BlackBerry Theme Builder Webinar Today

By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2010 07:27 am EST
BlackBerry Theme Builder Webinar Today

*UPDATE- Webinar is now complete. All files including video will be posted in the next 24 hrs*

As we mentioned a little while back, Research In Motion will be holding a BlackBerry Theme Builder webinar today at 2pm EST. If you are at all interested in designing and possibly even selling your themes in BlackBerry App World you'll want to register and sit in on this one for sure. It's a chance to learn from the experts who helped build BlackBerry Theme Studio and learn how to maximize it's potential.



if this video can be viewed for later viewing? I'm @ work and cannot watch it at the time of the webinar, but I would LOVE to see this... Help!


Yes, the videos are indeed recorded for downloading later. Sit tight, I'll have more details for you in a bit :)


I am sure it will be within time converted over for later viewing as RIM knows we all can't make this (maybe including me) I am almost 100% positive that they will have it on their site as a resource video which they have tons about other stuff. Hope they do this but like I said seems right on their part so it will probably happen!


i just hope they fix a lot of the screen bugs. like the call screen being too low to see all of it. etc.


I want to experiment with building themes...but I have a mac. I'm sure that many other people feel the same way. Any news on when this might be released for mac OS X?


does anyone know if blackberry will post the video or a trascript of the seminar afterwards? I work during that time and won't be able to watch it.


Another bug hope they will fix soon: in 4.7 when you change a wallpaper it would change also the one in the app screen - now in 5.0 if you change the wallpaper on homescreen the app screen doesn`t change...


You can view the slideshow from the presentation here: or here:


I missed it. Anyone know if they are going to archive it, and where I can find the archive?