BlackBerry Theme Developers - Real BlackBerry 6 icons now available [multiple resources]

BlackBerry Theme Developers - Real BlackBerry 6 icons now available [multiple resources]
By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2010 01:39 pm EDT

If you're a BlackBerry theme developer whos been waiting for real BlackBerry 6 icons to show up you now have a multitude of resources to choose from. Many folks have stepped up and offererd "Official" icons taken from devices running on BlackBerry 6. The CrackBerry forums started filling up with them on Friday and others have also now stepped up offering a few more packages and even some have taken the time to rename them all so that they may load into BlackBerry Theme Studio faster for you. Check em out, we've gathered most of the source links for you all to make use of.

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BlackBerry Theme Developers - Real BlackBerry 6 icons now available [multiple resources]


This is pretty cool for theme builders. But HOPEFULLY, RIM can find a way too slim down OS 6.0 into our very popular Bold 9700.

where you been :) Xis (read it backwards) has been out since saturday (sunday for 85xx admittedly) and is on sale for just a buck :) a round about way! LOL

I was the one who dropped these OS6 icons first!

Glad you all are enjoying them and can't wait to see some official unofficial OS6 themes get developed. Ive made quite a few themes with them already.. but I want to see some advanced OS6 like themes out there. I know there was one that got RIM heated, like to see more like that!

Yes, you were which is why I gave the first line of credit to you..the others just followed so that users have more options. Didn't want to "offend" anyone by leaving them out. As well wanted to offer everyone choice. :)

thx MM i grabbed your copy as well - quick question is there a program to edit multiple icons at once or do they need to be edited by size one x one

Thx in advance

Check out, they have all these icons already re-sized for various phones. And no, there isnt an easy way to batch re-size these. If they were all perfectly square and the same size that might be doable.. if you try and just re-size and not maintain the aspect ratio, the icons will distort.

You can create a batch resize script in Photoshop if you use that, if you google'll find lots of "How to" guides. :)

the icons needed to be run through fireworkds first for some reason, seems it showed up a touch of alpha in photoshop. has fully resized icons in 52x52, 72x72, 73x73 and 80x80 sizes :)

that covers every device from the 8350 to the 9100 :)

Anyone want to replace some system icons with OS6 icons can do this with our magicIcon app. Just download the OS6 icons from the above link and then use our app to load the new icons for different apps.

Note: not all system app icons can be changed.

check our magicIcon in CB AppStore.