BlackBerry Tattoo Gets Noticed!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Nov 2008 03:05 pm EST

Storm Contest Winner interviewed on NBC

Looks like T.J.'s BlackBerry Storm tattoo is now famous! Click the image above to see his NBC interview :-)

Also, it seems T.J. isn't the only BlackBerry Addict out there to get a full-sized BlackBerry tattoo. After the jump you can check out the image sent in by Ryan of his BlackBerry Curve / BradBerry / Archangel tattoo. It's pretty crazy!

T.J. Huling's BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

A winning entry in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest...

BlackBerry Storm Tattoo

Ryan's BlackBerry Curve Tattoo

Here's what Ryan had to say about his BradBerry tattoo below:

MMH8 is the year (2000 H8. I'm an idiot) and BradBerry is the name of my 8300. He's an archangel as you can see and that's pretty much it. He's my best friend and it was a big year so I put that together. People ask me dumb questions like "what if you get another phone?!" And I'm like well that's not really the point! Brad is my boy and the year will never not have happened. Besides I have another leg right? Or they're like "why would you do that to your body?!" Or "who's going to love you now?" And I'm like..."I dunno Dad. I was hoping you and Mom would be default."

BlackBerry Curve Tattoo


I can't help but wonder now if anybody else out there is sporting BlackBerry ink? If so.. send your pics and stories into editorial @!

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BlackBerry Tattoo Gets Noticed!


imann, that was me! No contest needed for this guy! Just love me some BlackBerry! Thanks for remembering tho!

I still sasy its a crazy thing to do but not supprised from a bb user or should we say addict

That is one wicked tattoo! At least this guy is getting something more out of it lol. Oh btw I am kinda curious how the paintball guy is doing? I think he deserves an update as well...

Well, all I can say about tattoos is that you had better enjoy looking at them for the rest of your life. As a teen, I got plenty of them. Now, I can't stand to look in the mirror without a shirt. I wish I could get this taken off. Worst part is the numerous surgeries I've had have caused scars over the tattoos. I rarely go without a shirt.






Sounds like rbyers made some terrible decisions and has low self-esteem. That's no 'tude for a BlackBerry user. Cream. of. the. crop. Also do we know where this TJ guy is from? I just noticed that Clemson hat so he can't be too bright but he DID get a free Storm. Although he got the tattoo before he ever owned it...can we get a follow up on whether or not he hates it or pretends not to due to his permanent display?

Hmmmm...Clemson hat ? Not quite, try again. As for the Storm, I HONESTLY (and cannot stress the word HONESTLY enough) love the Storm !! I have not had any of the freeze up or rebooting problems that many on CB have had. It will only get BETTER as more OS updates roll out. My only problem with it is getting it away from my daughter ! She loves Word Mole !!

To those on here who have posted regret about ink and wish to get rid of it...check out a product called Wrecking Balm. It's a topical that withdraws the color from the sub dermal layers. Designed for getting rid of unwanted tattoos.

After getting the tattoo and winning the Blackberry, TJ went on to get an iphone, although he has most recently sold it. For all the TJ haters out there--TJ is one of the most awesome guys I know. Him getting this tattoo just shows he has some spice and spontaneity in his life!!! Love ya Teeejjjj :)

1. I would be shocked if i saw a small town's news team that did not seem like they were still in broadcasting school.

2. I have no desire for the storm. If i did not get the iphone will i get a storm? the answer is a resounding no! Blackberries are known for the outstanding PHYSICAL keybord. Please stick to that.

Go Bold!

That being said you have to admire the....guts.

That clip is like a satire, starting with the "inside the submerged car was the body of a 51-year-old man, foul play is not suspected"and immediately transitioning to a story about somebody getting a tattoo in order to get a free phone. Talk about cognitive dissonance...

Honestly I live in Canada, and to purchase a phone here you can either pay in full ($500-$600) roughly the price once its out..or put it on a plan and pay it off monthly... Now I have heard a lot of stories about a huge sum of citizens who are poor in the United States...but I never thought it would come to the point where someone would have to permantly mark themselves for a Electronic device in which 2-3 Years from now people will say "Blackberry What?" which OBVIOUSLY will be out of date.

Of course we all know that another Cell Phone will be 5X BETTER!! considering the technology that has been improving increasingly and incredibly FAST!! 10 years down the road this guy will look back at his tattoo and look at the technology in front of him, and I wonder what he would be thinking....Lets just hope that Laser Tattoo Removal is cheaper in years to come :)

Wow. Thank you SO MUCH for your opinion, but I am far from poor buddy !! I did it for the spirit of the contest. Over 50% of my body is already covered in ink, so one more isn't really that big of a deal. Tattoos are all about stories. Sure, I could have easily just paid the $249.99. Actually, it would have only been $199.99 since I was up for my new phone and I get corporate pricing. I chose to get the tattoo for the rush of winning !! I have stated several times already, I don't care what ANYONE thinks of my decision. It is my temple and I am free to do to it as I please.

So Mr Anonymous, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. (sorry Sooks, had to borrow it. It just seemed right ;)

I believe we all understand and are aware that you don't really care what others think. It was quite clear before you even hit the contest or was on the news as the biggest "dumbass" in North America because of a "rush" or the fact. "Well my body is 50% full of tattoos, why not add another".

So my dear friend when your grandkids ask you, "what is that tattoo on your leg from grandfather" You will kindly tell them, it was a rush I had back in " '08 " where I won a contest for a $200 was soo exciting, I was even on the news!!"

What a great story to enlighten me and tell me a few more stories of other tattoo's that you have on your body because we are all very impressed!! "not"

I would of understood if it was a contest for a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T-440 hardtop ... but clearly I can tell you that not many people would of patted you on the back for a phone that anyone can get at there local cellular store. Good job pal,you should of placed it on your for-head...would of made more sense.

"by the way"
If you don't care what other people think, then you wouldn't of quickly posted a message just after my comment and started calling me would of just let it go, and let people spam....well that's what I would of done..."if i didn't care".

To Anonymous, you are a fucking asshole. What concern is it of yours what he does ? I bet you wouldn't talk shit to his face and the same goes for the post after yours. The internet gives people E-BALLS and they will talk all kinds of shit. It makes me really angry ! You two should probably just GO FUCK YOURSELVES OR EACH OTHER !! Apparently, your mothers raised PUSSIES !!

Mouth, those guys are idiots, don't waste your time on them.

P.S. Anonymous, before you try to flame someone, you might want to take an English class. Your spelling and grammar are horrendous !

Lol just the way you put words together and how upset your getting with very little intelligence as a come back, i'm assuming you know this person matter what I say, "millions" of people share my same opinion..."IDIOTS"

It's really worth blasting someone in a public forum to this degree over a silly little tattoo? Really?! If you don't like it or don't agree with the subject matter, then all you have to do is make sure you yourself never end up with a tattoo. Simple. To go ahead and call someone a loser and an asshole for a little tattoo you won't even be able to see on a day to day basis is just terrible. Are your real balls as big as your e-balls? I really, really, really hope so.

Just be happy it's not on your body and move on.

I don't think we're addressing the real problem here. The problem isn't the impermanence of their meaning; the problem is that both tattoos look shitty. Fuck worrying about your grandkids. I want you to worry about explaining to me, right now, why you'd get the most ass-ugly ink I've ever seen.

All of this anger over a guy that got a tattoo and won a contest? Seriously? Could it be jealousy or envy that he had the guts to do such a thing? Come on people. Just because your idea of "Donkey punching a treo" didn't make it to the finals, does not give any right to blast a guy for how he is, who he is and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Being a BB addict. Let it go already. I see it as a 2 for one deal.....300 dollar tattoo and get a Storm out of it. Sounds like a deal to me. Especially if I were addicted to ink as well. Congrats man on winning a free storm. you've got my props!