BlackBerry teases this Sundays Super Bowl ad on Twitter

By Adam Zeis on 1 Feb 2013 09:40 am EST

"Whaaat is going on?! You'll see Sunday." That's all this morning's tweet from @BlackBerry said, and it was accompanied by an image of  what looks to be some colorful smoke ... or flowers .. or a rainbow Ironman --we're not quite sure just what it is. We're all anxiously awaiting BlackBerry's first ever Super Bowl ad this Sunday and have our fingers crosses that it's amazing. Only two more days and we'll see just what BlackBerry has in store for the world during the Super Bowl. Will it show devices? The Hub? Flow? Alicia Keys? We'll find out Sunday!

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BlackBerry teases this Sundays Super Bowl ad on Twitter



at the very least, it looks like not just a boring commercial showing the features.. it's cool if they show the main features other phones don't have but it needs to be incorporated interestingly/comically...

When I first saw it quickly, it looked like the Love Child between Big Bird and Snuffle-up-a-gus.
Waiting as patiently as I can to get my hands on a Z10

You'd watch a game you dont care just to watch and ad that you can find on youtube on Monday.

Plus why people get excited about a freacking ad?!? Jeez you guys need to get laid and get a proper sad.

Don't be so harsh Dave79. Why are YOU getting so upset about other people getting excited about something? Sometimes it's the little trivial things in life that bring joy.

what if I'm already getting laid and have a proper life. As a matter of fact, I'm getting head right now.

It is funny how STUPID this comment is.
I intend to sound harsh, because whoever you commented against obviously hasn't had sex before.
This argument usually comes from virgins themselves, as people who have had sex realize that it doesn't change how you perceive life.

This ad frustrates me. Why drop this kind of money and not have the phone for another month+? To me this screams, "same ol' story..."

I'm a BB lover till the end, but that CNET article WAS spot on. With the launch date delayed in the US, and the apps just NOT there (yet? I'm very skeptical here), their hail mary is going to fall short at the one-yard line...

Yeah lets be honest and just say it out loud: BB10 is still half baked - end of da story.

They kept saying that rim had stuff up thier sleeves for the launch. What was that? Nothing we werent showed before.. Plus skype isnt there, instagram isnt there, netflix isnt there. Not even sure Shazam is there..

I understand you two are frustraded but you need to see it this way:

Fault for the delays in the US fall on the Carrier not BlackBerry.
The Phones will not release until March because of CARRIERS not BlackBerry so whatever feelings you have have towards the makers on this product in regards to availability are missplaced.

You say the product is missing features and apps

So wy not welcome this delay with open arms and know that once the US get's it, small bugs will be eliminated (OS updates), more apps will be available, and a momentum behind the platform will already be in place providing you guys with more selection in terms of accessories.

Well you did reply and add to what the first comment was saying so I assumed you shared the same sentiments.

I don't think the phone is half baked and you're entitled to your opinion. If you bought the phone and think it's half baked based on your experience with it then perhaps in the future you'll want to spend more time with a device before buying it.

my 2 cents.

also, it's worth noting: this is a brand new platform
don,t compare it to ios6 and the latest android build. I know what the competition is TODAY but BB is looking down the road... WAyyyyyy down the road

The thing is I need a phone now and I was let down like I've been let down with the two os7 devices I bought: they both sucks 9790 and 9360 - if you plug them to a pc or just reboot them or partially charge the battery they heat up and have a huge battery drain (9790 last less than one hour - 9360 perhaps make it to two hours) but nobody seems to think it's rim's fault.

Now I buy a phone that has lots of bug and missing features when they took 4/5 months to polish it!

Not to mention the Playbook 32GB that I bought full price the day it was released (they announced skype for it and I'm still waiting).

Not only that but I also have a good chunk of money invested in rimm stocks so I think I'm pretty much entitle to an opinion since I own part of BlackBerry!

That explains it. Another one who bet on the stocks and didn't get paid so now they're angry and BlackBerry can do nothing right...

At first I thought you were being sarcastic, then I saw your other rude comments, so now I am not sure. Skype is there, instagram will almost defiantly come, and I think shazam is there. Netflix will come if BB10 is popular enough.

Come on guys and cut them some slack. 70,000+ apps at launch for new os is incredible and still growing. Windows devices just got Skype several months ago and Microsoft owns Skype. If this were your company, would you fight or fold? Look how close Apple almost died in the early 90s, for crying out loud the Saints won a Super Bowl!!!! This company has a clear vision for its future and this new product is only the beginning...

Z10 has 2GB of Ram..........iphone 5 has 1GB of Ram
Z10 has 1.5ghz processor....iphone 5 has 1.3ghz
Z10 has 2mp front camera....iphone 5 1.3mp camera
Z10 has NFC.................iphone 5 not available
Z10 expandable memory.......iphone 5 not available
Z10 rear camera 8mp.........iphone 5 8Mp
Z10 4.2 inch screen.........iphone 5 4 inch screen
Z10 1800 mAh battery........iphone 5 1440 mAh battery

What is everyone complaining about??? The future is very bright!

Lets be honest, our Blackberry Alicia Keys singing the anthem at the Super Bowl and a Blackberry commercial at the Super Bowl, hardly half baked,lol. Should be interesting. ;)

See if I care if Alicia Keys sing a stupid song to a stupid sport game. They could play whatever ads they want 24/7 in every channel of the world but it still doesnt change the real fact the BB10 is still half baked. It's writte on the review of crackberry too just they were afraid to use these words.

A national anthem, regardless of the nation it represents, is not stupid. You can have your opinions about American football but it won't make the phones come any quicker or change the quality of BlackBerry launch efforts.

In NO WAY is BB10 "Half Baked." The Z10 may be, but BB10 is spot on. Understand the difference. We're talking "MOBILE COMPUTING" not smartphone. Your Half Baked comments are aimed at Apps not BB10. See you on the Bandwagon ;)

It's an OS phone mobile computing is still a concept an a marketing slogan.

You probably havent used the only device that currently sport the BB10 OS: it's half backed, no wonder they havent released for the PlayBook.

Hey everyone, perhaps a different tack is in order... if you consider Dave79's forray and comments on the matter and the adherenc to a singular point of contention - He's purposely trying to get a rise and or argument going no matter what you all may do to introduce as logic. In essence, this is nicely guised negative comment string by him. Not necessarily the classic troll using profanity and or insults or belittling phrasology but close enough in intent. I'm sure Kevin would agree for you to leave it be, Dave79... find a phone the suits your needs. Obviously, BB10 and the Z10 aren't for you.

Skype isnt's coming - perhaps next month perhaps next year.

Remember when playbook was launched and they said skype was coming? I still cant see it in the app world but it's probably my fault: I didnt look hard enough!

They never said it was coming...someone noticed the icon and everyone thought it was coming. They actually announced it this time.

It's still not in the Blackberry Wolrd and no one have any idea of when it's going to show up. For all we know it could be another year..

I was going to say something with alerts since BB's actually have an led alert... colors of the US carriers makes sense too. Speaking of which can we change the led color on the Z10? There were apps to change the led... did they build it in this time?

Look at that car! BB is time travelling, going to the past and telling itself to step it's cookies up.

I guess I'll wait and see what's the real deal on Sunday.

Superbowl Vegas. Should be a nice start to my week!

iToya, you may be on to something. I think the colour explosion represents the exciting transformation. After the smoke clears, the old neighbourhood turns into a ultra modern metropolitan city scene and the old car becomes a fancy sport car decked with QNX/BB10 powered dashboard and back-seat entertainment systems.

Remember that aside from the Ad, BlackBerry will also have a presence in other areas of the Super Bowl. My guess is the "BlackBerry half-time" or the pre-game "sponsored by the all new BlackBerry Z10" something along those lines. Also, remember that Alicia Keys will be singing the National Anthem.

On the Super Bowl ad, the only BlackBerry needs to concentrate on are HUB, FLOW, TYPING and VIDEO CHAT. Me, personally, I love the video chat and typing. These two features alone could out BlackBerry on the top. I love the TYPING because English is my second language. It helps me with grammar and I also type slow. I am also crazy with the video chat; this feature is mind boggling. I can give my co-workers or clients PowerPoint presentation without leaving my office, bedroom or hotel room. I can present them with the new projects live. I can help my kid doing his homework from my business trip. This video chat will make video conference business obsolete someday. Just give BlackBerry Z10 little time to digest, soon before we know it, Z10 will be everyone's device. If I am a marketing executive, I would give one to every salesperson in my company so that I can eliminating the video conference room. It costs a lot of money to build and maintain. With BlackBerry Z10 in their hands, they can video chat with their co-workers or clients by Share Screen.

I hope they announce that the Z10 becomes available Monday in the US. Would make total sense to surprise people. There will be a rush to buy the devices.

Do you think someone at BlackBerry had the business acument/foresight to do this?

The carriers are the ones holding up the phones in the US. BlackBerry couldn't surprise us if they wanted to and it would make no sense for all the US carriers to say it would be a month and then suddenly change that for a BlackBerry surprise.

Don't think so, if BB had their choice I think the phones would've been released simultaneously worldwide. They SHOULD use the time waiting for USA release to put out 2 maybe 3 commercials to keep more than the BB loyalists, like us interested

I like the image. I am pretty sure they will show this, then show off "time shift" camera function and shift back to show what was there before the colourful explosion :)

I am sure there are ways to spin off the fact that phones are late in the US, the way that it will work to BB's advantage. Good luck!!

At this point, I am really, really hoping that BB made the right choice with the ad development and this ad blows things out of the water! Good luck BB!

No matter what it is, it better be funny and make people remember. I've had a BB since '03 starting with the 6230. I'm still hanging on and will get my Z10 in March but if BB doesn't create buzz with a very funny commercial, a la Samsung, the fat lady will start warming up...