BlackBerry theme roundup - 50 copies of BeBook by Santito95 to be won!

BlackBerry theme roundup
By Alicia Erlich on 20 Dec 2011 03:58 pm EST

Enter to win a free copy of BeBook by Santito95! Details below!

Hey folks welcome to another edition of the BlackBerry theme roundup. I'm getting ready to celebrate the extended holiday weekend with my friends and family. Before I go, I hope you all enjoy this weeks picks. Click on the jump to check them out and enter to win a free copy of BeBook by Santito95. If you developed a theme you want to share or see featured in the contest or discovered a really great one out there by all means shoot it on over to us! Submit your tips and suggestions to themeroundup[at] for consideration.


FB by TDM Designs
FB is designed to be simple and easy yet looks amazing on your device. It features a sub-menu with user defined icons, OS 7 icons, a hidden today screen, a nine icon side menu, and touch screen and hotkey capabilities. FB is clean, functional, and elegant all at the same time. You can pick up this theme from BlackBerry App World for $4.99. It's compatible with BlackBerry 89XX, 95XX, 9630/50, 97XX, and 9800 devices.
More information / screenshots and to purchase FB


POP by Bbt Designs
Pop is another awesome theme by Bbt Designs that is fun, vibrant, and loaded with features. It certainly lives up to its name when you see it on your device. It comes with a weather slot, hidden today, clickable banner items, the ability to access over twenty apps on the home screen and folders with pop up animation. So why not brighten up your day by checking out Pop in BlackBerry App World for $5.99. It's available for BlackBerry 89XX, 9300/30, 95XX, 9630/50, 97XX, and 9800.
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Metallic Flower ThemeMetallic Flower Theme
Metallic Flower Theme by Intellect Dimensions
Metallic Flower theme is one of those themes that just grabs your attention. It's a lively theme with a customized icon set, battery and signal meters, and a unique home screen layout. Not to mention the exquisite metallic floral design and purple backgrounds. Metallic Flower theme will make your device standout all day long for just $2.99 in BlackBerry App World. It's compatible with BlackBerry 8520/30, 9300/30, 95650, 97XX, and 9800.
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Ritro ThemeRitro Theme
Ritro Theme by Berrie Cool Designs
Ritro theme is an absolutely beautiful theme. With its 3D icon set, custom fonts and gorgeous wallpapers you won't be changing your theme anytime soon. It stands out from the rest and draws you in with its eye popping colors and custom icons. You can grab this theme from BlackBerry App World for $1.99. It's available for BlackBerry 8520/30, 9300/30, 9630/50, 97XX, and 9800.
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BeBook v4.0BerryBook v4.0
BeBook (BerryBook) by Santito95
For those of you who, like me, love the design of their PlayBook and wish they could have it on their device then check out BeBook (aka BerryBook). Forums member Santito95 has created an awesome theme that lets you enjoy the PlayBook experience right on your BlackBerry. It features custom icons, newly designed menus, colors, fonts, and styles, and a hidden dock. This theme is crisp, clear, and absolutely stunning. Be sure to check it out in BlackBerry App World for just $3.99. It's compatible with BlackBerry 8220/30, 8520/30, 89XX, 91XX, 9300/30, 95XX, 96XX, 97XX, and 9800.

  • 4 custom icons to user selection
  • 4 Hits A Social, Videos, Music, Menus
  • 4 Sliding windows style similar to BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Style Icons BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Wooden Wallpapers
  • Hidden dock (space / escape)

Contest: We have 50 copies of BeBook to give away courtesy of Santito95. To enter, leave a comment below. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please!

More information / screenshots and to purchase BeBook

That's it for this week folks. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! 

Reader comments

BlackBerry theme roundup - 50 copies of BeBook by Santito95 to be won!


BeBook can be a good example of how Blackberry 10 ("BBX") will look like as a common platform for both BB's and PB !! Good job!

I don't have a Playbook but would love playbook experience on my 9800! Hook me up, CB! I would love a copy! Thanks and Good luck to everyone!

P.S. I haven't won anything since I had to warranty replace my Torch and lost all of my previous CB goodies, if that help the decision at all ;)

This is a sweet theme! What a great way to show off my BlackBerry Torch 9800 with my BlackBerry PlayBook. I would love to have this as a Christmas Present. Thank you.

oh BeBook would be an awsome compliment to my 9550 and playbook. would love to have them resemble eachother when I show ow my sweet device set-up!

id love to try it out!

one thing im curious about tho is the "pop" theme, am i the only one who noticed its shown on a 9900 and thats the only device its not available for?