BlackBerry Theme Roundup for April 26th 2010 - 50 Copies of Digital Steel to be Won!

By Michael Hepples on 26 Apr 2010 07:31 pm EDT

Contest: 50 Copies of Digital Steel to be won. Leave a comment!

Theme Roundup

Hello again Theme Junkies. I'm sure everyone is a little more concerned with all the goodies to come from the team at WES, but let's calm the shakes from your weekly theme withdrawals first, so you can focus on the news. Hit the jump and check out some of the great themes we have this week, a couple from the tip line, and a couple dug up out of the forums.

Free Themes of the Week


Dark Glass

Our top pick for free non-touchscreen this week is Dark Glass by Mateo1041. This theme was a first attempt by a new theme dev, and is an impressive entry into the community. Available in two versions, one that is simply a Today theme, with no icons, and one Today with a bottom dock of 6 icons. Clean and well put-together, it has been fully skinned for an all around professional look. Available for the 83xx series of devices OTA from the thread below.


    Zelda Theme

    Our next choice is Zelda Theme by minicoop883. I wasted hours as a kid playing the original Zelda series. This is a novel touch to the stock Precision Zen theme, with a few extra custom icons from the game, and some sweet custom meters modeled after the life and rupee meters from the game. If you were as much of an addict to these games as I was, you'll definitely want to check this out. Available OTA from the thread below.

      Paid Themes of the Week


      Digital Steel

      Our next pick is Digital Steel by Beav's Graphics. Only Beav's second theme, he has shown a flair for theme development, and it shows in this offering. Custom icons and a great old school LCD central banner for the homescreen are rounded off with dual hidden docks. All icons are user defined on the homescreen, and the red colors run throughout, completeing the look of this great new theme. Available in the CB store for $2.98.



        Our final pick of the week is !Butterfly by berrygoodthemes. Moving through the spring into the summer, the folks over at berrygoodthemes have put together a great fresh theme for your touchscreen device. Four icons centered on the homescreen and a full set of custom icons get things started. Fresh spring colors are used throughout the theme to complete the feel. It is available at the CB store for $3.89 for multiple devices.

          Contest: We have 50 copies of Digital Steel to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

          That concludes our roundup for this week. We hope you enjoyed it, keep those tips and suggestions coming to our email,!

          Reader comments

          BlackBerry Theme Roundup for April 26th 2010 - 50 Copies of Digital Steel to be Won!


          This may look pretty good with my UGA red logo screen, but difficult to tell how wallpaper friendly it is by the screen shots.

          Nice, I like idea of Theme Roundup. From time to time it's nice to put some fresh look on BlackBerry :)

          Being a theme junkie, I'd love to have that digital steel theme for free. Also, someone needs to make that Zelda theme for the 9700. Ocarina of Time is the greatest game of all time!!!

          Just in case the free theme works on the 82xx I'm throwing my hat in the ring AS IT the Berry ya got!! FLIP IT!!!

          Although I do happen to read every single article you guys write (unless it solely applies to touchscreen devices - which I don't like) the thing is, nothing gets me more excited and turned on than your theme collections! Thanks so many times over for great stuff being brought to our attention! Hopefully chance will have me win this contest!

          It comes out like solid STEEL. Just like the IRON MAN2 movie hitting the cinema but this Steel will hit my Javelin unlike any other theme, so vivid yet solid LCD banner because it is Digital Steel.