BlackBerry teams up with Amazon to deliver Android apps on BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Jun 2014 08:20 am EDT

Good news for BlackBerry 10 users today as the Canadian company announce a new deal they have struck with Amazon which will see the Amazon Appstore become available on BlackBerry 10.3 later in the year.

Although getting Android apps onto our BlackBerry 10 handsets is pretty straight forward once you know how, this new partnership will provide a seamless way for the consumer to get hold of Android apps direct from their smartphone.

Having instant access to many apps that have been missing from BlackBerry World sure is going to be great for both existing and new BlackBerry users and should hopefully go some way to bridging the gap between BlackBerry and the competition.

I just hope there is some fine tuning in the BlackBerry version of the Appstore as what I don't want is to be able to download Android apps for my Q10 to discover they only run properly on all touch BlackBerry 10 devices. Time will tell.

Excited about the new relationship? Let us know your thoughts.

Press Release

Waterloo, ON - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that the Amazon Appstore will be available with the launch of the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system this fall, greatly expanding access to thousands of the most popular apps and games to BlackBerry customers.

With more than 240,000 Android applications in the Amazon Appstore worldwide, BlackBerry 10 device customers will gain access to popular apps such as Groupon, Netflix, Pinterest, Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft.

The strategic move also enables BlackBerry to align its developer program with its renewed focus on delivering the most secure, end-to-end mobile enterprise solutions, by placing more emphasis on the development of vital enterprise and productivity applications.

"Making the Amazon Appstore available on BlackBerry 10 devices will help BlackBerry continue to meet two essential needs: greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for enterprises," said BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. "We've listened to our customers and have taken this important step to deliver on their needs, while executing on our strategy."

BlackBerry and Amazon will be working with the BlackBerry application developer community to help them migrate their apps to the Amazon Appstore in preparation for the 10.3 launch, where they will benefit from the store's powerful promotional tools that enable maximum discoverability and profitability. This will include Appstore Developer Select, which provides enhanced merchandising, as well as Amazon Coins incentives, the Developer Promotions Console, which enables real-time pricing adjustments and specials, and the popular Free App of the Day program.

BlackBerry will unveil a new enterprise application partner program for corporate developers, ISVs and systems integrators, designed to expand the number of enterprise applications that leverage BlackBerry 10 to deliver business-class functionality and enhance users' productivity, communication and collaboration.

Reader comments

BlackBerry teams up with Amazon to deliver Android apps on BlackBerry 10



Now they need to clean on BlackBerry world and get rid of all the ports.

None of the ports even get updated so they are useless.

Let our debs shine BlackBerry and only have Native apps

Posted via CB10

There's a Built For BlackBerry mark on native apps in the BlackBerry World store.

Also, after you open an Android port, if you swipe down from the top , a Hide Bar icon normally shows up and that's one way you can tell.

Posted via CB10

Omg yes
No more shitty ports or "search for" apps

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

Amazon is supposed to reveal a new phone today. Wouldn't it be amazing if the new phone is in partnership with BlackBerry?

Well considering you can already get Amazon Appstore on your phone this is really only adding one single app to BlackBerry World. I guess it is impressive in that it now makes it *easier* to access those hundreds of thousands of apps. This may be particularly good for any contributors to this site who left the platform because they apparently didn't know where to find Audible. But probably not. (Unless the apps within the Amazon Appstore become searchable within BBWorld).

This is huge! This means that BlackBerry feels that the Android runtime in 10.3 is close enough to perfect that they will start pushing it as a major feature. So many people have no idea that BB10 runs most Android apps and still feel that BlackBerrys can't run Instagram, Snapchat, Candy Crush, etc. This is the first step to closing the app gap in the publics eyes!

Posted via CB10

What about google services? I saw that Groupon would be available (which requires it), but any word on Google services be available as well?

Some. Far from most. And those in the android app store have been screened for that because the Kindle doesn't have play services either.

Posted via CB10

Even some that say they do will still function fine without it (paypal)

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

Most do work; only a minority don't work. Even many of those that display the Google Play error message can be coaxed into working by:

1. Not responding to the Google Play message popup
2. Tapping the screen area outside of the message popup and waiting several seconds.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

Most of the ones that I have looked at require Google Play to get them and you have to have an Android phone registered with GP to log in there. I have gmail - doesn't matter. I have google+ - doesn't matter. I have both a Kindle Fire (Android tablet) and a Nook Color (Android tablet) - doesn't matter. None of those log ins will work for GP. If the only way to get the Android app is to go to GP, you are out of luck. This lack of cooperation from devs (by having their apps actually available outside of GP) is one big reason to switch from BB to Android. I love my BB, but the poor ecosystem of apps is pushing me toward changing when I upgrade my phone next time.

So true. Last night on a flight insatiable next to a q10 user and showed him things his phone could do. He was surprised.

Posted via CB10

Most people know but after trying a myriad of ports and finding them either a) painfully slow to perform an operation that would be seamless on an equivalent bb10 app or on an android device or b) the app has limited functionality or doesn't work at all - many people gave up on the platform. If I want android apps I could have had an android phone but because I LIKE the BB10 Hub and messaging functionality I have to decide if the crappy app universe is worth it.

I'm curious why ever time I happen to come across one of your comments, it is either negative or some snide remark about BBRY. If you don't like the platform or where they are going, then either switch or take over for Chen as the CEO. Geez, I've never seen anyone spend so much time walking around with a dark cloud over their head...

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

Dear Sir,

Minnesota Coach speaketh the trueth...why do you waste so much of your time/life worrying about BlackBerry?

Especially when all of your comments can be construed as wanting BlackBerry to fail.

Murray Squire Marr

I wish for BlackBerry to succeed and for the user base to hold them accountable.

I also prefer we stick to the topic at hand.

Then, maybe, you could say something "nice" once in a while...about BlackBerry.

It won't hurt your objective critiquing or your reputation or your honor...all encompassing-constant complaining means that the love is forever lost and DIVORCE is the only solution.

Murray Squire Marr

Amen!!! He is like the friend that you hang out with that constantly complains about everything (life, job, kids, etc.). It gets to a point where you feel like shaking him vigorously and telling him to either change what he doesn't like or STFU.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

It is sad but true. I can't remember reading anything that he has written that HASN'T been pessimistic.

This Amazon collaboration is good news in the fact that people won't be able to complain about lack of apps...and BlackBerry can continue focusing on making excellent business/"prosumer" devices and software. I think if they focus on the "prosumer", the consumer will follow.

I love my Q10...looking forward to seeing if the Windermere will be my true "laptop on my hip".

Murray Squire Marr

I don't mind someone being negative or telling it like they see it...but ALWAYS being just gets sooooo old & sooooo tiring.

And I'm a realist and I don't drink the "purple Kool-Aid". But I'm hoping BlackBerry succeeds and I think they've been making some good moves.

Also, it has been fun and interesting seeing how BB10 has keeps getting better and better.

Murray Squire Marr

It is a good OS and has progressed very well. RIM/BlackBerry did a remarkable thing to get a brand new OS to market in a tight time frame with the limited resources they had. But with today's announcement it clearly won't be around within the next two years. There's no way to grow an operating system without strong grassroots development.

Of course BB10 won't be around in 2 years, but BB11 or BB12 will be...and you will be able to continue your "complaining love affair" with BlackBerry.

Murray Squire Marr

Hold accountable... Then I'm with you. I want to return to the platform but I'm done making excuses for them.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

I'm American and I want BlackBerry to stay headquartered an hour across the border in Waterloo...disclaimer---Canadien descendant, Canadien/Canadian relatives.

Murray Squire Marr

I'm with you, that earlier comment could be very truthful. I don't want a sale, but that's not to say it's never going to happen. I think it be great if Amazon was in a 49/51% partnership with BlackBerry. Everybody likes Amazon don't they?


Ummm, it wouldn't be BlackBerry any more. Wouldn't be Canadian any more. Wouldn't be headquartered or in any way specially connected to Waterloo any more. Just a small corner of an already massive American on-line retailer that already has its own smartphone. That's a short list off the top of my yet to be Tim Hortons jump started brain.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Tim Horton's was under American ownership for a period when they merged with Wendy's. Anything is possible ;)

Is that when Tim Hortons coffee became impossible to drink. And all the donuts were par baked and frozen and they screwed all the Canadian franchise owners.... yeah, good times

Posted via CB10

Certainly the vast majority of profit from Wendy's international when they were merged came from Canadians buying coffee at Tim Hortons.

Posted via CB10

I'm not Canadian, and most of BlackBerry users are not Canadians too. We couldnt care less about BlackBerry being a Canadian story or not.

Oh, I very much DO give a hoot about BBRY being a Canadian company, and not a US American one.

It means the US spy orgs cannot legally exert any direct power over them, or use other such ways. (It's still Her Majesty's Dominion, same as the Commonwealth of Australia. )

Just check out

to see what that means, if you haven't been following the story.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I would be with you if that would make a difference but BBRY being a US or a Canadian or a UK company in that regard make no difference. Those people are above the law, they do not follow the law. The US government, the NSA and the all the US spy orgs are well known terrorist organisations that they have organized kidnappings and murders of civils, politicians, leader all over the world. There is nothing you can do about that.

Canada is part of the "five eyes" (USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) . The Five eyes spy on everyone in the world. So, sadly enough, it makes zero difference. The five eyes have no respect for anyone's rights or the law anywhere in the world.

Posted via CB10

@ Dave79 @ fltri

Thanks, guys.I am aware of that. Five eyes. Still, I believe the US are probably the worst offenders and do not act very subtly. The lavabit episode proves your points. But BBRY HQ not being on US American soil is still a bonus, if you ask me.

Also, not having Google services on the phone kinda adds value (before anyone screams, not from a "usability" perspective, like Umi), if you ask me.

John Chen is apparently a CFR member, not sure if that helps ;-).

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

"We" here being you. I care ***enormously*** about BlackBerry being Canadian, most Canadians who give a shiz about Canada do.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

The problem as I see it it's that BlackBerry needs lots of people all over the world to purchase thier services and products to survive. All those clients all over the world dont really ask if BlackBerry is Canadian or US or UK or France or Nigerian based.

I think the Canadian sales represent an infinitesimal part of BBRY revenue. BBRY ceo doesnt even residence and domicile in Canada!

I have been using BB since 2006 And i didnt know it was canadian till last year hahaha So some people might be right it doesnt matter who runs it as long as it deliverse.

Posted via CrackBerry App

It would be a sad state of affairs if Canadians' jobs depends on one company, don't you think?

Posted via CB10

It could still be blackberry. I wouldn't consider the rest of the things you list to be bad things. One major positive thing would be: The cash continue operations indefinitely.

How would a sale to Amazon be negative? Really? And Birdman's comments are 99.9% overly critical or snide.... notice in his response to me, he didn't bother denying it because he knows I'm right?

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

Nah, I just don't feel like getting into an argument with you. It's distracting. That and I love you too much.

I'm not here to argue either, I just find it annoying and "distracting" when the few comments I read have nothing but snideness or negativity. I'm not saying anyone has to be a cheerleader that is never critical about the company or its products...

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

LMFAO...or you can just go post your anti-BBRY drivel over on iMore or Android Central so I don't have to be bothered reading them..

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

You may not be anti-BBRY but your comments sure do come across as you are. And YOU made this all about you when YOU posted multiple comments on this one article in the same negative fashion I originally spoke about.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

I'm curious who this is about then? YOU are the one leaving the comments... so why shouldn't my comments be directed to YOU or be about YOU?

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

He is an a pathetic loser.He wishes we could all jump ship and adopt his toyphone as a smartphone. All his comments are BlackBerry bashing!!....In your face caged BirdMan_38

Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!! never gets old, just like your constant "dose of reality" that you so willingly share on a BlackBerry fan site...

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

At this time last year if I would have predicted the Amazon App Store would be preloaded in a BB10 OS upgrade you would have perceived it as talking smack.

How is a partnership with Amazon "smack talk"? It isn't so much the message in some cases as it is how you deliver it.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

I have come to the conclusion that "Birdman" is just an attention seeker. It's best to ignore him/her sometimes. :)

I enjoy discussions & debates. When people feel intimidated by my discussion points, the mudslinging commences.

If by "intimidated by your points", you actually mean "sick of your trolling".. then your statement is 100 percent correct.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

I noticed you're stalking me by following me around and responding to almost all of my comments. Please stop. I along with the other readers would appreciate it.

"Other readers"

Do you honestly think "readers" are waiting with bated breath for your posts & your insight & your knowledge & your down playing any BlackBerry good news & your excitement over any BlackBerry bad news & your try at humor.

I kinda think they're NOT...but I could be wrong, see this caveat makes my post more "objective".

Murray Squire Marr

I don't think so, and not just for sentimental patriotism reasons. This really is a continuation of the freeing up of BlackBerry 's resources to be able to focus exclusively on enterprise productivity and secure mobile communication solutions. That is the market they actually know and understand. Unfortunately they never came to understand the consumer market. Amazon has been building up their Dev support infrastructure

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Lol damn birdman...I didn't think you would get a much flack as u did for this comment. very reasonable statement in my opinion.

Posted via CB10

I didn't realize how bad the situation is over at BB until I saw this news, then read the comments here. Amazon App Store is universally panned among the iOS/Android crowd, and for good reason. They have about half of the apps Google Play/App Store does and almost all of the ones they _do_ share are often outdated and poorly supported.

I don't think this is a good move either. Amazon appstore is filled with fake apps, apps that simply don't do what their developers write on the description...

1. Why would the iOS crowd care about the Amazon app store?
2. They do have a more limited selection, yes.
3. Care to show a source for being universally panned? AFAIK, they're quite popular because of giveaways, free app of the days, etc.
4. Actually, often times, the apps are outdated because Amazon carefully screens them--individually, I believe. I have about around a dozen apps from Amazon, and all but one showed the same version number as in the GP store. The one that didn't actually had a newer build on Amazon, until the GP version was updated a few days ago.

I misspoke. I was thinking of the wrong app when I said the GP and Amazon app store versions are caught up. They're not. Amazon still has a newer version. The app is Perfectly Clear.

1. They don't. That's my point. Amazon App Store is mocked accordingly among Android and iOS users.
2. Wait, there's nothing to refute here. Moving along.
3. Literally just ask anyone with an Android or Kindle device.
4. You can believe whatever you want as to _why_ the apps are habitually outdated. But the fact remains: they're outdated. That makes them less desirable than the Play Store/App Store offerings. The ONLY reason I have ever heard of someone using the Amazon App Store when they have Play Store options as well is because of the free app of the day.

You hit the nail on the head perfectly.

Amazon app store sucks, I only installed it because Amazon was literally paying users $10 to download their free apps of the day. So I got my $10 credit and bought some games for the kids.

Upon looking closer at their selection and checking the reviews, you do see tons of fake apps. Apps that are supposed to be one thing, but outright don't do anything at all. It is crazy how frequently you see that kind of nonsense on Amazon's App store.

This is bad news for me. I'd rather see BlackBerry World improve, but with this news, I think it is clear that we can all forgot about that ever happening.

At the end of the day, provider broader access to Android apps for the average (non-CrackBerry) BB10 user is a good thing. I have many colleagues who now use Z10's and Q10's who have never side loaded, never installed the Amazon app store (or any other for that matter), and simply don't believe they can use Netflix on their devices.

Outdated or not, the Amazon app store has a working Netflix app. The library may not be as comprehensive as the GP store, but the main apps are there. Amazon sells millions of Kindle Fire's a year.

You have to start somewhere, I'm sure if they could make a deal with Google and the Playstore they would.


1. iOS users mocking something they don't use and have no use for. Shocking! That's like asking a vegetarian for a good steakhouse.
3. Not how this works. You claim universal panning, and you can't fall back on "just ask anyone with an Android or Kindle device." Find me a better source.

Exactly. Whatever it is that Amazon does to their apps to only work if the Amazon App Store is on your phone, virtually ensures that their apps are constantly behind on updates to all other stores. I have seven apps that came from Amazon via their daily free app system. I am continually looking at newer versions of almost all of those apps on Snap that I can't update since I didn't buy them from Snap.

Amazon App Store lags behind Google Play now, but this move will give it even more exposure, and its growth will surely skyrocket if the rumored Amazon phone is successful. Apparently the Amazon App Store is starting to develop into something nice. I've used it a few times.

How does this move give _Amazon's_ app store more exposure? BB is the most irrelevant/insignificant platform on the market today. It may give _BB_ more exposure, because Amazon is actually relevant.

Your statement makes no sense at all. If "BB is the most irrelevant/insignificant platform on the market today." then kindly explain why the same platform is gaining traction in the enterprise segment.

Maybe. Let's remember how much malware there is in the Android universe... this could be a blessing and a curse...

This is a good move if Amazon's Android apps available are suitable to be run on OS10 devices.
I have been distressed to find, 1/3 of the 'Snap' apps from Google's Android app store do not work on my Z10.

They are also closing down their music and video store on BlackBerry World on July 21st. It seems that it wasn't going to well in that front. Wouldn't blame them though.. the restrictions for videos is just ridiculous

Posted via CB10

They are? I didn't order much in the way of music but I loved the video store. The specials they ran were awesome.. $.99 for some new releases, etc. Bittersweet day to say the least.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

1. Movies and music have nothing to do with developers.
2. See my comment below about it being a short term fix to long term problem.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

To be fair, Native development has been pretty bad recently and won't improve until BlackBerry gets some market share back. The only way I see them getting market share back is by doing moves like this.

BlackBerry will now be able to officially advertise with images of there phones using apps like instagram, Netflix, Candy Crush, Snapchat, etc. People don't buy BlackBerrys because they think these apps aren't available on BlackBerrys. This could be the beginning of changing that mind set. It won't have an immediate impact, but hopefully it starts to turn things around. I don't see how this can hurt at all.

Posted via CB10

The Amazon deal was no doubt in the pipeline for months, and is being announced now, signed probably weeks maybe months ago. And, part of the deal with getting Amazon on board was probably severing ties with Rovi so Amazon can sell movies and music to BB customers (which is great if the selection is as good as the Amazon.xx website selection). I doubt Rovi is torn up about it.

Amazon doesn't really offer its services outside the US. And the other release said 3rd party apps, not Amazon's services.

Posted via CB10

I agree! I've probably only downloaded 2 songs from BBW. In contrast, I've purchased about 24 movies- most at $0.99, which is a steal! And I'm talking about good, current titles, such as 12 Years a Slave, and The Wolf of Wall Street!

Yeah that's what I'm afraid off. I already have a few movies I can't download because I already downloaded them 5 different devices even if it's only been my Z30.

Posted via CB10

Curious, how does this affect the Dev Team? Is the rumor of 2k job loss accurate? This must affect BB head count. Negatively.

Does this really bode well for the BlackBerry app ecosystem?

I get what BlackBerry is writing in their press release, but I'm reading it peanut butter side down :p

I think it is better to lure people into the BlackBerry  eco system first and expand the user base. The native app will follow when there is enough of a following.

Given that most of the 'newcomers' will probably be from android they probably will not be complaining too much about them being android instead of native.

Posted via CB10

Couldn't agree more, this is huge!

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

I agree. I took a visit to the local Verizon store and the Z30 had BlackBerry World open with the typical set of apps in the search. This is the solution I think BlackBerry needs to close those few additional sales.

I agree!! I think this is the best partnership BB could every ask for!! Amazon has a great video, music and app ecosystem very much needed IMO! I already use Amazon MP3 to purchase my music and I am a prime member for videos. AWESOME MOVE!

I agree: first, users, then native apps. Given that a huge part of the draw to BB10 (in my opinion) is the gesture UX, a BB10-optimized app will "outperform" an Android port easily. It's subjective, but I intend to continue BB10 development and make my Android apps look and behave like BB10 apps because there is very little consistency in the world of Android apps (one of the things that keeps me a loyal BB user!) so the 'smart money' is on native app development. What does a vendor get by adhering to BB10 UX guidelines? An app that is optimized for one handed use, for starters, which most apps on Android simply aren't (admittedly BB UX has a ways to go there, too).

I'm niot that convinced: maybe the os is designed for single hand but with wiindermere alike, i see it more like double hand use anyway. But yes ui is slightly better than android mess. Bottom menu is good in all cases. What sucks is top bezel menus.
Now if i have an app on amazon store and a native app for blackberry which one will show up?
My bet is that the next step is a java android cascade framework... After all, it comes from there,, and i expect the "native" qt layer to follow on the air layer direction. quite some apps are written in html anyway (just have to look where the settings menu is...). And some wont make sense. I'm still puzzled they didn't take the opportunity of the android player to make a legacy app player (for bbos 7) to ease end user transition only with for forbidding developer to push new versions. They probably could have forced a rebuy of the apps, that would have covered the development costs and allowed the developers to train themselves on a newer androidish cascade ui. I liked Qt, but it didn't make that much sense for BB.

See this as a benefit for BlackBerry users....
Still not a real benefit for consumers sitting on the fence. Especially if some reviewer does some testing and finds that the 2% of app that don't work are some of the better known apps. Have to hope that the official 10.3 allows every Amazon App to work!

I'm not sure i follow this logic of though. If I'm an app developer, and I have a finite amount of resources and money to make apps am I really going to spend money on a native BlackBerry App when BlackBerry users are already using a version of my android app that is "good enough"? This solution costs me nothing to maintain that.

Even if this does attract users (and I don't grant that it definitely will by a long shot), I'm still better off to now spend that extra development money on Windows phone, since they don't have my app, and BlackBerry users have a "good enough" experience with the amazon market version.

I worry about the state of BlackBerry World at this rate.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You need to re-read BlackBerry's announcement again. BlackBerry World and native app development will be enterprise productivity app focused. Consumer oriented apps are expected to come as Android apps on Amazon store.

Makes sense to me - with 10.3 on devices and convenient approved Amazon Appstore access, I could convince folks who miss their BlackBerrys to go back! :)

It won't attract the user base BlackBerry needs to target in order to survive. It will, however, appease the current users that wants apps apps apps. Yay!

BlackBerry development will pretty much die completely, even BlackBerry themselves have slowed to a stall.

emPowered by 

The Android runtime did not support anything but basic functionality. Officially providing access to an Android app store where only a small percentage of the apps actually worked would not have been good for BlackBerry.

The Android runtime finally supports enough functions to make it a good experience for casual users (most apps now work).

birdman_38 means that it should have done with PlayBook when it was launched. Which means BB should have taken PB seriously and worked on a fully compatible Android Runtime. He is correct. PB is one of the fantastic tablet but it was under-rated because of the lack of apps. If BB focused on polishing the runtime with tighter integration with the OS, and eventually an upgrade to BB10, PB could have ended up quite differently. Anyways, there is no point talking about PB now.

They still can do, update the runtime for the playbook and resurrect it, would be nice... do they have the resources to do that? Will it be profitable? How does BBRY monetize with this agreement is my biggest curiosity, do they get a fee for every app sale?

Yeah, in hindsight the obvious outcome. Good stuff, playbookster.

Google's not gonna violate their own T&C, and Amazon Store is already stripped of all the apps that need Google Services. And many users were using it already as a proof of concept.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Perhaps Umi had a scoop about these negotiations and wrote that piece in anticipation of this news. Who knows? (Umi)

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

This doesn't resolve Umi's issues with BB10: without full "Google Play" services it's a non-starter.

With Android announcing their phone, what I'm mystified by is why Amazon hasn't built out their OWN versions of the Google apps (including a Maps app) and effectively beat Google at their own game, but instead of mining user info for Ads, they're actually going to SELL STUFF directly to consumers, not just advertise to them.

I'm not sure if I'm any more comfortable with Amazon amassing all that info about me over Google, but Jeff Bezos seems like a nicer guy than the Google braintrust (which let's just call Modok for brevity.... or the MCP... pick your favourite).

What would be really cool is of the Amazon phone ends up running some form of BB10 rather then android.

Posted via CB10

Amazon hasn't really developed apps (except ones that sell their products like an app store, music store, price checker, etc.) They seem to be quite happy being a content provider than a generator. Who knows though, with their phone launching soon, they might actually start making some apps as well.

People who keep bleating about getting Google frameworks (including Google Play) on BB10 are asking for something which A) is not likely to ever happen unless something changes drastically with Google and Android business policies, and B) is one of the most destructive things you could do to the BB10 platform.

That is why the Amazon deal makes perfect sense: gain access to a lot of "headline apps" that are not currently officially supported on BB10, but without requiring any of the Google frameworks to do so.

Actually the dropping of the music/video content bothers me way way more than this. Not because I used that (I have no interest in watching movies on a tiny handheld nor do I see any value in buying things locked to my smartphone) but because it starts to "feel" like BlackBerry is almost completely abandoning the non-enterprise customer.

The difference between Amazon and Google is this: Amazon only wants to find more ways to sell you things. Google wants to own your entire life and store every possible bit and piece of data about _every aspect_ of your life on their servers, and then sell all those details to the highest bidder.

Excellent. This is needed for exposure. The Amazon app store isn't enormous, but it's big enough to provide to many users the apps they need/want to see BB10 as viable.

Surely, many will complain that the Android apps aren't native, and as sad as that may be, this is still a step in the right direction. In order to expand in the market, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and embrace the parts that keep you going.

I was reading an article about the amazon app store. It tripled in size in one year.

Posted via CB10

... and what it DOES have is is a better "media" service than Google... well, if you're not looking for books published by Hachette, at the moment.

yys answer is mostly correct.

The kind of requirements that Google imposes for allowing Google Play on a device are far too demanding for a company like BlackBerry who has their own completely independent platform. If they were even considering complying with them, they would be better off selling the company to Samsung and letting it become yet another dumb Android licensee.

It is thus no surprise to me whatsoever that they chose to partner with Amazon. This gives them access to headline Android apps without the need for any Google frameworks to make them work, and the power of Amazon's marketing and profile.

We still have Snap if we want to install things from Play.

Because Google will never allow it. If a device is to include Google Play, the manufacturer has to include everything Google, including, but not limited to, Gmail, Maps, Google+, Hangout, Drive, and yes, Android--the OS, not just the runtime.

Of course not. They have a dev relations team which was devoted to bringing 3rd party developers to the platform, they didn't have 2k employees sitting here making apps. the R&d here at Blackberry is what builds the platform on which apps are made, they create the APIs and core functions which are then used by the apps developers external to the company.

Not so sure if this will make it any better. Not all android apps work well on BB10. Instagram does not show full pictures on the Q, snapchat doesnt work well on the Q etc etc. Not to mention google play services. Hopefully they have a plan! I Imagine battery life going down a lot, unless they improve the android runtime

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From the press release: "BlackBerry and Amazon will be working with the BlackBerry application developer community to help them migrate their apps to the Amazon Appstore in preparation for the 10.3 launch". Does this mean the end of BlackBerry World and the development of native apps? To me it sounds like they will be migrating everything over to Android Apps and the Amazon Appstore?!? If so, I'm not thrilled by this news...

Nevermind. Found my answer in the official BlackBerry blog here: BlackBerry World and native apps will continue to exist alongside however music and movies will no longer be available for purchase on BlackBerry World. Instead users will be directed to download movies/music from Amazon. Guess this makes sense as movies/music is probably the biggest value that the tie up offers to Amazon.

BlackBerry had to give up something in the negotiations, and I guess that's it. The odd ones out unfortunately end up being Rovi and 7 digital who provide those services now.

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My question too.

If that is what they are doing then perhaps the non-app content selection (books, movies etc) may increase dramatically. For north American customers at least.

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I hope they are only trying to help Android and Air apps to migrate to Amazon Appstore using Android, and there isn't going to be a push to get native Cascades and HTML5 apps moved over and converted.

I was thinking in a perfect world, the Amazon app coming out would be powered by BB10, perhaps with a different interface and focus, supporting cascades so that native apps would work on both platforms. I doubt that, but it'd have been real cool.

Already using Amazon App Store and it works really well. It installed Virtual Tennis Challenge with no hiccups and it runs great. Can't say the same for Google Play using Snap. It installed the app, but not the required data. Amazon did both! Great job Amazon!!

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It will be two app stores from what I read. They said they will have amazon app store pre-installed on devices this fall.

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Yes yes yes....i have snap and the android app store installed. I simply love snap because it's native. It works like a charm

Android version of Amazon app store...Not the quickest thing. if they are going to preload the app store, please please please write a native bb10 front end for it

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Hopefully BB will be able to, with Amazon's blessing, craft a Native BB10 app. Hopefully the install process will be seamless and "behind the scenes". I love Snap, but it seems like I have to install an app to install it so I can install it. I just want to install it.

You can literally just go to the amazon app store website and direct download the apk for that store and run it like that. I already have it. BlackBerry will probably just do that when you install 10.3.

A little better integration with update notifications would be nice, though.

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I'm sure Amazon did not need it's arm twisted to get the app store on BlackBerry.

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People asked them in the past whether they cared about their Android store app being installed on BB10 devices, they said they had no issue with it. (Not officially supported but not prohibited either)

This is a far far better path than trying to put Google Play on BB10, which would spell the end of the platform entirely if you ask me. (Because of the various requirements Google stipulates to allow that)

This is good, but the part about helping people migrate to the Amazon store is confusing. I suppose we will have to forget all that stuff about app security, etc., and watch BlackBerry World grow cobwebs? Honestly not sure what exactly is meant to happen...

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BlackBerry wants BBW focused on providing top-notch enterprise and business apps. This makes perfect sense, focusing on enterprise and business rather than consumer applications

Does this mean that they will do away with BlackBerry World or will both App Stores co-exist?

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Well damn, that's great... no more side loading and trying to explain to people how to get android apps I hope.

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A drawback? Maybe to a certain degree but Amazon still have a large portion of user wanted apps which aren't coming to BlackBerry World anytime soon. It's a move in the right direction. I just hope this move doesn't mean a full fledged android device from BlackBerry is in the cards.

We still have to wait and see on the Amazon phone announcement. There is a chance that they will be successful in setting up a second Android store that is reputable enough for every major app to publish twice. But I don't consider it a drawback either.

The huge percentage of those never get downloaded even once. Studies have been done on this.

What the platform needs is "headline apps". This will provide them in spades. Snap still works fine for downloading some random fart app from GP.

Wow. This is something that they finally have worth marketing. Before it was all unofficial. Now they can shout from the rooftops. Get the Best OS and security AND get the best Android apps. This is fantastic. While I realize that native is better, this was absolutely critical in my opinion in order to give a shot in the arm to BB10 sales figures. Once we sell more handsets, more developers will build native or at least not quit. Initially there will be some who drop off but once we get over 50M for example or some other good number of B10 devices in the wild it becomes worth it. This is terrific news. Again just in time to forget about the earnings report I suspect..

The best Android apps aren't on Amazon App Store. It sucks and has struggled from the start. This is not something to advertise... unless you are Amazon.

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I am happy with this, but double edge sword. Now there is zero reason for a developer to develop a native app for Blackberry. But they weren't doing that anyway.