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BlackBerry theme roundup for April 6, 2011 - 25 copies of C point 1 to give away!

BlackBerry Theme Roundup
By Michelle Haag on 6 Apr 2011 01:37 am EDT

You could win a free copy of C point 1 by C_86 Themes! Keep reading to find out how!

Hey everyone, welcome back to the BlackBerry Theme Roundup! We are trying something a little different with the theme roundups starting this week. Instead of a random selection of themes, we picked a topic and found themes related to that topic. This week, we chose OS Replica themes. Next week we will be on the lookout for themes for Mother's Day, so if you have developed one you want to share or be featured in the contest, or if you just see a really good one out there somewhere, send it in! Send an email to themeroundup[at]crackberry.com for consideration. In the meantime, check out this week's picks, and enter to win a free copy of C point 1 by C_86 Themes! Contest details after the break.

Windows 7 Professional by TDM Designs

Win 7 Professional by TDM Designs

Are you a diehard Windows fan? Win 7 Professional may be the theme for you. It is one of the most realistic Windows 7 themes out there. The start menu has a total of 14 icons, 6 of them are user defined. Also the start bar contains the text of the first icon, which is perfect for weather or OCD apps. By clicking/tapping the explorer icon in the start bar it brings up a window with 8 user defined icons. This also has text for the first icon. A really cool feature are the widgets on the right side of the screen: clock, media, my notes, and the first icon on app screen. The widgets are hide-able if you don't want to see them. There are two versions available; with and without hidden today. Win 7 Professional is available for $3.99 and is compatible with 89xx, 95xx, 9630/50, 97xx, and 9800.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Win 7 Professional

Apple Leopard OSX by Music's BlackBerry

Apple Leopard OSX by Music's BlackBerry

Maybe you prefer Mac. Music's BlackBerry designed Apple Leopard OSX around the Mac OS of the same name. Beautiful reflecting icons sit on the dock against the familiar starry background. The top banner is slim to give you a sleeker look. Menus and call screens are all customized to resemble the Leopard OS, and the fonts throughout are easy to read. Apple Leopard OSX is available for $3.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 7130, 81xx, 83xx, 87xx 88xx, 89xx, 9000, 9630/50, and 9700.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Apple Leopard OSX

Ubuntu-berry by daniel200

Ubuntu-berry by daniel200

If Mac and Windows just don't cut it for you, you may be a Linux fan. Ubuntu-berry is based on that OS, with Ubuntu 10.0 icons and custom wallpapers. The home screen has a hidden dock with 4-5 icons and hidden menu with 10-12 items (depending on your device. This is an awesome looking theme with several built in options that are sure to please many users, whether Ubuntu fans or not.
Ubuntu-berry is available for $3.99 and is compatible with 8330/50i, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 91xx, 93xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 9800.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Ubuntu-berry

iBerry by Lunar's Edge Design

iBerry by Lunars Edge Design

Maybe you're a fan of the Apple iOS interface, but still loyal to your BlackBerry? iBerry is here to help. iBerry was designed to capture the visual appearance of the iPhone while still retaining that unique functionality of your BlackBerry.
Features include:

  • Functioning Slide to Unlock and SlideScreen
  • The most accurate iPhone theme for the BlackBerry (very detailed)
  • All icons on main screen are customizable - arrange accordingly in app menu
  • iPhone style icons and wallpapers

Two small navigation dots on home screen access the App menu (Storm - No Slide w/Text Versions only)
iBerry is available on sale for $1.99 (regularly $5.99) and is compatible with 87xx, 88xx, 9000, 96xx, 97xx, 83xx, 85xx, 89xx, 93xx, 81xx, 91xx, 95xx, and 9800.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase iBerry

htc Revolution by bbthemepark

htc Revolution by bbthemepark

htc Revolution is variation of the htc themes with digital clock and new icons. You still have the big clocks but with a digital clock instead of the original clock font. There are 5 sub home screens. Each screen has a number of user defined icons and crisp clean animations on each screen.

  • User defined fonts
  • Custom menus and submenus
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • 7 user defined icons on home screen
  • Hidden Today Plus feature
  • QuickLaunch Support(app sold separately)(spacebar )
  • Weather support (icon slot 7)
  • BerryWeather Wallpaper compatible(app sold separately)
  • Dual Docks
  • Browser screen incorporates a search bar(search app of your choice)(icon slot 6)
  • HTC flip clock

htc Revolution is available on sale right now for just $.99 (regularly $5.99) and is compatible with BlackBerry 8330/50i, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 91xx, 93xx, 95xx, 9630/50, 9700, and 9800.
For more information/screenshots and to purchase htc Revolution (touchscreen)
For more information/screenshots and to purchase htc Revolution (non-touchscreen)

C point 1 by C_86 Themes

C point 1 by C_86 Themes

BlackBerry OS 6.1 was leaked last week, though for devices no one really has. Luckily, icons were extracted from the OS and are now available for theme makers to use. A lot of developers have stuck to the BB6 UI and plugged in the 6.1 icons (which makes sense as a lot of people enjoy the BB6 experience). C_86 Themes took the same path, but also added in some of his own personal touches such as a thinner banner for wallpaper visibility, custom meters, and more. C point 1 is available for just $1.49 and is compatible with BlackBerry 91xx, 93xx, 96xx, 97xx. and 9800 on BB6.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase C point 1

Contest: C_86 has shared 25 copies of C point 1 with us for this week's contest! To enter to win a free copy, leave a comment below telling us what you want most out of OS 6.1 when it releases. Be sure you have one of the devices listed above, and only enter once please. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


I am so excited for customizable trays. No more favourites / downloads / frequent! Would love a copy of the theme. :)


i would love to win a free copy of C point 1 by C_86 Themes!


Looks good on my 9300! Pick me please! Thanks!


guys i need one on mine too.


This Theme seems super cool! Would love to when an copy! :)


a free copy of C point 1 by C_86!

one thing id love about OS 6.1 would be to have a more fluid UI for better navigation and good RAM and power utilization. Aside from the fact the I am ok with OS 6, a few tweaks wont hurt that can help improve the phone's performance well. Also, OS 6.1 should be released for 9780 like seriously


Oh Yea I need to win this....pick me!


I like the looks of the OS themed themes... I like all the themes that get recognized on the main page of crackberry and even better if I can win some.

What i'm looking forward to most with os 6.1 which I don't think will be a feature but one can hope ;) is the ability to EXCLUDE certain files from media libraries. Tired of my audio books getting thrown in when I'm listening to my music library on shuffle.

BB Bold 9780


looking for a copy of C point 1 for 9780

it just looks good

what can i say lol


What I would like to see in 6.1 is a better built in media player, one that supports album artists sorting, not just artists,A complete re-overhaul of the pic library,Better battery utilization, and improved use of the ram for a faster phone all around, maybe even a flash-based browser for better internet browsing

Torch 9800


i want OS 6.1 to be close to bug free,its new,so some bugs are to be expected,but as long as there aren't to many,i will be happy


Love the use of those icons!


Please one copie to Czech Republic :)


OS 6.1 = hotspot:)
Can't wait:)


allthe new apps release with this new OS 6.1

hope to win a Windows 7 for my Torch 9800


Pick me amigos!
OS6 no battery drain, no memory leak!


I expect to be able to play mobile mafia wars in 6.0 and win this theme.


I realy want to try the windows 7 and the C point theme
Wanna give my 9700 (OS6) a whole new look and feel!.

i hope crackberry picks me out to win a copy of this wonderfull theme

(never won anything on crackberry hope this time i will :P)


Want to see android apps to be available after 6.1 update. Currently the blackberry apps pool need enhancement.

One copy of the theme for singapore 9800 plz.


i also would love to win a free copy of C point 1 by C_86 Themes!



would love to be able to remove the trays i do no use, especially frequent and favorite!!!


Remove the menu animations! It sucks!


wow...1 copy of " C point 1 by C_86" to this corner please!!!!


Themes look great! Would be nice to win one....


Wow so crisp. I need to win one lol


6.1: faster graphics


Out of OS 6.1, the new feature I want the most is better and better Web Browser! BlackBerry, I think you can do it on 6.1 this time, and the next, and the next...


i have happy to accept a copy


I would love to have a copy :)


This would at least make me "feel" like I am running OS 6.1 until my carrier releases a new BB that would actually be an "upgrade" for me.


Looks interesting. I hope the final 6.1 also has options to remove the search bar and shrink / remove the top banner. 6 obscures the wallpaper so much on 9700/9780.
#NOTE: I see at least 3 people hoping to win the Win7 theme - I wish they would actually read properly, it is not in the competition. Can see it being really unfair if they are the winners as they are not wanting CPoint (the prize).


I want one please!!!! thanks crackberry!!!


I really love the look of this theme. It would be nice to load it onto my 9100


Thanks for the contest. This theme looks great. I'd like to see more fluidity and less lag with 6.1 and like customizable trays.


Looks terrific
Thx C_86 & Crackberry for the contest!


the windows one looks awsome!


What an awesome design!


This really looks good!


Round me up, would love to win a theme. Thanks CB!


Count me in for this one!


Flash support would be nice from 6.1
C point 1 theme is very nice and peaceful.
would go nice on pearl 3g


I'd love to have a better Media Player in 6.1! And, of course, general improvements to the OS (my torch gets laggy sometimes, would love to have more fluid transitions, etc.)
Hope I win that sweet theme because i'm loving the new icons :D


I'd love to have a better Media Player in 6.1! And, of course, general improvements to the OS (my torch gets laggy sometimes, would love to have more fluid transitions, etc.)
Hope I win that sweet theme because i'm loving the new icons :D


love how the theme is mostly stock with a few custom touches. Hope i win a copy!


I would love to see more options for BBM and added flash support, that would be the ultimate. Would love to see the Win 7 theme on my 9800. Combined with my laptop i could have the ultimate Win 7 devices.
Thanks CB and C_86 for bring this great contest to us.


wow these are beautiful


I hope 6.1 allows me to turn my torch into a batmobile with 1 touch


Cant wait to get rid of "Favourites" and "Media" on 6.1. I just hope we can actually get it on out systems


i think the most exciting thing will be BBM6 and i hope they come out with animated emoticons!


this looks great please pick me


I would love a copy of C point 1. Thanks.



I would like to see the liquid graphics on 6.1 really bring this OS to at least look modern. I have no beef with the functionality of OS6 though.

Pick me!


C point 1 for my 9650 please!!


Looks sweet. Would love to see this in an OS5 version!


What I want out of 6.1 when it is released is just smoother operation. When I do Batt Pulls sometimes certain net_rim_bb_* apps do not work properly and has to be closed.


I'd like to see OS 6.1 streamlined and a bit more responsive than 6.0 can be at times.


My 8530 would love that


I would love one please. I like the fact the banner is thinner to see more wallpaper and the crispness of the icons.


i just love the fact that the trays are customizable for what i want to see and not what they want me to see.
bold 9650, hooray!


I would love shorter boot times, over-the-air OS updates that are seemless and no reboot after install. Wishful thinking.


better media player in 6.1

Bold 9650


My 9650 would be look really nice with this theme. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.


I'll have a C point 1 please :)


Count me in. If its free then its for me :)


Pic looks like a great place to golf


Battery meter and colorful icons would be awesome on my Torch!


For 6.1 definitely agree with the ability to customize trays, it can't come a moment to soon.


I would like a copy for my Torch.


looks sweet and would go with my macbook and tour


I would like OS 6.1 to be able to run on my 9700! That would be the best feature if you'd ask me.

But until then C point 1 will do:D.


C point looks really nice
Hoping the new 6.1 would have a better web browser and music player. I'm glad RIM is finally introducing hotspot

BB Torch


Could you pick me as I get overlooked for everything! Is it the "UK" in my name?

Anyway the feature I would like to see is some more in depth customisation options. For example being able to clear up the home screen a lot more and changing the led notification light for different incoming alerts.


I just want 6.0 for Storm2


Hit my 9780 with your best theme!


I'm really looking forward to being able to customize my tabs on the stock OS 6 theme. I also want to be able to have the full BBM 6. Especially since by the time its released I'll have my very own PlayBook!


windows seven looks good no that bold 9780


I would love this for my 9700


This would look so cool on my torch!


I'd like to have the option to customise the tray icons and a default theme with the calender showing on the today home screen


I really like C point one, please give it to me.


customizable trays would be great in 6.1


I would love to win a free copy of C point 1 by C_86 Themes for my amazing blackberry bold 9700! It's my life!


That Mac theme is AMAZING....!!!


Hah looks very cool, I would like this theme :D


I want to win again. Please.


O.S 6 rocks, & O.S 6.1 can only get better! I like some of the icons that are being released :D


No question, customizable trays!!

Bold 9700


Wow this theme looks really nice. I hope I win it


Another great looking freebie crackberry. Thanks again for the opportunity.


I would like a copy!


I'd like to have a copy of C point 1 for my 9800


I can always use a different theme!


Would love to win one for my 9780! I love Crackberry!


Acho tão legal o BB OS 6.0 que não tenho vontade alguma de mudar o visual do sistema.


I think so cool BB OS 6.0 that I have no desire whatsoever to change the look of the system.


pick me =] its always cool to have a different look to the bb!!! wouldnt mind switchin my theme from the given theme =]

bruno adeh

i have the curve 8900 i want the iberry pls


getting win 7 pro will bring me joy for my bold 9700, many thanks.


Definitely the custom trays for me


WIDGETS!!!! I want them widgets for christ sake!!!

I also want a theme.... :)


What I want most out of 6.1 when it releases is the ability for it to run on my Storm 2. I don't see that happening, though, so I will just look on with envy while I try and score a cool 6.1 looking theme. :)


Would love to win this beautiful theme, so please keep me in.


C_86's C point 1 will be perfect for my 9650, please pick me!!!!!! My 9650 will be complete :D


Windows 7 or ubuntu for my phone !!


Style user here. Need a theme


i love the icons of 6.1 and am looking forward to customizable trays


i'd like the 6.1 homescreen layout to be better able to show the wallpaper, and an option to show smaller (shrunk?) icons.


Customizable trays is a must have for 6.1


I would love to win this theme =D, Things that I would want to see in OS 6.1 are: a more fluid UI for better navigation and good RAM and power utilization (also of course improved battery health). =D


Looks like a great product I would like to win a copy


Love the new icons of 6.1 and I wish they would tune the OS to have fewer memory leaks and a native app for cleaning the RAM so i dont have to keep doing a reset all the time.

it would be awesome to win this theme for my Curve 9300!


need a new theme! pick me!


Customizable trays is what I'm waiting for. Love the look of C point 1!


I'm ready for a win!!!


pic me please realy pick me


can i win a copy? :D LOL


I would want os 6.1 to be more fluid and to require less memory. If only ... :(


would be nice! i lost all my themes :(


I'd love the c point 1 theme.

What I'd like out of OS 6.1 is a more fluid UI that responds better and possibly a few feature add-ons


I love os6 themes and tray style, but this one looks even great with os6.1 icon. Nice to have this theme on my curve 3G.


Wow! Thank you for the contest!

I love the icons and the whole theme itself. Very 'back to basic' and I believe this is definitely a theme to go for!


a free copy of C point 1 by C_86!

the thing id like to see a improvement in OS 6.1 would be better optimization of the ram and power. I want to get more battery life out of my blackberry, and be able to open apps without giving me errors on low memory. To me os 6 is very solid design for the blackberry. Everyone likes it and the features it brings. just if it were to be more smoother from tray to tray transitions.



For a Torch, thanks CB


Looks fab, yes please :) thanks crackberry :)


I hope OS 6.1 will run more efficient and start quicker on my torch. I hate the long reboots!


what i want the most out of 6.1: - better media player, more customizable feature. Other than that, BB is the best :)