected app tho
Would love to try out metro!

LOL. I just saw Metro over the weekend and contemplated buying it. That would've sucked.

I've seen a few screenshots posted and looks great!
I don't know how I'd decide between the black and the white versions, but I'd love to win this one! (Hmmm probably black. Those black Messages lists sound intriguing.)

Ah, this is one of the coolest theme I've ever seen! Really catch the atmosphere of living in a megalopolis! :D

Ah, this is one of the coolest theme I've ever seen! Really catch the atmosphere of living in a megalopolis! :D

I'm a theme fan! I have lots of themes installed, premium and free... But this is the only one that I always wanted to have, but finally never got...hahaha

Will love to win one! count me in please!

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