BlackBerry Theme Central Contest!

BlackBerry Theme Central Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jan 2009 03:12 am EST

I think it's safe to say everyone out there likes to dress up their BlackBerry, be it with themes, apps or accessories. The good folks from BlackBerry Theme Central know this as well and have lined up a great contest for the CrackBerry Nation. From now up until January 31st when you leave a comment to this blog post telling everyone Why you are a CrackBerry Addict you will be entered into a draw for $100 from BlackBerry Theme Central to be used in the Shop CrackBerry Store. The lucky winner can put their hundred bucks towards whatever he/she wishes, be it software or accessories. That's it. Entering to win is EASY.

But wait, maybe you are looking to increase your chances of winning by gaining more than one entry. That's reasonable and that is why the folks from BlackBerry Theme Central have their $2 theme blowout still going on. Every theme you pick up for the low cost of $2 will automatically give you an additional entry. You can't beat that price! Enter for free and/or buy some nice new themes and potentially walk away with $100 in new BlackBerry goodies. Good luck to all!!

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BlackBerry Theme Central Contest!


i have never won a contest in my life and it would be cool for my first winnings to be 100 shopping spree for my blackberry

Maybe you never win because you continue to remain Anonymous hehe!

Might wanna register so we can at least get in touch with you if you were to win. :)

After doing tech support for a mobile carrier for the last 18 months I finally delved into the world of blackberry to my delight. It doesn't leave my hands that often now to my wifes dismay.

I have used everything that I have learnt on here to help my work as well as training others in the use of the best smart phone out there.

I'm a CrackBerry addict (the site) cos they constantly have giveaways like this, and because I know I'll NEVER miss a beat on anything that happens in the world of the 'berry news.

(Many of my BlackBerry bearing friends now think so too. Word of this site has spread far and wide in the circles I mix in)

And I'm an addict for the device because it enables me to get on here more often when I'm out and about (Okay, so I'll stop kissing ass now - but honestly, this site has become a part of my twice-daily routine... at least)

Um, there are plenty of things I love about the BlackBerry platform, but who can possibly deny... The thing that keeps luring us all back is that damn little red LED.

Oh sure, you can easily put down the powerhouse of a mobile-media-internet-social-networking-convenient-life-sucking device for a moment, promising yourself that "thats it" for now, and you need to engage with the people IN FRONT of you in person... but when that light comes a-blinkin', we all come crawling back.

I have two devices, one 8320 for work and one 9350 for personal use. I constantly have them by my side. Some people sleep with a gun under their pillow, i sleep with a blackberry.

I am addicted because it is my first smart phone, and I had no idea there are so my applications for a BlackBerry. I can do virtually everything on my BlackBerry. This thing has made me the most popular kid on the block at work.

Let's BlackBerry is probably the coolest electronic device I've ever had. It's my alarm clock, MP3 player, web browser, email machine...oh yeah, phone too. I've owned my precious for just one month and have already dropped all kinds of cash on accessories and applications. I'm constantly looking for or creating new wallpapers and themes for this thing. I'm always checking to see if the little red light is blinking so I can check emails, always waiting for the alert to tell me I have a new text. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!

I'm not an addict. I can put my Blackberry down anytime I want... really.... you'll just have to pry it from my cold dead hands to get it! :-)

My poor little blackberry, its got nothing. Only because I don't have any extra cash to put towards it. So for the sake of my poor Innocent Blackberry, make me a winner! So it can be the Blackberry I always knew it could be! [How epic was that comment]

whats the deal with the addict part? I thought Crackberry was the answer to life. Its like the elixir of Gods, once you take a sip you get your car keys taken away till you come back from the 24 hour Crackberry binge/comma.

I became an addict the moment I started reading about the BlackBerry online. When I first got my BlackBerry, I used some of its features. I stumbled my way around the phone, not fully understanding it at first.
Luckily, in that first week or two of use, I did a quick Google search and found Ever since I found this website, I made sure to mention how useful it was for my Blackberry. This site turned me from a slow BlackBerry user to a full abuser.
Once I discovered the functionality, I became a full addict. I sync my calender with my Google Calendar so people can view it. I create my shopping lists on the phone. I look up how to make drinks. I use mobile sites to track my gas mileage (Fuelly), update my social network status (, and to keep up on all of the recent events (Google Reader and Twitter). My friends make fun of me because I always have my phone with me.
I honestly no longer think I can go a day without my phone. I understand how Presidential-elect Obama feels! I would be upset if I was going to lose my phone for four to eight years.
Hopefully this entry is good enough to win ;-)

Also, if I bought some of the $2 themes a week or so ago, do those still count as entries?

Who me addicted? She states as she types on her computer with her blackberry in hand. I love my BB it does everything I need it to do and more. My Hubby complains sometimes that 'you are still on that thing' and my answer is yes. I love meeting and talking to people on BBM and IM getting my email anywhere and getting answers to any questions I have from the great people here on CB. I am working on getting my hubby on a BB, so he to can be an addict, it is a slow turn over but now that there is a flip it might be a little easier. And he can stop saying 'Crackberry, yeah that thing is crack you can't stay off it.

Who isn't? Where else can you get everything you need for your BlackBerry? Excellent site full of everything you need to pimp out your BlackBerry.

I'm addicted cause im always looking for a beta software or new cool apps and themes everyday while at work lol
It's bad i know

Well I have been a computer geek for a long time and very disorganized.

My wife was a store manager and brought home an 8700 blackberry, I was on it more then she was, playing brickbreaker and just checking everything out.

then I was working for Rogers Wireless and selling Blackberries was a given, and I got to sit and really learn a lot of ins and outs of the Blackberry.

Then comes Novemeber of 2008, I got myself a Bold. I can't for the life of me figure out why I haven't had a blackberry before.

I have become very organized with it. I use the calendar like there is no tomorrow.

Where I work now, cracks down on surfing certain sites during the day, so I have my crackberry bold to surf on places where I can't at work.

I play brickbreaker all the time, I'm always flashing my phone off to everyone that doesn't own a blackberry and I tell them to get one.

This has become my second life away from my wife and kids.

Sure I've only been an addicted for a few months, but honestly I don't want this addiction to ever go away.

I am an addict purely because of! After coming to this site, I've found so many more helpful sites and now I'm on my phone all the time trying out new things!!

I'm a CrackBerry addict because my Blackberry contains all the information that is important to me. (Contacts, Emails, Calendar events etc). My Blackberry keeps my life on track. keeps my Blackberry in order and on track so the two work hand in hand. Blackberry Themes Central Themes make my Blackberry a device I love looking at and using each time It's pulled from my holster. I love the look and feel of the themes I've installed.
It's a great combination.

My Blackberry keeps me on time, keeps my blackberry running smooth with the latest and greatest apps and Blackberry Themes Central keeps my Blackberry Bold looking its best.

Great Contest.

I do tech support for my company which includes Blackberry support for our end users. I'm on the computer all day long so when I get home I really don't want to be on the computer but since I am 'addicted' I can at least do what I need to do from my blackberry. These little devices are the bomb and I'm getting ready to purchase a Bold! Also, I've not won one of these contests yet so it would be nice to win!! :-)

My old phone contract was up so had to get something new. First Blackberry was an 8100. Took a few months before I realized the capabilities of the phone.......then i got addicted. Went from the 8100 to the 8310 to the 9000 and now using the 8900. Just the love being able to do just about anything with one device, its great.

I am a Crackberry Addict for many reasons. For one, the only news I know are the ones I read on my phone, including Viigo. Because when my daughter complained I neglect her and her sister when we get together, I bought her one which led to another Crackberry Addict. Because I use as one of my favorite resources for information and send my customers here as well, changing the world one Crackberry Addict at a time. Because the weather, email, and music all are on my phone. I sometimes forget it's a phone as well, my Blackberry is my secretary and link to the world. And because my sister couldn't understand why I'm always on my phone and I talked her into getting one as well. And I always show my customers what a great phone Blackberry is and tell them there's a reason they call them Crackberry!

My Blackberry, first and foremost, is an organizer. I live and die by my calendar, contacts, and todo list. While many other smartphone do these just as well, if not better, the stability and speed of my berry is uncontested. I can whip out the phone and in 1 key press, be exactly where I want to be without the need for a stylus.

The site...
It is the best place to find the most pertinent information about my BB storm. Great reviews and timely information. If I have a question about how to do something or where to find something I can always find it here... Also great giveaways and contests...

The device...
Well because of all that it can do and the time that it saves me. And I am loving the larger screen on the Storm....

Thanks J...

Sorry for the double post my browser gave me an error and when I refreshed I had two posts....

I know I am a CrackBerry addict because the first thing I do at work every morning (even BEFORE the coffee) is check out what's new in the blogs/forums. It doesn't stop there - if my company only knew how much of their time I spent on the site... ah, well - you know what they say about ignorance!

In my line of work... its easier and faster to order live Langoustines from the Scottish Isle's and more fun negotiating prices for Italian white winter truffles on a the go with a BBB.

As I call my BOLD.... my personal "Productivity Enhancement Device"

And every PED should look "Personalized E Distinct".

Plus it does not help that your web site ( not only gives you up to the minute Software reviews, highly helpful Forums for us newbies but more importantly your App Store... works brilliantly on the fly.

You have a member as long as I keep using my personal "PED"


I just a few short months since I became a Blackberry user I have become a Blackberry Addict. It reminds me of upcomming events, birthdays, Anniveraries. I find myself checking for emails and messages way more often than is probably normal (well for non BB people anyway)I now find myself looking at Crackberry several times every hour looking for the newest news, and reviews. Before BB, I never knew there were so many things you could do with your device and now I can hardly wait to try them all. It is fun to be a part of something this great!

I know we're supposed to tell why we're crackberry addicts...I'm gonna tell you why I'm not one because I've never followed the rules...

I'm not a crackberry addict because I turn my phone off all the time...wait, not I don't...I don't jump everytime it vibrates/rings...oh, wait, I do...ok, I don't constantly look for new apps...yeah...ummm, I don't live on it.

I am a CrackBerry addict. I heard my phone go off at 3:54AM. I received an email with my closed beta code for the new Bolt browser! So, it was 4:00 AM, and I get out of bed to download it and try it out. Could it have waited until my alarm was set to go off at 9:00AM? I think not. That is CrackBerry addiction.

by pimping out your blackberry. All sorts of goodies i know i could use like an Otterbox, and a bluetooth headset! Great way to make the other kids at school jealous including those with the "Ah Frak" iPhone. On top of that always good to tell people how much of a Crackberry addict i am by referring them to this website. After all its the only one place that an carckberry addict needs to go!

I am a crackberry addict because I look at my Viigo feeds before I go to bed AND when I get up out of bed. It's so bad where my wife and I communicate to each other via the BB messenger, even at the dining table. This addiction runs in the family.

I carry two extra batteries + a charger daily. Just having a peace of mind knowing that I am connected all the time makes me a CrackBerry addict. No juice means no Crackberry.

I am a crackberry addict cause this site and my Device rock..... This site is full of incredible information which allows us to really put our devices to full use. This site and the partners really show why Blackberry is the best.... Keep up the great work

I am a crackberry addict cause this site and my Device rock..... This site is full of incredible information which allows us to really put our devices to full use. This site and the partners really show why Blackberry is the best.... Keep up the great work

Because when I go vacation, I need to steal time in the bathroom to fuel my berry addiction so the family doesn't frek out.

I'm a recent convert to the BlackBerry phenomenon who fleed from the grips of the iPhone hype.

Now, I can't stop tinkering with my BlackBerry Bold 9000.

I sometimes stare at my the LED indicator to see if it changes from the green to red, which happens to be every half hour anyways :)

Keyboard shortcuts make life so much better!

I use my BB to Keep In Touch both for the office and personal use. I constantly Email, SMS/MMS and IM. As well as Keep In Touch through My Space. I use a ton of apps and love to play games. It's my personal portable Entertainment Center as well!

It truly amazes me how much different functionalities the Blackberry has to offer. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge reading from Crackberry and other Blackberry forums. People are always asking me how I know so much about this phone. I just give them the site. I am always on my Blackberry, my Husband is always telling me to put it way. Likewise me telling him stop talking about cars, lol.

I LUV Crackberry so much, I adopted it as my nickname wherever I go! :) Every day I surf the net, at home or work, I have my browser ( chrome ) set to load Crackberry each time. Then I read Crackberry front to back, or back to front. I often do Crackberry on the blackberry as well...

Quite often I try the suggestions made on Crackberry. Often I will bookmark different sites mentioned for review later...
I have never been steered wrong by Crackberry, as they know my needs, wants and desires.
Cudos to Crackberry Kevin for keeping all us CrackFans up to date, and in tune with life on the Blackberry. Couldn't do it withoutcha...
CrackBoy Bill !

it is the bestest device ever. Plus, the info I read on your site and forums makes me look like an expert in front of people...or a nerd in the opinion of my girlfriend.

Blackberry addict...that's to say it mildly. I went from a regular cell phone to the Curve and I'm in love. I'm still learning how to use it after having it in my hands for 3 months....but that's the weird addictive thing about it. Who on earth after 3 months of trying to figure something out doesn't chuck it in the corner?? Us bb addicts, that's who!!

I had been in the "dark" for too long until I bought my first blackberry, now I can't get enough of my phone and this damn website, I get pissed when I can't get on because you update this thing constantly and there just isn't enough time in the day to read all the great information and updates that you provide. I am on the verge of getting in trouble at work because I keep sneaking onto your website, but it truly is like crack because I can't stop even though I know I shouldn't. So please show me some "Crackberry" love and pick me for some free stuff, that would be just awesome!

When I first got my blackberry all my friends made fun of me cause it never left my hands, I was in the "crackberry pray" all the time. Well after about a few months my first convert called me up and told me she was up for a new phone (BTW she has wanted an iPhone for over a year an she's on ATT) they told her what kind of phones she could get, razor, iphone and she said "No I want a blackberry"!!

Well she got an 8320 curve and now she is just as bad as me. My next convert never even text messaged. Now he's rocking a Curve pings me on bbmessenger all day. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't have discovered BB (I kid I kid).

That's how much an addict I am, I got my friends hooked on the coolest drug of all ~ a Blackberry also known as Crackberry.

Why am I an Addict... Because I picked one up slightly more than a year ago and that was all it took - and will take to make an addict out of anyone!

my blackberry is so simple to use. it makes organizing my busy life very easy and because my friends are all envious of my technological savvy

I am a crackberry addict I go to this site everyday with every chance I get to find all these new things I can do with my crackberry!!! Whether it is a program or theme, I LOVE IT!

I'm an addict b/c almost anywhere I go (only place I haven't taken it is the shower) it's on my hip. People always comment on how easy it's been to get in touch with me since I've upgraded from a regular cell phone.

I a crackberry addict because I use my blackberry all the time. I could make my blackberry even better if i win.

Never had a Blackberry until 12/4, now I don't know how I lived without it! I started reading this website before I got my phone, and it drove me crazy! To read about the phone that I was waiting on and not have it in my hands! Now there is not a day that I don't read this website....actually most of the time, it is open on my computer or my Storm! Thanks for a great site!


I am currently a nursing student. My teachers forbid students to use their phones during class but I still do. We were told that if we are seen using it, we will be kicked out of class. And for tests, our phones must be on the desk and off. But, I still refused to turn mine off. Each time, I have to think of a new excuse as to why I refuse to follow the rules.

As if that was not enough, I keep changing my themes around once every week or two. And each time, i have to set up all my icons on the menu to be identical because, if it isnt, it will drive me crazy. Either that is an addict or having a BB gave me OCD.

Normally... when i go home, I leave my phone in my pocket and change into something more comfy or I leave it on the night stand (unless it needs to be recharged) until the next morning, maybe checking on it every couple hours or more. However, once I bought a BB, I am always within arms reach for it.

When the "What Would You do for a BlackBerry Storm" contest came, I thought I had the award winning entry by renaming my son (atleast his middle name) to CrackBerry or BlackBerry... only I didn't get to do it because of my wife (she was for some reason against it). But ever since I used a BlackBerry for the first time in March, I have been hooked, to the point of saying "See you after school, BlackBerry."

My addiction runs deep...I had my first run in with a "older berry" of my co-workers had got it a few years back to use while he was over-seas (USAF)...i digress...I asked to check it out, I had never got my hands on a Berry before that and wondered what the buzz was about, after the 5 minutes of "tinkering" I was left impressed but not "blown away" by the device...a week after that all I could think about was that full qwerty, how good the device felt in the hand, the GUI...I was addicted...then back in December 2006, another co-worker walks in strutting talking about his "Curve" being addicted and reading of them d@mn near talked him and said gimme that thing!...he laughed and reluctently let me "tinker" for all of 30 addiction became uncurrable...after that I HAD to have one...I began dreaming about the curve, spotting them here, no there!?!, there all around me!!...then I found myself looking at them and purchasing (8310) one...

Now, I am a Berry-recruiter...I converted one co-worker from a Chocolate to a Storm...and my other friend JUST walked in and said he is converting from a Treo 750 to a Bold!!

I am a crack dealer!!!

because. it has the best stories posted dealing with blackberries.
the stories are interesting, fun, interactive.
there are a ton of ways to describe the stories on crackberry.
its the beacon of all blackberry content.


I am a Crackberry addict and a Blackberry addict because every day I risk losing my job by checking the Crackberry site for new information and my Blackberry for messages instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

not because I use it round the clock for phone, text, email, net, weather, sports, maps, and every aspect of my life planned in the calendar. I'm an addict because I come to to check for daily updates, read posts, browse the merch and apps instead of spending my free time doing something useful for society. I need a 12 step program to get me away from this eye candy site!



Because its superduper easily customizable with themes and apps and keeps me connected to everyone and everything , anywhere at any time !!! Which means even when hubby deploys... I have 24 hour contact with him.. and for me that alone is priceless.

I'm addicted to my BlackBerry because I can browse websites like facebook that are blocked at my work.

I am a crackberry addict cause i recently just broke up with my girlfriend CAUSE of my addiction to my blackberry.

Why do you ask? Well for the simple reason that i have spent more time and money with my phone then her. At first she was understanding. She thought my Curve 8330 was pretty slick and sweet. But she just couldnt handle how a true crackberry addict can be at times looking for new accessories and software for it.

But its ok. My Curve will never let me down!

I'm a CB addict because I never cared about phones until I got my BB and then CB. Now I'm always checking for new stuff!!

I am a Crackberry Addict because my life LITERALLY revolves around my Blackberry!! I use it for EVERYTHING!! Without it, I would cease to exist in this crazy world full of iPhones!!

I've tried a few of the themes sold off, and I like the Saltwater. Selzer I liked a lot also, but it kept freezing up my Curve 8330, so I took it off. I'm not sure if a lot of my problems came with the new Verizon OS update. Did not like the look of the hybrid iberry theme---icons and labels way too small for old woman eyes.

i first bought a pearl just cause no one else at school had one. then i just fell in love with it cause plays my music and the themes people make for it are great. i then bought an 8800 that was so much better because it had no lag and the themes fit from the 8300.

im a crackberry addict because i cant leave my home without my blackberry. it needs to be with me 24/7. i always check my emails on it and message people every minute of my life. i also get to check for news on the latest things with the blacberries. that is why im a crackberry addict.

I only recently became a blackberry user from a christmas gift. In the weeks leading up to christmas i looked up everything i could on the storm. My wife thought i was going crazy. Maybe i was.. am.. Anyway since i got my precious i have been on crackberry and websites of similar( if lesser) ilk on the regular and could not go back to a regular phone. I just wont and you cant make me. I can quit anytime i just dont want to. Thanks for what you do. You guys rock


My name is Derek and i am an addict.

I had a Blackberry through Nextel a few years back and then I switched to a Windows Device. Big Mistake, I am now back to a BB CCurve 8330 and will never abandon BB again. This thing runs my life from fun, personal, volunteer activities and work. I can't put it down, I am an addict and I love it. Need more programs, need my

I am the biggest crackberry addict - I have the 8320, 8220, and the 8120 and they are all basically the same. I'm only a have been an addict since I was 14 with the 8100. I just have the latest BlackBerry so 8900 here I come; besides, I never win anything! When I am on punishment, I don't get my car taken away, I get my BlackBerries taken away, all of them because my mom knows I will use one!

I'm such an addict that I have convinced three friends who had no idea what a blackberry was six months ago to get them. I got them hooked on crackberry as well, now we run around town using our bbs like pros. We are moms and girl scout leaders, so probably not the most likely of bb addicts, but we can hold our own against anybody!

My first drug is an energy drink. (It's like liquid crack.)

My Pearl is a seriously addictive drug. Phone, camera, calendar, address book, mp3 player, games, apps, and on and on.

And to think, just 10 months ago, my husband wanted to look at Pearls, and I said, we don't need all that. I was addicted WAY before he was!

because of the phones that i sell it is the most intuitive feature rich device. And it's just plain pretty. Plus I'm currently using it on the other side of the planet woot!

I became an addict after getting my Storm, the best phone on the market. This phone is great, I love it. It has my girlfriend complaining that I go to so much after working for VZW all day. She thinks I'm crazy but I have to feed the hunger!!!

I'm a crackberry addict because I can't wait to see the latest new app or piece of news about my favorite mobile device ever. I use Viigo on my 8330 to always get the latest Crackberry posts. It's the best way to stay connected to all things Blackberry!

Why am I a Crackberry addict? Well, its my homepage for the last few months for starts...My supplier if you will. I hardly check my old yahoo page anymore because I can get all the goods on my trusty Blackberry! I cant wait each week to get my weekend roundup fix, I have baggies filled with paper..wallpaper saved on my I hit a different one every week, or when the mood stikes me. I love the rush of the latest blogs and forum posts, and the theme selection.....blows...away other sites! And you know I need to keep up with the Jones' with the lastest news.
So hows that for a few puns Crackberry style?
A famous song I love says it best...and oh how true it is:

"I use to do a little but the little wouldnt get it so the little got more and more."
Courtesy of....dare I say it?? "Cracksl Rose" ! :)

I've had my storm for about 2 weeks and I feel the daggers my wife's eyes are throwing at me. Enough said.

My blackberry never leaves my side. Constant texting, email, web browsing, and just plain messing around with the device. I work for the wireless industry and phones are my way of bringing home the bacon and I love being on the cutting edge. I've had every kind of wireless device you can think of and I keep on coming back to the company that makes the most reliable and functional devices on the market... BlackBerry. I am a BlackBerry addict.

I got my first Blackberry (Bold) in November when it came out and I can honestly say it is the best device I have ever owned. Love what it can do and how simple it makes life once you understand everything it can do though I'm still learning!

To get some new themes to jazz it up would be great.


CrackBerry addict: because my BlackBerry knows what I'm doing, even when I don't. addict: because this site keeps me informed on everything I need to know so my BlackBerry can keep doing the above. Not to mention these generous giveaways!

First and foremost, my fiance' thinks I should give her engagement ring to my blackberry (not a bad idea when I think about it). And second, my boss at work argues with me for about twenty minutes every morning because he thinks he should be able to confiscate my blackberry, because I work with one hand while the other hand is at work on my phone, and because he's sick and tired of seeing that "damn orange CB logo". My boss mistakenly ( and so un-blackberryish) called it a blueberry one day and I quickly corrected him. He saw how offended I was that he disrespected the Blackberry, so now he says it a billion times a day just to try to irritate me (but fortunately I'm always on Crackberry so most of the time it falls on deaf ears). So I guess I should just marry my Blackberry, because this is a lifelong relationship.

Because Crackberry has the greatest information, the kindest and most helpful people, a great store, and the most recent information. And also has exciting contests!

Just love it. I check it frequently, almost daily.

Keep up the good work!



I can only describe it as getting your 1st shinny new car. Driving this new car & you pass one that looks just like yours. From then on your decide that I'm gonna make my car into something that no one else will think it's likes theirs. You want to go through it on the inside and set it up the way you feel at the momunet, knowing that later that will change and so it will too. Knowing that you want it to shine from then on but yet want to place a protective cover over it just like your garage. Finding that all -in- one place that has the same feelings as you do. That's devoted to the same brand as yours, who have set up shop designed so that you can spend an unlimited ammount of time weather it's to look or to buy. Knowing that they don't care, they know!

Thats why!!


I didn't ralize I wasn't signed in when I 1st posted this so that's WHY? this 2nd post....sorry


I can only describe it as getting your 1st shinny new car. Driving this new car & you pass one that looks just like yours. From then on your decide that I'm gonna make my car into something that no one else will think it's likes theirs. You want to go through it on the inside and set it up the way you feel at the momunet, knowing that later that will change and so it will too. Knowing that you want it to shine from then on but yet want to place a protective cover over it just like your garage. Finding that all -in- one place that has the same feelings as you do. That's devoted to the same brand as yours, who have set up shop designed so that you can spend an unlimited ammount of time weather it's to look or to buy. Knowing that they don't care, they know!

Thats why!!


My phone is glued to my hip, I check it atleast a dozen times per half hour. I never let an email/text/call go unresponded for more than a half an hour. I wake up with my phone and I go to sleep with my phone, my wife hates my phone. Why am I an addict, because i want to be!

I'm a CrackBerry addict because it gives me the ability to learn more and more about my new Storm everyday! I don't what I'd do without this site telling me how to change certain things to increase memory and battery life or showing me how to update to the latest OS's!

I want to win this smoking $100, i can even break it down to nickel how i will spend and bring poor boring blackberry soul to life, yep. Please send it out this way, my way a silent hero, who save the day

I put a picture of Orange Juice as my wallpaper so I could "concentrate" on being a blackberry addict.

I am a CrackBerry addict because I cannot stay away from my BlackBerry. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, my BlackBerry is always by my side. I would never dare risk getting a scratch on it because I want it to look perfectly, so I always am aware of the risks surrounding the BlackBerry. I JUST CAN'T STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!

Hello everyone, I'm not a noob, I'm what you would call a talented BlackBerryist. I've studied how they worked, for three years, and I finally got one, and know all of the features, and how to work everything, in fact, I'm using all of the features :D. The only thing that would make my time more sweeter, would be to win this contest. I just wanted to post mine, before it was too late, hopefully I'm not.

I am a addict. I use my berry at church, I use my berry at work,I use my berry in the car, I use my berry while I am taking a crap. I am addicted to my berry.

That is a good question. There are so many reasons! i first heard of this site on facebook. it was a few days after finally recieving my blackberry storm in the mail. It is my first smartphone and im completely in love with it!
after surfing this site i instantly signed up and jumped into the Blackberry 101 Lecture Series. Now im on here almost every day checking the blogs, ringtones, wallpapers and software store. Theres always something new to learn and discover!
My girlfreind constantly gets upset that i spend more time on crackberry then i do with her. i keep telling her if she had a blackberry she would understand how addicting this site is.
Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Well that's easy. I owe it all to CB for hooking me. The folks on the site have been terrific and really try to help you out and not make you feel stupid. I've learned so much that people in my circle all call me now when they have issues! A lot of people I know are not into their BB as much as me so this place is my #1 resource!

I am a crackberry addict because I am a first and foremost an e-mail junkie. Combining both my mobile addiction and constant connectivity fuels my crackberryness.

What's not to love a BlackBerry? Calender, phone book, maps, internet, messaging, notes, calculator, email, games, add-ons... everything.
And changing themes makes it even more 'yours'.

before i use blackberry,i had nokia e61i but i didn't feel that the device run properly because after i reach 200 of my sms th phone will be so slow so i can't browse quickly. after that i look my friend's blacberry which is the 8310,i try to use it, and i feel like this is the perfect device for me coz there aren't lag time, so fast to browse the menu after that i realize that blackberry has more powerfull features like bbm, live msger,the browser that i can surf the internet all day long with pay the monthly fee,etc.
the problem is i don't have enough money to buy it,but i want it so i try to spend less money so i can save it to buy day with my ambision i decide to sell my nokia n use the saving money to buy 8310 blackberry..i fell so happy n a love this device very much, coz i get this device with extra efrot by saving some dinner's money to get it day after i use this device i fell to the ground because i chat and sms while walk into the stairs..

i love Blackberry GO GO Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why i am CrackBerry Addict because ive had just about ever phone cingular has ever made and nothing has ever came close to a blackberry, ive had the 71xx, the 81xx pearls, 83xx curves, and even an unlocked 8320 from tmobile curve. I always stay on top of things, the minute 4.5 was released it was on my pearl and curve, i started making themes for myself and other. I make premium themes and sell them for .50cents just so other people can enjoy them as much as i do. I no have the bold, and just as my blackberrys before it, it will never leave my side. I love trying out the new apps i find online. I love bb messneger. The phones are very easy to navigate, and not one person i no whose had a blackberry has ever said they didnt like it, and if they did the deserve to die :)
I love my Blackberrys :)

I am a very recent CrackBerry addict. In fact, I've only had my CrackBerry for 3 days and I'm already addicted. It would be nice to have $100 to spend on software/accessories for my Curve.

Please let me win this awesome prize!! I am theme crazy on my blackberry. I can't get enought themes!! This would rock.