BlackBerry Theme Central's Blowout Sale!!

By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2009 11:39 pm EST

WooHoo! I love these kinds of posts. Got an email from Shayne today from BlackBerry Theme Central, letting me know of a big sale they got going on for all of their themes. Bold, Curve, Pearl whatever,all on sale for the next 2 weeks for only $2 a pop!! That's a deal no one can refuse really, especially with all the new themes BlackBerry Theme Central has been turning out. Everyone is bound to find something they'd enjoy.

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BlackBerry Theme Central's Blowout Sale!!


They don't make changes to themes you purchase, even if there is a problem....just my two cents.

I purchased a theme that had a problem and they took over a week just to tell me that they would not be making any changes to themes. They didn't even offer a refund. So hopefully no one else will have this problem.

Hello lamonicaj,

You had requested a change to the theme yes but there was no problem with the theme. You messaged me through crackberry and not to my email address and that is why it took a week for the response as I dont check my pm's everyday. No need to come on here and try and give my site a bad name.

I receieve 50-100 em-mails a day and I am very helpful to all of my customers

Blackberry Theme Central


There was a problem....if you look at post #38 & #40 you will see, I posted pictures. You commented on not being able to remove the carrier but not on the notification issue.

But you're right, me wanting the carrier info removed was not a problem, but neither was the other customers who wanted you to use their specific wallpaper so the lock screen looked the way they wanted it. But you made their changes



I have never trashed anyone's themes on here. No theme creators on here can say that I have posted trash talk about their theme. Because if I don't like a theme, I don't comment on it. Just because I may not like it, I would never trash it....there's always someone who does. If I didn't think Shayne & his site produced quality themes I would not have 'purchased' it. Remember, there are countless quality free themes out there. So, no need for you to attempt to blast me. I was simply sharing my experience.

So, again, I didn't say your site deserved a bad name or you for that matter, I just stated my experience on the theme iBerry 3G Bold Top Customize 9xxx (4.6 OS) that I purchased.

Shayne I would't worry about it. There are always people out there who love to trash others. I know that you offer the greta customer service and are very helpful to your customers and crackberry members.

keep up the good work


The themes are not coming up at a sale price at checkout, they are still showing as the regular price. Is there a special discount code that is needed?


I just tried to buy a theme and the theme came up $7.00 in paypal, that is why I posted the original comment. The theme that I was referring to was:

HD StormLike TodayPlus Theme for BB 83xx, 88xx 4.2 OS.


I bought two themes, but I can't download them...I do not have access to a PC, so OTA is my only option, but connection times out.

By the way, why does the BlackNeon customizable lack a desktop option?